Steele Circulating

He walked briskly into the room. Posture exquisitely erect, he paused, straightening his bow tie with endearingly boyish self consciousness. He looked across the crowd with an inquisitive smile. Voices, even the music caught for a moment - a gasp of silence. It seemed as if there was a collective intake of breath as he entered the gathering. Heads turned, smiles broadened to meet his. The whispered words "Remington Steele!" replaced the hush as excited voices spread the message of his arrival from one guest to the next. The sound of the melodious string quartet slowly rose along with a murmur of conversation.
God he was gorgeous. This prayer of thanks sprang up to whatever Being had been responsible for his particular combination of genes. Clear, deep blue eyes fringed with dark lashes. Hair thicker than seemed humanly possible, neatly combed, but still managing to fall charmingly across his forehead with a casual indifference. Well defined dark brows, moving with expressive arches over those wonderful eyes. The smile. Less than perfect perhaps, sliding sideways, teeth slightly crooked, but irresistible. It seemed no one could fail to answer that dimpled smile with one of their own.
The crowd parted to welcome him in, and then closed around him again as those who sought a moment with him vied for his attention. Steele worked his way through the room, leaning in briefly here and there to share a laugh, to offer a response. The room was energized by his presence. Those who had spoken with him basked in their moment with him, those waiting vibrated with the anticipation of enjoying his twinkling blue gaze.
A server offered him a canapé. He accepted with a grin no less warm than the ones he bestowed on Los Angeles's gathered elite. He saw no classes. And ate the proffered morsel with relish, the same way he approached everything in his life. Each experience something to be thoroughly explored and enjoyed.
Two attractive and vivacious young women attached themselves on either side of him. Their upturned faces spoke of their attraction to Mr. Steele, and the hope that they could persuade him to make them his companions for the evening. Flawless mouths laughed, long eyelashes fluttered. Steele glanced away from these two, seeking a new target, before graciously excusing himself to reach his hand out to greet a tall thin man with a string tie and a cowboy hat.
"Laura?" An amused male voice interrupted her distracted contemplations. Turning to focus on the three elegantly dressed men who were gathered around her, Laura realized they were waiting for her response to a remark she had completely tuned out.
"There you are!" Steele's voice held a smile as his hand slid around Laura's waist, settling possessively on her mid section. His interruption saving her from the need to reply. Steele's free hand reached out to shake the hands of the men hovering near Laura. Her heart pounded so loudly in her ears at this sudden connection to Steele that she could not at that moment hear any other sound. The crowd in the ballroom took on a vague blur. Laura could see only those long elegant fingers which must surely be searing a print on her skin. Laura looked up into the deep blue eyes she loved so well, stunned to realize she had been his destination as he had maneuvered through the party's guests.
"Don't leave me again, Laura! It took me hours to work my way back to you." Steele whispered into her ear as the men wandered off in other pursuits.
A dimple played across her cheek at Steele's exaggerated woes. Laura reached up to briefly kiss Steele on the corner of his handsome jaw.
"Not a chance, Mr. Steele."
At that moment a camera flashed in the detective's faces. Laura cringed. "That's going to hurt your reputation - Remington Steele and unnamed associate spotted together."
"Best thing that could happen to me." Steele assured Laura, grinning as he pulled her firmly backwards against him with that possessive hand. "Best thing that has ever happened to me. Stick with me kid!"
Music soared around the two as they walked into the crowd together.
The End

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