An addition to Vintage Steele
By: Phaedra Phelan

Summary: What happened with Remington and Laura after they left the winery.
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After Remington and Laura left the winery they got into Laura’s car and drove back to Napa and to the hotel where they had headquartered while they were working on the case.


“Would you like to spend another evening in the wonderful wine country, Laura, or would you like to motor back to Los Angeles this afternoon?”


“I think that I would like to go home. I miss home for some reason.”


Remington looked at Laura and, seeing the pensive expression on her face, turned the motor off.


“I think that you want to talk about ‘him.’ Would that be fair to say?”


“Yes, it would. He, Wilson, and I . . . I thought we would eventually get married. He seemed so . . . reliable and straightforward.”


“Were you truly in love with him?”


“I thought I was . . . until. . .”




“Until I met you. I’m beginning to think that I did not know what it meant to feel that way about someone till we got to know each other.”


“I know what you mean. When we kissed in the monastery, I was completely overwhelmed, Laura. Every time we touch each other the same thing happens to us, doesn’t it? I want you. I

want you more than I have ever wanted a woman. I’m like the man, Lionel Ritchie is it, singing the song ‘Hello’ that is so popular now. He sings ‘In my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times.’ It is I, Laura. ‘My arms are open wide.’ You inhabit all my passionate dreams . . . every single one of them.”


He reached for Laura’s hand, took it in his own and kissed it on back and then upon her palm as well and the touch of his lips on her hand excited Laura so that she nearly gasped.


“There is something very powerful at work between us, Laura. I know that you feel it. I think that we need to address it.”


“Can we go upstairs and spend the last night here? I can’t promise you, Mr. Steele, but I do want to be with you. I need to talk to someone about what happened to me this week . . . about seeing Wilson again, about being close to you. I guess I need to talk with you.”


Remington and Laura went into the small hotel and up to the room where Laura had been staying. Remington opened the door and they went into the room together. Remington took off his jacket, loosened his tie, kicked his shoes off and lay back on the bed with his legs crossed.


Laura stepped out of her shoes, took off her jacket and went to the bed and sat down on it with her head bowed. Remington drew her over into his embrace and kissed her on her forehead first. Then he kissed her cheeks and her lips and Laura started to cry softly in his arms.


“Too much, too soon?Remington repeated her words after the unforgettable kiss in the wine cave.


Laura shrugged her shoulders helplessly.


“I thought that I loved him. I committed to him. And he left me, Mr. Steele. Just like that, he left me. No explanation, no nothing. Just gone.”


“He did it because at heart he is a real bastard. He didn’t deserve you. Despite all his banker’s credentials he was and is a real bastard to have done what he did to you. Forget about him. You said that it was ancient history and that is just what it is. And then he had the unmitigated gall to come to you when he got into difficulty?”


“He didn’t care about me. He used me . . . just like he used me when he got into trouble with his deal with the winery. What is wrong with me?”


“There is nothing wrong with you . . . nothing that a man who truly cares for you more than he cares for himself can’t fix. I would love to show you how much I care for you, to be with you, Laura.”


He kissed Laura’s lips again now and his kiss was that same passionate kiss that had possessed Laura’s lips when they were in the winery. Laura gave in to his kiss as his mouth opened hers and tasted her lips and her mouth over and over.


“Dear Lord, Laura!”


Suddenly their passions had captured them and Laura pulled his shirt up from his trousers and unbuttoned his shirt so that she could touch the lush growth of hair on his chest as they kissed. Remington pushed her blouse off her as he kissed her all over her cheeks and bosom, the two of them becoming completely engrossed in each other as they kissed and kissed.


“Laura, Laura, we need each other. You know that we do. I am a man completely strung out on you. I think of you all the time. I desire you all the time. I am living like one of those monks at San Costello and it is driving me insane to be around you wanting you the way that I do.”


Laura caught his face in her hands and kissed him again.


“I know what you are feeling. I feel that same thing. But I am so afraid that things will turn out again like they did with Wilson. If you were to leave me, I . . . I”


“I will never leave you, Laura. I . . . I cannot say to you how deep that it goes for me. It’s impossible to put into words, darling.”


“Please just let me touch you. I need to touch you, woman. Please, just let’s be like we were before when I touched you and you touched me.”


Remington gently unfastened her bra so that her breasts were bare and he kissed her breasts over and over as his hands found her skirt zipper, unfastened it and pushed it down and off her.


Laura caught his hand that was on her thighs and brought it back up to her waist, holding him back from touching her intimate parts.


“I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I just need you so. I cannot hide my feelings. I am just a man.”


Remington lay back on the bed and forced himself to turn away from Laura so that she would not see the intense state of arousal of his flesh.


Laura instantly regretted that she had rejected his most passionate and urgent advance and held onto his shoulders from behind him.


“I just don’t know if I’m ready for . . . for everything. But please, don’t turn away from me.”


Remington turned back toward her and she took his hand and put it on her naked breasts and then guided it down her belly.


“Oh, dear Lord,” Remington groaned as her thighs opened to him.


Remington fell upon her, kissing her breasts over and over and then touching Laura’s intimate parts. All Laura could do was moan helplessly as desire for him surged through her.


“Laura, will you please touch me? Please, darling!”


So she touched him, caressing and squeezing him as he cried out his pleasure, as he forced himself to hold back from taking her.


“Lord, help us! Please help us!” Remington cried out in anguish, his whole body quivering with need for her.


“I’m so sorry, Remington . . . I don’t want you to hurt this way.”


“Laura, if you are not ready to go further, we are only torturing ourselves like this. I am in agony to be with you, but I will not force myself upon you.”


Finally they just clung to one another, both of them wanting more, but unable to pass over the hurdles that lay before them. Laura nodded and they simply lay in the bed together in each others arms. Their bodies were both tingling with desire and yet they knew that they dared not go further this night. Remington drew the covers up over them till fatigue claimed them and

they finally fell asleep.



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