Steele's Problems
By Nan

Author's note: This is continuation of Ulrike's wonderful story Steele Something Wrong. I want to THANK Nancy for her help and my friends Cristina and Myrtle becouse they give me encourage to write this story. This story is the second of mine but please be gentle with me- Nan

"Now I have only one problem." Laura said when she entered Remington's apartment.

"What do you mean?" Remington asked. He was angry because someone had broken their `magic moment' again. 'Hell, it seems that whenever we want spend one minute alone together, something happens!' he thought with frustration. For example, 2 hours ago they were alone in a broken elevator and it was wonderful. Laura tried to seduce him for the first time! He was in heaven when some stupid guard ruined everything. Well, the guard was only doing his job, but why he did he have to be so industrious when Laura and I wanted to be alone! In the elevator, it was perfect. They had honestly talked, kissed and at last he had given her the diamond engagement ring. And now, back in his apartment and Laura has a problem.

"How can I tell my mother about this?"she asked and looked at Remington. He was angry and disappointed. She didn't blame him, she was angry too. When they were in elevator, everything was perfect and they were so close to each other.

"I don't understand, I thought that your mother would be happy when we tell her about our engagement?" he was astonished.

"Yea, I call her and say 'Hi mom, guess what? I got married. Yes, it's Mr. Steele and we got engaged in an elevator.'"Laura says sarcastically.

"So what? What's wrong with the fact that we got engaged in an elevator? What is the difference whether we were engaged in an elevator or car or office?"he answered her.

"You don't understand. In my mother's opinion, an engagement should be in a beautiful restaurant with candles and everything else." She explained as she sat on the couch. She was sad.

Remington didn't say anything, he just sat next to her and held her tight.

"Mother, please!!!!" was the first thing that Remington heard when he entered the office.

"Morning Mildred. What's happening?" Remington asked his `mother' and secretary.

Mildred smiled "Ms. Holt is talking to her mother." she explained him.

"On the phone?" He was unsure that he wanted to see Abigail Holt face to face.

"Sorry boss, but Mrs. Holt was here when I came to office." she said with smile "She was standing here and told me that she would wait for her daughter."

"Just great!" Remington sat down in the arm-chair. "Yesterday that guard, and today the tornado named Abigail Holt!"

"I don't understand." Mildred said with curiousity in her voice.

"Well, we didn't tell you everything yet, but I promise that we will explain when we finish talking with Mrs. Holt." Remington stood up and went to Laura's office.

"Good morning Mrs. Holt," Remington said as he entered to his partner's office.

"Good morning? Good morning! How you dare tell me that this morning is good after you have done something like this!" Abigail Holt screamed at him.

"Mother..." Laura said with a warning tone.

"Well, I thought that will be nice say `Hello' to you." Remington stood close the door.

`So he can run when he has had enough of this.' Laura thought as she looked at him.
"Mother, please. I told you that we want to get married! So please don't scream at my husband, Ok?" Laura almost screamed in frustration.

"Husband! He ISN'T your husband!" Abigail said with anger in her voice.

"But he WILL BE my husband soon," Laura answered, "and you better get used to that fact!"

"Maybe we should just sit down and talk, eh?" Remington still stood near the door.

Laura sat down in Remington's chair. "Ok. I'm sitting. Mother?"

"Well, maybe you are right. We should talk." Abigail gave up and sat opposite Laura.

"Splendid." Remington picked up the phone " Mildred, could you bring us some tea?"

He listened to Mildred for a moment. "Yes, thank you" and put down the phone.

"Dr. McCormick called and......." Remington wasn't able to finish his sentence.

"Doctor! Laura, are you pregnant?" Abigail stood up instantly. "Well Mr. Steele, I must say that I didn't expect......" She tried find the words "....Now I understand why you two want get married so quickly." Abigail said nodding her head. Remington looked at her as if she were a ghost. He was shocked. Abigail started for the door but Remington stood in her way.

"Mrs. Holt, I didn't expect this kind of reaction from you." he sighed heavily. "Laura IS NOT pregnant and Dr. McCormick IS a psychologist and our client." Remington explained as he looked at Laura.

Laura smiled and looked at him with all her love. He wanted to protect her. `That makes me feel so good!' Laura thought.

Mildred entered with three cups of tea in the tray. "Here you are, Boss."she said and looked at her two `kids' "Are you okay?"

"Yes, Mildred, everything is fine." Remington told her. Mildred left the room slowly.

"Then, why do you want to marry my Laura?" Abigail asked when Mildred closed the door.

Remington look at her with surprise! "Because I love Laura and I hope she loves me."

"Of course I love you!" Laura said, "I told you that yesterday."

"Yes, but you didn't tell me that today."Remington smiled at her, "and if you don't remind me, I might just forget that you love me."

Abigail looked at the two happiest people in the world and sighed, "Well, if you really love each other, we must prepare for the wedding, the party... Oh! And the guest list and...."



Laura and Remington said at the same time.

"What? I just want to invite....." she didn't get to finish her sentence before she was interrupted.

"No mother, you won't invite anybody." Laura said.

"But..."Abigail tried to say something, but Laura interrupted her again.

"No buts Mother. It's my...our wedding and we want to do everything alone."

Remington nodded. She was right. "Yes, we want prepare for our own wedding......" he started to say, but then looked at his future mother-in-law. Abigail was so sad. "..with a little help from our family and friends." He finished the sentence.

Abigail looks at him with hope. "Great!" she said. "If you want to prepare your wedding, I can help."

"Mother.." Laura gave her a warning look.

"I just want to help my little girl and her boyfriend to prepare for their wedding." Abigail smiled, "You must call and tell Frances!"

"I will." Laura said agreeing.

"And now I will leave you two alone." Abigail kissed Laura and then Remington. "Bye!"

When Abigail closed the door behind her, Laura and Remington looked at each other with relief.

"I love you!" Remington said.

"I love you too!" Laura answered.

"She isn't so bad..."he said as he moved closer and took her in his arms.

"Yes, I know, but sometimes..."

"I know what you mean!" Remington smiled and kissed her as the telephone started to ring.

"She did that on purpose!" Remington grinned from ear to ear.

Laura ignored him and answered the phone. "Yes?"

"Miss Holt, it's Dr McCormick for you." Mildred said.

"Thank you Mildred....... Hello Dr." Laura looked at Remington as he sat on the couch.

"Yes, I want to thank you for your help............"

5 hours later in Remington's apartment....

"Today was a hard day! First your mother and then later a new client." Remington sitting on the floor.

"Mhm ... What did you say?" Laura asked. She was lying next to Remington and her head was in his lap.

"Nothing important, love." He helped her stand up and took her in his arms. "Now I only want one thing." He smiled down at her.

"What?" she asked looking up at him.

"This..." and he began to kiss her....

The End (Well maybe the beginning)

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