By: Phaedra Phelan
Summary: Remington and Laura come to terms with their passions.
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Laura had sent Remington to his room in spite of the fact that he obviously wanted to spend the night in hers. Now she stood in the middle of the floor at loose ends.
She had up to this point been able to quell her urges and get on with the business of life. But now, after their encounter the previous week at the Downtowner Motel, everything had changed. She felt the aching need of him in the pit of her stomach and she knew what that meant.
What am I supposed to do now? I want that man. I crave him like a drug. I will never sleep this night if I don't go to him.
Laura picked up her key to her room and the key to Remington's and quickly slipped out of the door. Remington's room was on the floor above her and she went up the stairs so that she would not meet anyone on the way.
When she got to his room, she opened the door with her key. Remington was undressing for bed, standing there in his silk shorts.
"Excuse me, I . . . I just had to come."
She blushed as the purpose of her visit became instantly evident to the both of them.
Remington came to her and closed the door and double-locked it behind her.
He put his arms on either side of her against the door and looked directly into her eyes.
"And what do you want, Miss Holt?" His blue eyes were seeing deep into her heart as well.
"I . . . I couldn't sleep. Well, I was . . . hot and bothered. Oh, hell, Mr. Steele. I need you so tonight that it is driving me crazy."
"As I am," Remington responded, leaning forward to kiss her on the mouth. "So you are not as damned dedicated as you claimed to be downstairs?"
"No . . . I just want you. You want me to beg for it? I'll beg for it."
"You don't have to beg for it. It's yours, Laura. Look at me. I'm as ready as you are."
Laura felt his obvious state of readiness pressing against her as he caught her up into his embrace and kissed her passionately, opening her mouth up to his and claiming it as their tongues touched and rubbed against each other.
He pushed her flight attendants' jacket off her shoulders and then unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Opening her blouse, he tossed it aside as well leaving her in her silk lingerie.
"Laura, let me take care of you. I think I know what we both need tonight, don't you?"
"Yes," Laura whispered softly as she lay down with him in the bed and let him pull off her lace panties and unfasten her bra so that she was naked before him.
Self-consciously she pulled up the sheet to cover her, but Remington caught her hand.
"Please, darling, let me look at you tonight."
Somewhere along the way Remington had lost his silk shorts and was as naked as she was when he lay down beside her and began to caress her, her breasts, her belly and finally her intimate parts.
"You are quite my lubricious lassie tonight," he said when he found her so ready for him.
"I couldn't stop my body from getting ready for you. I want you so tonight. Please, forgive me for being so forward. Please don't humiliate me for coming this way.
After last week everything has changed. Everything . . . I want you so. I need you more than ever. That is why I came to your bed tonight."
"I am honored to have you in my bed, Miss Holt. I was wondering how ever I would get to sleep tonight. It was stimulating enough being on a plane for several hours, but seeing you prance about in that flight attendants' uniform just finished me off."
Remington began to kiss Laura, wooing her tenderly, taking his time, kissing her cheeks, her breasts, suckling her nipples till she was frantic for him, and then finally getting on to her and letting his male member slip deep inside her.
Laura fluttered in is arms like a butterfly as she received him for the first time since they had been together the week before at the Downtowner Motor Inn. They quickly found their rhythm and comfort in their own sex connection.
"Yes! Yes! Mr. Steele, Yes! This is what I want! This is what I need!" Laura groaned and moaned her pleasure as he used her, thrusting into her, finding the depth of her and then growling in his passion, grunting and snorting like a wild horse as his passions escalated to the point that they were consumed with one another.
"I'm your man, Laura. I need you too!"
"Yes! You're my man! Oh, God, yes!"
They came to climax rapidly. When Remington saw Laura go into a paroxysm of ecstasy, he let go and felt the exhilaration of his semen spurting in ejaculation.
"Remy! Yes! Yes!" Laura wailed.
"Oh, God! God help us!" Remington cried out loud.
Remington's own pelvis shook and went into spasm after spasm as he ejaculated, and when he felt Laura surrender completely to him, he went out of his mind. He babbled incoherently as it took him over the edge to intoxication and near insanity. Till Laura he had never felt the exact moment of a woman's surrender so clearly and the exhilaration of that moment surged through his body so completely that the orgasm was lengthened beyond where it had ever been with him.
They held each other, stunned by what they had experienced. They were in rapture as they gazed at each other in the soft lamplight of the room. Laura's nostrils flared and her pupils were dilated. She was in a state of such supreme emotion that her teeth were chattering as the spasms of orgasm kept coming and seizing her in their grip.
"Babe . . . babe," Remington whispered to her as he swelled again inside her and the involuntary thrusts began again. "Oh, God! Oh, God!"
They were gone again rocking to and fro in perfect synchrony, the marvelous friction of their flesh together forcing them to cry out for the joy of it.
"Oh, Remy," Laura moaned. "I need you so."
"Yes! Yes!" Remington murmured.
Their parts ground together perfectly as he took her to the heights again. The tightness of her vaginal sheath brought such intense pleasure to him that his face contorted each time she caught him and gripped him inside her. When the climax took them again, Remington exploded with another burst of semen that came powerfully as Laura shook and trembled in his embrace, her nails digging deep into his flesh when she came. When they were finally exhausted, they fell asleep, sated.
In the early morning hours, Laura wakened. She was completely satisfied in her flesh, the tension and anxiety of the previous night gone and replaced by that certain warmth in the pit of her belly as a result of Remington's attention to her needs. Remington was still sleeping, spooning behind her, his arm around her waist. She could hear him snoring softly and she smiled at the comforting sound of her man sleeping.
She was loathe to leave him but she eased out of his embrace and got up and put her clothes on and slipped out of the room. It would take some doing to put herself back together to present herself as a flight attendant in a few hours.
Remington wakened as Laura closed the door behind her. He just lay in bed, remembering the passionate moments they had shared a few hours before.
Dear Lord, I love that woman. I am so sated, so relaxed. My equipment is calm for a change when I woke up. Of course, if she had been here in my bed, I would have taken advantage of that situation. My lassie has needs just as I do. Even when she pushed me out of her room, she was wanting me as much as I was wanting here. Lubricious . . . yes, yes, yes she was so ready. How can we get on some regular footing with this. She is so on and off with me-one minute we are all over each other and the next she goes completely cold on me. Two days ago we are in the limo going to a client and she reached over and put her hand on my crotch. God, I was so aroused that I thought I would jump out of my skin. She got onto me and kissed me hard and I was left gasping. But then we were at the place we were going to and I had to pull myself together and act like nothing was going on. And to top it all off she acted like nothing had happened later when we were together and I tried to approach her. She was like she was last night when she put me out of her room. Now that we have finally had intercourse it is as if my body is more ready than ever before. I thought that it was difficult before, but now I am ready all the time. I can hardly keep myself in harness, Lord.
Later on the return flight to LA Laura and Remington had their face off in the first class cabin and Remington goaded her to the point that she lost control and poured cold soda onto his lap.
It was the conclusion of the case and Laura and Remington got into the limo and rode away from Platinum's headquarters with Laura fuming about her latest pinch from their client, Mr. Ketchum, president of Platinum Air.
"Laura, I think we need to go somewhere and talk things out. I know that you have been pinched and prodded beyond reason during this case and treated like a piece of flesh. Ketchum just couldn't resist you. I know why he loved to pinch your arse."
"Why?" Laura turned, angry. "Because he is a sexist pig?"
"No, because he is a man, Laura, a man confronted with a beautiful woman and overwhelmed." Remington spoke calmly. "You have no idea of the effect you have on men, do you?"
"What . . . what effect?" Laura was confused.
"You are a sensual and passionate woman. A man knows that when he sees a woman like you. He doesn't have to have been with you to know that you are warm and sexy and sensual. But if a man gets close to you, if that man touches you, if you touch that man, he is finished. He is done for. Like me. I'm done for, Laura. I sensed that it would be this way when I met you, that you were that special sensual woman, but now that we have been . . . together, I'm done for. I walk around in a state of perpetual excitement, needing, wanting, anticipating. I just beg you to understand me. I make mistakes. When I goaded you on that plane, I just wanted to tease you because you looked so sexy in that wicked uniform, your legs in that short skirt. And I confess, I was feeling my oats a bit because I knew that we had just had sex a few hours before. I care for you so very much. I am a man, no more, no less, but a man who cares so for you that it is about to consume me. I am so hot for you that I feel like I am going to catch fire and burn up."
Laura sat back in her seat, stunned at Remington's declaration.
"Tell Fred to take us to your place, Mr. Steele."
Remington leaned over and kissed Laura passionately, his nostrils flaring wide, his face flushed as his mouth explored Laura's again and again.
As they got near to Remington's place, he pulled back, trying to give his flesh time to calm down so that he would be able to get out of the car without embarrassing himself.
When he opened the door to his apartment and closed it behind them, he turned to Laura and caught her up in his arms, kissing her again and again, giving in to the excitement in his flesh.
"I am going to order dinner. I don't think I can concentrate well enough to cook this evening, darling."
Remington kissed Laura gently on her forehead as he tried to calm himself down.
"I am just trying to see where we are in this, Laura. I need you so. We waited so long to get to this point. I want to take care of your needs. You were in bad shape the other night when you came to my room. I just want to take care of your passionate needs. We are adults, Laura. Can't we move on? We are lovers now. We have been on our way to this point since the day we met. Are we truly lovers?"
"Yes," Laura answered in a tiny voice.
"Then we do what lovers do. When I need you, you are there for me and when you need me I am here for you . . . no wondering if it's going to happen or not, no pretending that we haven't come to this point."
"I guess that I thought I would hear certain words from you at this point. I haven't heard those words yet and that nags at me."
Remington knew the words she was talking about and he knew that he had been unable to speak those words, even though his heart was full of those very words.
"Words don't mean anything unless they are backed up by actions. I feel that actions are more important. I promise you that my flesh will never seek satisfaction with anyone else. Oh, God, woman, what do you want from me?"
Remington groaned and took Laura into his arms and kissed her over and over.
"Darling . . . darling," Remington groaned and picked Laura up and carried her to his bedroom, laid her on his bed and began to undress her.
"Please take your things off, Remy. I'll do this. Let me undress for you."
Laura stood up and slowly took her clothes off for Remington, tantalizing him with every move till she was completely naked. Then she walked toward Remington and pushed him down on his bed and stripped the rest of his clothes from him and got onto him, pushing down onto his erect member.
Remington was stunned as Laura took him that way. Then they were gone, having the wildest sexual encounter he had ever experienced and Remington took her and turned her onto her back and came into her hard, thrusting deep into her again and again till they climaxed together, panting and gasping, babbling incoherently.
"Was that what you wanted?" Laura said finally when they came to themselves. She knew that her relationship with Wilson had ended when she was too uninhibited with him and she was pressing the envelope, so to speak, to see if she could repel Remington by such uninhibited sexual conduct.
"Yes, if that is what you are giving this evening. You are amazing, woman. You can 'do' me like that anytime," Remington said with a grin. "You are normally so 'shy,' shall we say?"
"Perhaps you prefer 'shy.'"
"I prefer whatever you are giving, woman."
Remington kissed Laura, his nostrils flaring, his flesh still hard against her and turned on his back and drew her on top of him again.
"Do me again, Laura. Do me to your heart's content."
Remington put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them and then let his hands caress her torso, her hips and Laura felt his hardness and rode it and let it make her crazy till his upward thrusts caused her to lose control of herself completely. She was trembling and moaning and rotating on his parts and Remington just gazed at her entranced, trying to maintain his senses until finally he couldn't any longer. He was intoxicated with her and groaned out loud, his eyes rolling back into his head.
"Laura . . . Laura . . . oh, God! Laura! Yes! Yes!"
When Remington cried out to his Maker, spasms sudden came in the pit of Laura's belly and she moaned as she collapsed on his chest as the climax rolled over her.
"Lord in heaven!" Remington cried.
His semen came in powerful jets upward into her and their pelvic spasms came in concert as he held on to her for dear life as their passions very gradually calmed.
"Laura . . . Laura," he sighed. "Darling . . . babe."
He was in a state of supreme intoxication, panting softly as he held Laura on top of his chest.
Laura was crying softly in his arms as he smoothed her hair and cherished her.
"I thought you wouldn't like me like this. You're sure?"
"You thought you would turn me away by being the sensual woman you are? I want you to be what you want to be. I'm your man now. I waited four long painful years for us to be lovers. You are my woman and I love every part of you. My only requirement is that you allow me to return the favor when I have the urge to do so."
Laura flushed now, her normal inhibitions returning, but she fought to be the bold woman we wanted to be.
"You can do whatever you want to. I'm game. I promise you . . . as long as it is just between me and you."
"It's always been just between me and you since the day we met, Laura . . . nothing else, no one else but you and me . . . and this amazing intoxication that I feel when I am with you. And just knowing that you feel the same thing is all that is important."
Laura looked into his eyes now and she knew the full power of her womanhood as he gazed back at her, his nostrils quivering, his languid blue eyes full of his passion for her, his whole expression revealing that he had given up all restraint as he lusted for her. His body was ready for her again, supremely ready. And she did what she had longed to do. She kissed his face, his lips, his torso and belly and then she kissed the very center of his maleness.
"Laura! Laura!" Remington groaned and groaned as she pleasured him this way, his eyes rolling about uncontrolled in his head, his hands in her thick chestnut locks till he gave up, literally blinded, as he ejaculated.
Laura held him around his waist, her head resting on his belly and when she lifted her head and their eyes finally met again, Remington drew her up into his arms and kissed her mouth over an over, savoring the taste of him on her lips and tongue as they moaned and murmured together, lost in the passionate moment.
"Oh, woman, woman, my God! I am so intoxicated with you. Let me just hold you. I need to hold you close. Oh, babe . . . babe."
They lay together naked in a state of dreamlike euphoria that was unlike anything they had ever experienced and nothing else was needed. Finally Remington drew the covers over them and they drifted off to sleep together.
It was hours later when they awakened and realized where they were.
"Love, I think that we should get up and try to find something to eat. I am famished, Laura. We never got around to ordering dinner. Would you settle for a smoked salmon omelet at midnight?"
"I think that would be scrumptious, Remy."
Laura moved to get out of bed and, realizing that she had no clothes on, drew the sheet around her whereas Remington just got out of bed naked and padded barefoot toward the bathroom to relieve himself.
"Not to worry, Laura. Here's something to put on."
He handed her his robe and she wrapped it around her.
"I hope that you aren't planning to go home tonight, Laura." Remington's blue eyes were serious.
"No, I think that I would like to stay with you tonight."
Remington caught her up into his arms and kissed her tenderly on her mouth.
"Thank you. Thank you for coming home with me this evening. Thank you for being you, Laura. I don't take anything we share together for granted. I know that it is a gift, a most precious gift."
When Laura looked into the depth of his blue eyes, Laura saw the memory of all the passion-filled moments they had shared.
"You don't forget, do you?"
"I used to forget . . . but that was before the day I met you. I would be with a woman and then I would not even stay the whole night or have her the whole night. The next day I wouldn't remember what her name was half the time. But with you, Laura, I remember every kiss from the very first one. I can't forget a moment of the time we have spent together."
"Neither can I."
Remington hugged her tightly and the kiss deepened as he explored her mouth completely as if he were a thirsty man who could not get enough to drink. They were rapidly becoming too excited to do anything about their need for food, and finally they drew apart, both of them trying to ignore the powerful arousal that was controlling them.
"Laura, please . . . sit yourself down here and just watch me prepare us a bite." Remington said in measured tones as they disengaged themselves from one another.
He was wearing just his pajama bottoms and Laura let her eyes feast on him as he moved about his kitchen, preparing a late supper for them. His slender but muscular physique, his chest covered with silky hair, his hips perfectly shaped like a sculpture and reminding her of the power of his passionate thrusts that she had received each time they came together. When Remington realized that she was gazing so intently at him, he just winked at her and continued to cook their omelet.
"I am indulging myself . . . I guess, looking at you. I hope I don't make you uncomfortable. I just have never been with a man who is quite so handsome as you and I have to keep looking to reassure myself that I am seeing what I am seeing, Mr. Steele."
There before her was her Remington Steele in all his half-naked glory with a plate of toast in one hand and a platter with a salmon omelet on it in the other, bringing it to the counter where they were going to eat.
This was Remington's time to feast his eyes on her and he took full advantage of the opportunity. Remington's robe slipped off her shoulders and her breasts were revealed to his gaze and Remington just stared at her.
"You know, Laura, when we are in the throes of passion, I can't see a thing. I am so blind when that thing is upon me that all I can see are flashing lights and such. Later I try to remember everything. When you blush, those freckles on your chest and shoulders just stand out even more. Laura. You have no idea how beautiful you are. I, myself, have wanted to pinch your arse so often . . . you are irresistible. I guess Ketchum was just not able to help himself."
Laura smiled at him and picked up her fork and began to eat the food he had made. When she leaned toward him and her thick chestnut locks fell forward like a shimmering curtain, her natural beauty took Remington's breath away and he had to stop eating for long moment.
"Let me pour you some . . . some champagne."
He poured her glass and then his and they continued to eat together. They were hungry and the salmon and capers and eggs were excellently prepared. They did not talk. They dared not stop eating for fear that they would be in each others arms. It was as if the room was charged sexually and they were both plugged into a powerful force that was unlike anything they had ever experienced.
When they were finished eating, Remington came over to her and took her by the hand and they went back into his bedroom and lay down together again.
"What I feel is so strong that it frightens me," Laura said to Remington.
"What are you afraid of?"
"The same old thing that I've always feared . . . that I am about to lose myself in you."
"You're not your mother, Laura, and I am surely not your father."
"I know, but it is irrational. Please try to understand me."
"I know that I have lost myself in you, Laura, and that is just fine with me."
"But you're a man, and it's different with a man. When a woman loses herself in a man, she loses her will, her identity, everything. And if that relationship goes, if that man leaves her, she is left with nothing."
"I'm not going anywhere, Laura."
Remington kissed Laura and kissed her till she threw her arms around him and gave herself to him again.
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