By: Phaedra Phelan

Summary: Remington and Laura try to help her family with their problems adjusting to California life
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That insane day was finally over and Laura's nephew and nieces were at last in their beds sleeping. Remington had stayed up to clean up the mess in the kitchen that had resulted from Laura's ill-fated attempt at spaghetti. It seemed there was sauce everywhere. But cleaning a kitchen had always brought Remington a sense of satisfaction and these days when he and Laura were together, but not completely most of the time it was about all the satisfaction he could get.
Suddenly he was aware that he was not alone in the kitchen. Laura had gotten up and wrapped one of Frances' robes around her slender figure. Her eyes revealed the pain she was suffering. Remington knew the symptoms so well now.
"Laura, you're not feeling well. What may I get you?"
"I have a headache coming on. I can't afford to have a migraine now."
"Come, come, let me work on your feet and help you relax."
He turned her around and headed toward her sister's bedroom where she had been trying to get to sleep.
The bed was turned back and he led Laura over to it. She lay down on it, being well aware of his ability at reflexology and Remington sat down on the bed and began to massage her tiny feet and legs.
"You're very tense, Laura. You just need to relax. And . . . by my calculations it's time for your menses in a couple of days. You will have to get some rest if you're going to get through the next few days without going bananas. I think you let the children get to you today. You were screaming quite a bit, dear."
Laura turned over and looked at him in amazement.
"They were driving me crazy. I don't know how Frances does it. I am so incompetent with children. And you . . . you seem to handle them so well."
"Do you think you would ever want to have your own children, Laura?"
"With whom?" Laura was stunned by his question.
"With me . . . one of these days, when we get everything all sorted out between us."
"You must be crazy if you think I would volunteer for this. I am not cut out to be a mother."
"Maybe you are," Remington said softly. "And you just don't realize it. I think you have the capacity to be a fantastic mother."
"What has gotten into you? You are really making my head ache now!"
"Turn over and let me finish what I'm doing, Laura. You know what I need, what you need. It's not like we've not been down that road."
The sight of her with her chestnut locks in disarray was suddenly so stimulating to him that he had to look away. He wanted to get into that bed with her in the worst way.
"The next thing you are going to tell me is that I have congestion you know where."
"Well, most women do have that just before their period. It makes many crave sexual intercourse. They need it and sometimes they don't realize how much they need it."
"And what about men? When do they need it?"
"They . . . we need it all the time, Laura," he said calmly, without emotion.
Her brown eyes told him that she had more information than she could really handle and she turned back over and let him continue. Remington drew a long ragged breath and forced himself to stop thinking about the pressure in his loins.
When he was finished, he sat back and Laura turned over and smiled at him.
"Thank you, Mr. Steele. You always seem to know what to do to help me."
Remington took her hand and drew her into his embrace and on top of him and Laura kissed him and they were lost in each other for a long moment, him kissing her in the same deeply passionate kiss that he had shared with her on numerous occasions, but the kiss became so intense, with him tasting all of her mouth and her tasting all of his that this time he lost control and suddenly Laura felt the full force of his erection. The kiss went on and on and her robe slipped from her shoulders and she was in his arms wearing nothing but her panties.
"Oh, God, Laura . . . Laura," he murmured as he stared at her small well-shaped breasts in the soft lamp light, before kissing her bosom over and over.
Laura put her hand on his distended crotch and unzipped his pants so that his turgid penis could spring free and then she touched him and squeezed him and he gasped and sighed in response to her touch.
"I am done for, Laura. I'm done for. I just can't hold this thing down any longer."
At that moment they realized that this was not the place to go any further.
"I don't think it would do for the children to find us in flagrant delecto in their parents' bed," Remington said. "Come with me into the den. We need to be alone for a little while longer."
They tiptoed through the darkened house to the den where Remington had sat up house on the futon. When they got into the den, Remington closed the door and took her into his arms, pressing her against the door, kissing her passionately over and over, his erect parts pressing urgently against her. Then they went to the futon and lay down on it and he kissed her breasts again, rubbing her flat belly, and then pulling off her lace panties and tossing them on the floor.
"Remington. Remington," Laura sighed.
"I won't go beyond where you want me to go. I promise you, Laura."
He touched the thick curly hair that surrounded her intimate parts and she opened her legs to him. Easily finding her clitoris, he saw that it was as erect as his penis. She was dripping with slippery essence and as he pleasured her with his hand, she tried to stifle her moans of pleasure but she was fluttering and trembling in his arms.
Laura gripped his erect penis and massaged it along all its length and Remington gasped and groaned and then suddenly she took him inside her and they were moving in rhythm together.
"Lord, yes, Laura!"
"Yes . . . yes."
It was all they could do to keep from crying out as their bodies found satisfaction. Remington's powerful thrusts completely conquered her and carried them to the summit when he ejaculated, his semen spurting deep into her. They were suddenly relieved of the tremendous sexual tension they were experiencing and they simply lay in each others arms.
"How is your headache, Laura?"
"I guess your theory about congestion down there is true. I think that I will sleep like a baby now."
"One of these days we have to decide what we are going to do about ourselves. We need more that what we are getting like this, don't you think?"
"Yes, we will. I know we will, Remington Steele."
"Woman, we can't go on forever like this. I try to contain myself but I am only human. My body, my flesh is becoming very difficult to manage. We should be havin' sex every day of our lives . . . not torturing ourselves like this."
"I know. I can't help myself when I am with you like this."
"You were trembling like a butterfly in my arms, Laura. You need me to take care of you." He quipped, smiling, "I have received rather high marks in this department."
"There is not question in my mind on that score. You and me . . ."
Remington and Laura were quiet for a long moment before either of them spoke again and then it was Remington.
"I would love to finish your massage properly. I have some lotion in my toiletries kit here and you are in a proper state of undress. Lie on your stomach and let me, my dear."
Laura lay on her belly and Remington used the lotion and thoroughly massaged her shoulders and back and hips. Laura sighed and succumbed to the pleasure of his hands on her.
When he was finished, he turned her over and Laura simply took him into her arms and they kissed and kissed, both of them so aroused that they were beside themselves, rubbing each others sexual parts, being in agony to come together again, but aware of Daniel and Frances' children sleeping in the house.
"I think that you should go back to the other room, Laura. Being in your sister's home with her children here, inhibits us somewhat, but I am finding it very difficult to hold myself back from you. I find you so incredibly alluring, so desirable, Laura. I could make love to you all night long. I wake up every morning of my life thinking about you, wanting you, needing you."
Remington helped Laura up and they pulled on their robes and kissed one more time before Laura left the den and went back to her room. He lay down on the futon and groaned softly as his need to consummate his relationship with Laura came powerfully on him in an erection that forced him to grip his own parts.
"Dear God! Help me with this woman. I need her so badly. I do want to have children with her. I want to see her pregnant with my child. What has happened to me? This lass has done such a job on me. Where did the old Harry go?"
He heard the door open to the den and felt Laura climb into his arms in the darkness.
"Laura . . . Laura," he murmured.
"I locked the door. I want the rest of tonight. I want you, Remington Steele."
They kissed and kissed and Remington caressed Laura's body, kissing her breasts and belly and her thighs. They were so hungry for more of each other that they grunted and
groaned as they came together.
When the climax came, they saw the bright lights bursting in their brains as the spasms shook each of them to the very core.
"Woman . . . woman, I need you so and you . . . you need me. We have to come together, Laura. We can't suffer like this."
"I know. I want to be here for you. You know that I am yours."
Remington's lips closed over hers and drank from her lips and they were gone again, their parts joined in a powerful connection that brought them the satisfaction they craved and took them to ecstasy as the orgasm rolled over them.
They finally lay in the darkness in each others arms. There was no need for words. Everything was complete this night.
"Stay with me, Laura. Please stay with me."
They slept together and then Laura got up very early and went back to her sister's bedroom.
The next morning Remington found Laura in the kitchen trying to give her nieces and nephew breakfast and failing miserably.
"How is your congestion this morning, Miss Laura Holt?"
Laura turned to him and blushed.
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