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Updated 24 November 2017

Posted new story "Kinks of Steele" by lovetvfan!


LoveSteele's Fanfiction - A page of stories by LoveSteele. Mostly NC-17, so beware!


By Nicola Simpson

Galvanized Steele

A Model Steele


By Pat Christensen

Roses and Lilacs and Love -Posted 9 Nov 1998

People in Steele Houses . . . - Posted 22 Nov 1998

The Steele That Would Not Die -Posted 18 Nov 2007

Let It Steele, Let It Steele, Let It Steele -Posted 1 Jan 2009 NEW!


By Pat Christensen and Kelly Rourke

But The Memory Steele Lingers -by Pat Christensen and Kelly Rourke Their MERRY CHRISTMAS to the SteeleWatchers!Posted 15 Dec 1998

Steele Rolling-by Pat Christensen and Kelly Rourke-

First part posted 25 Dec 1999. COMPLETE 28 Feb 2000!



By Leire Gomez

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? -by Leire Gomez

Steele Facing The Past- Leire Gomez Posted 18 July 1999

She-Short Story by Leire Gomez Posted 23 Oct 1999

Steele Through the Years-by Leire posted 3 Feb 2000


By Kristen McNeil

Sensitive Steele Redux - Kristen McNeil Posted 19 May 1999

Steele Working It Out -by Kristen McNeil Part 11 Posted! COMPLETE!


By Ulrike Gubelt

Steele Only a Dream - Ulrike Gubelt Posted 1 July 1999

Steele Something Wrong-by Ulrike Gubelt- Laura gets professional help from a psychologist. Posted 7 Dec 1999

Who Wants to Steele You?- by Ulrike Gubelt COMPLETE!


By Myrtle Groggins

Promises of Steele - UPDATED!


By SteeleChic

Nerves of Steele, Will of Iron and Dreams of Gold -"SteeleChic"

The Truth Steele Hurts-by SteeleChic An Addition to "Steeled With A Kiss" Posted 28 Oct 1999

The Truth Steele Hurts2-by SteeleChic. Part two of her SWAK addition.

Steele Not Enough-by SteeleChic posted 30 Jan 00


By Janice Sykers

Regrets of Steele - Janice Skyers Posted 31 Aug 1999


By Cristina

Premium Steele-An Addition II-Cristina. An addition to Melissa Jones' addition to "Premium Steele" IN SPANISH RATED "R" Some Parts NC-17 ENGLISH VERSION ONLINE!

Steele's Birthday - In Spanish and English

Between "Steele With a Twist" and "More Steele With a Twist"- English and Spanish versions online


By Jan Hedblum

You're Steele Divine-new story by Jan Hedblum. Remington has a problem. Can Mildred and Laura help him? Posted 5 Sept 1999


By Melissa

Scene of Steele-Short story by Melissa. Mrs. Steele's trying to adjust to her new life- and she's got a problem.


By Andrea

Steele Crazy After All These Years- An Addition-Add on by Andrea- what if Laura decided to take Steele up on his offer at the end of the episode? Posted 8 Oct 1999


By Wolfgang Walter

Holt Loosening A Steele Grip-by Wolfgang Walter. Posted 23Nov99

Holt With Nerves of Steele?-by Wolfgang Walter. Sequel to "Holt Loosening a Steele Grip" Posted 16 Jan 2000

The Past Steele Holts Its Dangers- by Wolfgang. Sequel to "Holt With Nerves of Steele" posted 19 July 2000 COMPLETE!


By Sabrina

Steele Thinking About You-by Sabrina- Laura and Remington deal with the loss of a friend. Posted 4 Dec 1999


By Suejue

Steele On My Mind -by Suejue posted 3 Feb 2000


By Nan

Steele's Problems -by Nan Sequel to "Steele Something Wrong" 

Who Steeles a New Life?- Continuation of "Steele's Problems" UPDATED! 26 June 2003! Part 6 posted!

Felicia's Steele Digging - by Nan Addition to "Who Steeles a New Life?" NEW!

Let's Steele A Little Time in Ireland


By Adriana and Melanie

Steele Missing A Link Part 6 online! 25 March 2017 UPDATED!!!!!!!!!!!


By Ilsa Lund

Steele Having a Hard Time-RATED NC-17

Ménage Á Steele -RATED R

Give Me A Steele Sometime - Rated R

Let it Steele! Let it Steele! Let it Steele! -Reposted from The Magnifying Glass -Rated R

Two's Company, Three's a Steele RATED NC-17

Much Ado About Steele -Revised from version posted at the KrebFiles. RATED NC-17

Steele Conquers All -RATED NC-17 Complete!

Red Colt Steele- RATED R Complete! NEW!


By Lauryn Poynor

Sun Sensitive Steele- Part 1 Posted 13 September 2000 NEW!

This story is now posted to the KrebsFiles. Check for updates HERE

The Steele Before Christmas-Reposted from "The Magnifying Glass"-Check out THE Premiere RS e-zine!NEW!


By Linda and Susan Deborah Smith

The Steele Not Taken - Posted from the RSFic List


By Christina Grundstrom

Holt Sang to Steele

A Devotion of Steele

Arctic Steele Posted 12 January 2001

Steele Being Human NEW!Posted 26 August 2001

   *Part 1*Part 2*Part 3*Part 4*


By Tracy Steele

Thoughts Etched in Steele - Posted 04 Jan 01


By Melanie

Steeled in Time -Posted 27 Feb 2001

Records of Steele - Posted 21 July 2002


By Christine Powers

Steele of the Nile-Posted 8 May 2001


By Frannie Piper

Grappling Steele Redux - Posted 30 July 2001


By Julia Simon

Steele a Secret- Part 4 posted 14 Nov 2001 UPDATED!

*Part 1*Part 2*Part 3*Part 4*


By Jen

Steele Golden Afterthoughts - Steele and Murphy bond coming back from the desert after "Steele's Gold"

Candid Steele -When Murphy is forced to ride home with our favorite person (yes, it's another one of THOSE stories), he ends up meeting some of Steele's old friends and as they get a bit more candid with each other, he gets to know Steele himself a bit better. Posted 2 March 2002

More Bonds of Steele - Yet another continuation of the "wedding" episode...
*Part 1*Part 2*Part 3*Part 4*Part 5*UPDATED! 9 August 2002


By Phaedra Phelan

Phaedra's earlier stories can be found here

Family Steele Series:

Steele Still Searching

*Part A*Part B*

Steele Joys, Steele Tears

*Part A*Part B*Part C*

Taste of Steele

Colors of Steele -posted 1 Jan 2009


Steele Blushing- An addition NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Beg, Borrow, or Steele- An addition NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Sensitive Steele Revisited- An addition NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Coffee, Tea or Steele - An Addition NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Steele Hanging in There - entre-acte NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Suburban Steele - An Addition NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Forged Steele - An Addition NC-17 -posted 25 Feb 2012

Knowledge of Steele -posted 25 Feb 2012

An Addition to Steele Threads NEW! NC-17 -posted 4 July 2013

An Addition to Vintage Steele NEW! NC-17 -posted 4 July 2013

An Addition to The Steele That Would Not Die NEW! NC-17 -posted 4 July 2013

Steele Taking Care of Business NEW! NC-17 -posted 4 July 2013

Steele So in Love NEW! NC-17 -posted 4 July 2013

Steele Deep As the Ocean NEW! NC-17 -posted 4 July 2013


By Judith

Posted on Judith's Site.

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Steele . . . Laura Holt-Steele


By Gilmoradict

Steele Triptych

Steele Between the Lines an 'at the beginning' that ties the first show to the second, filling in some gaps that seemed to me to exist.

A Cup of Tea

Steele Steaming

It Happened One Steele Night A short story....

A Childhood Lost Set in 1962, Laura was six, and Harry nine.

A Childhood Story Set in 1962, Laura was six, and Harry nine.

Steele Scared Explores the time just after Laura lost her home in the explosion, and the miraculous renovations to the loft which are seen in Altared Steele.

Weather A very short piece, follows Laura's and Steele's marriage, without really commenting on how and when that event occurred.

Silver Steele One possible picture of Laura and Remington, twenty-five years after their meeting.

Steele Snapshots A slightly earlier moment in the Steele's life as a family....

Steele a Different Way MAYBE Steele and Laura just can't make marriage work. Would that really be so bad?

Steele Giving Thanks A Thanksgiving story with Mr. and Mrs. Steele

Steele on the High Road Fred is missing

Holt the Holiday Magic Posted 23 Dec 07 Set in the first season, between Steele Trap, and Steeling the Show, explores Laura's love of all things Christmas, which is revealed to Steele watchers in season four.

Reading Steele Into It Posted 12 Feb 2008 Not the Dark Prince, but Mildred's caught up in romance again!

Steele's True Colors Posted 12 Feb 2008 Just a few possible between the scene moments in the lives of our heroes...

Steele Circulating Posted 14 June 2008

Knit One, Steele Two Posted 14 June 2008

Standing Steele Posted 14 June 2008

Steele Sweet on You---PostScript Posted 14 June 2008 Steele and Donald Piper have a conversation

High Flying Steele -Encore Posted 1 Jan 2009

Laura, A Link, A Look, A Leap of Faith Posted 1 Jan 2009

Laura's Theme Posted 1 Jan 2009

Steele in Need Posted 1 Jan 2009

Steeley Blues Posted 1 Jan 2009



Steele Coveted Posted 1 Jan 2009


Mrs. Peppler

Two Holts for the Price of Steele Posted 4 Feb 2009

Steele Shaken Posted 20 Feb 2009 NC-17

Steele Blushing Part 2 Posted 20 Feb 2009



A Steele's Dream Posted 12 Sept 2012 NC-17

I'm Steele Here Posted 12 Sept 2012



Holt that Thought Season 1Haiku Posted 25 Oct 2012

Season 2 Haiku Haiku Posted 5 July 2013

Season 3 Haiku Haiku Posted 5 July 2013

Season 4 Haiku Haiku Posted 5 July 2013

Season5 Haiku Haiku Posted 5 July 2013



Samantha Knight

Steele, Steele Again Part one of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

Steele, Sweet Steele Part two of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

Steele Cooking Part three of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

All in the Steele Part four of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

Save the Last Steele for Me Part five of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

As Steele Goes On Part six of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

Chasing Steele Part one of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

To Clear a Steele Part two of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012

The Forging of Steele Part three of a series Posted 25 Oct 2012


Keys of Steele Posted 28 Sept 2014

Steele Unknown Posted 4 October 2014

Steele Ocean Posted 12 October 2014


Steele Bonded Posted 8 May 2015

Steele Playing the Game Posted 18 August 2017

Kinks of Steele Posted 24 November 2017 NEW!!!!


Steele Searching Posted 30 July 2015

Steele Your Birthday Posted 13 Sept 2015

Steele Astonished Posted 27 Sept 2015

Steele Sweet on You -- an Addition Posted 27 Sept 2015

Cannes Steele be Trusted? -- Posted 13 Jan 2016

 NoraBolt56 NEW AUTHOR!

Steele Stringed Hearts --Posted 30 Dec 2016
   *Chapter 1*Chapter 2*Chapter 3*Chapter 4*Chapter 5*Chapter 6*Chapter 7*Chapter 8*
   *Chapter 9*Chapter 10*Chapter 11*Chapter 12*Chapter 13*Chapter 14*Chapter 15*Epilogue*
Legacy of Steele Part 1 - continuation of "Steele Stringed Hearts" -- Posted 27 Feb 2017
Steele Celebrating -Part of the "Steele Stringed" universe --Posted 5 April 2017 NEW!