BETWEEN "Steele With A Twist" AND "More Steele With A Twist"
By Cristina
(Translated by Eva)

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Author's Note
: When I read both parts of Nancy's wonderful stories "Steele with a twist"and "More Steele with a twist" I loved the turn she had given to her story, which shows that our dear Remington and Laura are abase for many stories. There will always be a new touch, some point of view to face a new story of intrigues and romance. The matter is that when I finished reading both parts, I thought I could write my story in the middle of both, and so was "In between ..." born.
Mis premises to write this story were that there was something different in the new relation brought up by Nancy, because both knew each other very well since the beginning, that now Laura took the initiative in their love affair and that in the second story there were some clues that made us suppose that Remington and Laura, despite of keeping appearances towards others, had a more deep and intime relation.
Well, my story deals with all this, how our heroes can have that double relationship, intime and at the same time professional. I hope you'll enjoy this little graft in Nancy's story.

Laura's VW-Rabbit moved through a track surrounded by big trees and wonderful flowers; there in the background was the big house of Mrs. Davenport, in the middle of Beverly Hills itself. Laura thought that this kind of mansions could have been the usual working place of Mr. Steele in his past life, and could not avoid a smile when she thought he had chosen something similar, but at the same time completely opposite to change his life.

Laura parked her car in front of the door and without knocking on it, this went open and a smiling Mrs. Davenport welcomed her.

"OH, dear Miss Holt, I'm happy you've come. Come in, let us have a cup of tea in the garden while we talk."

"Oh yes, thank you, Mrs. Davenport."

"I thought that Mr. Steele would come with you, but honestly I'm glad that you came alone. I feel more comfortable when talking woman to woman. I think you'll understand my needs better."

"OH, Mrs. Davenport, Mr. Steele is without doubt more capable than me to understand your needs for security, but these days he has been very busy and he trusts the work of his associates to put a grand finale with his excellent professionalism and team."

"There it is, yes, yes ... that's it!"

"What, what thing?" asked Laura surprised at how Mrs. Davenport pointed to her eyes.

"That sparkle and your look every time you mention his name!"

"WHAT are you talking about, Mrs. Davenport?"

"Oh, my dear darling, may I call you Laura?"

Of course, Mrs. Davenport."

"Since the other day we talked in Mr. Steele's office, I feel the same. You know, Laura? I find myself very similar to you when I was young, impulsive, venturesome, determined, independent, very strange attributes for that time. And then I met him, my husband, whom I loved since the first moment. I had that sparkle in my eyes, as you have right now."

"No, Mrs. Davenport you don't understand ..."

"No, no Laura, don't tell me anything. I understand you perfectly. I also was in love with my boss, and I know exactly what one feels when this happens to women like us."

"But are you saying that I ... And ..."

"Yes Laura, that you are totally lost in love with Mr. Steele. You see, there it is; your eyes sparkle only with the mention of his name."

"Oh, my God, is it SO obvious?" asked Laura blushing when she noticed she had been discovered.

"Only to an old lady that is able to recognize love as she sees it in others, because she lived this wonderful experience for 40 years. But I don't want to bore you with my story, darling. You have to do your job. Do you want more tea?"

"Oh thank you, Mrs. Davenport, but in no way could you bore me. In fact, I would like you to tell me a little bit more about your life. I think it could be useful for my "work", and on the other hand, I have all the time in the world to take care of this case. My boss has assigned it to me," she said with a sly smile.

"Well, Laura, I'm happy to hear it, because we could also be friends."

"Yes, yes, it's true, I feel very comfortable with you, Mrs. Davenport. Tell me how is that you got in love with your boss. Did you work for Mr. Davenport?"

"I did; I was, as I told you, a very impulsive and independent young lady, I left my mother's house in Chicago a year after our father left us. I came to California, to Stanford University, to study art; I loved to paint and was a good pianist too. I thought I could earn enough money to live playing piano or in something related to art. Hollywood was a good opportunity, I said to myself. But you know how hard it was at that time and especially for a young woman about 20 years old and single."

Laura stared at her astounded and delighted listening to her story.

"Well, the fact is, if I wanted to study, I needed a job. In the beginning, I tried to find something related to music, but the only thing I got was indecent proposals, a young woman, on her own and who wanted to enter in the art world ... at that time she was a good catch of any shrewd producer. The question is that one friend of mine told me she was looking for several assistants for a very famous lawyer-s office here in LA and that I should go. I hated working from 9 to 5 in an office, but I was really good with the typewriter because it helped me with my fingers dexterity and this was useful for the piano, so I told myself: well, why not? At least I will get a salary and meanwhile I trained my fingers. And there I went."

"And what happened? There you met him?" asked Laura eager to know the whole story.

"There were nearly 20 girls, all perfectly skilled for a job like this; if I tell you the truth, I was out of place there. After half an hour we had to fill in some forms and then we went to a hall with typewriters, we sat down in front of the machines and there were a pile of papers to type from. I have told you that I was keen on this, so I smiled when I saw that this was going to be the test, because I knew I could win. Then I breathed deeply, though I was in front of my piano and I started to type, very fast and some rhythm. At that moment my imagination flew and so did my fingers. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and a warm voice telling me he had never heard anybody playing music with a typewriter. I looked up and there he was, tall, slim and with a pair of incredible green eyes. Smiling, he said: ‘I don't know if you have written what the papers say, but definitely you made music with this machine.’ And he smiled even more, under the jealousy gazes of the other girls that hit their typewriters. Ah, Miss Holt, I cannot still believe that I tremble when I remember that moment when our gazes met. I felt something inside had exploded. It's incredible what loves works out on people, don't you think?"

Laura was completely delighted. "OH, Mrs. Davenport, I absolutely understand you! What happened next? Who was he? How does the story continue? Tell me, tell me!"

"Ah my dear child, I see you find my story interesting, maybe because it's very similar to yours, isn't it?"

"So it is, and you don't know how much!!"

"Well, then I follow. He was the youngest partner of the office, a brilliant lawyer that had inherit his position inside the firm from his father. And there it started, I joined the company, started to work the day after as the secretary of another partner, but every time we met, and this was frequently, it was magic. He didn't want me to feel in any way obliged with him, he was a gentleman and lovely."

"Now I understand what you say about my eyes, because yours do also shine when you talk about him, but please, go on."

"The fact is that I remained working after hours and he stayed with me, showing me everything he could about the business and we talked a lot of art, because he knew a lot about. We were great friends, he encouraged me to finish my degree, he listened to my doubts and overall he enjoyed my music. But the attraction we felt was immense, and at that time it was not like our days that couples live together. At that time, if a woman wanted to be respected, she should get married, if not, she would be a loose woman. So we kept a professional relationship and friendship over many years until finally, when I had finished my degree and had gained a place as a respected and independent art consulter of several museums, only then Charles asked me to marry him."

"OH Mrs. Davenport, what a beautiful story!! But how did you manage to wait so many years, if as you say the attraction was so big since the very first day!"

"Ah I see, you're curious, aren't you? Call me Doris, Laura, please. If I tell you the truth, we had a secret place, which was our virtual world of passion. There we were D and C; two lovers without history, without social commitments, without time, without barriers, only two lovers giving each other all the love we felt."

"OH how wonderful to have a place like that!! If I could ..."

"You can, Laura, you can. Take this, it's for you," she said as she took a bundle of keys out of her pocket.

"What ... what's this, Doris?"

"The keys to yours and Mr. Steele's private and single world, where nobody will disturb you, where you could tell each other what you feel without fear."

"Bu ...bu ... but, I don't know what to say!"

"Say nothing, my darling, just take the keys; I recognize when two people are make for each other, but there are a lot of things that keep them apart, believe me!"

The talked for a long time; Laura told her how she had met Remington, how she had felt attracted for him since the first moment, how he had tried to protect her and gave her the chance of a new life after her sad experience with Wilson.

Doris on her side told her how she and her husband had kept the magic over 40 years, every time discovering each other, playing their lover games hidden, about her wonderful life of love and respect she had shared with her husband.

Finally, Laura checked the entire property to prepare the security plan and to protect Doris from any attempt of robbery.

* * * * *

It was around 5 PM when Laura returned to the office. Remington came out of his office as soon as he heard her voice.

"Miss Holt, it seems you have had a difficult day today? Could the security for that beautiful lady, Mrs. Davenport, be so complicated?"

"Oh no, Mr. Steele, quite the opposite, it wasn't such a difficult day, and talking about security I have everything diagramed, I only needed you approval."

"Well, then it seems it has been a very profitable day, hasn't it?

"So it has," said Laura with a big smile.

"Well, come into my office and let us talk about the case, if you don't mind."

"Yes, I'm with you in a minute, I'm leaving with Bernice some assignments to have everything we need for Monday early in the morning, OK?"

"Good, I wait," he said smiling and going back to his office.

Bernice said to Laura with an ironic smile: "Well, Laura, what do you need?"

"What? What does this smile mean?"

"No, it's just that I find it funny how you look at each other."

"What do you mean?"

"Come on, Laura, I'm Bernice, remember? I know Mr. Steele before you and I know him well. Never, I insist, never have I seen him looking at anybody as he looks at you. Don't tell me you didn't noticed it."

"Nonsense, Bernice, with the endless list of women that Mr. Steele has had and has around, do you think he would notice something AS common as me?"

"Oh, yes, sure, Laura, all right. We'll leave it. Give me the list of what you need because today is Friday and I have a date, and I don't want to lose time playing hide-and-seek, OK?"

"OK, all right, we leave it, we'll talk about your suspicions any time. Here you have, this is what we need on Monday. I inform you that I called the security agency we work with and asked them to send us two guards for this weekend while we design the complete security system."

"Good, Laura," said Bernice, smiling again.

"Wow, one cannot talk seriously with you." Laura turned around and went to her office, he left her pursue and jacket, and headed with decision towards the connection door to Mr. Steele's office, she grabbed the door handle, breathed deeply and went in. "Well, Mr. Steele, I want you to take al look at the security plan for the Davenports' mansion."

"Good, Miss Holt," said Remington looking quickly up from the papers he was checking at his table. As he saw Laura entering smiling, he said: "It seems that you really have had a good day."

Laura pretended to be surprised. "Why do you say it, Mr. Steele?"

"Because of a certain sparkle in your eyes."

"Well, it seems that today my eyes are talking too much. Let us see these papers, Mr. Steele," said Laura taking seat on Remington's table and scattering the papers.

"Ok Miss Holt, but may I say something before?" he said with a very sensual tone and coming closer to Laura's ear. "You look beautiful with this sparkle in your eyes." This made Laura's body tremble and her heart started beating heavily. Laura started explaining her plan to relieve the moment, although in reality her true desire was to take Remington by his neck and kiss him.

"Good, good, Miss Holt ... really wonderful, you haven't forgotten anything! BRAVO!"

"Well, I think it is due to the training I have received from a specialist," she said laughing, which was followed by Remington's laugh.

"It seems you're having a good time here!" Murphy came in the office taking Laura and Remington by surprise.

"Oh no Murphy, we were only analyzing a wonderful security plan designed by Miss Holt for the Davenports' mansion, I couldn't have done it better."

"Oh yes, I see, and what is it SO funny about the plan?"

"No, Murphy, I only have told Mr. Steele about how much I have learned in the time I've been with you."

"Ah yes, I see. Well, as you know today is Friday, my golf clubs are ready for going to Palm Springs this weekend, do you want to join me Laura? You play very well. Of course, if you don't have other plans."

"I'm sorry, Murphy, but I want to finish this plan, and I agreed to meet tomorrow Doris, I mean, Mrs. Davenport."

"Oh, yes, sure, Mrs. Davenport. Well, don't blame me for trying it; weekends are made to rest Laura, not to work. But I imagine you are well accompanied," he said looking toward Remington.

"You're completely wrong, Murphy, Miss Holt has her plans and I have mine."

"OH, yes, well, well, enjoy with your plans, we'll see on Monday, CIAO!!"

"Until Monday Murphy, and thank you for your invitation," said Laura smiling and she gave him a kiss on his cheek.

As soon as Murphy had gone, Laura closed the door and turned round to face Remington, somehow angry and with her hands on her waist.

"What happens, Miss Holt? What does this look mean?"


"I think we agreed ..."

"WHAT DID WE AGREE?? To be as professional as possible and not to be together in public places, not to give the reporters a chance? Over TWO WEEKS we have been playing professionals. Besides this, I DID NOT hear you ask me if I had other plans for this weekend."

"OK Laura, do you have plans for this weekend?"

"It just happened that YES and it happens that YOU are included and they are strictly professional."

"OH I see. So what am I supposed to do now, Miss Holt? What new adventure have you programmed?"

"So it is better. Mrs. Davenport wants us to go to a shelter she has between Malibu and Santa Barbara, in a place far away, where she also has a very important collection of art to see what kind of protection we can grant her. She has not been there since her husband died."

"And why does she want me to go? You have already done a very good job in the mansion and can also take care of the protection of a small place. You don't need me," he said suspecting that Laura had something in mind.

"It's a very lonely and faraway place; she advised me not to go alone, you never know what you may find. Besides, she wants your opinion as an expert in art about the collection she has there."

"Well, I see, we have to tell Fred to bring us to that place. Extra weekend work."

"Oh, no, I had thought ... that ... we could take advantage and take fresh air and go to the beach. As a day in the country, what do you think?" Laura said stepping closer and hugging his neck.

"Mmm ... I don't think this is too professional ... but if you ask me so, I think I cannot resist it," he answered pressing his lips softly on hers. When she was going to return the kiss, Bernice came in, making them go quickly to their professional pose.

"Well, Laura, I have already done everything you asked me. Mr. Steele, if you don't need me, I'm leaving. Today is Friday, you know?"

"Good, Bernice, thank you, go quickly, don't make your date wait; I hope you enjoy the weekend."

"Until Monday, Mr. Steele, Laura, I hope that you two enjoy it," said Bernice with a sly smile.

"We'll do our best, Miss Fox, as we have to work. Miss Holt doesn't give us a rest, eh?"

"Oh yes, sure, I see, work, yes, yes. Until Monday," and she went away smiling and talking to herself. "Yes, of course, work. HA!!"

"What is all this laughing and sarcasm from Bernice?"

"Well, you know her, she loves gossips and this kind of stuff."

"Well, it seems nobody believe us when we talk about work, Laura. If I'm honest, it will be difficult for me to work in a place as the one you described."

"Good, but ... where were we when we were interrupted? Mmm, I think that here," she said hanging once again from Remington's neck.

He took her by the waist. "But Miss Holt, we're in the office! And if somebody comes in?"

"TODAY? It is Friday, remember? Nobody is coming at this time here, only two workaholic like you and me stay in the office a Friday at 6 PM."

"Mmm, I don't think this could be called work, do you?" and he kissed her passionately. Laura answered with all her heart and with all the desire she had refrained during the past two weeks. "Mmm, Miss Holt you look tense. What about a drink and a light dinner?"

"In my loft. Spaghettis would be nice."

"Uh, my favorites!"

"Well, then Mr. Steele I invite you to close the agency and to go and enjoy Friday night like normal people, OK??"

"Good, Laura, we will need these papers for tomorrow, right?"

"Mmm, yes, I think yes," said Laura while she headed towards her office. From the frame of the connection door she turned round and looking to Remington, she said: "You know, Harry, I love how my name sounds when you say it."

"And me how this name sound in your lips, but only in yours."

They looked after their things, switched off the lights and when they met in the darkness of the reception area, they could not resist kissing again.

"This cannot go on like this, Laura, it's risky if somebody finds us this way in this place, I'm sorry, but I couldn't resist it."

"It's logical you cannot resist it, so couldn't I, we have been two weeks playing professional style, I was really thinking something was wrong with me, if I make you to be petrified as ice when you see me."

"OH Laura, how could YOU make me freeze, just the opposite, I feel that my blood boils and that's why I have to refrain from kissing you and making love to you in my office."

"Mmm, it doesn't sound so bad your idea. Don't you want us to try?"

"Laura, how do you dare!! Didn't we agree to stop for sometime to ...?"

"Yes, yes, yes, bla, bla, bla ... but one thing is to agree by word and another very different is to feel, and it is over two weeks that I want to be with you, alone, without thinking about what the other would say or think, kissing you, ... Come on, Mr. Steele, don't be scared as I'm not going to rape you here. For the moment all I wish is an informal calm dinner with candles in my loft and a good movie. Does this seem a very wild program?"

"Oh no Miss Holt, I think it's a wonderful idea. Is it right for you to have me at your loft at, let's say, 7:30 PM? I take the movie and the vine, right?"

"Perfect, Mr. Steele, perfect."

* * * * *

Laura had everything ready when exactly at 7:30 PM she felt soft knocks on her door. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a coral-red pullover showing her shoulders. When she opened the door, she could not avoid opening her eyes widely and emit a deep sigh watching the handsome Mr. Steele with his gray trousers, a black silky shirt and a sport jacket of the same color that set off the blue of his eyes.

"Well, Laura, may I come in or are you thinking in leaving me here and you there as if you had seen a ghost?"

"Oh Harry, come in, come in, well I have to tell you that ... that ..."

"WHAT?" he said coming in, closing the door and taking Laura by her waist, everything in a single movement.

"That you look charming!!"

"Well," he said while he pulled Laura closer to him and kissed her softly on her neck and shoulder, "I have to say that you look wonderful tonight, this kind of wearing really suits you", his lips came closer as he whispered in Laura's ear, which made her shudder, until their lips met in a delightful and warm kiss.

"Mmm ... Not bad to start the Friday night," said Laura smiling and taking the bottle of wine that Remington had brought, "and what a good vintage to accompany it."

"Well, Laura, I'm happy to hear you like it."

"Oh yes, up to the moment I'm pleased ..." she said with a sly smile.

"Mmm ... Miss Holt, you're insatiable, eh?"

"Well, Mr. Steele, would you mind opening the wine while I give the last touches to the spaghettis with sausage, the house specialty?"

"OH, yes Miss Holt, of course!" Remington knew that Laura was using all her charm and that it was going to be difficult not to surrender.

* * * * *

They spent a calm evening enjoying the dinner, talking friendly; Laura took the chance to tell Remington part of the conversation with Doris Davenport, specially selected to intrigue him, but without letting him know everything. Remington told her some of the misadventures he had to bore during the past two weeks, in which he had to struggle between presentations and interviews with not so funny clients. He took the chance to tell Laura how much he had missed her in a case that he had solved with Murphy. After that, leaning back on the carpet in front of the fire, they shared the movie ... Murder on the Orient Express, which he had carefully chosen to keep them distracted from what they both really wanted to do. But this did not avoid that they caressed and kissed each other tenderly, and when things started getting hot, Remington said: "Well, it's time to rest because tomorrow we have to work, Laura."

"Oh yes, of course, all right, I'll pick you up at 9:30 AM," said Laura trying also to turn her thoughts away from what she really wanted and thinking that the day after she would succeed at that dreamed place.

"Yes, perfect, Laura, do you want me to take something for our lunch on the beach?"

"Yes, a bottle of wine to go with the tuna sandwiches I will bring, is it OK?"

"OK." Before leaving, he hugged her and looking into her eyes, he said: "Do you understand how difficult this is for me, don't you?"

"Yes, I understand it perfectly, Harry, because I find it also very difficult!! But we will solve it, you'll see!"

"I hope so," and he kissed her again before leaving. He noticed that Laura was planning something, but he didn't know what it was. Well, we'll see what Miss Holt is about, he thought and sighed deeply before stepping into his car.

Laura closed the door after he stepped into the car, and sighing deeply, she said: "Tomorrow we'll solve it, Mr. Steele, tomorrow," and breathed comforted thinking in the beautiful day that was awaiting them.

* * * * *

The day was really beautiful. To Laura's surprise, when she arrived at Harry's apartment he was in front of his house waiting for her, really awake. She knew that he didn't like getting up early during the weekend, but today everything was different. During the trip Remington asked some details about the place were they went to. While he followed the route on the map, he was curious about how Mrs. Davenport could have left a collection of sculptures and paintings as she had told to have there abandoned in fact.

Laura told him that this had been a very special place for Mrs. Davenport and his husband, that they had built it for both and that she, after his death, had found it difficult to come back. Of course, Laura didn't tell him the whole story, only what she considered necessary to encourage his curiosity.

Around midday and after going round and round several times to find the place, they arrived at a beautiful and small beach surrounded by big rocks and on top of one a white shelter seemed to be built inside the rocks. It had big windows and a giant terrace that looked to the beach. The access was very difficult, they had to leave the car far away and arrive on foot to the house.

"Oh my God, this is wonderful!" exclaimed Laura when they entered the shelter; the visible part was small but in reality the house expanded inside the rocks.

"I agree with you, Laura, this place is ... is ... magic! I feel something strange.
"What, Harry?"

"It is as if I already knew this place, I feel safe here, it's something I cannot explain."

"It's like home, your place, something that you could have down on your own, isn't it?"

"Yes, and look at these sculptures! What a beauty! Let us check this magnificent collection, then we can have lunch on the terrace, what do you think, Miss Holt, shall we work a little?"

"Good, Mr. Steele," said Laura smiling and thinking: Mmm, once again the professional style; well, the beginning was good; if he feels comfortable in this place it's a step forward. Now we have to make progresses in other subjects. Laura didn't want to make mistakes; she knew that they were together only since a few months, but she had to be sure that Harry desired her as much as she wanted him. Being in LA with all those reporters around and with Bernice and Murphy, and - and - and ... it would be impossible. They had to take this place and convert it in a world where they could love each other without thinking. Yes, yes, the same way as Doris, so it had to be! But at the same time, she didn't feel well at all bringing Harry here without telling him the whole truth. Maybe he had already noticed that she was hiding something? Mr. Steele is that kind of person who can discover - only with a look - the most hidden part of human soul. And all those questions he made during the journey ... OH! On the other hand, he trusts me, and he will not like that I have deceived him. OH God, what am I doing? A shudder ran through Laura's body, thinking that what she had imagined as something wonderful could change to be a complete disaster. She crossed her arms, embracing herself to comfort herself because of the terror she had felt.

Remington observed the splendid paintings inside a beautiful room in which there was also a library, an audio equipment and a fireplace, everything lit by the light coming in from a big window that looked directly to the cliffs and to the sea. It's incredible that such marvelous things stay here and that nobody had thought of robbing them yet. He knew that Laura had something in mind; since the day before he had noticed that Laura was hiding something, he didn't know what it was, but he had decided to follow the game she had proposed to finally reveal her intentions. But at that moment, he was worried watching how Laura had changed her smile to an expression of sadness, and if there was something he could not stand was to see unhappy the woman of his life, whom he loved deeply. No, no, I have to do something before this wonderful day is ruined.

"Laura, are you here? What happens? Are you cold?"

"Oh, yes, yes, Harry, it's incredible, no? Maybe it's that this place is so hidden that nobody would think of coming and rob something valuable here, don't you think?" said Laura with a trembling voice, wasting no time in replying to avoid that Harry noticed her fear, but it was too late.

"Laura, what happens?" he said pulling her closer to him and hugging her trying to comfort her.

She hid her face in his chest, and said: "Nothing, Harry, nothing, I just felt a shiver."

Remington took Laura's chin with his finger and made her loop up. "What happens, Laura? What is it you haven't told me that makes you shiver, eh?" watching her with a tenderness that made her legs fail, and feel shame for having been discovered and without words to answer.

* * * * *

"Come here, let's talk, what do you think?" And he took her to the armchair, which was in front of the large window, where they sat down one next to the other. He put his arm around Laura's shoulders and lifted her chin once again. She couldn't dare to look Remington straight in the eyes. Finally, when he succeeded, he found Laura's eyes full of tears. "Oh, my God, Laura, what happens?? Tell me, love. Nothing could be SO terrible as to make you cry. Have I hurt you in any way?"

"Oh Harry, no, how could you?" she answered sobbing, "just FORGIVE ME, it's that ... it's ..." she said crying painfully.

"You have brought me here with other intentions than to see these pictures, right?"

"But, bu-... but how did you notice? How can you read inside me in such a way?"

"Come on, Laura; in these few months I have learned to know you in detail, and besides this, it's possible to read in you look which is now tainted with tears. Come on, Laura," he said taking his handkerchief and drying softly her eyes. "I don't like to see you crying, darling, I can't stand it."

"Oh Harry, I thought this would be a wonderful day for us and I've ruined it ..."

"Come on, Laura, you haven't ruined anything, today is still a wonderful day, we're in a beautiful place, you and me, alone, without interruptions, without work and surrounded by beautiful things. How could something like this be ruined?"

"Because I lied to you, I tried to take advantage and you can't stand people lying at you."

"Look, Laura, how is it that you tried to cheat me? Maybe if you tell me what that lie was, I can take some conclusions." He took Laura's hands, brought them to his lips and kissed them. "Do you want to tell me? I think you would feel better if you tell me everything."

Laura told him the whole story of Doris and Charles, and the love, which she had given her the keys of this refugee to let them take possession of it and change it to their private place of love. Remington looked her straight into the eyes while Laura explained it; when she finished, he remained silent for several seconds that seemed endless for her.

"Well, Laura, as I see it, it's as if a goblin had put in your hands the keys to paradise. I find it difficult rejecting such a gift."

"Yes, but ..."

"No, no, let me tell you my opinion. If I were you ..." he breathed deeply and kept quiet. Laura's heart was trembling. "... I would have done exactly the same as you did."

Laura breathed in relieve as she saw Remington's smile. He took Laura's face in his hands and kissed her deeply. When the kiss finished, she said: "What do you think about starting again?"

"And how are we going to do it?"

"Well, first we will do what we had planned." Laura's cheeks blushed. "HAVE LUNCH, Laura, to have lunch and a walk through the beach. But what do you think I was going to suggest?"

"No, nothing," she said lowering her head ashamed.

"Well, let's have lunch, then a walk through the beach, we can relax and the we'll see, do you agree?" He said in a sexy tone.

"Yes, yes, I agree." And she hung at Remington's neck and kissed him. "I love you, Harry, you know it, don't you? Forgive me; I promise I'll never lie to you."

"Ah, Miss Holt, don't promise things that you cannot keep. I understand that your fight is noble and I will be sorry if you'll leave it, sure" he said placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. "Come on, let's enjoy the beautiful midday sun in front of the sea."

* * * * *

Remington prepared the table in the terrace and served the wine, while Laura prepared the tuna sandwiches and a green salad she had brought. Both sat down in the terrace facing the sea. Later, they walked through the beach taken by the hand enjoying the air coming from the sea. Time went peacefully; both felt calm and free in a place both have quickly took possession of. The sat down on the corner of a rock to watch the ocean. Remington embraced Laura from behind and she leaned back on his chest.

"Laura, you know? I have been thinking in the story you told me about Doris and Charles, and I really see how similar it is to ours, but ..."

"No, don't say anything, Harry, we already talked about this and we agreed to block it and that this was the best for the moment. I understand it, and more than this, I'm grateful to you for trying to protect me. But the thing is that ... that ...", she turned round to look Harry into his eyes, "I've NEVER felt before what I feel for you, and only thinking you can be with another blonde plastic witch I ... I ..."

"You run crazy ... the same happens to me, Laura; I can't stand the idea of anybody caressing you like this" he said while he slid his hand across the cheek and the neck of Laura, "or looking into your eyes."

"Oh my God, Harry, I want to show you without words how much I love you," and she kissed him sincerely.

"Laura, don't you believe I want the same?"

"Yes, but there is something you are frightened of. What is it? Do you think it's too risky to fall in love deep and quickly?"

"No, Laura, I'm not afraid and the risk always exists. It depends how you manage it."

"What do you think of this way?" And she kissed him passionately.

"I don't think it's too secure. Laura, I just want you to give you time to heal your wounds. My love, I don't want any doubt or pain to ruin what could be so wonderful. That's why I don't want to hurry you up nor pressure you."

"Harry, you know I love risk; and how could it be possible that you could pressure me? I need to recover the four years lost without love. Now I've found it and want to live it absolutely."

"OH Laura, HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU," and he kissed her with passion. They were so concentrated in their romantic interlude that they hadn't noticed the storm that had formed over the sea and that had darkened the evening.

"Oh God, Laura, look at that!!"

"What? Oh my God, it's going to ra-..." She couldn't finish the sentence as a strong rain started to fall.

"Come on, darling, let us try to run at home." They ran across the beach taken by the hand; rain was falling intensely. When they reached the house, both were drenched and could not refrain from laughing when they saw how they looked.

"Laura, go and get some towels, I'm going to light the fire in the living room to try to dry us otherwise we'll catch a cold."

"All right!"

When Laura came back, her heart shivered. There he was, Harry, with his naked chest stirring the fire. How could it be possible that he were SO handsome! Laura felt her blood boiling in her veins. Remington turned around to find Laura standing in front of him wrapped in a towel, with her clothes in her hands watching him intensely.


Laura's cheeks blushed. What beauty did he see in her compared with the long list of sculptural women he had had? Could it be true what Bernice had told her, that Remington had never looked at any woman as he looked at her? Laura left her clothes on the sofa and approached Harry. He hung on his neck bending his head towards her and kissed him intensely. He took her by her waist and pulled her closer; both enjoyed kissing each other passionately, carried away and making the most of abandoning their bodies to each other, enlightened by the fire.

When the kiss ended Remington, with his breath somehow excited and looking Laura straight in the eyes, said: "Laura, can you imagine HO MUCH I DESIRE YOU?"

Laura very sure answered: "NO, but I would like to know," and she let the towel fall, remaining just with a satin colored body.

"OH Laura!! Are you sure about this?"

"As sure as I am that you too many clothes on to show me how much you want me" and she started unfastening Remington's belt and opening the zipper until the trousers finally felt to the floor leaving Remington just with his incredible blue boxers showing his growing erection. "OH Harry, I have dreamed about this moment since the first moment we slept together in Acapulco," said Laura taking the initiative and kissing his chest.

Remington felt like an inexpert young boy; it was a discovery for him to make love with the woman he loved, with that incredible woman which whom he had fallen in love since the very first moment and with whom he wanted to share the rest of his life. Slowly he embraced her caressing her body and pulling her closer to him to kiss and show her all the passion she roused in him. While he embraced her, he took several cushions from the sofa and threw them on the floor where they laid down in front of the fire. He caressed her hair while he said: "Laura, I want you to know that I love you more than my life, and that ..."

Laura pressed her finger on his lips. "Shhhhh ... I know it, Harry, I know it! And I love you too, Harry. Have you never been told that you talk too much, Mr. Steele?"

With a smile they merged and loved each other with passion. They made love there, and then Harry lifted Laura in his arms and brought her to the beautiful room, where they made love again, covering each part of their bodies with the first time hunger, discovering and giving each other all the possible pleasure, to finally end up exhausted and in a deep sleep.

* * * * *

Around 6 AM Laura awoke; all her body hurt, but never in her life had she been SO HAPPY and SO ALIVE! She observed the man who was at her side embracing her, and that moment she sensed she knew him since ever, as there had never been before any other person there. Her heart beat faster with this thought. OH my God, she thought, I'm completely lost in him, how is it possible feeling this way? Is this what Doris saw in me? Is this what they lived here? How can I thank Doris? Deep in her thoughts, she hadn't noticed that Harry had opened his eyes and was watching her.

"Good morning, love," he said kissing Laura's neck with a row of small kisses that made her shiver. "I can't remember a more marvelous awakening than this one. Although ... mmm"

"What? With whom had you such an awakening?" asked she somehow angry thinking he was comparing her with somebody else.

"With you, Laura, with you in Acapulco; of course the night was not the same but your image in the morning was as wonderful as the one I have right now here. What did you think about?"

"OH Harry, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!" She kissed his lips.

"Well, now maybe you could have changed your answer to my question of last night, right?"

"What question?"

"If you know HOW MUCH I DESIRE YOU."

"Mmm ... I think ... I need to investigate this case a little closer", she said smiling sensually.

"Oh, yes? My greedy P.I., you'll see," he said embracing her, putting her legs apart with his knee and sitting Laura on him. "So you want to investigate, right? So here I am, inspect what you want!"

"Oh yes ... I assure you I won't leave any loose ends," said Laura laughing and feeling joyful because Remington had given her full power on his body and sensations. They made love again, feeling as free as two persons that love each other without reservations can be. Their bodies matched each other perfectly, they seemed to be made for each other.

* * * * *

Around 9 AM two starving persons prepared the breakfast with the few things they found and enjoyed a beautiful morning in the beach after the storm.

"Laura, we really have to protect this house, or was it just a trick to bring me here?"

"No, Harry, Mrs. Davenport wants you and me, only you and me to protect this place, using it every time we want. On the other hand, I don't think I could have tricked the great Remington Steele. I think you wouldn't have come if you didn't want to; I think you knew from the beginning why we came, didn't you?"

"Come here", he said, making Laura sit on his legs. "You know I've never rejected a challenge." He hugged her. "Laura, the truth is I don't want to leave this place, I really feel this like our place, this place is wonderful and I'm grateful you took this initiative. I love you for this" and he kissed her.

"Harry, this will be our secret, the best kept in the agency. Nobody has to know about this place, this will be our parallel private world; here we can be Harry and Laura, two beings that are in love. In the other world we will be Miss Holt and Mr. Steele. OK?"

"Laura, but I want you to see this. I don't want just a love affair with you, you understand? I want much more than this, but I know it's not the right moment for you."

"Do you know, Harry, what is the most adequate for me? ... YOU!!"

"But Laura ..."

"No, no, let me say what I feel. I know, you know, we both know what we feel for each other since the first moment, and now we know more from each other; and I love you more for giving me the opportunity and the freedom to grow and to let me find my own identity, that I can build up my own world as you did. But you know, Harry, I'm going to do it not only for me, but because I want to be your partner in business, your friend, your lover and your wife, what makes it more interesting, don't you think?"

"Oh, Laura, YOU are all this and much more. You are THE WOMAN I LOVE and with the one I want to share my whole life. I've never, Laura, I assure you I've never felt something before. I've NEVER been SO SURE about something in my life."

"OH Harry, I love you so much! That's the reason I accepted this present that Doris gave us, you understand, don't you?"

"Yes, Laura and we will change it to our little parallel universe. But nobody has to know about this place, and in the real world we will keep the appropriate distance, do you agree?"

"Does this mean that we can go out with other people and all this stuff?" said Laura somewhat unhappy.

"Only to cover appearances, my love, nothing serious, all right?" And meanwhile we have a lot of work to do to improve your training, I think it's necessary that the boss takes personally care about it, don't you think?" asked Harry with a sly smile and raising Laura's chin to see his expression.

Laura showing she was getting angry, said: "All right, but tell these blonde plastic witches not to cross my way, because ... because I ... I'll strangle them and YOU too, Harry", she said grabing his neck as to strangle him, and finally embracing and kissing him.

"Then, it's a treat, Miss Holt?"

"It's a treat, Mr. Steele."

"Well, now I think it's time to go back to our real world. We have to eat something because since yesterday ... well, you know."

"What? Don't you think we have had a balanced diet?" she said laughing.

"On the contrary, too much balanced and with a lot of calories. But our bodies need to recover energy with non balanced food" and he also laughed.

They stayed a while there, embraced, kissing and caressing each other tenderly, trying to keep that moment for ever. On their return, they stopped at a small restaurant near to Malibu, apart from the noise, where they had lunch. Finally they arrived at Laura's loft. Harry accompanied her inside and they say goodbye properly after the intense weekend they had spent.

"This won't be as difficult as before, will it?"

"Mmm, I don't know, before we could imagine what it would be being inside each other and now ... I can assure that I WANT YOU more than before, you believe me, don't you?"

"Yes, Harry, I believe you", she said kissing him.

"Until tomorrow, love."

"Goodbye, Harry."

Merely half and hour had passed when Laura's phone rang, which make her jump. Who could be calling on a Sunday at that time interrupting my dreams? ... Ufff. But when she heard the voice on the other side of the line, all her anger vanished.

"Hi, Laura, it's me ..."

"He- ... hello Harry, what happens?"

"Oh, no, don't be frightened, nothing is wrong. I just wanted to tell you ... that ... that I miss you!!"

"Oh so do I, Harry, I love you!"

"Sweet dreams, Miss Holt!"

"I grant you they will be, Mr. Steele. Sweet dreams also for you."

* * * * *

It was 7 AM when an astonished Murphy tried to open the door of the office and to find out that somebody was already there and it was not Bernice. He went in slowly and headed towards Laura's office to find her standing in front of the computer working and with a stack of papers.

"OH NO, this can't be true! Has nobody told you that working is bad for health? I cannot believe that you have spent the whole weekend here, Laura."

Startled, she tried to talk but he kept on reprehending her without stopping.

"I truly believed that you and that ... that figure," he said pointing to Remington's door, "had stopped playing professionals and had gone to enjoy the weekend. But NO, here I see this beautiful lady getting little by little the color of the office. Although there is a certain pink color on your cheeks, it may be for some red papers. How can it be possible that THIS MAN exploits you in this way? Come on, ask me how my weekend was! Ask me, ask me!! No, I better tell you. MAGNIFICENT, ... AIR, SUN. GOLF, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, NO WORK. SO?? WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO THE SAME, LAURA?"

"Murphy, I ...", Laura tried to show a guilty face and agreement to Murphy's reprimand. She didn't want to show the WONDERFUL weekend that she and Harry had had, that was their secret.

"OH Laura, forgive me, I didn't want to be so rude to you, you know I consider myself as your friend and I tell you for your welfare, you understand?"

"Yes, Murph, and I thank you for it. I promise you I will try one of your weekends, but for the moment I prefer to go on with my training, and therefore I need to work. I thank you to be worried about me, I'll soon follow your advice." She gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"Good, good, I hope so," he said going to his office.

Laura closed the door and laughed silently, thinking: Poor, Murph, if he knew!!"

Through the other connection door Remington came in, saying: "Miss Holt, I totally agree with Murphy, you make me appear as an exploiting chief, you need to take care of yourself and take some time to relax; not everything is work in this life!" He smiled in complicity with Laura.

"Oh yes, of course, Mr. Steele, but now we have work to do. I have everything we need for the security system in the Davenports' mansion. We have to call Mrs. Davenport to confirm our appointment."

"I have just spoken with her. Could you come to my office, please?"

"Yes, Mr. Steele."

Once they had entered his office and Laura had closed the connection door after her, she took him by the belt and pulled him closer, and said in a very low voice: "I didn't hear you arrive."

"You were too busy listening to Murphy's reprimand" and they kissed slightly on the lips.

"I missed you very much!!"

"And me you, and me you ... but ..." Adopting once again the professional pose, Remington headed toward his desk. "Well, Miss Holt. Mrs. Davenport awaits us at 9 AM; I make her some comments about the pieces of art she asked me to study and she said she was very pleased I liked them."

"Well, here I have the plans of the systems we will install," and she went next to Remington, who was sitting as his table. In a low voice and placing her arms on the wooden desk, she asked: "Did you thank her for the place?"

"Yes, and do you know what she answered me?"

"No, I have no idea."

"What place?? Mr. Steele, you mean the place that appears on the Monet, don't you?"

Laura laughed as she imagined Doris and blessed her for her gesture, what meant that her secret was safe with this wonderful woman.

"Good morning, I see you continue smiling, you two!" Bernice came in the office with two cups, one with tea and another with coffee, one for his boss and the other for Laura.

"Good morning, Bernice, how is our agenda for today?" asked Remington avoiding any comment that could discover their secret. "Thank you, I needed the morning tea."

"Thank you, Bernice, how was your weekend?"

"UHHH!!!! SUPER!!!! I'll tell you later, Laura, only if you tell me yours!!"

"Well, well, ladies, we have to work! Write down an appointment for Laura and me at 9 AM with Mrs. Davenport, Bernice and tell me how the agenda goes on for the rest of the day. Ask Fred to wait for us in 15 minutes downstairs. Within 10 minutes I'm with you, Miss Holt!"

"PUF, how harsh!! What happens, Mr. Steele, your weekend didn't go as expected?"

"Just the opposite, Miss Fox, I had a calm weekend but full of work. And now to work, please."

Laura went to her office smiling and thinking about every minute of her weekend.

The End

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