Sensitive Steele Revisited - an Addition
BY: Phaedra Phelan
SUMMARY: What may have happened when that walk along the beach continued.
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Remington and Laura walked along for a few minutes in silence on the beautiful Pacific beach. They were suddenly very much at peace with one another. The words in the letter that Remington wrote to her were still ringing in Laura's brain as she walked with the man she had loved with all her heart for four years.
When I think of you, Laura, I think of the day we met, the way I wanted you from the very beginning and I think of how much I want you today. I think of my hands tangled in your shining chestnut hair, of sparkling brown eyes trifling mercilessly with my heart, of breasts sprinkled with lovely freckles, of drop dead gorgeous legs intertwined with mine, of soft lips that have kissed me tenderly, passionately, or playfully as the mood dictates. I think of a woman with a mind that is as beautiful and mysterious as any part of her lovely body. I think of the woman that I want to be with always, to have children with, the woman I want to share all my sadness and all my joy.
Remington reached for Laura's hand and as they stopped again he drew her close. Remington was ruggedly handsome in the casual heavy knit sweater he wore to ward off the cool breeze that blew constantly on this winter's day in southern California; but his eyes were quite pensive as he stood looking down at Laura. She seemed even more petite than usual to him because she was wearing flat sneakers instead of her accustomed high-heeled pumps.
"Laura, we need to move forward . . . forward with our lives. I am not going to leave you. I have been with you and I will be with you. I just want you, I need . . . you. I feel that I have somehow failed you, because I know that you have needs, needs as a woman that I want to fulfill for you. I dare say that you will agree with me that we are two very passionate individuals . . ." Remington's eyes questioned Laura's and he saw her answer before her answer came.
"Yes . . . I-I cannot deny that." Laura blushed slightly. She knew his words to be only too true.
"Laura, I've been sexually active since I was just sixteen years old. From that time until just under four years ago I did whatever I wanted. Daniel sort of 'brought me along' and I knew how to satisfy my sensual needs and yet protect and respect whatever partner I happened to be with. But when I met you, I knew that I had somehow come up against something quite different from the casual liaisons of the years past. Laura, I fell for you--like a ton of bricks--I fell for you."
"Remington . . ."
"And Laura, I know that you fell for me as well. Can you deny that to be true?"
"You know that I can't."
"Laura, three and a half years ago I even started having wet dreams again. I have not had intercourse with anyone during all that time-until that night in the motel after that young boy Rudy was killed when you and I came together. You are the only woman that I have touched intimately in all these three and a half years, and those moments are branded into my memory and haunt and at the same time stimulate all my sexual thoughts. Do you remember those moments as I do, Laura?"
"I could never forget them. We came so close so many times."
"I am in agony night after night, Laura, needing you with me. I waken every morning with my flesh in such a state of excitement that I can hardly bear it.
Laura, I admit that my intentions were somewhat lacking in honor at the beginning. I wanted you, but I wanted no strings, no commitment, no attachment. I wanted to bed you like all the others and then be able to move on like before. But, thank the Lord, that wasn't to be. Between learning to love being Remington Steele and coming to love being with you my life has completely changed. As quite literally painful as these past three and a half years of celibacy have been, they have been good for me. I have learned what fidelity is, what commitment is. I have learned to marshal my . . . my spirit, my passions as I would have never thought possible. I can lie in my bed night after night with my balls so full they are aching, for you, Laura. I've waited for you. God knows, I've done it."
Laura reached out to touch Remington and he took both her hands in his and brought them to his lips.
"Remington . . ." Her eyes were bright with unshed tears as she absorbed the meaning of his words.
"My intentions are altogether honorable now. I want to pursue you with the objective of being with you always. I will never deflect, Laura. I have proved that I can give up all other liaisons and be there for you and I think that I deserve a chance. You have completely won my heart, Laura. Give me a chance to win your heart."
Laura's mind was a jumble as she realized how she must have hurt Remington in the group session with the bataka. His suggestive innuendos, the constant propositions had been a posture, a protective façade to protect himself from being hurt more than he already had been. She reached out to him, realizing finally that he was her man.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."
Remington took her into his arms and what they saw in one another's eyes was the suppressed passion of all the previous four years ready to burst forth from both of them.
"Laura, dear Laura," Remington murmured as their lips met.
The kiss was tender and searching and then, as Laura's mouth opened, welcoming and begging for his kisses, Remington groaned passionately, easily lifting Laura's slender body up against his so that they could each drink thirstily the essence from the others lips. When Laura felt Remington's manly parts rise in excitement in the soft denim jeans he was wearing, she swooned in his arms, unable and unwilling to resist him any longer.
"Remington, please, take me somewhere and make love to me," she whispered when the kiss stopped for a moment. "I need you and I want you and . . . I didn't want to say all those mean things to you."
Remington continued to kiss her all over her face as she talked.
"I realize that you're not my father. I know you've stayed, and . . . and I know I've made you climb the walls, but, but I was so scared."
"Are you still frightened of me, Laura?" Remington's passionate blue eyes captured hers, his face flushed with desire for her.
"No, oh, no, Remy," Laura cried, pulling his head down to meet her waiting lips again. Remington gripped both her hips through the soft printed silk skirt that she was wearing and easily drew Laura even closer up against his flesh, kissing her over and over, as he found himself overpowered by the fire in his loins, unable to ease Laura back down onto her feet again.
"Dear Lord, Laura, why don't we go back up to our room at the spa? Didn't they say we had it till the end of the day?"
"Yes, they did," Laura answered, the timbre of her voice reflecting the surge of sensual energy she too was experiencing.
"I'm havin' a hard time here. I will be quite embarrassed if you step away from me and my passionate situation is revealed."
Remington finally was able to release Laura and he just stood and gazed at her as he tried to bring himself under control. As he noted the high color in her cheeks, the passion in her eyes, he smiled knowingly and shook his head. He knew her so well after all these years-the ebb and flow of her femininity in all its aspects-and he did some mental calculations.
"On second thought, Laura, I think that this might not be the best time for us to go all the way. Aren't you ovulating?"
Laura thought for a moment and realized that he was right, recalling the Saturday two weeks previously when she spent the day in bed with a hot water bottle on her painful belly.
Remington had come over with his usual assortment of teas and spent the afternoon and evening with her, doing reflexology on her feet to relieve her cramps, mostly just being there, lying across the foot of her bed watching the old movie channel while she dozed. She smiled in his arms, remembering.
"You know me too well, Mr. Steele. I think that you are right."
"It's my business to know you, Laura." Remington's eyes were twinkling as he looked down at her, practically inhaling her beauty in the bright sunshine. "I don't think that all the protection in the world could safeguard you from me today. I feel as virile as a wild horse, Laura. The urge to procreate with you is so strong in me that I don't dare to touch you like that today. When I get you pregnant, I want us to be well-married."
'You've really felt the desire to have babies with me?"
"From the first day we met." Remington looked at Laura and sighed passionately. "Haven't you . . . ever thought of us having a wee one together?"
"I have," Laura admitted shyly. "It's one of my fantasies? It's a recurring dream actually."
Remington nodded and faced her as she spoke.
"I have this recurring dream that we are . . . married and I am about to give birth for you. In the dream my belly is so big that I can barely move without assistance. And you are still chasing me all over our apartment." Laura smiled the mischievous smile that he loved so.
"And how does the dream end?"
"You always get what you want."
Remington grinned and drew her up beside him, his arm around her waist, and kissed her tenderly, his hand finding her flat belly and patting it gently. "We will do it all . . . at the proper time." He paused for a long moment, reflecting.
"You are aware that I am A-positive, Laura."
"Yes, I remember seeing your blood type on your records when you were in the hospital with both legs broken. We'll just have to have that in mind. I've never been transfused, so I shouldn't be sensitized to Rh factor." Laura looked up at the man that she loved. "You've thought about this a lot, haven't you?"
"I have thought about having a life with you for a very long time."
"And you are very complicated. You just couldn't be plain old O-negative like the other eight-five percent of us, could you?" She was teasing him and Remington loved playing with her like this.
"I see that you have also given this subject considerable thought. Oh, Laura, four years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be talking with a woman about having a family. I look at myself and I say, 'you're a different man, old sport,' and I know that it's true."
"I appreciate your protecting me Remington. I feel so like a wild woman right now. I could just jump on you and attack you because I want you so much. And I know . . . that it is hard for you to hold back. When I feel the . . . excitement . . . in you, my legs just turn to jelly."
"I have tried to hide it from you, Laura, not wanting to repel you with my . . . urges, but I am only human. I am a man and I react to you as a man to a woman. Suffice it to say, it is easier for a woman to hide her feelings."
"Suffice it to say that I have been as aroused as you. Recently I've felt like I'm going out of my mind with wanting you. And, until that night several weeks ago, we seemed to be just skirting around the issue since coming back from London."
"That night we were both scared and needing one another, Laura. I was frightened to death that you could have been killed. I had no intention of our ending up like that when we went there. I didn't even have any of those infernal foil packets that I carry all the time in hope that I'll get lucky with you."
Remington paused and continued, "You realize that Daniel was the one who gave me my sex education. He was altogether practical in his approach. 'Never have unprotected sex,' that was the mantra he taught me. 'Do what you want with a woman, but never leave her knocked up when you finish with her.' I have scrupulously followed that rule since I was sixteen years old. 'If you can't afford protection, you can't afford to have sex,' (Daniel's words to me when I was a randy sixteen-year-old). It's my guess that he had had some experience in his life that had taught him this wisdom and he was determined to pass that wisdom along to me." Remington tilted Laura's face up to look into his. "At any rate, there are no seed sown wild out there, no illegitimate children to pop up one day and say 'Here I am, Daddy.' Children, if they come, will start with you and me, Laura."
"Then, that night was the first time you ever had unprotected sex?"
"Yes, Laura, for the first time in my life, I forgot. When I knew anything I . . . I was already . . . we had come together and I couldn't stop myself. I knew that the damage had probably been done anyway-no point in locking the barn after the horse has been stolen, eh? I cursed myself for not having the presence of mind to hold up and prepare to make love to you. Later, lying awake I did my calculations and relaxed a little. You weren't ovulating so I thanked the Lord for that bit of grace."
"I guess we both lost our heads that night, didn't we? I never knew that any man could make me feel like you did, Remington. You were out of your head, totally incoherent . . . and then I heard you cry out to God when it happened for you."
"L'exstase, Laura. I was in such an ecstasy."
"It wasn't just physical, was it?"
"No, it wasn't just physical, Laura."
"I always was afraid that if I gave in to you, it would just be 'physical' for you."
"And I knew early on that if I possessed you, it would not just be physical. That terrified me, but I couldn't help myself. And I found the answer to that question that night."
Remington found himself wanting to talk about that first night, a subject they had scrupulously avoided discussing since that eventful evening.
"You . . . in 'exstase.' You were quite amazing," Laura offered.
"Well, you are the only woman I've ever made love with whose teeth chatter like that," Remington teased. "Have you always been a teeth chatterer? I knew that you were pretty vocal when you got going from our sessions when we came to the brink, but that was a new experience for me." Remington grinned, pulling her to him and kissing her forehead.
"And there's the matter of that special gift you gave when you experienced 'that magical moment.'"
"That special gift . . ."
"You came all over me, darling. It was amazing."
Laura dropped her eyes and shook her head. "I had never experienced what you call 'that magical moment' before."
Remington stopped short in his tracks. "You mean you'd never been, as you Americans say, 'all the way down the river?' "
"No, I . . . I never could let go when I got there . . . to that 'river.' I guess I was always afraid to surrender myself completely. I couldn't trust. Where you took me, I had never been before."
Remington put his hands on both her slender shoulders and looked straight into her troubled eyes.
"And Wilson . . ."
"I pretended and he never suspected."
"Wilson was even more of a fool than I originally surmised," Remington said ruefully. He looked at Laura, understanding her more than he ever had. "Dear Lord, you were like a bloody virgin that night, weren't you?"
"I was about to tell you not to . . . to wait for me, when it happened, when those spasms started in my belly, when those blue and white lights started exploding in my brain. You said, 'Let me take you there, let me take you there.' I remember thinking to myself 'Oh, Laura, this is what everybody talks and writes about.' And then it was like I was on a roller coaster . . . at the highest point, with the bottom suddenly dropping out, and me careening out of control in surrender to you."
"That's when your teeth were clattering so, darling. You were fluttering like a butterfly in my arms and there was this marvelous flood of sweet essence that I have rarely experienced with a woman." Remington smiled at her, in total wonderment. "You called me 'Remy' for the first time."
"At that moment I didn't realize what was happening to me. My body . . . my flesh just . . . I lost all control and surrendered and it just happened." Laura's eyes filled with tears as she recalled the moment.
"You were ejaculating, darling, that marvelous gift that comes with complete surrender in some women. It is a special gift of your lovely yoni."
"Your pudenda, that place of ultimate pleasure between your thighs . . . eastern practicers of tantric sex call it the yoni. It's a beautiful word to describe a beautiful place."
"I was at peace, like I was floating in your arms. And then you began to ejaculate. I felt every single spurt. You were calling on the Lord and in such an ecstasy. Your semen was like a powerful drug that I had been craving, washing over and through me. I could smell the scent of fresh wheat grass, the scent of your semen all over me."
"There is one school of medical thought that teaches that the semen of a woman's consort has a decided salubrious effect on her physical and emotional health." Remington stared at Laura, captivated, marveling at the keenness of her analytical mind even in these most intimate matters between them.
"I had never felt such peace. I learned the meaning of surrender that night. Before then, it was just a word."
Remington hugged and kissed Laura. He was amazed, thankful that he had been the first one to fulfill Laura as a woman, thankful that their feelings about that night had been so similar.
"So you're truly a grown up lady now, my darling Laura. I dare say you know what life is all about."
"Yes, and it was wonderful."
"And, for your information, I have never left a woman behind. A gentleman never leaves his lady behind like that. It would be a crime. No woman I was ever with accused me of leaving her ungratified, not even the common whore picked up in the street. She deserves that measure of respect. But I gather that is what happened in your previous . . . encounters?"
"Yes, that's what happened."
"You have been so cheated."
"I thought something was wrong with me. I pretended to experience it, you know . . . all of it, but I was always afraid that my . . . my partners somehow knew. I thought that it would be the same with you. I didn't know what you would do to me, how you would unlock everything that has been pent up inside me all this time."
Remington tipped her face up toward his and bent to kiss her tenderly upon her mouth.
"I always knew that you were vital and passionate, and the gift of yourself you gave me that night was beyond my wildest dreams. It was so very special to me. I . . . think that's why I became so angry in that encounter session when you said 'I want more . . . than a roll in the hay.' It was so much more than a 'roll in the hay' to me. All I could think of was that night we first had intercourse . . . how wonderful it was . . . how deep our feelings were . . . how we cried together that night, how you wakened me in the middle of the night and made love to me again and then how we wakened and made love in the early morning light again, how complete and beautiful it was for us. I was hurt, thinking that somehow you took what we had shared as a common, ordinary thing."
"I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking about that night. Or maybe I was, but I just couldn't believe that you felt as deeply for me as you appeared to. I'm so insecure, Remington. It was awful of me to speak so thoughtlessly."
"You have no need to feel insecure about your sexuality, Laura. You gave me the most incredible sexual experience of my life that night," Remington said softly.
"And the next day I felt like a truck had run over me. I hadn't been with anyone in such a long time, and you are so generously endowed. I had never experienced anything like having you inside me, dear Remy."
"Forgive me, Laura. Please forgive me. It was like I was havin' a virgin. You were so tight and then suddenly you just took me . . . and I was in paradise, babe. And then when you ejaculated . . . all that lovely sugar everywhere." Remington smiled down at her, his voice tender.
He drew her so close that Laura could feel his heart beating in his chest, and when she looked into his eyes, into the deep flush of desire that was upon his face all his emotions were there for her to see . . . nothing hidden, nothing held back, as his nostrils flared wide passionately.
"Oh, my God!" she said.
"Yes, Laura. It's true. I don't know how to tell you how deep my feelings go. I hope that you understand what my lips are unable to vocalize. Laura, Laura, I need you so much. I think about being with you constantly. I am so, so deep into this with you. I beg you to understand how, how deep my feelings are for you."
"I do. I do, Rem."
Remington caught her face up to his with both his hands and kissed her lips again frantically, desperately, as if he wanted to literally inhale her.
"Forgive me, darling, I am in pathetic shape here. I need you, Laura. God knows I need you," he murmured.
They held each other tightly for a long time, reflecting on what had happened to them as the tide continued to surge in upon the sand near their feet.
Finally Laura broke the intense feeling of the moment and giggled girlishly in his arms.
"You do know that you were unforgettable, Remy. You are the most beautiful naked man I have ever seen in my life. And you enjoyed exhibiting yourself to me that morning, didn't you?"
Remington feigned total innocence but his laughing eyes betrayed him. "I have no idea what you are talking about. You knew all that there was to know already. We had touched each other just about everywhere in our previous passionate moments, and when that night was over, there were no mysteries of that sort remaining, were there?"
Laura smiled and put her arm around his waist. "But you had never 'posed' for me."
"I wasn't 'posing,' love. I have no embarrassment about my nakedness when I am with you. I just don't."
"Well, you are quite a sight, Mr. Remington Steele!"
"I gather you approved of what you saw?" Remington's lips puckered in that way that always melted Laura's heart.
She recalled the sight of him as he had walked away from their bed that morning . . . the beautiful leanness of him, his muscular hips and limbs adorned with silky black hair. And then he had turned to face her with no trace of self-consciousness as he revealed his nakedness completely to her. That is when she had blushed and pulled the covers over her head.
"I think the operative description is 'well-hung.' At least that is what Bernice would have said." Laura's cheeks colored and she dropped her head in embarrassment as Remington grinned and could not help but preen just a little.
"Come here, woman." He lifted her face up so he could meet her eyes and kissed her soundly, gripping her hips and pinching her repeatedly, bringing forth squeals of surprised delight from Laura. "And what do you think this is, lass? This is what is called "great arse" where I come from." Then his voice softened and was husky with emotion. "It will take us a lifetime to explore this, Laura, and I am sure that you will, like finest wine, never lose your mystery." Remington's cobalt blue eyes saw only Laura now as he took her hands, drew them up to his lips and kissed them.
"Remington, I have something to give you. You remember I crumpled and threw away my letter to you that day just before the gazebo crashed with us?"
"Yes. How could I forget?"
"Well, here is the letter, or the substance of the letter I wrote. I think this one says the same thing as the original." Laura produced a neatly folded piece of paper from her jacket pocket and gave it to Remington.
"You're not going to take it back again?"
"No, I'll not take it back." Laura's eyes told Remington Steele that she meant those words with all her heart.
He unfolded the piece of paper and began to read.
What qualities come to mind when I think of when I think of you, Remy? I think of your eyes, deep and blue as the ocean, the marvelous fresh taste of your mouth, the way your body moves with the elegance of a cat on the prowl. I love your spontaneity and willingness to accept impossible challenges. And I love your patience with me while I have struggled with giving myself to you these past three and a half years. I know that most men would have moved on to someone else long ago, but you are still with me-waiting for me. You have become my strength, my protector, and my lover. You are my knight in shining armor.
Remington's eyes flooded as he read the last line. He was completely overcome by Laura's declaration.
"What can I say, Laura, except that . . ." Remington choked back a sob, and Laura, seeing the tears filling his eyes, took him into her arms and held him tight around his waist.
"Oh, Laura, what is to become of us?"
Remington kissed her again, a kiss that started with a tender exploration, but escalated to a passionate searching when Laura quickly responded to the pleasures of Remington's lips upon hers. Their mouths opened and as they continued to taste each other, Remington's mouth ravished Laura's with kisses so ardent, so intense that Laura surrendered her mouth completely to his, flinging her arms around his neck as he easily lifted her up against his vibrating flesh.
"Remy. . ." Laura gasped, as she felt his heart beating wildly close to her own.
"My God, woman!"
Groaning in agony for more of Laura, but knowing that they should go no further, Remington slowly released her, letting her slide slowly back down to rest her feet on the sandy beach and then smoothing her damp sea swept hair with trembling hands.
"Laura, my bonnie lass. . . my sweet bonnie lass, I never stood a chance once you began to trifle with me," Remington murmured, taking her palms to his lips and kissing the inside of her hands, inhaling the fragrance of her, the scent that was so familiar to him as "Laura."
They stood together on the windswept beach without speaking, just gazing into the depths of each others eyes for a very long time. Then they walked slowly, hand-in-hand, across the beach to the Auburn and started the drive back to Los Angeles.
As they rode along the sexual tension that existed between them only intensified. The sight of Remington behind the wheel, his hair blowing in the wind was irresistible to Laura.
She reached over and took his hand.
"I don't think I can endure this, Mr. Steele. I must be ovulating to be in such need of you today."
Remington glanced at Laura and he understood what she was feeling. The sun was setting over the ocean and there were still a couple hours more of driving ahead of them. He pulled over at the next scenic overlook high above the Pacific. The next instant they were in each others arms.
"Laura, Laura," Remington murmured as he kissed her lips in one hungry kiss after another. "I can't get enough of you, woman. I can't get enough."
Remington moved out of the driver's seat and lay between Laura's opened knees in the small car. Laura's skirt slipped up above her thighs and Remington pushed aside the scant panties she was wearing so that he could touch her intimate parts and soon she was gasping in ecstasy.
"Remy . . . Remy . . . We do need each other."
Remington pushed up her soft sweater and released the clasp on the front of her bra and kissed her breasts over and over as Laura released his turgid parts from the soft jeans he was wearing and squeezed his length as he groaned helplessly. He was warm and slippery with his essence and he seemed to be literally growing in her hand.
"Laura, we are about to make a mess here if we don't stop. I can't protect you from me today."
Laura squeezed his erect member several times in rapid succession and he cried out and was gone. He reached for his handkerchief to catch his semen.
"So . . . sorry . . . sorry, Laura."
"It's all right . . . all right."
"Damn! No one celebrated getting into the Millionaires Club in this car."
Laura started to giggle and then Remington began to laugh. Remington buried his head in Laura's bosom and they tried to recover their composure as he covered her face with kiss after kiss.
"This is where we are now, woman. We cannot go on like this. Let me take care of you in a proper place. This Auburn is the only thing that prevented us from consummating our relationship again at this very moment."
Remington kissed Laura and they tried to pull their clothes together before he started the car and headed the rest of the way back to Los Angeles.
Laura couldn't stop thinking about-about them. She knew that he was only trying to protect her and it had been so difficult to get out of that car and walk away from him that
Friday night and go up to her lonely loft.
Remington did not dare go in with her. He was so close to the edge. He was in such need. He came home to his apartment and suffered that night. It wasn't just physical. That eventually took care of itself one way or another. It was psychical, emotional. Remington had never felt such emotional need for a woman. He had the memory of their coming together those few times when they had given in to the powerful need in them, and that was all he had. He knew what they had both been missing for so long and that it was different from anything he had ever experienced.
Laura felt the same thing. She was so lonely for Remington-the need, the wanting to feel the warmth of his body close to her, to hear him talk to her, to feel him touch her. She tossed and turned all night, unable to sleep. Suddenly she was so completely vulnerable that she didn't care. She got up Sunday morning and took her temperature, established that she was no longer ovulating, paced and paced trying to decide what to do, and then her feet just led her to Remington's apartment.
When Remington opened his door and she was standing there, it was all over.
"Remington, I-I had to come today. I had to come."
Remington closed the door and they stood stunned at the sight of one another. Remington was unshaven, haggard from his sleepless night, his cobalt blue eyes languid with desire. He wore soft denim jeans and his plaid linen shirt was completely open, revealing his handsome chest adorned with silky black hair. Laura, her hair down on her shoulders, in a cream-colored soft silk shirtdress with its bias-cut full skirt falling almost to her ankles, seemed so tiny and defenseless in comparison with him that Remington's heart skipped a beat. Her whole demeanor toward him was different-all the defenses, all the resistance blown away. Remington would never forget the way she looked that day . . . so beautiful, her expression so open with no attempt to hide the yearning that had brought her to his door.
"I think that we have some unfinished business between us," she said softly.
"Are you sure, Laura?"
"Dear God, yes! Yes! Rem . . ."
Laura's eyes told the whole story and Remington caught her up into his arms, kissing her over and over, groaning his passionate need for her as she surrendered completely to his embrace. There was no will in her to resist him anymore, no restraint, no holding back that afternoon as Remington lifted Laura in his arms and carried her to his bed.
In the middle of the evening after they had made love several times, Remington held Laura tight and begged her, "Laura, please don't let me get accustomed to this. I will not be able to live without it. Oh God, I will never have enough of you. Have mercy on me, Laura, and marry me. Laura!"
Remington's agonized cry for mercy was what finally helped Laura to bring that tryst to a close. She had wakened past midnight in his arms, her legs still tangled in his, her own heart beating in rhythm with his and she knew that what he had said was true. Coming together physically and yet not being able to come all the way into the relationship was not the answer. Her heart was his but she was still so afraid-afraid of ultimate rejection, afraid of waking up one morning and finding him gone from her life, from her bed.
Laura stirred in Remington's arms. He wakened instantly, drawing her close to him but when he realized that she was putting emotional distance between them again, he released her.
"You want to go home, don't you?" Remington said the words simply and quietly.
"Oh, Rem, I am so sorry. I-I should have never come over here if I weren't able to, to. . ."
"To accept me totally, to be willing to be my wife . . . That is what I want, Laura. I don't want you to ever leave me."
Laura started to cry and Remington held her tenderly as she cried and cried.
"What is wrong with me, Rem? Tell me, what is wrong with me? Why can't I just move forward? What is holding me back?"
"Probably a variation of the same thing that makes it so hard for me to tell you the words that you want to hear. But you know how I feel for you. The words are just locked inside me, Laura. They have been in my heart for such a very long time. One day they will come out."
Remington kissed Laura, opening her mouth up to his again, possessing it again, and his tender feelings mingled with her own fiery passions overwhelmed her and she responded, yielding her mouth completely to his. They clung desperately to one another giving in to the need between them once again and Remington got onto her again and gave himself to her. They cried out as they made love, holding nothing back. All of Laura's inhibitions were blown away and she cavorted with Remington like a courtesan, holding her legs open for him, offering herself to him and he took all of her. Neither of them was able to quell the passion that had now come to full bloom in them and this day and night as they lay together it became futile to try as their physical and emotional need eclipsed everything else and they made love again and again with abandon.
Hours later Remington awakened Laura was gone.
Laura didn't want to go, but she felt it was not fair of her to stay. Remington was ready to move on to marriage and she wasn't. But the physical need she had for him was so intense. She could no longer hold Remington off when she needed him so. She was devastated and miserable with herself when she left early that morning. And she was angry-angry with herself for not being able to be what he wanted her to be, angry with herself because Remington had asked her to marry him and she had refused him, totally unprepared for him to be more ready than she to move on to marriage. They had awakened everything that they had been struggling to keep under some semblance of control for such a long time and now they were completely vulnerable. Remington couldn't think of Laura without feeling it in the pit of his stomach. Till then he had always been able to contain himself but he found himself holding on by just a thread of self-control. And Laura had felt the heat of her own passions to a degree that it frightened her. She had completely lost control of their situation.
* * * *
Remington didn't come in to work till noon that Monday and he wakened in such a melancholy mood that he almost didn't come into the office at all. Then he saw Laura and all his emotions rushed in upon him again . . . sadness, need, anxiety for her.
"What is the matter with you, Laura?"
"You don't need to concern yourself. I'm just not feeling well."
Remington was instantly seized with remorse and came from behind his desk to apologize to Laura. He was gallant to a fault, and he had not intended to cause her any harm in their vigorous amorous interlude together.
"I am very sorry, Laura. I fear that we both got somewhat carried away. I don't know what to say other than I am very sorry that you are not feeling well, and I . . ."
"You don't need to say anything else, Remington. You said it all last night."
"I did ask you to marry me and you refused me. I have never asked a woman to marry me before, Laura."
His eyes told her that he was being absolutely truthful with him. She was the first.
"That was in the heat of passion. You didn't mean it."
"I didn't mean it! I have never proposed to any woman in or out of the heat of passion! Woman, are you insane? Are you truly and certifiably insane?" Remington was rapidly becoming totally exasperated with Laura.
"No, I am not crazy! At least I don't think so." Laura was defensive and then backed off that declaration.
"Well, here we are in the light of day-fully clothed-two rational human beings who obviously care for one another. Will you marry me, Laura Holt?" Remington's blue eyes were clear and resolute as he spoke firmly to Laura.
"I can't marry you now. I just can't. I'm scared."
Remington Steele took both Laura's wrists in his hands and pulled her up against him. Laura almost swooned when she felt his flesh harden up against hers.
"But you want this. You need this as much as I do, Laura. This is not a game. I am a man, Laura. This is not Wilson, or-or Milton, or some college professor you are vamping. This not Marty Klopman, or some other juvenile heartthrob. This is me, Remington Steele, or whoever the deuce I am, and I will not be played with, toyed with! You weren't too frightened of them, I dare say. What is the matter, Laura? Are you afraid to have dealings with a real man?"
Remington's grip on her was viselike, and she could not move. She had never been as aware of his superior strength as when he held her at that moment.
"Oh, God, I can't think, Remington, when-when you hold me so close."
Remington released her wrists and gently pushed her away from him.
"I'm sorry, Laura. I-I just thought that the day we became lovers would be the happiest day of my life and I realized last night that that wasn't what I wanted at all. I want so much more than that, Laura. And for some strange reason I thought that you wanted more than that as well."
"You know that I want to be with you. I-I don't understand you. You come on to me all the time and then when we finally get to some place with that, you say that it is not enough for you. I need time. I just need time."
"Time? Time? We have had so much time, Laura. Lord, we should not be having this conversation. I think that I am going to go home for the day-if there is no case pressing. I am getting the roles mixed up a bit here. You just call the shots. When you want me to be Remington Steele, private investigator, you let me know. And when you want me to be your lover, your Remy, you let me know that too because I can't keep straight who the devil I am supposed to be."
Remington walked past her and out of the office. He had to be alone. He was torn between her rejection of his proposal and her acceptance of him as her lover, and he had to find someplace to sort it all out.
He got in the Auburn and just started driving. He drove back up Highway 101 along the ocean nearly as far as they had been at the "Sensitivity Spa." He had to clear his head. It was very late when he got back to Los Angeles and he came to Laura's loft. He had to see her. He was in agony to be with her.
It was nearly midnight when Laura slid back the heavy metal front door to open her apartment to Remington Steele. He was exhausted physically from the long drive and emotionally drained from the turmoil in their relationship. His finely tailored look was in some disarray, but Laura only saw the anguish in his eyes.
"I have no where else to go, Laura. It's only you I want. It's only you I need." His voice caught in his throat. "Take your time. Do whatever you want to do to me, Laura. Just don't take us back to where we were before. I need you too much, woman." His blue eyes were full as Laura took him by the hand and led him up to her bed.
"Sit down and let me help you, Rem." She knelt in front of him and after removing his shoes and socks, gently rubbed his feet. Laura took his jacket and hung it up and then she undressed him, acutely aware of his sexual arousal.
"I'm sorry, Laura. I want to hold this back, but I can't."
"Here now. You just get into bed. It's going to be all right."
"I need you, Laura. Please forgive me my . . . state of . . . of excitement. I've lost control, Laura. I struggle constantly to hold myself back, but I need you so much right now, babe. I can't give this to some whore in the street. This belongs to you."
"I know, lover. I see. I'll take care of you."
He lay there and Laura made love to him. He was in such pathetic shape that night. He had been left in such a quandary after Laura refused to marry him. He had always fantasized about that moment-about him asking and her accepting-that he had been traumatized when she rejected his proposal.
Laura caressed his excited parts with both her hands and Remington groaned out his gratitude as she got onto him and took all of him right up to the hilt and began to rotate upon him. Remington's tears flowed as she gave herself to him.
"Yes! Yes! Oh, God, yes, woman!"
Remington wept silently the whole time they made love that night. Laura had never been with a man who cried while making love before. She was so touched-tasting his tears like that when they kissed. When they came to climax together, he just groaned and groaned.
"Laura! Laura! Oh, God, I . . . need you so, woman! I need you so!" As he felt that moment of pure relief in his gonads as the ejaculation started to come on him, he began to tremble all over in the throes of ecstasy.
"Remy, it's all right . . . it's all right! Oh, Remy!"
They both lost vision as they reached the apogée together and Remington's body shook with wracking sobs when it happened for him.
Laura lay in her bed wide awake after Remington had finally fallen asleep. He was exhausted emotionally and when they finished making love he was exhausted physically as well. She had never seen him so shattered as when he came to her that night-his passions raging out of control, but his feelings so raw that he was almost on the verge of breakdown. She finally realized just what a toll their protracted courtship had taken upon him, a man who had never had to marshal his passions to conform to a life of celibacy before. And she had never realized how deep his feelings went for her. The talk of marriage had frightened her because it represented everything that would take away her independence as a woman. And yet, she had to face that she was no longer independent. She had to have him in her life.
In the early morning hours, Remington wakened in Laura's bed. He was completely wrecked emotionally by what the two of them were going through and he knew that if he did not get a grip on himself, he would have a nervous breakdown. He looked at Laura sleeping next to him and his eyes filled. This was what he wanted to experience every morning of his life. He knew that now. There was no question in his mind.
Remington eased naked from Laura's bed. His nerves were so shattered that his hands shook, but he found his rumpled suit and shirt and underwear and got dressed. He would go home and try to sort himself out. Tomorrow would be Tuesday and there were clients to deal with, an agency to be run.
Laura heard him ease the heavy door closed behind him when he left her loft and that is when she began to cry and sob in her bed.
"What am I going to do? Oh, what am I going to do?" she cried, wrapping herself in the sheets that still held Remington's scent.
She cried and cried until it seemed there were no more tears left in her and then she felt so sick that she got up and gagged and vomited till she was exhausted completely and just fell back into bed. When she got up and tried to prepare for the day, she showered and dressed like she was in a trance. She was as confused and conflicted as she had ever been in her life. There was only one thing that she was sure of and that was that she could not give up Remington. The man who had lain between her breasts and been completely one with her earlier was going to be the defining relationship of her life.
She had to talk to someone and finally she remembered that Mildred was an early riser.
"Mildred, it's me, Laura Holt. I . . . I really need to talk to someone this morning before work. Could we get together and talk this morning before work. It's a personal matter. I just don't know who to talk to about this, but I think that I could benefit from talking to a woman who is more experienced in life than me."
"Sure, honey. I have been up since five a.m. Come on by and we can have coffee."
Laura drove up to Mildred's cottage a half hour later and gratefully accepted the steaming cup of coffee that Mildred gave her when she sat down at her kitchen table.
"Well this is an unexpected pleasure, Miss Holt. I get up so early and often would like someone to chat with."
"I don't know how enjoyable this chat will be, Mildred. I am in need of some womanly advice and you are the one that I thought of."
"Is this about you and the boss?"
Laura nodded.
"Let me try to explain. These past few weeks have been very difficult for the two of us. Perhaps you heard us yesterday morning. We should have kept it down, but we were both so upset."
"I heard you having a row, but you couldn't hear what you two were having it out about."
"Mildred, during the Premium Insurance case, Mr. Steele and I had intercourse for the first time. When they blew up his apartment and tried to blow up mine, you know we spent the night at the Downtowner Motel. I was so terrified . . . and he was there for me . . . and it happened so naturally for us. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I . . . I never really had orgasm before, Mildred. I couldn't let go . . . not with anyone. And with him it was perfect . . . blinding lights, crashing cymbals, and all the rest."
"I sensed that it had happened for you two. When I saw Mr. Steele that next day, he was so relaxed. And his demeanor with you was completely different. I was very happy for both of you."
"Well, we were both stunned . . . and I knew that I wanted to be with him, but he said that he was going to give me time to decide when it would happen again for us. During the Platinum Airlines case it all built up in both of us and he wanted me and I wanted him so . . . and we got together again. And when he was laid up with his leg, we were very bad that day, Mildred."
Laura blushed as she remembered that day and then she started to cry silently.
"So you two have been pretty busy, honey. What seems to be the problem now?"
"I'm sick, Mildred. My nerves are so jangled that I literally threw up earlier."
Mildred touched Laura's arm gently trying to calm her.
"Last week at the Sensitivity Spa when we were pretending to be a married couple, we had a terrible fight. We were doing one of the exercises they had for couples and suddenly it was as if we were really a married couple doing it. I accused him of not advancing in our relationship because he . . . he has never said the words 'I love you' and, and . . . well, he became indignant. He said I was living in the past, reliving the problems my parents had that led to them divorcing. He accused me of being uptight, unreasonable, of living in the past. It was horrible-it all came out in front of everyone at the spa-total strangers. I have never seen him so angry and I said terrible things. I told him I was better off without him, before he came into my life. I just wanted to hurt him back." Laura broke down in tears.
"We didn't touch each other for the next two days. He wouldn't talk to me. But then the last day, after the case was solved, we made up. We wanted to get together but Mr. Steele knew I was ovulating and didn't want to chance my getting pregnant."
Mildred was stunned and tried to absorb what she was hearing.
"He keeps track of you like that?"
"He always has . . . ever since he has been here. He knows when I have my period. He can tell me when it is coming. He's that kind of man. He has my personal calendar in his head. And he knows what to do for me . . . massaging my legs and back when I have cramps, making one of his special teas for me when I have nausea. Wilson used to disappear when I had my period, but Mr. Steele lies across the foot of my bed watching the old movies channel when I don't feel well."
"That's amazing, Miss Holt. Do you realize how amazing that is?"
"Well, we decided to come on back to LA and Saturday night we went to our respective apartments. But I couldn't sleep. I needed him, Mildred, in the worst sort of 'woman needing her man' way. On Sunday I took my temp and when I realized I wasn't ovulating any longer, I went over to his place. We had sex, Mildred . . . a lot that day . . . all day long. He asked me to marry him. He begged me to marry him. But I couldn't say 'yes.' I wanted to but I couldn't. I had to leave him there and go home. I want him as my lover but I'm not ready to marry him. I'm afraid that either he will tire of me and leave me one day, or that my life will be so completely absorbed in his that I will not be my own person any more."
"So where do things stand now, Miss Holt?"
"That was the argument you heard us having yesterday, Monday. He was hurt and angry that I had turned him down. He asked me again . . . to marry him and I still couldn't say 'yes' to him. That is when he stormed out of the office and went off somewhere.
"He told me that he had been driving up Highway 101, trying to clear his head, but he couldn't. He came back to me late last night and I have never seen him in such a state . . . of need. He was so miserable and he needed me. His body was very . . . aroused . . . like a man, you know."
"I know, Miss Holt."
"He said that he didn't know what to do with himself. He said that he couldn't give what he had to some whore in the street. He said that he doesn't care, that he just wants me on any terms. We made love last night. Mildred, he sobbed in my arms when . . . when it happened for him. Then very early this morning he got up, put his clothes on and left the loft without saying anything. I just lay there in my bed and cried and cried. And then I got sick to my stomach. I threw up and threw up. I don't know what to do."
Mildred sat looking at her devastated employer and wanted to just take her in her arms and give her a big hug. She was so mixed-up, the product of a dysfunctional family, the victim of her own sexual repression now suddenly confronted with the man who unlocked everything.
"Miss Holt, may I call you 'Laura' this morning? I think that you are finally realizing what being a woman is all about. You have a great guy, your Mr. Steele, but he is quite a handful. Once you two got past connecting, you know, he was apparently ready to move on to the next phase of your relationship. He wants to marry you."
"I know. He doesn't want to settle for just being lovers. I never expected him to be the one with the need for marriage . . . and children. He wants children. He said that he's known almost from the beginning that he wanted to have children with me. I thought he just wanted sex."
"For a man, especially a man like Mr. Steele, it is a big step to ask a woman to marry him. And then to be turned down must be even harder to take."
"And now he says that he has a hard time . . . maintaining self-control when he is around me. He held off for so long, but now he can't seem to hold back his . . . urges . . . when they come. And his 'urges' are very powerful. His, you know, his . . . periscope, is just up all the time and he can't seem to pull it back. I don't understand what I should do now. I want to be with him. It is very strong for me too, like nothing I have ever felt with anyone when I am with him."
"Then you should be with him. Let this phase of your relationship go on and be there for him. Don't let him be 'out there,' honey, climbing the walls like that. He is only human. What you gave to him, you can't then turn around and take it away. Your man is frustrated, Laura. You have him so turned on that he doesn't know what to do with himself. How much of you do you think that a man like Mr. Steele needs? I have watched him chasing after your, pardon the expression, tukkis, for all of the time I've been with you. Now you two finally 'made it' and can you imagine how he feels? He asks you to marry him and you say 'no?' Why did you turn him down?"
"I don't know if he loves me. Why can't he just tell me that he loves me? It would mean so much to me to hear him say those words."
"Honey, when a man cries in your arms when you are having sex and begs you to marry him, I don't think you have to wonder if he loves you or not."
"I just want him to say it to me. Is it wrong to want to hear those words from him? Do you think he really loves me, Mildred?"
"There is not a doubt in my mind, Laura. That man when he looks at you, anyone can see what is on his mind. You told me how you two got together and he became Remington
Steele. Do you think he would still be here if he didn't love you? When you get to the office today, you should go in there and be what he needs you to be. I'm going to keep the clients out of the way. If he is in the shape you are in, neither of you is in any condition to handle cases today. Don't let hearing those words 'I love you' hold you back at this point."
Laura attempted a weak smile and wiped her eyes.
"Thank you, Mildred. I needed to hear this from someone close to us. I will keep you posted. Please keep all this in confidence. I didn't want to bring Remington . . . Mr. Steele, down by revealing such private matters, but I had to talk to someone."
"Your private matters are safe with me, honey. I sensed that Mr. Steele was very upset when he left yesterday. I will make sure you two have the space you need this week to work out matters between you. He is your man, honey. Don't let him go or you'll regret it for the rest of your life."
The two women hugged and Laura left with her mind somewhat settled after the turbulent day and night before.
Remington prepared to go to the office a bit later than usual. He had ordered a huge bouquet of roses to be sent to the office for Laura so that she would receive them soon after arriving at work. His nerves were still somewhat jangled and he just wanted to calm down from the state of high anxiety that still seemed to grip him.
He made coffee and toast and tried to get it down. He really felt like he needed a shot of single malt, but knew that alcohol was the last thing he should rely on at this point.

I will be a damned alcoholic if I start to use scotch to get through this. But this woman is about to drive me to drink. Dear God, I've never felt like this about anyone and I feel like I will lose my mind if I don't have her. I can't walk around in this state of perpetual arousal. I finally got used to not getting any. For nearly four years I did without. But once I had Laura everything changed. I need her like I need to breathe. My body is craving her like a drug that I have to have. I see her and my cock just starts to get ready for her. God, just let me be able to concentrate on the work at hand today.

Remington got to the office at nearly ten o'clock.

"Morning, morning," he attempted his normal greeting to Mildred who responded with a warm smile.
"Morning, boss. How're ya doin?"
Remington stopped in his tracks and shrugged his shoulders.
"I don't know, Mildred. I'm in love and it's damned painful."
Mildred didn't know what to say. Her Mr. Steele looked like a little boy who had put his hand in the cookie jar and had the top slammed down on it and her heart filled with motherly compassion for him.
"Mr. Steele, it can't be that bad. I'm happy for you, that you're in love."
"Are you? I am glad that some one is happy. Mildred, one of these days you will have to tell me how to be happy. You are a wise woman."
"You have to follow your heart, Mr. Steele."
"That's what I'm trying to do, but I'm stumbling a bit." His languid blue eyes clouded over with sadness for a moment. "Mildred," he leaned over her desk to speak to her. "Do you think Laura and I will make it?"
"I think that you will. You are both great people and it's obvious that she loves you and you love her. It's happening, isn't it?"
"Yes, but there is a lot of suffering happening too. Is Miss Holt in yet?"
"She got here around nine-thirty. She wanted me to let her know when you got here. Should I make a pot of tea and bring it in for you two? No new clients are due this morning so it should be pretty stress free."
"Yes, tea is a good idea. Let Laura . . . Miss Holt know that I am here."
Remington went into his office and closed the door behind him. His head had begun to ache and he began to think that he should have stayed at home in bed. He removed his jacket and hung it up and then he went over to the leather sofa there and lay down to rest his head. He felt like he had a hangover although he had not drunk any alcohol the previous evening.
He heard the office door open and assumed that it was Mildred with the tea service. But when he heard the locking mechanism on the door and smelled Laura's fragrance, his eyes flew open and he saw her. She was wearing a simple black sweater and silk skirt and her hair was down on her shoulders. His heart flipped in his chest at the sight of her.
"Laura . . . I thought it was Mildred."
"I told her that I would bring your tea today. The roses are beautiful that you sent. They came about an hour ago."
"They are not as beautiful as you are, Laura. I don't think you realize how beautiful you are."
"Well, thank you, Mr. Steele."
Laura poured a cup of the steaming brew for him and one for herself as Remington sat up on the sofa. She handed him his cup of tea and he accepted it.
"I am not quite myself today, Laura. Please forgive me. My head is aching and I'm . . . going through something here."
"Will you forgive me, Remington?"
"For . . .?"
"For not being where you want me to be at this moment. But I don't want to go back to where we were before either. I woke up this morning and I missed you so much in my bed. The times that we have slept together the moment that I love so much . . . other than that 'other' moment, is when I have wakened in the early morning hours with your warm body sleeping next to me or against me and I hear you breathing softly. I reach out to touch you and you are there and before we know it we have come together, almost without coming full awake, and then we fall asleep again. That moment is so special to me. You are the only man I have ever had that moment with."
Laura's eyes were bright with unshed tears as Remington's gaze held hers.
"Laura . . . Laura, you are the only woman I have ever been with that I have spent the whole night with and wakened with the next morning. I always left or the woman served my needs and then she left and I wanted it that way. I told you that when we were walking on the beach. My sexuality was just a physical hunger that I took care of in a purely physical way. But it's not the same with you. You are in my heart and in my head, Laura, and I can't get you out. My emotions and my flesh are suddenly so connected that I feel like I will literally lose my mind if we are not together."
"Please, can we just for now plan to spend our nights together and then move on from there? I need you, Remington Steele. You know that I need you and I know that you need me. I don't want to make you suffer like you were suffering last night. It tore me apart to see you so distraught. My emotions have me in turmoil as well. I feel so much for you, more than I ever thought possible to feel, more than I have ever felt for any man."
Remington put his cup of tea down on the table and took both Laura's hands and kissed them and then drew Laura into his arms and their lips met in a tender kiss that went on and on. Remington caught Laura up onto his lap, rubbing her thigh and letting his hand slip under her skirt as the kiss deepened. Laura moaned softly, kicked her shoes off to the floor, and gave herself up to the kiss as his mouth opened hers up completely and they drank from one another.
"Laura . . . Laura, I just, I am so deep into what we have together. I didn't want to leave you in bed this morning, but I was such a wreck last night and I needed to put some space between us to try to collect myself. I felt like I was losing my mind and I have never felt like that before in my life."
"Can we take up from where we left off last night?"
"I don't see that as a problem, but we are in the office."
"I locked the door and told Mildred that we should not be disturbed today . . . no matter what. I thought we could send out for lunch. And then tonight I will come home with you and we . . . or you, can take it from there."
Remington's hand searched for and then drew off her lace panties and tossed them on the floor. Then he reached to turn on the stereo music system.
"Why are you turning on the stereo?"
"Because you and I, we tend to be rather vocal when we are together and . . ."
"I can't help moaning when you touch me, Mr. Steele. You drive me crazy."
"I don't want you to hold back. The sound of your voice when we are . . . 'involved' does amazing things to me."
Laura loosened Remington's tie and then unbuttoned his shirt and put her hand into the thick hair that adorned his chest and then encircled his waist with her arms.
"Laura, I think I will adjust our position here."
He eased her off his lap so that she was standing again and then pushed her skirt down and it dropped to the floor in silken heap. Remington kissed her belly and held her close,
squeezing her bare hips. Laura's knees went weak and she slid down in his arms and lost her sweater in the process. They found themselves on the plush rug that lay in front of the sofa where Remington finished shedding his clothes and then took one of the throw pillows on the sofa and eased it under Laura's head as he kissed her tenderly again.
"Are you comfortable, love?"
"I'm a little cold, Mr. Steele. I need you to hold me. Hold me tight, please."
Remington drew the thick afghan that was on the sofa down over them and took Laura in his arms and kissed her again and they were gone. Neither of them knew what really came after that because the next moment Remington's parts were inside Laura.
"Laura . . . Laura, lassie . . . I need you so," Remington groaned softly. "Save me from this agony I'm in, woman. Oh, God, help me!"
"Remy . . . I'm here for you. I'm so completely here for you."
They were consumed with the intensity of their feelings, as their bodies came together and yet it was a tender joining. Remington's thrusts were measured, drawing out each moment till he had no choice but to thrust deeply into her again till they could hold back the acme no longer. And when the climax swept them as Remington lay between her thighs, they lost vision, they lost coherent speech and saw only the bright blue and white lights exploding in their heads as their bodies shook in spasm together till that moment when Laura surrendered so completely that Remington himself could feel her flesh capitulate.
"Oh, God! God!"
"Remy . . . Remy. . . Remy," Laura sighed and swooned in his arms.
They sank into the afterglow and finally Remington helped Laura up onto the sofa again. He drew the afghan over them and they sat side by side naked with the afghan drawn up under their chins, but their hands kept wandering and they were soon at a fever pitch again.
Remington eased her onto her back and got onto her again and their coming together was as natural as breathing. Laura luxuriated in Remington's attention as a lover as he touched her and cherished her in his lover's embrace in ways that she had never dreamed of, their mating sheer perfection.
When midday approached, Remington suggested that they get dressed and go out for lunch and then end the day early at his place.
"I think that we have taken this day for ourselves, Laura. Let's let Mildred take care of business for the rest of it."
They left arm in arm and Mildred smiled as she watched them leave for the day.
They had lunch at Chez Louis, an intimate French restaurant where they were practically to themselves in mid-afternoon. Then they went by Laura's loft and she picked up a few things before they went on to Remington's place.
"Stay in the car. I know you hate these stairs. And I'm just going to pick up clothes for tomorrow and a few more cosmetics to add to those that you already have for me at your place."
Laura stood in the middle of her loft and thought about where she and Remington were headed in their relationship. She knew that they had reached the point of no return and she knew that she wanted it that way. She was never going to let him go. Her eyes filled as Laura thought about the rollercoaster ride of their relationship for the past week. And she recalled Mildred's words of wisdom to her that morning. She picked up her overnight bag and quickly left to go to Remington.
When they got to the Rossmore apartment, they went inside and Remington just took her in his arms and kissed her and held her.
"I want to make you happy, Laura. Please just let me make you happy and I will wait till we move on to the next phase . . . of where we are. Now I think that these past few days have exhausted me. I am completely knackered and I would love to lie down with you and just 'sleep' with you. Are you as tired as I am, love?"
"I am. I just was wondering where I would get the energy to keep up with you today. I know it's only six o'clock but I am so tired."
"Then let's just get undressed and go to bed. I want so much to sleep next to you."
They went into Remington's bedroom and undressed. Remington put on a pair of silk pajama bottoms and Laura slipped one of the soft cotton nightgowns Remington had purchased for her over her naked body as he watched her.
"You decide what side of the bed you want permanently, Laura. I have never slept regularly with anyone, Laura. I know what a big step this is and I want you to be comfortable . . . with everything."
Laura chose the left side of the bed and sat down and began her nightly ritual of braiding her long hair into two fat braids. Remington sat down on the right side of the bed and then lay down, enjoying what he was seeing.
Laura looked over at him and she realized that he had already fallen asleep. He truly was exhausted, his features now relaxing into peaceful sleep. When Laura got under the covers and snuggled under the warmth of his body, Remington adjusted his position and embraced her, spooning and surrounding her with his warmth. Laura quickly fell asleep in his arms.
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