Felicia's Steele Digging
By Nan

I want to clear few things up. This is an additional to my story "Who Steeles a New Life" This piece of short fiction explains why Felicia knew…And Phaedra a BIG THANK YOU for your beta reading.

He was finally gone. At last. She had been curious about those papers all day. There they were, lying neatly in the top drawer of his office desk. She had asked once or twice about them, but he didn't answer. And now he was gone-some business to attend to with Patrick O'Rourke.
Another heist. It all had begun to bore her-the planning, the blue prints, the museums. At the beginning she liked the excitement of the actual heist, but now that she knew that every job would end the same way, that keen anticipation was no longer there.
Suddenly though, this one was totally different. Why? Because of that blue-eyed lad. Felicia knew that HE and Pat found the young chap on the streets of Brixton. The lad had to be very good, otherwise he wouldn't have taken him in. But after seeing the striking boy only once, she knew he would be a problem for her.
As she quietly entered the office, Felicia's thoughts ran riot. He began to change as soon as he met the lad. He changed even more when he got those papers today. The truth. She had to know the truth. He didn't even introduce her to the lad. It was as if she no longer existed.
And now, adding insult to injury, there is a new home for the lad. But not for her. No mention of her moving in with them when he took the lad into the big house and left her in the 'old' apartment.
"It would be better this way," he had said simply.
WHY??! The answer could be in the papers he hid. A soft click reminded her where she was. Taking the lock pick in hand, she opened the drawer without even thinking, automatically working the lock. She took the first two pages and began to read, completely engrossed. She didn't hear him till he was at the office door.
"If you ever tell him…"
He didn't finish, nor did he have to. Snatching the papers from her hands, he carefully put them back in the drawer like found treasure.
Felicia had read only a few words, but she was smart enough to know what they meant.
"Blood test results. Perfect match…"
The end

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