Steele So in Love
By: Phaedra Phelan

Summary: What happened with Remington and Laura as they come to terms with their feelings as a married couple and what that leads to.
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Remington and Laura came back from Ireland after Daniel’s death and they realized that they were finally a married man and woman. It seemed that Daniel’s death had brought them together in a unique way. No one else understood Remington’s relationship with Daniel as Laura did and no one else had been able to comfort him as she had. The night Daniel died Laura had taken him in her arms and he had cried for Daniel as they made love. It seemed that everything was somehow different between them after that. Laura manifested eagerly her attachment to Remington personally and Remington had been unwilling to have her out of his sight for a moment.

Mildred watched them from the sidelines, amazed at how marriage had transformed the two of them. Her main problem was getting them to concentrate on the agency in the face of their need to constantly be together. As a mature woman of the world Mildred could spot it every time when they came in late because they could not get out of bed with one another. Their flushed faces told the whole story. And they hardly ever went out for lunch now, instead putting the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the office door and sending out for sandwiches and coffee was the norm.

Laura came to realize something that Remington had sensed from the beginning of his attraction to her. She could handle anything that he brought to her sexually. For the first time in her adult life her sensual appetite was being satisfied and it gave her a peace and took all the hard edge off her personality. Remington saw that and he was more than happy to keep her a ‘contented’ woman.

The Steeles had hired Alessandra Henry, the former secretary from Unidac, to assist in the office and she was fascinated with her new employers’ obvious fixation on one another.

After they came in one Monday morning in a very mellow mood at eleven o’clock, she asked Mildred.

“Miss Krebs, have Mr. and Mrs. Steele always been so . . . like they are now?”

“You mean like they are dying to get into the sack together?”

“Yes, I guess that’s what I mean. It’s none of my business, of course. I guess it’s just being newlyweds. It’s amazing to watch them.”

“That’s the truth, Alessandra. One of these days . . . after you have been here a while, we will have a long conversation about Mr. and Mrs. Steele. It’s quite a love story.”

Meanwhile Remington and Laura were in his office trying to focus on the work of the day.

“Laura, you look quite lovely today. Thank you for taking care of me this morning. I needed you.”

“I needed you too, but we are getting to work late entirely too often, love. I can’t resist you no matter how hard I try it seems.”

“Do you want to resist me, Laura?”

“No, that’s the problem. I . . . can’t get too much of you.”

Remington leaned in for a kiss and pulled Laura up against him, pursing his lips to kiss her softly again and again in that manner he had that seemed to pull at her very insides and finally to just hug her in his embrace.

“I know we are kind of caught up in this sensual thing we have between us, Laura, but we were so long in coming to this point. Now that we are together I can’t think about anything else but being with you. I am going to let you go into your office in there and see you in a couple hours after we have dealt with some of the clients.”

Remington kissed Laura on her cheek and she left him and went into her office. There had been three clients waiting in the office when they came in so it was important that she try to concentrate on the matters at hand.


Laura’s first client was a Mrs. Van Nest, a woman in her fifties who was concerned about the man that was pursuing her.


“He wants to marry me, Miss Holt, but I have two questions. I don’t know if I am the only woman he has in his life. Also, I don’t know if he is after me or my money. My first husband passed away last year and this man came into my life after that. Also, in that he is somewhat younger than I, I just have questions.”


“Mrs. Van Nest, you realize that these cases are not the norm for us, but in view of the fact that your late husbands firm was our client in the past, we will try to help you in this matter. My, er, Mr. Steele, will probably have some good ideas here. Give me all that background material you have there and we will get back to you within the next three days.”


Laura saw Mrs. Van Nest out and returned to her office just in time to receive a phone call from Bernice Fox, her former secretary.


“Laura, I am in town for the day and I heard that you and Skeeziks, I mean Mr. Steele, had got married. My dear, we have to get together for lunch. Are you free?”


“Well, I would love to get together with you. Where do you want to meet?”


“You know that grill near the office where we used to go after work.”


“Sure. I’ll meet you there at 1:00 p.m. I came in late this morning so I’ll take a late lunch. See you then.”


Laura went into Remington’s office a few minutes later.


“I just got a call from Bernice Fox. She’s in town today and just wants to get with me for lunch. I told her I would see her around one. I hate to leave you here, darling, but this is one of those things, you know.”


“I’ll miss you . . . for lunch,” Remington said pensively, getting up from behind his desk and approaching her to take her in his arms. “You and Bernice have fun, catching up. What are you going to tell her about us?”


“That we are crazy passionate, that I am so happy that I don’t know what to do with myself.”


Remington kissed Laura soundly, his lips opening her mouth up and tasting her as his hands caught her hips to hold her close to him.


“If you hold me like that, I won’t be able to go anywhere to see anybody.”


Laura patted the front of his trousers where his flesh had made its presence known when he held her close against him.


“Save that for me. We can have a late afternoon date.”


Remington’s blue eyes widened passionately and he smiled at her before he gave her one last kiss.



Bernice Fox was happy to see Laura again. It had been a while since the two women met. The last time was before Remington and Laura had come together sexually, during the time before Remington went off to London to try to find the key to his past.


“Wow, Laura, you look great. You actually look fabulous, and that’s not the kind of glow that comes from makeup. You and Skeeziks, I mean, Mr. Steele, must be really getting it on.”


Laura flushed as she sat down in the booth across from Bernice Fox.


“I guess you would say that we are. It’s amazing, Bernice. It’s been nonstop, and I do mean nonstop. This man is insatiable.”


“Well, it sounds like you’re insatiable as well. It takes two to tango, you know.”


“Guilty as charged, my friend,” Laura grinned.


“I am happy for you. I knew he wanted you from the first day he came into the office as Ben Pearson. I just didn’t know if you would ever be able to let go and give it to him the way he apparently wanted it.”


“Well, we seemed stuck in that kissing, fondling stage for such a long time. Then one night in the middle of a very dangerous case when our lives had been at serious risk, we just turned to one another, Bernice, and it happened. And it was amazing!”


“I can imagine that. You two enjoy each other and that is great. And is he as gorgeous au naturel as I would imagine? I know he is a slender guy, but I always figured he was hung like a ‘you know what.’


Laura just blushed and smiled.


“Don’t answer. Your face tells it all, my friend. Besides his ex, that blonde Felicia tipped me off. She said that his stuff would choke a horse. I say ‘congratulations’ for getting that prize, girlfriend.”


Laura just blushed even more and changed the subject.


“Let’s order, Bernice. Normally Remy and I eat at the office these days. We can hardly wait till lunch time. It is crazy, but it is true. We are trying to have a baby. I want to have a baby with him. I never believed that I, career girl Laura, would want to have a baby. That was Frances’ territory.”


“I hope that you get pregnant soon. I will have to see you with your belly full for him. You will be a sight waddling around pregnant. You will have completely domesticated each other. Does he still like to cook?”


“He cooks all the time. The kitchen is his territory.”


“Well, our Mr. Steele has turned out to be quite a guy, hasn’t he?”


“Yes, he has. And I could not have imagined it. Bernice, he sobbed the first time we had sex, when it happened for him. Sometimes he still cries when we have sex. He always calls upon the Lord in some way at that . . . moment.Laura’s features turned pensive. “It is so intense when it happens for us . . . so intense.”


“Laura, that is amazing. I just never would have figured him to be that deep. I guess you hit the jackpot, girl friend. I’ve never seen this man I’m with cry over anything.”


“Remington is very intense about . . . us . . . and how he feels. We can hardly seem to get our work done these days. It was all I could do to get away for an hour or so with you. He is so randy.”


“Well, you just enjoy your randy man, Laura. I am glad you finally met your match.”


The waiter brought their food and Laura and Bernice welcomed it and fell silent as they both reflected on the changes in their lives.


It was finally nearly two p.m. when Laura and Bernice parted and Laura went back to the office.


“Hello, Mildred,” Laura said as she came into the office.


“Well, Missy, I’m glad you got back. Your man has been pacing and asking every ten minutes if you are back.Mildred smiled knowingly. “I’ll let him know you’re here.”


Laura smoothed her skirt and flipped her hair before going in to her husband.


Remington was staring out of the window, his head back in his chair, an unfinished cup of tea on his desk.


Laura came and sat on his lap and Remington hugged her and kissed her over and over, his hands rubbing her slender hips and thighs.


“I missed you, woman.”


“Did you have lunch?”


“No, I wasn’t hungry for food, darling.”


Remington’s nostrils flared, his pupils dilated, and his eyes burned like cobalt fire for her as his need escalated and Laura knew that she would have to attend to him and she did. She got off his lap and knelt in front of him and quickly released him from his trousers.


“I’m going to take care of you in a way you enjoy, baby.”


“Oh, God, Laura!”


Remington jerked and groaned when she first touched him. As she continued to rub and caress him, Remington’s eyes rolled back into his head as he went into complete ecstasy.


Laura knew just how to pleasure him this way and, as for Remington, Laura was one of the few women he had experienced this sort of pleasure with. He had always wanted to be in control of the pleasure-giving with the women he had been involved with, but not so with Laura.


He let himself surrender to the intense pleasure in his loins as he writhed in his chair. Grimacing, gripping the arms of his chair, his handsome features contorted, his nostrils flaring, he tried to stifle his cries of pleasure when she brought him to the acme, and finally left him spent in dazed rapture.


“Thank you, darling. Thank you,” he murmured from his position sprawled in his chair, his eyes glazed over from their passionate encounter.


Laura then took her dress off and stepped out of her panties and removed her bra so that she was completely naked except for the lacy black garter belt and sheer stockings that he loved her to wear these days. Then she straddled her needy husband who drew her onto him.


Her parts were already so tumescent for him, that Remington had to stifle his groans of ecstasy as they joined. He shook all over as he gave himself to Laura, gripping her hips, holding her onto him.


“Laura . . . Laura . . . Have mercy on me, woman,” he begged as his eyes rolled back into his head again.


Laura trembled and fluttered in his embrace, her teeth clattering, rivulets of perspiration running from her underarms as she rocked to and fro upon him, the two of them groaning and moaning softly together till they came to climax, unable to hold it off a minute longer.


The office was shaded in afternoon shadow when finally they were quiet in their lovers’ embrace in Remington’s chair, their parts united still, their tongues loosened to whisper the love words they always said to each other in moments like this. Remington opened his bottom drawer and drew out a soft blanket that he kept there now and drew it over Laura to keep her from getting a chill. They were unable to separate, both of them wanting more of each other on this winter afternoon.


“Laura, I am so passionate these days. Do you need this as much as I, love?”


“Yes, I admit it. Oh, Remy, it just feels so good to have you inside me like this . . . so good.”


Remington’s parts swelled mightily inside her again and Laura just moaned and moaned as she moved to and fro upon him again. Remington kissed her mouth over and over, almost inhaling her as they clung to one another.


“Oh, God, woman . . . woman! We are going to have to go home and get in bed together. I’m not nearly done today, are you?”


Laura shook her head and they gradually extracted themselves from each other and tried to get dressed again.


As they stood in the little office powder room trying to calm themselves, their passion overwhelmed them again and they kissed and kissed.


“Hold me, Remy! Hold me tight! I just can’t come down. My body is so excited by you today.Laura was trembling in his arms.


“It’s all right. I’m here to take care of you, love,” Remington said, holding her hips tightly to him as she clung to him for dear life rubbing up against him. His arousal throbbed against her still as he held her and the feel of him in that state caused Laura’s legs to give out.


“Oh, dear Lord, woman,” Remington murmured.


He pulled Laura’s skirt up and drew both her legs up so that he could enter into her again as she braced herself against the sink in the tiny bathroom. When they joined again, Laura swooned in his arms, shaking and quivering as rapture seized her again and Remington groaned and snorted as he penetrated her this way, delving into her mouth over and over with his kisses, his nostrils flaring, his face flushed dark red.


“Oh, Lord! We can’t stop, can we? Laura . . . Lau . . . ra!”


“No . . . no, Remy, Oooh!Laura moaned as she climaxed in his arms.


Remington cried out as he ejaculated again and then he just held on to Laura as the spasms gripped his pelvis. His eyes rolled back into his head as the orgasm came in waves.


“Oh, Remy,” Laura whispered. “Remy . . .”


“Babe, look at us,” Remington murmured, his blue eyes languid in the aftermath of their passionate moments.


Remington staggered backwards as he let Laura down and she just collapsed against him and he sat down on the toilet seat held her till she finally came to her senses and was able to stand up on her own. It took a while for them to pull themselves together so that they could present themselves again.


“Love, can you walk now? I think I need to take you home.”


They were still in somewhat of a daze from the intense sexual activity of the afternoon and yet wanting more of each other as they left the now quiet office and went to the parking garage to find their car. They continued to kiss and touch each other in the Auburn and Remington gave her a final kiss in the darkened garage before they drove out into the street.

Remington looked at Laura as they were stopped at a traffic light.


“You are absolutely gorgeous today.”


“That’s what Bernice said. She said that it was obvious that you were taking great care of me in that special way.”


“And you said?”


“I said you were fabulous.”


“Did I ever tell you that she point blank propositioned me when I first came to the agency?”


“I knew it. Bernice would not let a chance at a man get by her—especially for a handsome man like you. Did you ever think about taking her up on it?”


“Not for a moment. I appraised her attributes of course, notably that great set of knockers she had, but I knew that you were the woman for me the first day we met.”


“She asked me about this,” Laura said, gently patting his still somewhat distended crotch. “She said that she figured you were ‘generously endowed.’ She said that Felicia let her in on that ‘secret.’


“Felicia always has had a knack for talking too much,” Remington said, preening a bit. “Well, it all belongs to you now, love, and you take marvelous care of me. That first time with you I felt like I was havin’ a virgin. I tried to hold up because I feared that I was goin’ to hurt you and when you cried out in obvious pain, I was devastated, but then you wouldn’t let me stop and I was so overwhelmed with passion that I couldn’t stop. And then you just took me, all of me, and it was all over, wasn’t it?”


“You were by no means my first man, but it had been so long and none of them had been like you.”


“Daniel always warned me about my size being a weapon. He was quite a gargantuan fellow himself in that department and proud of it. It’s amazing that I never put together the similarities of our genitalia . . . our size and the strawberry birthmark we each had in the same location . . . to reach the conclusion that we were related somehow.”


“Gargantuan . . . that is an interesting word to describe a family trait. Of course if we have a son, it will be interesting to see what his private parts look like.”


“I’m glad you’re thinking about us having a wee one. I so want to have a baby with you, woman. And that reminds me that you are ovulating beginning this weekend. Perhaps we will get lucky this time around.”


“Perhaps. You know that we promised to spend this weekend in Sacramento at my mother’s. It will be the first time we have visited her since we’ve been married . . . sleeping together under her roof. She wants to have some sort of reenactment of our wedding. I hope you don’t find this too difficult to endure.”


“Well, we shall have to rise to that challenge. Do you have any feelings about us having sex in your mother’s house?”


“She is so intrusive. She walked in on Frances and Donald when they first stayed over in her house. Frances says that Donald was so unnerved that they have never had sex in her house since.”


“I don’t intend to leave you alone this weekend. I might as well tell you that now. You are much too delectable . . . and ovulating as well! I am only human, Laura.”


They had arrived at Rossmore and when they got into the apartment, Remington picked Laura up in his arms and immediately carried her to their bedroom where they quickly shed their clothes.


“You are a sight, love.Laura said, “especially when you are like that.”


He was walking about hanging up his clothes, his rigid flesh proclaiming his need like a flag in front of him, glad that the days when he had to suppress his urges in front of her were long gone and that Laura enjoyed seeing him like this.


But when he saw Laura lying on their bed, ready to accept him, Remington was completely overwhelmed.


“Remy, come here now please. I know that you need me to take care of you. We’re not done yet.”


Remington’s blue eyes widened as he gazed at her. She was holding her legs up, offering herself to him. He knew that Laura had to capacity to be as passionate as he and he loved to see her this way, losing the shyness she had initially had in their sexual encounters.


“I think you are needed here right now.”


“First things first, love, eh?”


Remington got onto the bed with her, and he kissed her all over her intimate parts . . . inhaling the scent of her, enjoying the taste of her. He was inflamed with desire for her and Laura smiled to herself as he got onto her and came into her without further ado. She was ready for him as well—her body that had practically shut down sensually before meeting Remington Steele was now attuned to have sexual intercourse with him every time he wanted it, which at this point this was often several times in a day. She stayed ready for him, her body thriving on and craving Remington’s attention.


“I’m just like cat in heat, walking around with my tail up, wanting to show you all my hind parts today. I don’t even know myself when I’m like this.”


“I know you. You are a beautiful sensual woman and I love you to let me know what you want and when you want it, darling.”


“I want you now, Remington Steele. You have run me so hot today that I don’t know what to do with myself. I have no shame before you any more . . . no shame. I am so hot for you all of the time.”


“Laura . . .” Remington kissed her calves, her thighs and then he kissed her intimate parts again “Yes, Laura, yes!Remington groaned as their parts united again.


“Oh, Remy . . . Remy,” Laura swooned as they rocked together in the age old rhythm of coitus. “Help me, Remy . . . help me, please.”


She had him caught in her tight clasp and held him as they both cried out in ecstasy.


“Babe . . . babe, I can’t take much more! Dear Lord!”


When Laura released her clasp on him, Remington groaned and came into her even harder, snorting and grunting like a wild man.


“Yes! Yes! Use me, Remy!”


He stayed right onto her and rotating inside her again and again, kissing her over and over with kisses that nearly bruised her mouth as the climax came on them.


“Oh, Jesus Christ! Jesus!”


“Remy . . . Remy . . . yes, yes . . . yes,” Laura wailed her surrender as the flashes of light of orgasm burst before her eyes.


Remington held her tenderly as he felt her give herself completely to him, kissing her lips softly, moaning her name over and over.


“Laura . . . Laura . . . babe, my precious babe.”


They panted and gasped together as they tried to come back to themselves.


“Thank you . . . thank you, Laura . . . woman . . .”


They lay in their lovers’ embrace, still joined as the afterglow settled down upon them.


“Remy . . . Remy,” Laura sighed.


“You are the only one able to calm this beast I carry with me, Laura. You . . . you give me such peace in my flesh, love. It is such a wonderful gift . . . that peace in my flesh.”


“I want to give you that peace. I want you to use me till that peace comes, Remy. I am a vessel for your pleasure, love.”


“When you hold your legs open for me like that, it sends me around the bend, Laura. Just knowing that you are finally mine, that every part of your lovely pudenda is mine is my heart’s

desire. My dear sweet lassie, I suffered for so long for the need of you.”


“And now, love?”


“Now I am in paradise . . . paradise. Are you in paradise too?”


“I finally know what paradise with a man is. I will always be here for you . . . no resistance, no reluctance, no fear. I think of you all the time, how it will feel the next time you are inside my body, how I will hold you inside me and clasp you and cherish your place inside me. I never imagined the sensual need that I would have, what being with you would do to me. My body wants what you want.”


“Sleep, love. I don’t want to wear you out. I worry that I’m tiring you excessively. Please forgive me for my carnal nature. Do you realize how helpless I am these days now that we are together?”


“I understand. And I promised you to take care of all your passionate needs.”


“Then that is all the more reason you need a long nap right now. Sleep here in my arms, love.”


Remington drew the covers up over them and they soon fell asleep.


The rest of the week went along as planned at the office. Remington and Laura had found their pattern of sexual activity and they accepted the fact that they were unable to get enough

of each other.


* * * *


The weekend brought the trip to Sacramento and early Saturday morning Remington and Laura drove to Sacramento to Abigail’s house. Frances and Donald were there with their children as well so the house was truly full and somewhat crazy.


Abigail had planned a catered reception for the afternoon and Remington and Laura were to reenact their marriage vows in front of family and friends so there was a flurry of activity from the moment they arrived.


Abigail showed them to their room for the weekend.


“I decided to give you two my bedroom for the weekend. I will sleep with the grandchildren in the one of the spare bedrooms. Make yourselves at home.”


She was fluttering over everyone like a little butterfly and Laura saw Remington becoming somewhat discomfited by the situation. But they changed into the clothes they were wearing for the reenactment and soon they were all ready.


“Say, Remington,” Donald said, taking him aside, “I must warn you that you will not have much privacy in this house this weekend. Abigail is known to walk in without knocking. The first time Frances and I spent a night here she did that to us and, man, I have not had sex in this house since . . . just a friendly warning.”


“Thanks for the warning, Donald. Laura and I will figure out something. Laura and I are really trying to have a baby . . . and she is ovulating this weekend.”


“Ha!Donald grinned. “That will be a challenge. Wish you the best. You know I am really happy that you two ended up together. It was obvious to me that you were hung up on her. I just wondered how long it would take, man.”


“Donald, I loved her from the day we met. It just took so long for me to convince her that I wanted more than just her behind, to put it succinctly. Of course, I admit that I wanted that too. God! I am so gone on her, man. She makes me feel like a bull in rut.”


Donald slapped his brother-in-law on his back as they enjoyed a few minutes of man-to-man communication.

Laura came to claim Remington from Donald.


“I think that mother is ready for the reenactment, Rem. If we can get this done, we can finally have some peace on this issue.”


Remington took Laura in with his blue-eyed gaze and she blushed slightly.


“You look lovely, darling.”


Laura was wearing a cream-colored silk dress with a full skirt and a wide v-shaped neckline that revealed all her freckled shoulders and décolleté. Her thick chestnut hair was caught up in a French roll that was entwined with pearls and she was stunning.


“Well, look at you. I have to compete with you in your tux, you gorgeous hunk.”


Remington bent to kiss Laura tenderly on her lips.


“It’s Saturday afternoon, love, and we should be home in bed trying to procreate about now. I’m trying to be good, but seeing you like this makes it very difficult.”


Abigail called everyone to order. She has asked a minister who lived on her block to come and repeat their vows and he was there, a ruddy faced Irishman along with his sense of humor.


Remington and Laura stood in the garden under a rose arbor and took the vows again.


“Do you take this woman, Laura Eileen Holt, to be your lawfully wedded wife?”


“I do,” Remington responded.


“Do you take this man, Remington Harrison Steele, to be your lawfully wedded husband?”


“I do,” Laura answered.


Now they repeated the vows. It was Remington first, and he said the vows that he had written himself.


“I, Remington, take you Laura, to be my wife and my partner for life, to be the one that I will be faithful to all the days of my life, to be the center of my life in every way. I promise to

bring you all the joy and happiness and fulfillment that it is within my power to bring you as your husband.”

Laura was taken aback by hearing Remington’s declaration even though they had written them together, and her eyes filled with unaccustomed tears.


“Now, Laura, you may say your vow,” the minister said.


“I, Laura, take you, Remington, to be my husband and partner for life. I will be faithful to you in every way and I will be here for you through hard times and good times all the days of my life and I will endeavor to bring you all the happiness and fulfillment that it is possible to bring you as your wife.”


“With the authority given me by God and the state of California, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride, Remington.”

Remington bent to kiss Laura tenderly on her lips and then took her hands and kissed them as well.


All sighed, caught up in the moment, and then all applauded and went to hug Remington and Laura. Remington hugged Laura and wiped the tears away that were streaming down her cheeks.


“It’s all right, love.”


“I know. I just can’t stop the tears. I can’t explain it.”


“Are you happy?”


“Yes, more than I ever realized.”


Remington kissed Laura again, lost in their own mysteries for the moment, ignoring the fact that the family was watching them with the greatest interest.


The event was not as difficult as Remington and Laura would have thought and they even ended the evening dancing in her mother’s backyard to Sinatra singing “What Is This Thing Called Love?”


As they danced together, Remington flushed darkly and bent to kiss Laura gently on her mouth, several times and then finally as the song went on, he guided her into the darkened rose arbor in the far corner of the backyard and kissed her again and again as the music played on.


“Your sister and brother-in-law seem to really have it going on, Frances,” Donald said as he danced with his wife. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t hear the patter of little feet soon with them.”


“Laura? No, she never wanted children. I don’t doubt that they are having a good time together. He is such a hunk. But children . . . I would be very surprised. She has always been strictly the career woman.”


“I’m just lookin’ at them. They are gone on each other, Frances. The hardly know we are here. We will see what happens. And he loves our kids. You see how much they love him.”


“My sister Laura?”


“He told me once that he admired my life as a husband and father, that I was his hero. I’m betting they’ll have a houseful. They can afford it, that’s for sure. He told me she’s ovulating this weekend and that’s what they have on their minds. Well, it’s obvious what they have on their minds, Frances. He told me that she makes him feel like a bull in rut.Daniel chuckled into his wife’s ear.


“But Laura? Maybe one . . . or two. We’ll see. Donald, you are such a romantic.”


“This is true, Frances,” Donald said, kissing his wife on her lips. “I wish we weren’t sleeping at your mother’s house.”


When Remington and Laura retired to their bedroom at last, it was nearly midnight. Remington took Laura into his arms and kissed her over and over, pulling the pins from her hair so that it fell down upon her shoulders.


“I was wantin’ to do that all evening, Laura. Please don’t braid it tonight.”


“I wanted you to do that. I love you to take my hair down. You were charming today . . . with my family.”


“I love bein’ with your family. And I love bein’ with you. I am going to help you get undressed for bed and you are going to help me. My spermatozoa are very anxious to get to that ovum you have waiting for me.”


“I do really need you tonight, Remy. I feel it inside me in the strangest way.”


Remington kissed Laura over and over and they were rapidly beyond the point of return as they dropped their clothing and climbed naked into her mother’s huge bed.


Remington looked at Laura in the low light from the bedside lamp and his face flushed as his excitement took hold of him and they kissed over and over.


“Oh, Remy.”


Laura opened her thighs and he was on top of her, just mounting her as they heard the door open to the bedroom.


“It’s only me. I left my pajamas in here,” Abigail sang out cheerily.


Remington’s naked backside with its adornment of silky black hair was completely exposed and there was no time to cover up.


Remington shook his head and groaned passionately on his wife as if they were already in the throes of passion.


“Laura . . . Laura, Oh, God!”


“Remy . . . Remy,” Laura murmured over and over, taking his cue and responding in kind.


When Abigail saw Remington’s naked hips moving up and down and Laura’s legs spread out on either side of him and heard them moaning and groaning together, she was stunned.


“Excuse . . . excuse me!She turned and stumbled over their clothes that had been dropped hurriedly on the floor as she tried to get out of the room.


Laura and Remington kept moaning passionately as Abigail got out of their room and slammed the door behind her.


Remington and Laura collapsed in soft laughter after the door closed.


“You are so bad, Remy.”


“You were moaning vociferously, love.”


“I think my mother probably hurt herself trying to get out of here.”


“Don’t worry. Your mother is fine, but I don’t think she will come back in here again . . . ever.”


“She saw your bare hairy behind.”


“Yes, she did. I’ll wager she’s seen a man’s arse before. Now where were we, love?”


“We wanted to try to make a baby tonight.”


Remington kissed Laura again, and then again, gently wooing her as she lay in his arms and she eagerly accepted him inside her. Remington and Laura found their rhythm and the exquisite pleasure consumed them as they gave themselves to each other.


“Laura, do you want a baby? Tell me if you do, love.”


“I do. I want to carry for you. Oh, Remy, I do want to have our baby. I . . . I care for you so.”


“Oh, God! God!Remington groaned out as his ejaculation began in powerful spurts. “It . . . it’s . . .” He saw stars and lapsed into incoherence as his testicles released their potent load.


Laura was gasping as the spasms of the climax and then the surrender swept her.


“Remy . . . Remy, help me. Don’t let me . . . lose any . . . of it.”


Remington caught Laura up in his arms and she held her legs together so that she could keep all of his precious semen as he continued to kiss her all over her face and breasts.


“Please, Remy . . . please”


That night Remington and Laura made love again and again.


The next morning when Remington and Laura emerged from their bedroom, Abigail did not look at them at all.


“There is coffee and breakfast. You folks can help yourselves,” she sang out to no one in particular.


Remington hugged Laura when she poured him coffee, drew her down onto his lap at the kitchen table and kissed her soundly.


Abigail took one brief look at the lovers and took flight from the kitchen.


“Well, I guess we have solved that problem for all the time, love.”


“You are wicked, Rem.”


“No, I am not wicked. I just want us to be able to visit your mother without denying ourselves the best part of life.”


“Do you really think it’s the best part of life?”


“It is very high on the list, Laura. Maybe seeing you carrying my child in your belly might trump it, but I don’t know what else could compete.”


Remington put his hand over Laura’s hand and gazed into her eyes and all his feeling for her was there.


“I think that we should head back to LA early. I want to get with you in our own bed before this day is over.”


“You’re right. I don’t think Mother would understand us retreating to the bedroom for the rest of the day. She still is in a state of shock after last night.”


“Agreed, love.”


Remington and Laura took their leave before Sunday noon and headed back to Los Angeles. It was a clear mild February day but they were both distracted by one another.


“I love lookin’ at you, Laura. I’m havin’ trouble keepin’ my eyes on the road today.”


“You are quite a sight yourself, Rem, with your hair blowing in the wind.”


“We are about halfway home. Would you like to stop somewhere and spend some quality time together along the way? We could have lunch and then . . . dessert.”


Laura reached over and rubbed his thigh and Remington’s flesh instantly responded.


“Whoa, Laura,” he grabbed her hand and removed it from his thigh. you know I can’t take that kind of stimulation when I’m driving, love.”


They drove a ways farther and Remington spotted a hotel and restaurant on the Pacific Coast Highway and they stopped there. The restaurant featured seafood and so they ordered a lunch of clam chowder along with sour dough bread which they ordered brought to their room.


The hotel overlooked the Pacific and the balcony was bathed in sunshine as they sat enjoying the lunch together.


“Laura, I feel that the vows we exchanged were very special. I hope that you realize that. I know that words mean a great deal to you and I am trying to come to the point when I can say to you everything that is in my heart.”


“Are you in love with me, Rem? The words that you said yesterday mean that you are in love.”


“I am, Laura. Please, believe me. I have those feelings. They are so deep for you.”


“I want to tell you that I have those same feelings. I still want to hear those words from you directly to me. You know that I want to be with you always.”


“Please be patient with me and let me prove my feelings to you. I truly . . . truly want to say all the words you want to hear. Do you believe that, Laura? I am in unknown territory with you, darling. I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you . . . and the words you need to hear are ready to burst from my lips. I know that they will come because they are there. Please just let me show you . . . with my body how deeply I feel.”


Remington took Laura by the hand and they went inside to the bedroom and lay down together.


“You remember that woman from our office building who was locked up with us during that holiday? I understand her feeling empty and unfulfilled. She wanted to have a baby. I want a

baby for you so much. I just want to feel my belly full like that . . . and I don’t even know why.”


Remington kissed Laura passionately and drew her blouse off so that he could touch her flesh. Laura pulled at his black turtle necked sweater and it came over his head and she put her hands on his chest, rubbing it, feeling soft silky black hair there on his chest and his arms as Remington released her bra and felt for her breasts. They kissed hungrily, as though they could not get enough of each other.


“Remy, I want you so today. I want you, baby. Please take these jeans off so I can touch you.”


Laura opened his pants and Remington finished undressing her and suckled her breasts over and over as Laura fondled his parts. They were lost in each other, their bodies ready to come together and Laura held him and guided him inside her.


“Laura . . .” Remington groaned as their parts joined. “Oh, babe . . . babe, I need you. I care so for you, babe. I . . . I”


They were rotating in perfect synchrony as their bodies found their rhythm. Laura caught Remington’s hips and drew him as deep as she could inside her and Remington cried out in ecstasy each time she gripped him. Then he began to thrust into her again and again as Laura surrendered to his powerful thrusts, fluttering like a butterfly in his arms, her teeth clattering, her eyes rolling about in her head.


Remington’s nostrils flared and he snorted and grunted like a wild horse as he used her on this afternoon, and when they came to climax, Laura was in rapture as she cried out his name.


“Remy! Remy!”


“Yes! Yes! Babe! “I’m here! Oh, God, woman! Jesus Christ! Help us!”


They both experienced the psychic phenomena of the climax together, their pelvic spasms coming in concert as Remington ejaculated, his eyes glazing over, his mouth hanging open.


Then the tenderness, the tears, as Remington took Laura up and held her thighs together so that she would not lose a drop of his precious semen as he continued to kiss her tenderly over and over.

Laura was in a daze, swooning in his arms, unable to stop the spasms that kept coming in her belly.


“Oh, Remy, hold me tight. Please keep holding me.”


“I’m holding you, love. Just hang on, love. I’ll hold you . . . always . . . always. I’ll never . . . never . . . let you go.”


They lay sated in each others arms, murmuring the love words deep in the recesses of their hearts to each other till they drifted off to sleep.


It was dark when they wakened.


Rem, it is so late. We still have to drive the rest of the way to LA.”


“Not really, love. Call Mildred and tell her that we will be in tomorrow afternoon. We’re not going anywhere right now. We’re trying to make a baby, remember?”


Laura smiled. “I might be pregnant now. Have you thought about that?”


“Yes, I have. And I want to make certain that we use this propitious moment to the full.”


Laura looked at her naked husband lying on the bed so ready to have her again and knew that he was right. There was nothing more important that they could do at this moment in time.

She wanted him too, all her biological urges telling her that this was the time to mate with her consort, to become pregnant for him.


When they lay finally spent, Remington held Laura up in his arms, once again, and put his hand on Laura’s belly and rubbed it gently.


“I wanted to impregnate you from the day we met, woman.”


“I wanted you to do it,” Laura admitted easily.


“When I saw your hips sway the way they do and your hair bounce around your shoulders, I wanted you, Laura. And not just to have sex with. I wanted more than that. I knew in my gut that I wanted to have children with you. I had never wanted to impregnate a woman before, but I wanted to see you walking beside me with your belly full, Laura. Oh, God! I want to see you like that, babe. Could you tell how bad it was with me?”


“Um hum. I wanted you too. We both knew, didn’t we?”


“Are you still afraid that I will be a Langston Druze?”


“No, I know that you are not going anywhere. I’m going to grow old with you, Remington Steele.”


“Laura . . . I . . .” Remington felt the words on the tip of his tongue. He loved her so much. He wanted to tell her. His lips closed over hers instead in a kiss so tender that it brought both of them to tears.


“I know . . . I know,” Laura whispered as they embraced each other. She knew the words that he wanted to say and no longer wondered. “Just make love to me again,” she said.


They lay facing each other, their legs entwined and they came together again, gently, easily, Laura’s parts clasping him tightly again and again.


“Oh, babe . . . babe, I’m so intoxicated, babe, so intoxicated,” Remington sighed, as he pursed his lips and kissed her so deeply, so passionately that he took her breath away.


When the apogée came on them, Laura gasped and her fingernails dug into his shoulders and scraped his back, leaving long red welts, as the bright lights of orgasm flashed in their brains.


“Dear Lord,” Remington groaned, their pelvises jerking in unison as it happened for him again.


They just lay there afterward in each others arms and finally they fell asleep, their bodies exhausted from lovemaking.


There was no need to get up and go to Los Angeles that night. The day had been theirs to give to each other and it had been a weekend that would never be forgotten.


The next morning they got up and drove the rest of the way to Los Angeles, getting home at nearly noon. They fell into their bed and didn’t waken till the next day.



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