An addition to Beg, Borrow, or Steele
By: Phaedra Phelan
Summary: What happened with Remington and Laura after they escape a near death situation.
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Remington and Laura came into his apartment after the resolution of the case. The place had been cleaned up and the apartment was his again. But the two of them were still in the clothes they were wearing for the past several days. Remington had several days' growth of beard and Laura was only just wanting to be clean again.
Remington took Laura into his arms as they closed the door behind them and kissed her passionately.
"I've been wanting to do that ever since we were in that shelter the other night."
"I'm such a mess. You don't want to kiss me like this."
"Yes, I do."
Remington took her hand and led her into the bedroom and they undressed completely and Remington bent to kiss Laura again and again.
"I need a bath and I'm a mess and you still want to kiss me?" Laura whispered.
"All that I smell still makes me want you, Laura. Your natural scent is simply heightened and it excites me. It is all very basic between a man and a woman. It has nothing to do with whether you have taken a bath or not. Do you realize that?"
Laura put her face into the hair of his chest and inhaled his scent and she knew what he said to be true. How did he know so much about everything?
"I think I'm beginning to realize it. You smell like a wild horse and I like that."
His normal scent overlaid with sandalwood was gone and there was only the powerful scent of his sweat dominating. Laura's nostrils dilated involuntarily as they stood naked together and she was aroused by it. She gripped his hips and enjoyed the sensation of him against her. He was aroused completely, the scent of their own pheromones and their desire overwhelming him.
"I think that we are going to have dirty sex today, lassie," Remington teased as he backed her to his bed.
Laura opened her thighs and he bent to kiss her belly and then to inhale the scent of her.
"Ah, yes, you smell like a delicious wild heifer today woman," he exclaimed as he got on top of her and got between her thighs.
"Remy! Remy!" Laura groaned.
The urge to copulate took over and her body responded to his. They were lost in the connection as Remington came into her in thrust after thrust. They were enjoying each other on a level that was different and so basic, just a man and woman in need whose chemistry was perfect together. They grunted and groaned and gasped, all speech unintelligible, their bodies producing copious amounts of essence that was fragrant with the scent of their passions. When the climax came, they were consumed with it and only knew the pleasure as they gave and took from each other, nothing else.
Remington snorted in triumph like the wild horse he was as he felt Laura surrender her soul to him.
"Lord! Lord!" he cried out as his semen came in powerful jets in a release that took him beyond himself.
"Oh, Remy, Remy!"
They finally lay satisfied in each others arms, the sensation of Remington's beard on her breasts causing Laura to quiver in the passion of the moments they had shared as they lay panting together.
"Thank you, Laura. It was beautiful, being with you like this, smelling you, touching you, putting my cock inside you. I couldn't even speak an intelligent word when we were together a few minutes ago. You completely blew my mind, woman. Our bodies fit so perfectly. We're destined to be together."
"You know so much more than me . . . about man and woman. You knew that having sex when we were like this would be an indescribable pleasure. I keep learning about myself and about you. We have sex now regularly. We both want it and can't seem to live without it. Where do we go from here?"
"We get married and we have a baby or two. We have a life together, Laura. I told you that I'm not goin' anywhere. I love your arse too much."
Remington turned onto his back so Laura was on top of him and rubbed and squeezed her bare bottom with his two hands.
"Will I ever learn it all? You know my libido better than I do."
"It's my business to know your libido, woman. I care for you so . . . deeply."
"Remy . . ." Laura touched his bearded cheek and then his lips. "You know me very well."
"Thank you, darling. Let's get into the shower together now," Remington said finally.
After the harrowing experience of the past few days Remington and Laura were thankful to be able to shower and finally be clean again. The shower was an event in itself as they tried to concentrate on washing each other and tried to avoid the inevitable.
When they were finished, they lay in front of Remington's fireplace in matching robes and Remington gently caressed her thigh with his hand.
"I know that's your hand on my leg," Laura said.
"Yes, it is and I think we know what we are about here, darling."
"Yes, I think we do."
Remington pushed her robe away so that he could see her naked flesh and bent to kiss her breasts and belly and then Laura took his hand and put it between her legs.
"Yes, this is what I remember about our trip to that wedding in New York."
Laura pulled the belt of Remington's robe and it fell open to reveal him completely.
"This is what I remember."
"Let's go to bed, Laura. These past few days, I kept thinking about how much I wanted to be between your legs. We need to be in my bed tonight."
Remington took Laura's hand, helped her up and kissed her again before leading her into his bedroom and lying down with her. They were past the time when Laura held him back. Now they knew when they were alone that they were going to have sex. It nearly always happened these days. Laura craved him and her body had adjusted to his and their sexual connection was so intense, so perfect. She never could hold him back now.
They kissed and kissed and touched each other till they were out of their minds with desire and then Remington mounted her and Laura welcomed him into her arms as he slowly penetrated her up to the hilt, crying out her name. Laura trembled and shook and moaned. Finally he was there and Laura's parts gave way to him.
"Yes, yes, Laura. We're there. Oh, babe, yes!"
When her parts contracted around his, embracing his phallus, taking him for herself, Remington gasped and saw stars.
"Oh, God! Dear God!"
"Remy . . . Remy . . . Remy!"
Laura wrapped her legs around his hips as his thrusts came into her again and again.
"Woman . . . woman," he groaned as he rotated upon Laura and she met him with her own peculiar counterclockwise response again and again till they were both nearly insane as their passions continued to escalate as they found the marvelous rhythm of coitus.
Remington felt his climax coming but he tried to hold back for Laura, as she moaned in his arms. They were both crying as the joy of joining overwhelmed them. When Laura felt the wetness of his tears on her breasts, she was gone.
"Remy," she cried as she experienced the moment of complete surrender to him.
Remington felt it and ejaculated powerfully inside her.
"Oh, Jesus Christ!" he cried out at that moment. "Jesus Christ!"
"Remy . . . Remy," Laura wailed as she surrendered completely in a moment of supreme capitulation, finally going weak in his arms.
"Babe . . . Babe . . ." Remington croaked as they eased down out of the climax.
"Remington Steele . . ." Laura sighed, trembling, "I wanted you to be my man tonight."
"I am your man. I've been your man since the first day we met. I told you that I'm not goin' anywhere. This past weekend in New York at that wedding . . . it was just us . . . together . . . and it was amazing. I didn't care about the blasted wedding. I only cared about being with you. I wanted only to be with you, Laura."
Remington cherished her in his arms, smoothing her hair and kissing her temples and her cheeks and then her lips in a deep kiss of complete commitment as they lay still joined together.
"Laura . . . Laura, Oh, God, I need this woman so," Remington groaned as he swelled mightily again and gave Laura a powerful thrust to begin the climb to the heights again with her.
They climbed slowly this time and Laura knew that she would never get enough of this man that was on her this night possessing her completely. When the climax came, they cried out and trembled and Laura's teeth just clattered as it came on them.
They finally fell asleep still joined and it was early morning before they wakened. Laura wakened spooning with Remington. She could feel all the length of him against her and he was experiencing a powerful arousal. Laura responded and before she knew it he was inside her again.
"Remington . . ." she moaned as he penetrated her.
"Laura . . . every morning I wake up like this . . . every morning, love, in such need."
"Not this morning . . . not this one."
Laura and Remington easily came to climax together and promptly fell asleep again. When they wakened again it was nearly noon. Laura wakened first and she felt for him, seeking to touch his hardness again. As she caressed his stalk, he groaned happily, his eyes fixed upon her.
"Laura . . . Laura." Remington threw the covers back revealing all his excited flesh to her.
"You wake up all the time like that?"
"This is every morning of my life since I was fourteen. It's agony when you don't have anyone to give this to. I can give you this around the clock . . . whenever you want it."
"How have you stood it?"
"It has been agony, darling. I have not dared to seek relief with another woman for fear of losing you. And masturbation only increases my need for real relief. It has never been the answer. I just need to screw and screw regularly. At this point in my life my only relief is when we screw, Laura."
Laura dropped her eyes and blushed at Remington's coarse description of his need.
"You don't like me to describe what we do with that word, do you?"
Laura shook her head.
"It's just such a coarse word."
"It's what we do, Laura. I haven't been with another woman for nearly four years. When I think of sex, I think of you. What we do is that basic stuff of man and woman. I need it and you need this as much as I do. I know you need me, Laura. You need to say the words. Tell me that you love to screw as much as I do, babe. I understand you."
Laura blushed and dropped her eyes, unable to continue to gaze into his penetrating blue ones.
"I . . . I really need to. I need it, Remington Steele. I need it. I need to be with you in the worst sort of way."
Remington leaned over to kiss her tenderly on her lips.
"We need to be together, Laura. We can't get enough of each other this way. I begged you to marry me. We need to be together every single night of our lives and I don't know if 'living together' would even do it. You try to act as if it is not with you as it is with me, but it is."
"I guess I can't hide very well what happened to me, can I? That's why I couldn't go back down to the wedding after we 'made our getaway,'"
Remington nodded. "You're an amazing woman when you're excited, love. You are absolutely gorgeous, Laura."
Laura drew the sheet over her in an attempt at modesty, but Remington caught her hand and pulled it back down uncovering her. He kissed her dainty breasts and exhaled raggedly as his passions reasserted even more powerfully.
"You are so lovely. Please don't cover up from me. I love your body, every inch of it. I dream about this every night, but this reality is blowin' me away, babe."
Laura threw back the sheet and revealed herself in the bright morning light and let Remington gently push her thighs wide open and look at her intimate parts.
"Your lovely pudenda . . . you even have freckles there, love. Do you know how much it means to me that you let me look at you like this? We have something very special together, Laura."
Remington bent and kissed Laura's open thighs and then her knees and slender calves, ankles and feet.
"Remington, I see you and you are so beautiful . . . your eyes, the way your face flushes when you are aroused, your . . . body. . . how you look naked."
Remington kissed her thighs again and touched her intimately.
"May I, Laura? May I make love to you this morning? I will say it the way you want to hear it."
"Yes! Yes!"
After he came into her, Laura wrapped her long legs around his hips and held him tight as he rotated inside her and she responded with her own special left-turning fillip as she met his thrusts.
They gazed into each others eyes as they made love and everything they felt was revealed-their need, their passion, and their commitment. And when Remington saw Laura's eyes rolling about uncontrolled, he knew that she was near and when Laura's parts suddenly gushed clear essence and she sighed his name, Remington let himself go, thrusting powerfully again and again snorting and grunting as he began to ejaculate.
"Dear God! God!" he cried out in an agony of ecstasy as his member twitched inside Laura and then he became incoherent.
"Oh, Remy!" Laura cried out as a kaleidoscope of colors blinded her and she slid into complete surrender in his arms.
Remington felt her let go and he just held her tight as his pelvis jerked in spasm after spasm till he had finished spurting semen into her.
They finally lay dazed, stunned by the power of the orgasm they had experienced together.
"Please don't stop holding me, Rem. I need you to hold me now."
Remington held her, cherishing her in his arms, cooing to her as she gradually began to calm from the passionate moment.
"I . . . I keep having these spasms, Rem. They are so strong."
"It's all right. Just hold on to me as long as you need to, love. I think I've over-stimulated you. You're quite a lady, you know, once you get going."
"Am I?"
"You have no idea how sensual you are, Laura. Do you remember the first time that we touched each other intimately after that case involving the Federal Reserve Bank?"
"I will never forget it. We were kissing and suddenly most of my clothes were off and you were kissing my breasts in that way that you do and your hand was between my legs. I didn't know what was happening. You were so aroused that you begged me to set you free and when I did, this amazing penis burst out."
"I was in agony. I hadn't had sex for three months and I was climbing the walls. When you touched me, I went into such an ecstasy. I was ready to take you then."
"But I wasn't ready."
"The damned phone rang and the mood was broken for that moment, but I knew what I wanted. I wanted this." He pushed into her again.
"You were so ready, Laura. Your parts were so beautiful. And your hands were squeezing me in such a delightful way. You knew how to please me. And now, after three years, you have pleased me beyond belief. Why did we wait so long?"
Remington kissed Laura's mouth again and again murmuring, "Why did we wait so long?"
He turned over so that Laura was on top of him.
"Do me again. Make love to me, darling Laura."
And Laura did, rotating upon his turgid shaft till they were beside themselves in rapture.
"Oh, God! Oh, God!" Remington's features contorted as the ecstasy of their connection seized him.
The sight of Laura on him giving herself to him in the full light of day captured him completely and they were soon climbing to the acme again, their faces flushed, their bodies glowing with sweat. When Laura pushed down hard on him, she felt him completely filling her and just gasped and cried his name.
"Oh, God, woman, look at you!"
He rolled over onto her and with a series of powerful thrusts he took her to the acme.
"Remy, Remy, Remy!" Laura cried as her pelvis went into spasm after spasm as she melted in complete surrender to him.
"Woman! Oh, Lord!" Remington cried out, his eyes rolling back into his head as he rolled over and took Laura on top of him again.
When Laura was astride him and began to climax, a flood of nectar-like essence flooded from her onto Remington just before he began to ejaculate, spurting his semen upward in powerful jets.
Remington drew her down onto his chest and they kissed over and over as the climax swept over them and powerful pelvic spasms shook both of them to their very foundations.

When the moment passed and they came to themselves again, they were still dazed.

"Oh, Rem, I made a mess . . ."
"You give me your very soul, Laura."
"Yes, yes! You always do this to me."
Remington winked at Laura, "You are quite a woman, lassie."
"You gave me the gift of such fulfillment. How stupid and ignorant must I have seemed to you! I didn't even know what it was the first time, when that happened, when I . . ."
"ejaculated. You ejaculated, darling. In my vast experience I have known only three other women who honored me with such a gift."
"Do you remember their names?"
"Some gifts one never forgets. One was a black woman, Kadijah Kamisooka, a.k.a. Sarah Johnson, an international jewel thief and the other was Constanza DeGregorio, a soprano in Milan, a huge beautiful Italian woman whose passion knew no bounds. And there was Felicia. But now I have found you, Laura. I have desired you so . . . even before you gave me that special extra gift and those other women don't matter. It is as if they never existed."
Remington kissed her tenderly and placed his hand over the chestnut triangle that adorned her intimate parts and patted her there gently.
Laura's eyes were full and brimming as they gazed into Remington's.
"Thank you, Laura, for last night and for today and for all the other times. I will never forget a moment."
Remington drew the sheet up over them and held Laura in his arms till they both fell asleep.
Before noon Laura awakened again and realized that she had been in Remington's bed and she gasped softly, remembering how he had made love to her a few hours before.
When she sat up in bed, she realized that Remington was in his kitchen making bacon and eggs. He was a vision, wearing just his silk shorts, padding about cooking in his own expert way.
"Oh, darling, you are awake. Aren't you ravenous?" he said smiling up at her.
"I'll be right there," Laura said, getting out of bed, going into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her teeth.
I don't even recognize myself today. I look like a wild woman. My body feels like everything has been rearranged down there. I am so warm and fuzzy right now. This man used me so completely. He opens me up and I just become unhinged. I will never have enough of him. How could I have held him off for so long?

Laura wrapped her green silk robe around her and went in to Remington, who came to her and kissed her soundly on her mouth.
"You look beautiful this morning, Laura. Thank you for loving me last night . . . and this morning. How do you feel today?"
"I feel great, kind of like a wonderful truck ran over me, but I think my body is getting used to this kind of activity."
"We need to do this more . . . often. We have become lovers, but it is still not enough for me. I want more, Laura."
Remington held her even closer, his hands exploring the outlines of her body through the silk of the robe she wore.
"What is to become of us? I want more too, but I can't seem to just go beyond where we are."
"I was overwhelmed . . . completely overwhelmed with need, Laura. I am so sorry if I was too rough with you, darling, but I can't get enough of you. We are lovers, but we can be more even than that. Since we began coming together, we haven't used any kind of birth control. You are the only woman I have ever had unprotected intercourse with. Do you realize what that means?"
"I could get pregnant."
"Yes, the law of averages would project that you will be pregnant in a few months if everything is working as it should."
"I don't want you to protect me from that. Does that make sense? Does it make sense that I crave the sensation of your semen coming into me?"
"Not unless your feelings are as deep for me as mine for you. We have thrown caution to the wind, darling, because we really want to make a baby together, haven't we?"
Laura nodded, unable to speak for the moment.
"It is truly amazing, Laura, what we have together. We will have to move forward, darling. Will you be my fiancée, Laura? I want to pledge you my troth."
"Yes, I will be your fiancée. I will pledge you my troth."
Remington's eyes were full as he gazed into Laura's brown eyes. He took her hand and kissed it and then drew her into his arms and hugged her for all he was worth.
"Oh, God, I feel so deeply, Laura. I feel so deeply."
Laura felt the excitement in his flesh as he held her close and when Remington kissed her again, and Laura felt her own passionate response building.
"I think we should eat this food, darling, before it goes cold. Then . . ." Remington smiled down at her.
They drew apart with difficulty and sat down to eat the breakfast that Remington had prepared. It was delicious . . . warm creamy scrambled eggs, bacon and crisp toast and hot steaming tea.
They didn't talk but they kept stealing glances at one another and finally Remington just drew Laura from her chair over onto his lap.
"Will my 'fiancée' say 'yes' to me again. I want you so, Laura."
"Yes, Remy, Yes!"
They kissed and kissed and Remington pushed her robe off her shoulders and he kissed her neck and shoulders over and over and then her soft warm breasts. He held her on his lap and Laura kissed him all over the handsome features that she loved so and then Remington picked her up and carried her off to his bed again.
"Remy . . . Remy . . ." Laura trembled and wailed his name as he took her.
"Oh dear Lord," Remington groaned as they lost themselves in each other again. "Oh, dear Lord."


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