Steele Deep as the Ocean
By: Phaedra Phelan


Summary: Laura and Remington grow in their marriage after they declare their love for each other.
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Remington and Laura Steele were settling into their relationship after Laura came home from the hospital and began to recuperate from her near death experience. They had discovered at the same time that she was pregnant and they were almost giddy with the knowledge that they were going to be parents.


At first Laura was still very frail as she tried to resume her life after the shooting. She wanted to be her old self again, but found that she had real problems with her energy as her body consumed all her energy in the healing process and at the same time nourished the tiny life inside her. The two of them were so passionate that it was all she could do to be there for Remington sexually. He was sensitive to her situation, but she knew his needs and it seemed that since they had finally declared their love in words, they couldn’t come together enough to satisfy either of them.


Then just two weeks after she came home, Laura was hit with morning sickness. She suffered daily bouts of nausea for her third month of pregnancy and Remington was constantly by her side, holding her and she gagged and vomited and lost rather than gained weight.


“It’s all right, love. It’s all right,” Remington said holding her in his arms after a particularly bad day of morning sickness in her third month. “I just worry because you are still losing weight.”


Laura started to cry.


“I just can’t make any headway like this. My baby, my baby needs to be nourished and I can’t keep anything down.”


Laura put her hands on her belly which had just begun to swell a bit to give outward evidence that she was carrying.


“I’m afraid that I might lose our baby.”


Remington held her and patted her and tried to calm her.


“You’ve been through hell and you are still pregnant, love.”


“But I’m afraid. I’m so sick. Look at me. You would never know that I’m pregnant.”


Remington smiled tenderly and touched her breasts which were obviously showing the effects of pregnancy and pulled her robe away so that her breasts were completely revealed.

“I know you’re pregnant and your lovely breasts tell the world, darling. They are definitely getting ready for something special.”


Laura smiled and looked down at the swollen breasts that had replaced her dainty ingénue udders. They were nearly twice their normal size and their nipples and aureoles were now brown in color rather than their normal pink color.


Remington kissed her breasts and suckled them gently and Laura melted in his embrace.


“And your lovely belly has begun to show a bit, darling. It’s obvious that something is definitely going on in there.”


Laura smiled as Remington bent his head to kiss her belly, running her fingers through his dark hair.


“I love you so much, Remy. I love you. Please just help me get through this and I will give you your baby. I want it so much.”


“And I want it too. I love you, woman. God knows that I love you.”


Remington continued to kiss her all over her belly and her thighs, kissing her intimately, trying to hold back the powerful sexual drive that was his normally, handling her gently and tenderly. Laura trembled in his arms, moaning his name over and over in ecstasy as he made love to her in this way.


“Remy, you need me. Use me the way you need to, baby. I don’t want you to suffer anymore.”


“I can’t tax you unduly. You’re not well, love. Please don’t make me. I won’t be able to resist you. I beg you, just be with me like this.”


But Laura took hold of him and guided him inside her and they were lost in each other, moving slowly in the rhythmic movements of coitus.


“Oh, dear God! Laura! Laura!” he cried out loud, on the verge of climax.


Then the spasms came on her that she could not hold back. Remington just held her tight as she shook and moaned helplessly in his arms and then surrendered in a moment of capitulation so complete that


Remington was brought to tears as his own orgasm came.


Laura lay exhausted in his arms and he simply kissed her over and over.


“I love you, Laura. I love you so much. Dear God, I love you, woman.Remington was overwhelmed with gratitude to her for giving herself so generously to him in spite of her frail state.


After they slept for a while, Remington got up and made a late supper for them. Laura was able to keep food down at night and so he made sure that she ate well in the evening.


When he went to call Laura for supper, she was up and standing in front of the mirror in their bathroom naked looking at her belly that had just begun to pop out a bit. She held her hands protectively over her stomach and smiled, not realizing that Remington was watching her.


“It’s happening, Remy. It’s happening. I can’t believe that our baby is growing in there. Can you believe it?”


“Yes, I can believe it, darling. You have a wee one inside you . . . our wee one.”


The sight of her belly actually beginning to grow seemed to give Laura heart and she sat down and ate everything that Remington had made for her. He just watched her, his blue eyes full of his love for her.



The next day Remington awakened in the early morning hours with Laura on his breast. He wanted her so very much, but held himself back, not wanting to make her morning sickness worse.


“Remy,” she said sleepily. “I’m hungry.”


“You’re hungry? You’re not nauseous?”


“No, I am so hungry that I could eat a horse right now.”


“How about a nice milkshake?”


“May I have chocolate?”


Remington bounded out of bed and went into the kitchen to make a milkshake for her and Laura got up and went into the bathroom. Every morning for six weeks she had been violently ill at this point but not today. Suddenly she knew that she had turned the corner in her pregnancy.


She went into the kitchen where Remington was putting the finishing touches on a chocolate milkshake for her and loved her husband so much. He was padding about the kitchen in his pajama bottoms and robe, unshaven, hair tousled in that way she adored.


“Here you go, love.”


He put the tall frosty glass in front of her and she was in paradise as she drank it down.


“I take it you like that.”


“I love it . . . and I love you, Daddy Steele.”


It was the first time she had addressed him that way and it caught him off guard for a long moment.


“I guess that is I, isn’t it?”


“That’s you, lover man. You got a baby growing inside your woman. May I have another milkshake, please?”


“You may have whatever you want, lassie, whatever you want.”


Remington quickly made an additional milkshake for Laura and she took the drink from his hand and then sat on his lap and drank it slowly.


“Don’t you want some of this?”


“Yes, but not the milkshake, darling. You are much more tempting to me this morning.”


“I know,” Laura said softly as she put her empty glass down on the table and gave her full attention to her needy husband who picked her up in his arms and took her back to bed.



They had an appointment with Dr. Brathwaite that next afternoon and she was glad to see that Laura was improving. She had been quite concerned about her patient due to the injuries she had sustained and was glad to see that she was not continuing to lose weight.


When Dr. Brathwaite had Laura up on the table examining her, Remington sat there dutifully through it all.


“Let’s finish this conversation back in the office,” Dr. Brathwaite said.


“I seem to have turned the corner in a way, Dr. Brathwaite. I was so weak from morning sickness and just couldn’t pull myself together.”


“Many women think that morning sickness is a bad thing, but studies show that women with morning sickness consistently have healthier babies with fewer complications. We don’t really know why, but that correlation exists. At three months where you are now the worst of that is over. We did calculate three months didn’t we? When I examined you today, your uterus felt like a bit more than three months, but that varies from woman to woman.”


“Yes, I brought along her . . . personal records of her menstrual periods so that you could check that. Remington reached inside his jacket pocket and handed Dr. Brathwaite an index card with the precise dates of Laura’s menstrual cycle for the past year.


“You kept these records, Mr. Steele. You are a very unusual man. Keep him, Mrs. Steele.”


“I plan on keeping him,” Laura said, reaching for Remington’s hand.


“By the way, do you have twins in your family on either side?”


“My father was an identical twin and my sister and I are fraternal twins,” Remington responded.


“My mother is a twin,” Laura answered. “Identical.”


“Well, we will just keep an eye on things. Your uterus is larger than normal for three months. And we see what impeccable records your husband keeps. With all the weight you have lost I would expect the uterus to be a bit undersize. But, just don’t miss any appointments. We have to watch you carefully.”


“My wife wants to go back to work. Do you think that is wise?”


“Limited for now. As she feels better, she can do more . . . nothing that exhausts her though. She caught a bullet and lost a lot of blood and her body has to recover from that and take care of a baby.”


“My libido is back,” Laura said simply and Remington flushed and nodded in agreement.


Sandra Brathwaite looked from one of them to the other and smiled knowingly.


“You two do what you want to do. At this stage of the pregnancy you can romp as much as you wish. Now that the worst of the morning sickness is over you probably have some catching up to do, eh? That baby isn’t going anywhere. Just be certain that she gets plenty of rest, Mr. Steele, after all the romping, yes? Actually sexual intercourse can continue right up till the time of delivery if the mother is in good health.”


Remington nodded meekly and hugged Laura.


“And eat whatever you wish, Mrs. Steele. Now that the morning sickness is over, your body needs to rebuild and prepare for the baby. Your blood count is rising nicely but you lost a lot of blood in that gunshot you took to your chest and you are still not up to where you need to be to rebuild your stamina.”


They took their leave from their appointment in high spirits and Remington took Laura out to lunch at Mario’s, one of their favorite places. Lauren Sanders had been a client and the case was resolved most successfully.


“So what are we going to do with the rest of the day?Laura asked Remington over her dessert.


“I want to spend the rest of this day in bed with you, woman,” Remington said, his blue eyes full of his desire for her. “Would you be willing to spend the rest of this day in bed with me, Mrs. Steele?”


“That sounds wonderful to me.”


“I think that we should go to the Bonaventure. They have a lovely suite there that I’ve wanted to take you to. It’s not the honeymoon suite, but it is spectacular. We can celebrate the end of morning sickness.”


Laura smiled and Remington pursed his lips in that way that she found irresistible.


Lauren Sanders came over when she saw them.


“Well, it has been a while. I heard that you were hurt, Laura. I hope that you are recovering well.”


“Yes, it was a close call, but I am on the mend. And I am pregnant!”


“Well, congratulations! That is great news. I wish you only the best. Let me tell them to put on a favorite song for you this afternoon.”


“Could you tell them to play Sinatra singing ‘How Deep Is the Ocean?” Remington said.


The sound of the song soon filled the restaurant.


“Will you dance with me, Laura?”


He took her hand and they danced slowly to the strains of the melody as Sinatra phrased it perfectly.


How much do I love you?
I’ll tell you no lie.
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

How many times a day
Do I think of you?
How many roses are
Sprinkled with dew?

How far would I travel
To be where you are?
How far is the journey
From here to a star?

And if I ever lost you
How much would I cry?
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?


There was hardly anyone in the restaurant as they danced to the song that meant so much to Remington; and Lauren Sanders, sensing that they needed this time together, excused herself when Remington flushed darkly and began to kiss Laura tenderly as they danced with their arms wrapped around each other. She felt the vacuum in her own life as she watched the Steeles so in love with each other.


“That man in the song is me. It is I, Laura. And that is the depth of my love for you. I love you so much, woman.”


“Oh, Rem, why did we wait so long? Why did we wait so long? Why did you let me keep holding you off?”


“It doesn’t matter. Nothing matters except that we are together now, Laura. Let’s go to the Bonaventure and make love for the rest of the day.”


When they got to their room at the hotel, it was obvious that Remington had planned this afternoon down to the last detail.


There were flowers everywhere, red roses in heavy crystal bowls. And on the bed was a box from Sak’s.


“Open it, darling.Remington said.


Laura opened it and it was a black cotton peignoir and gown set. The nightgown was long and very full and very low cut. Thick black cotton lace adorned both pieces. Additionally there was a very skimpy silk bra and bikini panty set that left nothing to the imagination. When Laura saw the bra, she blushed and grinned, and there was practically nothing to the panties, bringing a very lascivious thought to the fore.

“It’s beautiful.”


“I know you are cold at night. I tried to find something that would keep you warm enough.”


“These other pieces aren’t to keep me warm though. And they didn’t come from Sak’s.”


“No, they didn’t come from Sak’s. There is a place for Frederick’s of Hollywood too. And those are to keep me warm, love,” Remington said, winking at her. “I hope you will model them for me tonight.”


Laura ran to him and climbed onto him and they kissed and kissed over and over, pulling off each others clothes feverishly.


“Oh, Laura, I want you so. I love you. I love you so much! It is so deep for me, deeper that I could have ever imagined.”


“I know. I know how deep it is. I love you so.”


Remington kissed his wife, opening her mouth to accept his and they were gone . . . swept up in the passion that they had for one another. Remington lay between her thighs, kissing her swollen breasts, wooing her to take him. And she did.


They stayed overnight at the Bonaventure. Remington sent for supper to be brought up and they had marvelous steak and lobster and all the trimmings.


Laura looked beautiful in the black peignoir which she wore over the sexy lingerie as they ate. And when they were finished, Remington took her by the hand and led her back to bed.


He removed the peignoir and then kissed her all over her shoulders and neck as he caressed the parts of her breasts that showed through the lacy black bra.


“Oh, Remy, you make me feel like a burlesque queen in this. Is that what you need me to be tonight?”


“Yes. I want you to throw off all your inhibitions and be the woman you want to be at this very moment.”


Laura turned to him and then she lay back onto the bed welcoming him.


Remington got onto her and touched her swollen ready parts and then came into her, groaning his need as he penetrated her completely.


Laura was in ecstasy as he thrust himself into her and she asked him?


“Is this how we got pregnant, baby? Is this how it happened?”


“Yes, babe, this is how . . . it happened. Oh, God! This is how it happened,” he groaned. “Thank you, Lord! Thank you!”


He felt the fullness in his testicles that presaged his release and cried out.


“Laura! Laura! I love you, Laura.”


And then he lost all sense of where he was, lost vision and only heard Laura sigh and moan and cry out his name as the spasms of the orgasm captured her. She did not realize her nails were ripping welts into his back and he did not feel it as anything except pleasure as he ejaculated, spurting his semen inside her till at the end of it, he was completely dazed, his eyes glazed over as finally they lay quietly in their lovers’ embrace, still joined together.


Remington awakened early in the morning before dawn and reached for Laura, drawing her close, feeling her belly where their baby was growing.


“Um, Remy, hold me tight, baby. Hold me tight!”


“I’m holding you, love. I’m loving you so hard these days.”


Laura felt him seeking entrance as they lay spooning together and she welcomed him as he completely penetrated her.


“Oh, Laura! Laura! Oh, dear God! Dear God!”


They raced toward the pinnacle and Laura cried out when the orgasm hit her. Remington held her fast as he ejaculated deep inside her.


Finally they lay at peace in the lovely bed. At moments like this Remington murmured into her ear all that was in his heart in words that he only used when he made love to her and Laura responded in the same way.


“Remy! Remy! I felt it. I felt the baby!”


“You . . . felt the wee one?”


“I felt a tiny flutter . . . different from anything I have ever felt in my life.”


Remington turned Laura over and then he bent and kissed her belly and caressed it and then he sobbed as the reality of Laura’s pregnancy overwhelmed him.


Laura ran her hands through his hair as he lay on her belly. His arms embraced her hips and their passion for each other swept over them as he buried his head between her thighs and kissed her there.


Laura drew him up into her arms and kissed him and Remington groaned softly.


“It’s so beautiful . . . what’s happening to you, what’s happening to us.”


“I’m having a baby . . . your baby.”


“I will be so proud to see you with your belly full, darling. I knew from the first day we met that I wanted to have a baby with you. I never had that urge for any woman till you.”


“Did you hear what the doctor said about twins today?”


“Yes, I heard her. There is that possibility. I can’t imagine you carryin’ twins, babe, with your belly so full like that.”


Laura held him close and they kissed over and over till they were overcome and joined again.


“Yes! Yes!Remington sighed with pleasure as he found the depths of her and began the rhythmic thrusting that brought them both so much pleasure. They took their time and let the pleasure wash over them and then they let it consume them as Laura’s parts flooded his with clear nectar.


“Oh, Remy, Remy, I love you so much!”


“Yes! Oh, Lord! Lord! I do love you!Remington groaned out loud to his Maker as he emptied himself into her.


They drifted off to sleep and it was late in the morning before they awakened.


“Are you ready to go home with me now, love?”


Laura nodded and touched his cheek with its overnights growth of beard and then put her finger upon his lips, a simple gesture that yet was full of her tender feelings for him.


“If I had lost you three months ago, I would not have been able to go on, Laura. I would not have been able to go on.”


“What would have happened to you?”


“I would have lost my mind. I would have probably given my self to drink and they would have had to commit me to an asylum, put me away. I broke down completely when I saw you near

death like that, your life’s blood running out of you. Oh, God! I was so terrified.”


Remington’s hands began to tremble and he sobbed as he remembered the horror of that night when that bullet tore through her lung.


“It’s all right. I’m here. It didn’t happen that night. And I love you so much, Remington Steele. I do love you so. I love being able to tell you how much I love you.”


Remington kissed Laura over and over as they lay in bed together and their love carried them to the point that they had to connect once again, join their bodies as one again.


It was nearly noon when they finally dressed and checked out of the Bonaventure and went home.


When they walked into their own apartment, Remington kissed Laura and held her for a long time without saying anything.


“What are you thinking, Remy?”


“I’m just thinking about how completely happy I am . . . being able to tell you how I feel about you, having you every day and every night, knowing that we are going to even have a wee one in a few months. It’s all quite overwhelming, isn’t it?”


“Yes, it is. We will have to remember this day if we hit a ‘bump in the road’ so to speak someday.”


“I think I will set up an arrangement with the Bonaventure to go there at least once a month and recharge our batteries.”


“I don’t think you need to recharge your batteries, Remy. But I would love to go there regularly with you. I felt so uninhibited there, more than even at the apartment.”


“I think you are pretty uninhibited these days here. I love you the way you are now. I love hearing you groaning and moaning when I make you feel good. I love hearing you tell me you love me. I knew that you did before, but now it’s a part of my life every day, hearing those words from you. I don’t wonder that the neighbors are quite entertained by our vociferous lovemaking.”


“Well, you are really something, Remy. When you start calling on the Lord and snorting like a wild horse, there is no question about what is going on.”


“I pray that the walls are thick enough to muffle the sounds of our passion because I cannot hold in what I feel when I’m with you, love. No other woman has ever excited me like you. And when I come, the feeling of exhilaration and power is something I cannot explain. It’s like my testicles explode and the tremors go from my head to my toes and I shake all over. I always enjoyed that moment with other women, but you are the only woman that makes me shake and quiver and complete lose my mind like that. It’s like an electric current is running from . . . from my testicles through the pit of my belly up and down my spine and bursting in my brain, love.”


Remington’s blue eyes were penetrating hers as he described the phenomena he experienced. Then he kissed her mouth slowly and deliberately and pulled her hips up against his excited flesh, knowing the effect that it would have on Laura, knowing that she would swoon against him, giving in completely to his passion for her.


“Make love to me, Daddy Steele,” Laura whispered.


When they lay down together, Remington kissed her over and over and then he lay against her back and came into her again, sinking deep inside her, filling her completely. They groaned together as they climbed to a stunning climax.


* * * *


Laura had made the decision to return to work at the agency that Monday and it was a special day because of that. Mildred and Alessandra were in high gear as they waited for Remington and Laura to come in that day. It was nearly nine when they came into the office and it was evident that Laura was now past her weeks of morning sickness. She was gloriously radiant, regaining her strength and Remington was so happy to have her on his arm again that he looked ready to burst.


Remington and Laura went into his office together and sat down together on the sofa there. Mildred had made coffee and there were French pastries served along with it to celebrate Laura’s return.


“You look so beautiful and pregnant, darling. And you look happy as well. That is so important to me.”


“I am happy . . . in every way,” Laura said, sipping her coffee. “But does it show? I want it to show so everyone will know what you did to me.”


She was not wearing maternity clothes as yet, but her full breasts were advertising her condition as they made their presence known with a uncontrollable display of cleavage in the wide square neckline of the bright blue sweater that she wore. The slight fullness in her waist was evident all the more because her weight was still down about fifteen pounds from her normal

but that morning she was unable to fasten the waist of the slim navy wool skirt she wore.


“Well, you are not advertising to the world in general your pregnant state, but to your man it is more than evident that you are, as they say, ‘carrying.’ Your lovely baby bump is very obvious to me, darling.”


Laura put her hand upon her belly as if to protect the precious life inside her.


Remington put his arm around her and kissed her cheek tenderly.


“I think that we have to make some decisions, love, about what we are going to do as an agency now that we are about to become parents. I am sure that you will agree that the more dangerous cases will have to be bypassed now, especially if you are involved in the field work. We can’t risk your safety or that of that precious wee one you are carrying.”


“I realize that. I can’t forget that I have a baby inside me. I guess that is why I keep putting my hands on my belly, to protect my baby. When I thought I might die, I lived because you said that I was pregnant. It all just kicked in at that moment, Remy.”


“So the more dangerous aspects of cases will be my territory now. You will work from here in the office and that will make me very happy. In the meantime, Mildred has reorganized our corporate and personal insurance policies so that you and our child will be provided for in the event that I meet an untimely death.”


“Let’s not talk about death, Remy. I can only think about life now. If you like what Mildred has researched, go ahead with it. I trust her implicitly.”


“As do I,” Remington agreed.


“And if something happened to both of us, who will be the guardian of our baby?”


“Do you want to ask Mildred? She has no children and I feel confident that she would do the job well.”


“It’s decided then. We will tell her about that aspect of matters. That should take care of that necessary business. Let me try to find myself again in this place. I’m sure that there is plenty of paper work to catch up on.”


Remington reluctantly let Laura go to her office and start to sort out her life there again.


After a couple hours Remington could hold off no longer and he came into Laura’s office and closed the door behind him.


“I missed you,” he said simply, pushing her long hair out of the way and bending down to kiss her on the back of her neck.


“I miss you too,” Laura answered, sitting back in her chair to receive his amorous attention. “And I am hungry. This baby is demanding that I eat again.”


“We will take care of that right away. I have sent out for lunch. It should be here within the next few minutes . . . your favorite corned beef sandwiches and matzo ball soup from our neighborhood deli. How does that sound?”


“It sounds wonderful, love.”


“Then come along, darling. I just need to hold you in my arms for a few minutes before lunch.”


Laura let Remington lead her into his office and to his desk where he removed his jacket and loosened his tie and then turned to Laura and took her into his arms and kissed her tenderly.


“I love you so much, Laura. Did I tell you that already today? And I am so glad to have you in the office with me again. I missed this so much. Did I tell you that also?”


“Yes, you did . . . early this morning before we got out of bed and then again when you brought me coffee.”


“I can’t say those words enough. You have unlocked everything that I kept in my heart for all those years and I have to tell you over and over, darling.”


“Please never stop telling me. Never stop, because I will never be able to stop telling you that I love you.”


Remington shook his head as his lips sought hers again in a passionate kiss that left them struggling to maintain their composure.


At that moment Mildred knocked to let them know that lunch had arrived.


Remington and Laura reluctantly released each other and Remington went to retrieve their lunch.


When he came back into the office, he put the lunch aside and turned to Laura again, drawing her into his embrace.


“I can’t wait till this day is over and we can go home and be man and wife, love,” Remington said


“Do we have to wait, darling.”


Remington flushed darkly and deftly lifted Laura up and seated her on his desk. He pushed her skirt up and out of the way and pulled her lacy panties down and off and drew her forward to him on the desk so that her thighs were around his hips. Remington bent and kissed her inner thighs and then more.


“Oh, Remy, Remy,” Laura sighed, catching her hands in his thick black hair.


Remington drew her forward off the desk, loosening his trousers in the process and letting them slip down around his ankles before he pulled her down to straddle him in his chair.


“Please take me inside you, love. I need you so.”


Laura caressed his face and kissed him over and over as they came together this way.


Remington gasped, his face contorted in an agony of ecstasy, his blue eyes rolling about in his head as she rocked on him on this winter afternoon.


“I . . . love you, so much. Oh, dear God, I love you so much, Laura.”


Laura held him tightly and Remington squeezed her hips as they made love together till the climax rolled over them and left them in its wake moaning softly in their lovers’ embrace, kissing one another tenderly as the spasms of orgasm finally slowed.


“Thank you, darling,” Remington said. “I just don’t want to let you go. You are all I wanted for lunch today.”


Laura smiled at him and eased off his lap.


Remington slumped conquered in his desk chair, dazed, his blue eyes languid, his clothes in disarray, his private parts exposed, his trousers down around his ankles.


“Do you have to leave me now, babe?”


“This baby is demanding its lunch too, love. I am so hungry.”


“You are so beautiful, darling. I love you so much.”


“I’ll come right back to you after I have this food, love. This baby is making me stop to eat.”


Laura found her panties on the floor and put them on and wriggled her hips to pull her skirt down as Remington watched her, amused and enthralled.


Laura looked at him staring at her.


“Are you okay, Remy?”


She realized that he was caught up in his emotions and came to him and knelt in front of him and pulled up his slacks onto his knees and rested her face upon his thighs.


“I . . . I just still need you, Laura. I’m in such need that I am in agony. I think I’m lovesick. You intoxicate me, lassie.”


“Is there milk in the fridge in back?”


“Yes, I believe there is.”


“I’ll go get a glass of milk and I’ll be right back.”


Laura went to the refrigerator in the back of the office and poured a large glass of milk and drank it down and then went back to Remington’s office where he was still sprawled in his office chair.


Laura knelt in front of him and gave attention to his pressing need directly as he writhed and groaned, gripping the arms of the chair, and finally jerking in orgasm, his eyes rolling back into his head as he saw stars.


When Laura saw him still dazed in his office chair, his face flushed as he struggled to pull his clothes back together, she realized that they needed to be at home. She helped him finish pulling his clothes together and kissed him on the mouth. She had never felt such power in her femininity as at that moment. Her man was in a pathetic state and she had the only thing that could help him.


“Come and let’s go home and go to bed for the rest of the day, lover. You are in no condition to meet the public today. I need to take care of you.”


“Thank you, darling. Thank you so much. I’m in pitiful shape here . . . can’t seem to get enough of you. I love you, Laura. I love you so much.”


“I know and I love you too. You make me want to just jump on you when you’re like this. I think those years of abstinence are really catching up with us, baby.”


Remington got up and caught Laura up in his arms, kissing her over and over before he finally got himself together and they left to go home to spend the rest of the day in bed.



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