Steele Blushing-an addition
By: Phaedra Phelan

Summary: What may have happened in Remington's apartment at the end of the case.
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Remington stared at Laura in the red pants with suspenders outfit that had mesmerized him all afternoon. She was radiantly beautiful and it was driving him wild. They had found themselves coming together more and more often these days since they returned from England and it only made Remington's hormones flow more forcefully than ever. He had long since given up his control of his member in situations like this. Laura had become accustomed to seeing his trousers distended when he was in close quarters with her and she seemed to be flattered at the effect that she could have on him in moments that had not started out to be sensual.
Remington and Laura knew each other as man and woman as closely as possible without actual intercourse but there had been no words of love declared between them. Laura was afraid to say her true feelings and Remington was unable to bring himself to reveal in words what was in his heart. This seemed to be holding them back from the final step in their relationship to one another, but it was rapidly becoming impossible to hold back from that point.
Remington took a long look at the racy picture of 'Laura' in Bedroom Babes Magazine. Even though he knew it was not Laura's body but that of someone else, the seductive look in her eyes made him forget that the nude body was not hers.
Laura threw another copy of the magazine into the fire before she turned back to face Remington again. When she saw his nostrils dilate the way they did when he was aroused and his blue eyes widen in that passionate stare that was an unmistakable signal of his need, she smiled and climbed onto him and it was all over.
They kissed and kissed and Remington's kiss was breathing her in, drinking from her mouth.
"What do you want?"
"I want you to take these blasted pants off, woman," he murmured. "You're locked up like Ft. Knox."
Laura sat back and unfastened the suspenders of the bright red pants and slowly took them down and stepped out of them. When she was just in the plaid blouse and her underwear, he pulled her back onto him and finished the job, leaving her in just her bra and panties.
"Is this what you had in mind?"
"Yes, darling, that outfit has been deviling me all day."
"You never told me what you really thought of the picture in this magazine," Laura teased him.
"Actually in my opinion your body is much more interesting that that of the photo model. I love the freckles that cover your whole body, your long beautifully shaped legs, and that lovely muff you have where those legs come together. It is a badge of your adult womanhood and infinitely more interesting than the shaved appearance of that sexy magazine model."
Laura blushed, stunned by his frank declaration.
"I know that you like freckles for some reason I can't understand but I was thinking about getting rid of some of this." She modestly covered the area where her lush growth of hair adorned her parts. "I felt like I needed to do something when I saw those models, like I was not completely groomed somehow."
"You are free to do what you want, but I love the way your pudenda looks. I can find what I want when I want it. It's gorgeous just the way it is."
"My pudenda? That's an interesting word."
"Yes, a word that describes everything down there that intrigues and fascinates me so. I would love to explore you tonight."
Remington unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on his shirt and took Laura's hand and put in onto his distended trousers. Laura released him and touched him and Remington softly groaned his pleasure. Remington's slacks slipped down and Laura pulled them off him, along with his silk shorts as he lay there.
"Maybe you should pose for a centerfold. You look amazing. I never was involved with an uncircumcised man. I never saw one of these up close and personal till you and I got so very close."
Remington drew her into his arms and in the process she lost her bra and sheer panties.
"We are so close to coming together here, darling. We are so close."
They touched and rubbed each others parts till they were delirious with pleasure, but they didn't have intercourse. It was so hard to hold back, but Remington was waiting for Laura's signal that she was willing to take things all the way and she had not given it yet.
"I'm dying here, woman. Look at me! I'm in agony to be with you."
Remington gathered Laura closer and kissed her again and again, letting his hands rove over her body, caressing her hips and legs and then touching her intimately, as Laura stretched her thighs wide to accept his titillation. Each time they were together these days they were so ready to come together, their bodies immediately preparing to for intercourse.
Laura touched and caressed his ready tool as he groaned and gasped helplessly.
"Laura, Laura! I need you woman. Please say 'yes' to me."
His face flushed deep red as his excitement peaked and he grabbed his handkerchief to catch his ejaculate.
"Laura, I can't go on like this. I will not rape you. You have to tell me that it is all right, but it is agony to be like this and not go further. You need this as much as I do. What more can I do, woman?"
"You have not said that you love me. I know you want me, but I am so scared that you don't . . . don't care for me in that special way."
"Do you want me, Laura?"
"Yes, I want you in the worst way."
"What else do you want? I am here, Laura. Look at me. I walk around in a pitiful state of need most of the time. I have not had intercourse with a woman for nearly four years. You and me, we kiss and now we pet and fondle regularly, we end up naked or practically naked every time we are together now, and we even have slept in the same bed. I must say that I appreciate this new closeness that we enjoy when we are together, but we have to take the next step. We are not two teenagers here. I am a man and you are a woman and we need to take our relationship all the way. The fact that I am here with you should tell you how I feel about you. I am totally committed to you. Felicia asked me when we were in London and I told her that we were committed. There is no other woman I want to be with, Laura."
"I know. I want to, but something holds me back. I know that it is not fair to you, stopping short like this all the time."
"You came to London to get me and bring me back because you said that you wanted to be with me. I came back, not just to be Remington Steele, but because I need you. I want you, Laura. Here we are now, completely naked, driven crazy by our passions. We are going have to take that next step, Laura."
Remington kissed Laura tenderly, her lips, her forehead, her breasts and held her close to him so that she could feel his heart pounding in his chest.
"We will take that step. I know that we will."
"Sleep with me in my bed tonight, Laura. Just sleep in my bed with me, close to me, in my arms."
Remington drew Laura up in his arms, put his shirt around her nakedness and led her to his bedroom. She meekly followed him. He took a long soft white cotton nightgown with long sleeves trimmed with cotton lace from one of his drawers and handed it to her.
"You might be able to use this, darling. I picked it up a few weeks ago at Marks & Spencer in London. They specialize in this kind of thing. I think you have something similar to this."
"It's beautiful."
Laura was pleasantly surprised. She took the gown and drew it over her head.
Remington put on a pair of dark blue silk pajamas and came back to her and took her by the hand and helped her into his bed. Then he got into bed with her, took her into his arms.
"I'm sorry that I can't . . . . I want to. I want to be with you in the worst sort of way."
"It's all right, Laura. It's all right. We will get there, darling."
Remington patted her tenderly and turned out the light.
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