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Chapter 9
by NorahBolt56

Later that day..

"I just found this in my office," Miles said with concern to Kate and the two detectives as he handed the note to Steele to read.

A worried look crossed Remington's face as he read it and ran a hand through his hair. He blew out a breath and then handed it to Laura who also read it with concern. She then handed it back to Miles.

"What does it say?" Kate asked, puzzled by their reactions and the fact they hadn't passed it to her to read.

Miles shot her a worried look. "It's nothing Kate," he replied hurriedly not wanting to worry her.

"Miles…I think she needs to know," Laura stated seriously as she exchanged a look with Remington.

Now Kate was starting to worry. "Need to know what?" she demanded.

With some reluctance Miles handed her the note. It was composed of cut out letters like a ransom note, it's message clear. A look of shock and anger crossed her face as she read it.

"Poor ole Johnny got a bump to his head,
KK's next then she'll be dead
Time to settle an old score
She won't make it to her encore."

"Well whoever sent this can't write lyrics to save their life," she stated wryly, trying to put on a brave front in order to hide the stab of fear she suddenly felt. Remington gave her a somewhat frustrated look, thinking she wasn't taking the threat seriously.

"Any idea who would want you dead?" Laura asked as Kate shook her head, although she thought ruefully, the thought probably crossed your mind a few days ago.

"The Fan - Lauren Bacall, James Garner, Paramount,1981," Remington suddenly rattled off as they all looked at him, Kate rolling her eyes.

She had to bite her tongue, (so as not to reveal his true identity to Miles), to stop herself from saying, "Seriously Harry - do you still quote movie titles all the time?"

Miles looked puzzled. "What Mr Steele?"

"Ah Mr Steele often uses movie references to help solve a case," Laura explained as Kate looked at him a little incredulously.

Ignoring Kate's look he went on. "A deranged fan starts picking people off around the star he's obsessed with and ultimately tries to kill her."

"Thanks that makes me feel so much better," Kate replied a little sarcastically.

"He does have a point Kate - have you received any strange fan mail lately or gifts or anything like that?" Laura asked.

"No, not at all. Since I dropped out of the music scene a while back I don't get a lot of fan mail anymore," Kate replied.

"Well who would want to kill you then?" Remington demanded, his concern for her welfare showing.

"I don't know," she replied in frustration.

"So what are we going to do about this?" Miles asked the question they were all thinking.

"It's simple - Kate pulls out of the concert. It's too dangerous to risk it," Remington stated emphatically.

"But on the other hand, if she does that how are we going to catch our would be killer?" Laura pointed out. "We might be able to catch them in the act before they can do her any harm."

"Hey don't I get a say in this? It is my life we're talking about!" Kate butted in a little angrily.

"Of course - sorry," Laura apologised as Remington nodded.

Kate was silent for a moment then stated adamantly, "I've never been one to back down from a fight and I'm not about to start now. No two bit loony with some grudge against me is going to scare me out of playing at the concert".

Remington looked at her in shock and Miles said "Kate maybe you should have a think about it before you make any hasty decisions. You have a lot at stake you know," as he gave her a meaningful look.

Just then his secretary knocked on the door and came in. "Excuse me Miss Holt but there's a Mildred Krebs on the phone for you."

Laura thanked her then went to take the call from Mildred.

"How about I go and get us all some coffee and we can discuss this a bit further?" Miles then stated as he left the room, leaving Remington and Kate alone for a few minutes.

They continued discussing the plan to deal with the death threat she'd just received and the discussion was starting to get heated.

"You can't be serious! It's too dangerous Kate - I won't have you risking your life," Remington stated adamantly.

"It's my life and I'll decide whether I risk it or not thank you very much. You gave up your right to have a say in what I do with my life fourteen years ago Harry. I can look after myself - have done for quite some time," Kate retorted a little angrily, reminding him a bit of someone else as she did so. "As Laura pointed out it's the only way we can flush out the culprit and catch them in the act," Kate added.

"By using you as bait?" he asked incredulously.

"Listen Harry a lot of my fans have paid money to see me play and I'm not going to let them down - death threat or no death threat," she stated determinedly.

"God dammit O'Casey you haven't changed have you? Still as bloody stubborn as ever," he sighed in exasperation, shaking his head. "This isn't some street fight in Brixton you know - this is someone, most probably with a gun or some other deadly weapon, threatening to kill you! I care about you Katie - I don't want to see you get hurt," he stated sincerely as he looked at her pleadingly.

It was hard to say no to him when he looked at her like that. Kate sighed and ran a hand through her hair. "I know you do and believe me I realise the danger I'm in, but I can't have this threat hanging over my head Harry - we've got to deal with it now," she replied, her tone serious. "And I also know the great detective Remington Steele has my back," she added with a smile as she gave him a meaningful look. He'd always had her back long ago when they were young, as she had his. She grabbed his hand & squeezed it affectionately and said, "I trust you Harry" just as Laura walked back into the room.

"Mildred's dug up some information for us on that roadie Derek.." she stated then stopped short as she saw Kate's hand on top of Remington's. There was a bit of an awkward moment as they quickly pulled their hands away from each other, which didn't go unnoticed by Laura.

As Laura heard Kate say "I trust you", it suddenly dawned on her, that's what she had to do as well - trust him. And she had to let him know that she did.

"Sorry, didn't mean to interrupt," she said a little uncomfortably.

"No worries Laura. We'd finished our discussion anyway," Kate stated, giving Remington a look that dared him to disagree.

"I'm still not happy about it but I guess you're both right, it is the only way we can draw the culprit out," he relented. "So how are we going to do this?" he asked.

"I guess the best way would be for us to go undercover somehow - that way we could keep an eye on you Kate whilst also watching out for our culprit and hopefully pick up some clues. It would have to be something that allows us access to all areas - backstage & the like though," Laura stated, thinking out loud.

"I've got it!" Kate suddenly exclaimed. "Laura can you carry a tune?" she asked with a grin as an idea started forming in her head. "Well I've never sung professionally but I was in my college glee club and I play a bit of piano. Why?" Laura replied.

"Well as it turns out one of my back-up singers has come down with the flu so I'm short one singer - care to fill in?" Kate asked as Laura looked a little taken aback.

"What..me? Sing in a rock concert in front of a stadium full of people? I don't know.." she replied somewhat nervously although part of her was secretly excited by the idea - she'd dreamt of doing just that in her teenage years.

"C'mon you'll be fine - the other girls can help you out. We can turn your mic down if you're really worried about it. You won't get a better view than from there and it would give you access to all areas," Kate pointed out.

"Well okay then I guess so," Laura agreed.

"Now Harry babe unless you've had singing lessons in the past 14 years I know you can't sing to save your life," Kate went on with a grin.

He shot her a withering look and muttered, "Thanks a lot," under his breath as Laura tried not to smirk.

"So I guess that rules out back-up singer for you. We could always do with another roadie I suppose?" she mused as he nodded somewhat reluctantly in agreement. "Roadie it is then. But you're going to need some sort of disguise - someone might recognise you as Remington Steele. Come with me."

They followed Kate down the corridor to Johnny Cole's dressing room, picking up a bemused Miles along the way. Kate opened a cupboard and took out a shoulder length black wig and handed it to Remington.

"Johnny Cole wears a wig?" Laura asked with a laugh, thinking back to her teenage years when posters of him (amongst others) with his thick, lustrous hair had adorned her bedroom walls.

"Yep - he's bald as a badger. Has been for 5 years or so," Kate replied with a grin. "I figure he won't be needing it in hospital. Don't tell him I told you though - it's one of the most closely guarded secrets in the music biz," Kate laughed .

"You want me to wear this?" Remington asked in disbelief as Laura tried not to laugh at the look on his face.

"Well it's a disguise isn't it?" Kate replied with a grin. "Oh and maybe don't shave for a day or two - get that real grungy roadie look happening," she added with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.


"Mr Steele?" Miles greeted him with some surprise as the private investigator walked into his office. later on.

"Sorry to barge in like this unannounced," Remington answered.

"No not at all.. is there something about the case you need to talk about? I really appreciate your & Miss Holt's help with this dreadful matter," Miles stated as he motioned for the younger man to sit down, still trying to put his finger on where he recognised him from.

"Not a problem. Actually I need your help with something," Remington stated seriously then went on. "I want you to convince Kate to pull out of the concert." Miles looked at him in disbelief.

"Are you kidding me Steele? KK and the Beat are my headline act - this is Kate's big comeback, she's got a lot riding on it. And with Johnny Cole out injured we've already had to rearrange the line- up. Do you know how many tickets we've sold to this thing? There'd be a lot of disappointed fans if she pulled out as well."

"I don't care about the bloody fans - I care about her! I'm not just going to stand by and watch her risk her life," Remington exploded, taking Miles quite by surprise.

Miles wasn't sure but he could have sworn Steele's voice had momentarily lapsed into a bit of an Irish brogue. "You seem to be taking a very personal interest in this case Mr Steele. May I ask why?"

Remington hesitated, not wanting to reveal his previous identity. "Ah Katie's an old friend of mine - I don't want to see her hurt that's all."

A look of recognition then crossed Miles' face as he heard him call her 'Katie' and he suddenly remembered where he knew him from. "You're him aren't you? Her old boyfriend from back in London? Harry something wasn't it? I knew I recognised you from somewhere," Miles stated emphatically.

Remington sighed, "Okay you got me. I'd appreciate it if you kept quiet about that," he said, giving Miles a meaningful look.

"Sure no worries. So how did a kid from the streets of London end up a private detective in LA?" Miles asked curiously.

"Believe me it's a long story and not one that we've got time for now. So are you going to help me convince her to change her mind or not?"

Miles shook his head ruefully. "I don't know if even I could mate - you know Kate once she makes her mind up about something."

"Yes I do," Remington replied wryly. "I was afraid you were going to say that."

"Can I ask you something that's always puzzled me?" Miles went on.

Remington/Harry nodded. "Why did you leave her? You kids seemed pretty tight. Although I guess in a way I should thank you - that broken heart you left her with led to a number one hit album, with all those 'love gone wrong' songs she wrote."

Remington winced visibly at the thought of the emotional pain he'd inflicted on her. He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "I guess I got scared," he admitted. "Her star was on the rise and I thought she'd be better off without me holding her back. I took the easy option and left her before she had a chance to leave me." As much as to justify his actions of long ago to Miles as to himself he added ,"She seems to have done alright without me."

Miles looked at him thoughtfully." Professionally yes, personally though.. well that's another story. If you ask me she's never really got over you," he stated frankly.

A muscle twitched in Remington's cheek as he digested this information which after the events of a few days ago he suspected to be true. "Look I'll have a word to her but I can't promise anything,' Miles stated.

Remington nodded. "Thanks - I appreciate it," then left.


"Kate you got a minute?" Miles called out to her as he spied her walking past his office.

"Well a quick one Miles - I'm just off to a costume fitting," she replied, wondering what he wanted to see her about.

"That can wait for a bit," he replied as he motioned for her to take a seat and he got up and closed the door behind her so they could talk in private.

She looked at him expectantly. "What's up?"

"I've just had a very interesting chat with Mr Steele..". He observed her expression change slightly as he said his name, although she tried to hide it. "Or should I say Harry," he added giving her a knowing look.

Kate sighed. "Told you did he?"

"He didn't have to. I knew when I met him that I knew him from somewhere and when we were chatting before he called you Katie and suddenly the penny dropped. Now it all makes sense - why you've been out of sorts these past few days."

"So what did he want to talk to you about?" Kate asked.

"He asked me to try and convince you to pull out of the concert. I told him I didn't think even I could change your mind on that score."

"And you were right," she stated adamantly.

"He still cares about you Kate - he doesn't want to see you get hurt.. or worse," Miles stated.

"I know he does - I still care about him too," she confessed with a sigh. "Miles you know why I have to deal with this now. I can't go home with a death threat hanging over my head - I can't risk it," she added as she gave her manager a meaningful look.

"I know, I know," he nodded.

Miles hesitated, knowing the next question he was going to ask wasn't really any of his business but he felt he had to ask it anyway. "So are you going to tell him? You know what I'm talking about," he asked pointedly.

Kate avoided his intense gaze. "He has a right to know Kate," he added gently.

"I know he does," she sighed. "I'll tell him when the time's right...it's complicated Miles. Please don't say anything to him," she pleaded with him as he nodded in agreement.


Remington and Laura turned up the next day at the stadium in disguise. Laura had dressed in a tight fitting short mini skirt & a figure hugging top and thigh high boots. She noted with some satisfaction that Remington couldn't seem to take his eyes off her as they drove there in the Rabbit. He looked unrecognisable - he hadn't shaved and was wearing a fake moustache, a cut-off t-shirt, faded jeans and boots, with Johnny Cole's wig atop of his head. Laura couldn't help but laugh at how different he looked. She then noticed the diamond stud in his ear and recalled seeing him wear it when he was undercover as 'Johnny Todd' in the case involving Rocky Sullivan that they'd investigated the year before. She also remembered the gold hoop earring he's sported when he was undercover as 'The Great Savini' when they were working on the Cordaro's Fabulous Funtime Circus case. She'd never thought to ask him when he'd got his ear pierced - another part of his 'mysterious past' she presumed.

"So Mr Steele - when did you get your ear pierced?" she inquired.

"Well earrings really don't become Remington Steele now do they? I had it done a long time ago and surprisingly it's never closed up," he replied a little hurriedly.

When they got to the stadium they were greeted by Miles & Kate. "Wow look at you two - you certainly look the part," Miles remarked.

Kate noticed the diamond stud in Harry's ear and absently touched the matching one in her own ear. He noticed her reaction and shot her a quick smile. Later when they found themselves alone for a moment she said to him "You kept the earring all these years?"

He nodded and replied "You too I see." She had bought the pair of earrings with her first advance from Miles and given one to Harry and kept the other for herself, as a symbol of their bond. She'd also wanted to have a keepsake of the first decent amount of money she'd earned. She had always worn hers but she was surprised to see he had kept his.

"It comes in handy on occasion," he explained. "And I wanted to keep it as a memento of our time in London," he added sincerely with a smile.

"C'mon I'll introduce you to the rest of the road crew," Miles said to a disguised Remington, interrupting his & Kate's conversation.

Remington followed him backstage. He introduced him to a few of the roadies including a scruffy looking guy called Derek, their main suspect in the case. "The name's Harry," Remington said in an Irish brogue as he shook Derek's hand.

"Excuse me for a moment fellas I need to speak to Janelle," Miles said as he left the two of them to go speak to the stage manager.

"So how long you been a roadie for?' Derek asked.

"Ah not that long actually," Remington replied truthfully.

Just then Kate walked past them, catching Remington's eye as she did so. "Ooh I'd like to get me some of that ass," Derek stated crudely, ogling her as she walked past.

With that Remington grabbed him roughly and said "Watch your mouth mate - that's a lady you're talking about."

"Hey what's your problem?" Derek shot back as Remington somewhat reluctantly released him.

"Are you her Number One fan or something?" he added sarcastically.

"Just watch it," Remington warned him as he jabbed a finger at him then walked off.

Miles had witnessed the exchange and put a hand out to stop him as he walked past. "You better take it easy son before you blow your cover," he suggested with a meaningful look.

Meanwhile Kate was introducing Laura to her other two back up singers, Nat & Suzy. After she'd made the introductions, Kate excused herself to go and talk to Ronnie her lead guitarist. "Nice to meet you Laura - you been singing for long?" Nat asked.

"Oh off and on for a while. I've never done anything this big though," Laura confessed with a smile.

"How do you know Kate?" Suzy asked.

"Ah..we have a mutual friend," Laura explained quickly, thinking that wasn't too far off the truth.

As much as to get off that topic of conversation as to investigate the case Laura then stated, "That was terrible what happened to Johnny Cole - I heard he was lucky not to get seriously hurt."

Nat & Suzy both nodded with concern. "All these accidents are starting to spook me a bit," Suzy confessed.

"Does Johnny have any enemies?" Laura asked.

"Only his ex-wives," Nat laughed. "But seriously I don't think even they would go to such lengths to get back at him - I mean he's a player but he's harmless."

Laura pondered this. "What about Kate or any of the other artists? Or Miles Walker even? Would there be anyone who'd have something against any of them or who wouldn't want the concert to go ahead?"

Nat & Suzy both shook their heads. "Not that I know of," Nat replied.

"Me neither," Suzy agreed as Laura wondered to herself how they were going to get to the bottom of this case.


Sometime later on Janelle the stage manager came up to Remington. "Who are you?" she demanded, as she hadn't seen him around before .

"Oh I'm the new roadie - the name's Harry," he replied hurriedly with a smile.

"Who put you on?" she asked suspiciously. "All new crew are supposed to be cleared by me."

"I did Janelle," Kate stated as she came up to the two of them. "Harry and I have worked together before - we go way back," she added as she thought to herself, that was sort of true. "I heard he was in LA and I thought we could do with an extra pair of hands. I'd vouch for him any day," she added as she gave him a meaningful look.

Janelle scowled at her. "You can't just go hiring your old friends Kate without my approval," she threw at her somewhat angrily.

"Listen Janelle I cleared it with Miles so if you've got a problem I suggest you go speak to him," Kate retorted.

"Oh I will, trust me." Janelle stormed off, leaving Kate and Remington quite perplexed at her reaction.

"Somehow I don't think she's a member of your fan club Kate," Remington remarked wryly.

"I think you're right Harry. I don't know what her problem is," Kate replied, shaking her head.

Remington pondered this, wondering why Janelle would have something against Kate.


"So you've delivered the note to Miles?" Janelle asked Derek as he nodded. He looked around a little nervously, hoping no-one would see them as they talked backstage. "And you wore gloves right?" she added as he looked at her, somewhat puzzled.


Janelle looked at him furiously. "You idiot Derek! A little thing called fingerprints that's why? If Miles goes to the cops and they identify your fingerprints it won't take much for them to connect you to me."

"Hey.. who you calling an idiot lady?" he retorted angrily. "How about you do your own dirty work then huh?"

"I'm paying you enough to do it for me remember?" she hissed at him. "And when you complete the job properly you'll get your nice little bonus. Now you need to get that note back before Miles takes it to the cops."

Janelle had discovered a while back when he'd previously tried to get a job as a roadie at a concert she'd also worked on, that Derek had a criminal record. So when she needed someone to help her with this little 'job' she'd immediately thought of him and had looked him up. One night with her and the promise of a substantial amount of money had been enough to convince him to help her out.

"What have you got against him and KK anyway?" Derek asked. He did a bit of a double take at the menacing look on her face.

"Miles Walker owes me," she seethed, her voice laced with venom. "And his big star KK? Her fame should have been mine! The publicity when his beloved KK gets popped off will kill the festival and his career."

Derek looked at her a little shocked and decided he better not get on her bad side, she obviously had a screw loose, plus she was paying him pretty handsomely for his 'work'. "What if she decides to pull out of the concert though?"

"Well then her 'big comeback' will be a failure - her career will be ruined and the negative publicity will reflect badly on Miles Walker as well. Either way I win and they lose." Janelle replied, almost gleefully. "Now all we need is for you to get that note back - we can't have any loose ends understand?"

"Okay, okay don't worry I'll get it back," Derek reassured her. "And make sure no-one sees you - we don't need any more slip ups,' she warned him in a threatening tone then walked off.


Laura went to walk into Miles' office at the stadium to ask him something about the case. As she did so she bumped into Derek who was coming out of the empty office, hastily stuffing something into his shirt pocket as he did so.

"Sorry," she apologised as he leered at her.

"No worries sweetheart - I got no objections to a pretty little thing like you bumping that knockout body into me," he replied with a lecherous grin as she rolled her eyes at him. "What's your name anyways? I haven't seen you round here before" he went on, moving closer to her.

"Love to chat - but oh look at the time," Laura replied hurriedly, in an attempt to get away from the creep. She quickly went back to where she'd left Remington & Kate.

"I just saw that roadie Derek come out of Miles' office and he put a piece of paper in his shirt pocket - I'm not sure but it looked like the death threat note," Laura whispered to Remington and Kate as she subtly nodded her head in his direction as he walked past and winked at her.

"Why would he want that for?" Kate asked.

"Hmm why indeed?" Remington mused. "Perhaps he left it there in the first place - may be he's worried about fingerprints or something like that. Doesn't surprise me that slimeball, would have something to do with all this," he muttered under his breath.

"Why did you call him slimeball?" Kate asked curiously.

Remington hesitated then said rather tersely, "After Miles introduced me as the new roadie to him this afternoon you happened to walk past and let's just say he made a rather unsavoury comment about what he'd like to do to you given half the chance."

"Oh he did, did he?" Kate replied, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Yeah he just tried coming on to me too"' Laura stated as Remington bristled. "Okay so the guy's a creep but unless we can get our hands on that note we can't prove he's involved in any of the accidents," Laura pointed out.

"I got this," Kate said with a determined look in her eye as she took off her leather jacket and handed it to a dumbfounded Remington. "Here hold this for me," she said as she adjusted her top, pulling it a bit lower then walked off in Derek's direction.

"What's she going to do?" Laura asked, a little perplexed by Kate's actions.

"I have no idea," Remington replied, "But whatever it is I wouldn't want to be him," he added, knowing full well of Kate's Irish temper. "Kate - what do you think you're doing?" he hissed at her under his breath but she just held up her hand in a stop sign and kept walking in Derek's direction.

"Hi there - Derek isn't it?" Kate said in a sultry voice as she leant next to the rigging he was working on.

Derek looked up to see KK standing right next to him clad in tight black leather pants and an even tighter low cut top which he couldn't tear his eyes off. "Yeah it is KK," he replied with a lewd grin as he ogled her. "What can I do for you?" he added, struggling to focus on her face.

"Well that's the million dollar question isn't it?" she asked in a seductive tone as she moved closer to him, putting a hand on his chest underneath his jacket. "I've heard you've been saying some very naughty things about me," she went on, pretending to laugh as she removed her hand from inside his jacket and without him noticing tucked something in the back of her pants, pulling her top over it.

"Well ah..," he laughed a little awkwardly and then he thought, 'What the hell?' she must have liked what she heard 'cause she's coming on to me. With that he figured he may as well try his luck as he put an arm around her waist, his hand dropping to her rear. "Well maybe I have. How about I drop by your dressing room some time and I can tell you some more, or better still, show you," he suggested with a lustful grin.

Kate leaned in closer to him and whispered in his ear "How about when hell freezes over mate and if I hear you mouthing off about me again I'll have you fired, and if you don't get my hand off my ass I'll bloody well break your arm."

He looked at her in shock and anger as with a fake sweet smile she pulled away from him, blew him a kiss then walked back to Remington and Laura. "Damn bitch," Derek swore under his breath as he stormed off. "You'll get yours KK and you won't be so smart then."

"What the hell was that all about?" Remington demanded when Kate got back to them.

'You wanted the note didn't you?" she replied with a grin as she whipped it out from behind her where she'd hidden it.

"You picked his pocket?" Remington asked with a mixture of surprise and pride.

"Wow - you're good," Laura had to admit.

"Well I learnt from one of the best," Kate quipped as she looked at Remington. "I haven't done that for years but I guess this old girl's still got it," she laughed as did Remington as he remembered the two of them working together years ago hitting their marks on the mean streets of Brixton. He had taught her everything he knew about the art of pick pocketing and she'd been a fast learner and obviously hadn't lost her touch.


Back at the agency later that day Remington and Laura went over the information Mildred had found on Derek, and tried to figure out why he would be sabotaging the concert and have made a death threat against Kate. "So what do we know so far?" Laura asked as Remington paced back and forth.

"Mr Steele will you stop pacing!" she stated as she was starting to get a bit irritated.

"Sorry, sorry, " he apologised, "It helps me think."

Mildred looked at the file in front of her. "Well this Derek character has quite a rap sheet - not all of it pretty and most of it involving women," Mildred said as Remington grabbed the file off her and looked through it, his expression growing stormier by the second.

"Charming little bugger isn't he?" he muttered in disgust, concerned that this guy was after Kate. He handed the file to Laura as he ran a worried hand over his face.

Laura scanned the file and shook her head. "Okay well this explains perhaps why he made the threat against Kate, but why all the other stuff? The light falling on Johnny Cole and so forth? Why would he want to sabotage the concert? I just get the feeling we're missing something," Laura stated "but for the life of me I can't figure out what."

"Hmm me neither. One thing I know for sure though, we've got to get to the bottom of this - and fast," Remington said seriously as Laura looked at him and nodded.

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