By: Phaedra Phelan
Summary: Laura is stunned when Remington reveals his very personal knowledge of her. This takes place between the "Steele in Circulation" case and "Steele Away With Me"
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It was just two weeks after the Federal Bank case and Remington and Laura were still stunned by their passionate episode at the end of that case. Laura had been so frightened at her own reaction to Remington's advances that she had taken cover in her office, unable to address the feelings that she had for Remington. Remington had been so stimulated that he was hard pressed to keep from confronting Laura with his need again. His talk with Murphy's psychiatrist friend, Sherrie Webster, had made him realize how strong his passion was for Laura and what that meant to a man like himself who had never involved himself in any lasting relationship. Bernice Fox was fascinated to watch it all develop, but she herself was involved with a new man in her life and had told Laura that she would be leaving the agency. Laura had not told her all that had happened at Steele's apartment that day, but she had revealed enough to give Bernice fodder for talk.
This morning Laura had come to work early, but after working a couple of hours she came down with a serious case of menstrual cramps. She felt as if her period was early, but wasn't sure and had no supplies or medication in the office with her. Finally she had to go to the little room in the back of the office and lie down and just suffer her pain.
Bernice was away for the day and Murphy was out of town, interviewing for a new job.
Remington came in at nine and was surprised to find the office open, but unattended. He was puzzled and knocked on Laura's office door. It was ajar and he saw the evidence of her early morning work on her desk. He locked the front office door and went into his own office and sat down at his desk in the unusually quiet office.
While he was sitting at his desk trying to figure out where everyone was he heard a low moaning sound coming from the room in the back of the office. Jumping to his feet, he went to the back and knocked on the door.
Hearing additional moaning, he opened the door and saw Laura doubled up on the bed there, her arms clutching her belly.
"Laura! You're ill!"
"It's . . . it's cramps. I got so sick all of a sudden."
"Your menses, your catamenia and you're having dysmenorrhea. I am so sorry, love. Tell me what to do for you."
"I'm so embarrassed, Mr. Steele. I don't really want to discuss my personal stuff with you, but I didn't realize my period was coming on. I got caught short here. I don't have my meds and I don't have any more supplies. And I am so sick that I can't even pull myself together to go home. I'm a mess." Laura broke down in tears.
"Try to hold on, Laura. I understand that women must have their menstrual periods. I'll go downstairs to the pharmacy and pick up what you need."
"It's not necessary," Laura said, but Remington was already gone to get what she needed.
It had unnerved Remington to see her so sick, but he went to the bank of elevators and down to ground level to the drugstore that was located there. He got a shopping basket and headed to the section where the feminine hygiene items were and picked up a couple boxes of the brand of tampons that he had seen in Laura's apartment bathroom. Then he went to the pain relief section and got a couple boxes of Pamprin and tossed them into the basket. There was a women's clothing section and he went there and found some disposable panties and took them along. He presented everything to the cashier, looking her directly in the eye and headed back to the office.
"Laura, I hope this is what you need, darling. I admit this is my first excursion of this kind, but I sense that it will not be my last."
Laura looked at him, saw the concern in his blue eyes, and at that moment she realized how much she loved him.
He brought her a glass of water to take the meds and nervously opened the package and gave two of the tablets to her.
"Give me another, please. I am in so much pain."
Remington dutifully doled out another Pamprin and watched her as she lay back down, still in misery.
"I do know some reflexology and massage that might help you, Laura. May I work on your feet and legs a bit?"
Remington removed his jacket and Laura stretched out on the bed and continued to hold her belly as he began to gently massage her tiny feet.
"There, there, just let this work, Laura. It's really quite amazing what it can do. I noticed you having some discomfort previously and did some research of the area of the foot that involves the uterus."
"You researched the uterus?"
"Why yes, you have one and I am very interested in that part of you, darling."
Laura continued to moan softly but the pain began to diminish a bit.
"Thank you, Mr. Steele. I think I will have to go to the bathroom."
Laura got up and went to the bathroom to take care of her personal matters. She was surprised to see that he had purchased the same exact brand of tampons that she used and that he had thoughtfully purchased a package of disposable panties so that she could freshen up.
When Laura came out of the bathroom, she was still very pale and there were dark circles under her eyes.
"I need to go home, but I just don't think I can make it right now in this condition. I am so nauseous."
"I'll take you to my place. There's an elevator. You can stay in my bedroom till you feel well enough to go home. I will go and pick up whatever you need from your place for tonight."
"I don't guess I can refuse, do I?"
"Not really, Laura. I don't pretend to understand what you are going through as a woman, but I am aware of your feminine cycles and I am fascinated by them."
"Your body is like a fine watch that keeps perfect time. I saw you getting stressed as your menses approached. When that happens, you get a bad case of PMS and usually a migraine headache as well. I was surprised that you came in today since I was aware that your catamenia was due."
Laura just looked at him in misery.
"Would it help you if I held you close, Laura?"
Laura nodded and let him take her into his embrace and gently hold her as she cried.
"I hate being so weak."
"Don't hate it. That marvelous plumbing inside you is what will let your carry our wee one inside you one of these days."
Laura looked up at him, a question in her eyes.
"Don't fret, darling. Let's close up for the day and let me take you home with me."
The cramps persisted but began to gradually diminish by the time they got to the Rossmore apartment. Remington took her into his bedroom, turned back the bed and then handed her one of his pajama tops and a robe and retreated to the kitchen to make herb tea for Laura.
When he came back into the bedroom, he gave Laura the tea and watched her drink it down.
"Now if you will allow me, Laura, I would love to give you a thorough back and leg massage."
Laura turned onto her stomach and Remington retrieved a bottle of lotion from the night table and dutifully worked on her back and legs.
When he finished, Laura had fallen asleep. He covered her and lay down beside her. She was cold, shivering actually as she slept, her hands and her feet like ice, and
Remington put his feet against hers and held her close, spooning with her under the covers.
It was dark when Laura awakened; the cramps were over and her flow was coming normally. She felt the warmth of Remington's body lying close to her. He was still partially clothed, but his bare feet were so warm.
I am amazed with this man. He is so gentle and caring. I would never have realized that he kept track of my like he does. And he is lying here with me trying to keep me warm even though I have my period. Wilson would vanish whenever I had my period. He would even sleep in another room.
Remington stirred next to her and realized that she was awake.
"Feeling better, Laura?"
"Umm, yes, I finally feel almost human again. Thank you."
Remington got out of the bed.
"You were very cold, Laura. I was just trying to warm your . . . hands and feet."
"You warmed me. You made me feel much better."
Remington plumped up the pillows and helped Laura to sit up in bed.
"I have some very good soup made up in the fridge. Do you think that would set well now?"
"I don't know. I have such a migraine headache. I'm afraid I might throw up. Please forgive me for being such a problem today."
Laura lay against the pillows, her weakened state quite evident.
"You're still beautiful, even when you are ill. Thank you for staying here with me today."
Suddenly Laura gagged and ran to his bathroom and began vomiting violently into the toilet.
Remington came into the bathroom with her and held her around her waist as she retched over the toilet.
"I'm so sorry . . . to be so sick."
"It's all right, lassie. I'm glad I'm here."
Laura gagged and retched again and finally just lay across the toilet seat exhausted. Remington took a cloth wrung out in cold water and wiped her face with it and then took her
up into his arms and held her while she moaned softly as her head throbbed painfully.
"Let's get you back to bed, Laura."
Remington helped Laura back to bed and lay down beside her. She was still trembling, shivering and he held her close to his own body's warmth till she calmed.
Laura drifted off to sleep again under Remington's watchful eye. She was sick all night with a severe migraine and all Remington could do was massage her feet and be there with her. Finally morning came and the spell of sickness seemed to have run its course.
Laura stood looking at her puffy eyes in the mirror in Remington's bathroom and felt almost herself again. Remington was making breakfast and getting himself ready for the day and she was still somewhat amazed at how Remington had come to her aid. Laura showered and pulled herself together and presented herself.
"Well now, that's our Miss Holt," Remington said brightly when she came into his kitchen. "You are almost looking yourself again. Let me start you off with coffee, or would you rather have tea?"
"Tea will be safe, I think, and just a piece of dry toast."
Remington put the steaming cup of tea before her along with a slice of toast and watched her carefully.
"You are very good, you know," Laura said. "One would think you grew up in a houseful of women, but I know that you didn't."
"No, I didn't, but I am interested in all the aspects of a woman's life. I've done quite a bit of reading on the subject. And you are a fascinating study."
"So different in so many marvelous ways. A man's plumbing is so simple really. Our testicles rule us. They fill up with semen and we have to unload it one way or another.
There is no special time, just when they are full or when they are stimulated by sexual activity. A woman's body is infinitely more complicated and based on a universal time clock-like the tides. Your menses is like the British Railway Service, on time right down to the minute. All of that combined with your intense sense of perception and an intellect beyond compare makes for a very interesting mix, Laura."
Laura flushed and sipped the hot tea, unable to come to terms with her very perceptive Mr. Steele.
"If you wish, I will take care of the office today and you can go home and finish recovering from your migraine. I will drop you off there on my way to the office."
Remington took her into his arms and kissed her soundly before they left his apartment.
Laura went home and got into her bed and stayed there for the rest of the day before she came out from under the effects of the migraine headache.
When Remington came back to her at the end of the day, he was encouraged to find her in much better shape.
"There you are!" He kissed her and hugged her. "I love the rebound. It's amazing, Laura."
"You're amazing. Thank you for . . . for helping me through my bad day."
"You're my woman, Laura. I have to be there for you . . . for the good days and for the bad ones. I have read that women who experience severe dysmenorrheal cycles often experience relief when they marry or when they are having regular sexual intercourse. So there is a light at the end of the tunnel, love. The migraines are with you for the duration, I fear, but the cramps, etc. will come to an end one of these days when we become lovers in the fullest sense of the word."
Laura looked at him, stunned, but could not say anything. He was right. When she was with Wilson, the cramps had disappeared and when they separated, they returned.
"I brought your dinner with me. I'm sure your appetite has returned by now, eh?"
"Yes, I am so hungry. Thank you."
Remington went into her kitchen and served up crispy baked chicken and grilled vegetables and brought the plates to the living room and served them both.
Laura kept looking at Remington as if she was seeing him again for the first time. When he realized that she was staring at him, he stopped eating.
"Is there something you need, love?"
"No, there is nothing I need," Laura said.
She reached for his hand and brought it to her lips and kissed it gently, then patted it and gave him his hand back.
"Thank you, Laura."
Their eyes met and neither of them could fathom the intensity of the chemistry between them. Remington was as rattled as Laura and he flushed deeply before he continued eating.
"I misjudged you, Mr. Steele."
"You are very kind and sensitive. You are very . . . deep, Mr. Steele. I know that now. You didn't have to help me through these past two days the way that you have, but you did."
"I always wanted someone to take care of, but I was the one needin' to be cared for when I was 'out there.' Now I have the opportunity. It tears me apart to see you suffer like you were suffering yesterday. I will always do whatever I can to alleviate that."
"Thank you."
"I mean that, Laura. I hope you understand."
"Yes, I do."
Remington and Laura finished eating and he turned to the old movie channel and sat back watching the movies with Laura as he massaged her feet. When Laura dropped off to
sleep, he eased her feet from his lap, covered her with her blanket, and went home to his apartment.
When Laura wakened later, she realized that Remington had left and she missed him. She had felt so comfortable with him when he took charge of her when she was feeling so bad. His knowledge of her body and its functions and how to help her get through the difficult days was more like what she would have imagined from a loving husband. He had suppressed his sensual urges and had taken care of her in every way it was possible to take care of her and she knew that she loved him.
Laura fell asleep and when she dreamed, she was lying with Remington Steele in his bed. They were spooning, Remington's arms around her, his warm feet were under hers, warming her.
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