An Addition to The Steele That Wouldn’t Die Part 2
By: Phaedra Phelan

Summary: What happened with Remington and Laura when the Keys matter was finally resolved at Las Hades.
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When it came to light that Norman Keyes had faked his death to implicate Remington Steele, everything was cleared in regard to Remington. They were suddenly free to explore their own mysteries again and they wanted more than anything to be alone with each other.

“Laura, I want more than anything to have a wedding night with you in this fabulous place. Do you think that is possible finally?”


“I hope so,” Laura responded.


“Then we will have to get rid of Mildred and Tony. I want to be alone with you, love.”


“Mildred is not a problem. I’ll fix that.”


“And I would tell Anthony except he might pick up some very negative vibes from me. I just don’t trust him . . . with you or with anything. He strikes me as a man with no principles . . . and a liar.”


Antony Roselli approached Remington and Laura as they were in conversation.


“Well, since the Keyes matter is resolved, we have a last night to enjoy Las Hades. What are we going to do?Roselli was obviously thinking of group activity.


“Tony, Remington and I are going to steal some much-needed private time. We will see you and Mildred tomorrow afternoon when we leave for the airport.”


“We’re going to have to put out the ‘do not disturb’ sign, Antony. I am sure you will find something to amuse yourself this evening.”


Remington’s eyes revealed that he was clearly not amused with Roselli and Roselli in turn picked up on the mood of the Steeles and realized that this was a non-negotiable situation. As

Remington and Laura walked away from him hand in hand, he watched them, but he was helpless, boxed out this time.


“That bloke is after your arse, Laura,” Remington muttered. “I’ll wager he hit on you when you were in that jungle together.”


“Yes, he did. But I didn’t reciprocate and he left me alone. He didn’t touch me.Laura paused for a moment. “You really are jealous, aren’t you?”


“I admit it. I wanted to do him bodily harm when you walked in with him.Remington’s blue eyes blazed.


“You’re so handsome when you’re angry,” Laura teased him. “Come with me and I’ll give you something put that out of your mind. I want to be with my husband tonight. Believe me, I

know what I’ve been missing.”


“And so do I,” Remington answered as he opened the door to their rooms and closed it behind them. “I’ve been climbing the walls for need of you, Laura.”


Remington took Laura into his arms and kissed her hard on her mouth.


“You know how I am, Laura. I am so randy and I’ve been without you. I am in agony for you, woman. I am in such agony. I want to be patient, to take my time, but it is so difficult.”


There was ice cold champagne, caviar, cheeses and fresh strawberries on a table in the center of the living room. And he had arranged for beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers everywhere.


“Everything is beautiful, Remington, so beautiful.”


“It pales in comparison to you, Laura.”


They sat down together and Remington poured champagne for both of them and they sampled the delicacies that were laid out for them.


“Laura, I don’t want to act like a wild man, but that is what I feel like at this moment. What would you like to do now? I’m here . . . your husband, your lover, your man.”


Laura sat back and enjoyed looking at her handsome husband. He was flushed deeply and seemed to exude his need for her from every pore as he gazed at her.


“I wish there were music and we could dance together,” Laura said.


Remington got up and went over and turned on the stereo system and Sinatra started to sing “How Deep Is the Ocean? He held out his hand to Laura and they began to dance slowly



“Do you know what these words mean to me, Laura? I brought this tape from home to play on our honeymoon. I cannot fathom the depth of what I feel for you. It is beyond all telling,

beyond any words that I can speak.”


“I know. I feel the same thing. When we touch like this, I lose myself entirely. I want you so . . . without reservation, Remy. It seemed as if we would never get to this point, but we are here, aren’t we?”


“Yes, we are truly here at last. I thought that I would lose my mind before we found ourselves at this point.”


Remington drew her even closer and began to kiss her lips again and again as the music continued, his features flushed as his desire escalated powerfully.


How much do I love you?
I’ll tell you no lie.
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?

How many times a day
Do I think of you?
How many roses are
Sprinkled with dew?

How far would I travel
To be where you are?
How far is the journey
From here to a star?


Remington bent to kiss Laura passionately as they danced to Sinatra’s words. He gripped her hips and drew her up even closer to him, groaning her name.


And if I ever lost you
How much would I cry?
How deep is the ocean?
How high is the sky?


“I would truly cry if I lost you, Laura. I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from crying for you.”


Remington’s nostrils flared as he held her tightly up against his excited flesh and bent to kiss her lips again and again. When Laura swooned in his arms and then held on to him for dear life, his mouth possessed hers in a kiss so passionate that they both ended up clinging to each other, his flesh throbbing against her.


“Oh, Laura . . . Laura,” he groaned. “These words are my words that I have not been able to utter to you. They are my words to you, Laura. Do you believe that these are my words to you?”


“Yes, yes! Just hold me and kiss me the way that you do, Remy,” Laura begged.


They continued to dance, kissing passionately over and over as the music continued but Remington growled softly as his flesh gave way completely in the rigid excitement that Laura knew so well.


“Oh, Remington, Remington,” Laura sighed as she felt his distended parts against hers and her knees went weak as water. “I don’t think I can keep on dancing like this.”


“Love, when you’re excited, your legs just give out, don’t they?”


“Yes, yes, Remy,”


Laura swooned in his arms and Remington caught her hips up to his rigid flesh.


“I’ll take care of you, darling.”


Remington picked Laura up in his arms, carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. There they undressed each other feverishly and then they lay together, embracing passionately, touching each other all over, till they reached the point where they could no longer hold back from one another. Remington kissed Laura upon her breasts, gently sucking their dainty nipples till she cried out in ecstasy, her hands fluttering as she trembled in his arms.


“Remy, baby . . . Remy,” Laura sighed.


She welcomed him, offering herself to him and Remington fell upon her, kissing her belly and her thighs.


“Laura . . . beautiful . . . Laura,” he murmured as he gazed at her presenting herself to him in this way.


“Please take me now, Remy. I need you to help me. I want to help you. I’m your woman. Take me now.”


He mounted her and entered her so powerfully that at that moment Laura cried out loud and shook helplessly in instant rapture.


“Oh, Remy! Remy! My husband!”


“I’m here, love. I’m here. Laura . . .”


They fell into their rhythm of coitus, Remington gasping and groaning as he took his wife, rocking to and fro inside her, pleasuring her as he plunged all the way into the depths of her.

They had been together many times but none exactly like this one as Remington claimed her finally as his wife.


“Yes, Remy. Don’t hold back! Please! Don’t hold back!”


“Take it easy, Laura. We don’t have to rush. We have all night.”


“I want you so. I can’t help it. Oh, Remy!”


“Don’t rush, love. Shush . . . shush. It’s all right, love. Oh, my God, darling, we will be here all night long.”


Remington continued to rock with abandon on her and Laura let the pleasure of the moment penetrate all the way to the depths of her soul.


They gazed at each other as the perfect joining of their parts brought them a pleasure so intense that they gasped and groaned out loud.


When suddenly Laura felt the bottom drop out and her pelvis began to spasm again, she gripped Remington, her nails digging into him dragging long welts into his shoulders, her eyes

darting back and forth uncontrollably in her head.


“Oh, Remy, Remy, Yes! Yes!”


“Dear Lord!Remington cried out.


He felt as if his testicles were going to explode and then suddenly there was the release, the exhilaration as he ejaculated into the depths of her.


“Oh, my God! Laura, my wife!” he croaked out loud as the electricity of the orgasm surged through his belly from his head to his toes.


“Remy, Remy, husband, hold me, hold me tight!”


Laura was shaking and trembling in Remington’s arms, her eyes rolling back into her head as she gasped and groaned his name.


“It’s all right, babe . . . it’s . . . it’s all right. You’re . . . beautiful!”


Remington’s and Laura’s pelvic spasms came in concert as the climax rolled over them and his semen continued to come in powerful spurts that went on and on till they lay finally in each others arms in a dreamlike afterglow together till Remington groaned out loud again because his parts were swelling inside her anew.


“Lau . . . ra! Lau . . . ra!”


“Oh, Remy . . . Remy,” Laura sighed as he kissed her over and over and took for himself her again.


Remington rolled onto his back and held Laura’s hips as she rode atop him while they gazed at each other as their bodies moved in the rhythm that they knew so well.


“I want a baby with you, Laura? Tell me you want to have a baby with me.”


“Yes, I do. I want a baby. I want your baby.”


Laura put her hands on her belly and rubbed it. In response Remington drew Laura down onto his chest and their lips met in passionate open-mouthed kiss after kiss as they drank hungrily from one another.


They were coming to climax again and there was nothing they could do to hold it back as they shook and trembled when wave after wave of ecstasy surged in them.


“Dear Lord, woman! Dear Lord!”


“Yes! Yes! Oh, Remy, Remy,” Laura wailed his name as he held her onto his chest.


When the wonderful release rippled through them, they were left in a daze, sweating in the tropical heat, sinking into the afterglow again.


“Do you know when I began to love you, Laura?”


“No, when?”


“When we were in the limo being chased by those brutes from South Africa during that first case and I caught the scent of the perfume you wear mingled with your lovely personal scent. I wanted to kiss you then and there. Your lips were there, tantalizing me and I was having the most amazing reaction in my flesh.”


“I knew that you were not just going to be a passing fancy when you became Remington Steele. I wanted you so badly that it frightened me. I was afraid that I was going to lose all self-control when we were together, and the desire just wouldn’t go away. When you kissed my hand that night . . .”


“So here we are . . . man and wife, Laura. Mildred says that our marriage is as ‘legal as hell’ in her words.”


“I want it to be legal. I was angry with you . . . but I couldn’t let you slip through my fingers. We had been sleeping together off and on for several weeks and then finally we were practically living together. I need you like I need to breathe, Remy. I can’t breathe if I don’t have you.Laura’s voice broke and she began to cry in Remington’s arms.


“Darling, you have me. I’m completely and totally yours . . . my heart, my mind, my flesh.”


“Your beautiful . . . periscope,” Laura whispered softly in his ear. “I love it . . . so very much.”


Remington flushed at Laura’s words and kissed her again and drew her even closer into his arms, wrapping his arms tightly around her and kissing her over and over. Drawing the silken sheets up over them, they continued to kiss tenderly as they lay together till they both dropped off to sleep.


When they wakened several hours later, Remington reached for Laura in their bed and finding and touching her, he embraced her and drew her close to him. The scent of her hair, the scent of her perfume and the scent that was Laura permeated the bed linen and he luxuriated in the sensation it produced in him.


Laura stirred and cuddled closer to him, rubbing his chest and belly. This was what she loved about being with Remington . . . the early morning hours when they lay together touching and rubbing and squeezing till they would come together again. He was always ready for her, his body ready to give her pleasure, even when he was half-asleep.


“Darling, will you wake up and let me love you again?” he whispered. “It’s only four a.m. but my flesh is craving you so, love.”


“Umm, yes, Remy. Hold me and touch me . . . make love to me.”


Remington caressed her intimate parts and Laura moaned and moaned as he found the center of her pleasure and brought her passions to a fever pitch.


“Such loveliness . . . hidden away . . . just for you and me. Oh, dear Lord . . .”


“Oh, Remy . . . Remy. . .”


Laura was in ecstasy, her body quivering and shaking as he pleasured her this way and Remington kissed her mouth and her neck and her shoulders and then all over her face again as she moaned in his arms.


“Please don’t stop, Remy. Please don’t stop,” she wailed into the darkened room.


“I’m here, darling. Dear God, woman, I will always be here for you.”


He pushed deep into her and Laura shook all over as he came all the way into her, gripping and scratching the smooth flesh of his back as she literally saw stars.


They were completely unrestrained as they cried out into the darkness of the tropical night, their passions at full tilt as the climax swept them again and they finally were left panting and

gasping again.


“Thank you, Laura. Thank you,” Remington whispered as he held her.


They drifted and drifted till they fell asleep again. It was early in the morning when they wakened again. This time Laura wakened first, a bit disoriented at first. She slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom where she looked at herself in the mirror and saw the evidence of Remington loving her all over her face. She had wanted and needed this night so badly.

She realized that Remington had come into the bathroom with her. He relieved himself and then turned to Laura and kissed her tenderly.


“Good morning, love. You are so beautiful like this. I love waking up in bed with you. Please, let’s sleep together some more.”


He took her by the hand and led her back to bed and they lay down together in each others arms but they did not sleep, as the powerful urges swept over them again.


“Oh, God, woman, I want you. I need you so.”


They lay facing each other and their legs entwined so that they came together on their sides, gazing at each other in the early morning light as they joined.


Remington caressed her breasts and the rest of her body as they lay like this. She was rubbing his chest, touching and pinching his flat nipples, exciting him at her every touch.

Remington moaned softly, gasping her name as they gently moved in concert. And then the powerful spasms seized them and they saw stars again.


They slept again and it was only hunger that wakened them later in the morning.


Laura lay in bed and watched Remington as he moved about the room. He was naked and totally unselfconscious of his masculine beauty as he put their things together.


“Oh, you’re awake, darling. Are you as hungry as I am?”


Laura smiled at him.


“I am starved, Remy, but I love looking at you naked.”


“Well, I just ordered breakfast. They should be along in the next fifteen minutes. I love lookin’ at you in the buff, too, but I don’t want to share your lovely gifts with Las Hades room service, so I advise you to slip on your robe.”


Laura pulled a robe on and got ready to eat just as the bell ring with breakfast.


Remington welcomed the room service server who sat up a sumptuous breakfast in their room with all sorts of tropical fruits and baked confections and a large pot of black coffee.


They sat and ate together on the same side of the table, feeding each other.


“I love to watch you eat, Laura. You have such a healthy appetite.”


“I am ravenous after the night we shared. I don’t know where you get your energy.”


“I have great deal stored up, love. I promise to always be at the ready, to have ‘my tip up,’ so to speak.”


Laura leaned onto his chest, smiling boldly at him, enjoying the sight of him unshaven, hair tousled, his manly chest mostly visible, his slim muscular legs with their adornment of silky hair crossed in typical masculine fashion.


“Is your ‘tip up’ now?”


Remington’s blue eyes burned hot and his nostrils flared gently.


“I suggest you go on a fact-finding expedition, love,” he said softly.


”And if I find what I’m looking for?”


“There’s no question as to what you will find, Laura. The question is whether you will attend to it in your inimitable fashion?”


Laura pulled the belt of his robe and it fell open, revealing long red welts on his shoulders as well as his state of readiness.


“I didn’t mean to scratch you like this,” Laura said, tenderly touching the angry red scratches.


“I didn’t feel it. I was in such an ecstasy, darling. I will proudly carry your passion marks on my body. They will join the bite marks on my clavicle that you have left, won’t they?”


“Yes, I’m afraid they will, because I can’t help biting you sometimes.”


Remington leaned forward and kissed her lips tenderly, but thoroughly and then his passions took him over completely and he hungrily devoured her mouth with his, his hands pushing her robe away from her shoulders and off her so that she was nearly naked as he drew her into his arms. He flushed darkly, his eyes full of his desire for her, as all restraint left him.


“Please . . . please . . . Laura? You are the only one that can take care of me, lassie. God, I missed you so! I can’t go on without you. Do you believe me, woman?”


“Remy . . . yes! Yes!”


Remington ravished her, roughly claiming her mouth again, snatching her robe completely from her and tossing it to the floor as he held her. Then he picked his wife up in his arms and took her back to their bed and ravished her like a crazy man.


At noon Remington and Laura met Mildred and the three of them headed to the airport and home to Los Angeles.



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