Season 2 Haiku

By Elise


Steele Away With Me

Wanted by police

For Marchesa collection

Welcome Mildred Krebs


Red Holt Steele

Tonight, if you asked

A Long-legged field darter

She couldn’t say no


Altared Steele

Widows run amok

Bigamist with amnesia

Identity found


Steele Framed

Is Major Descoine

After MY Remington Steele?

Key at acid bath


A Steele At Any Price

Pitkins are stolen

Authentic or forgery?

Does crime really pay?


Love Among the Steele

Auburns and tangos

Fast, passionate, romantic

Hmmmm…to drive or dance?


Scene Steelers

Swashbuckling hero

Makes advances at Ms. Holt

Honor defended


Steele Knuckles & Glass Jaws

The Kilkenny Kid

Croons to little Caruso

Future fatherhood?


My Fair Steele

Pygmalion redux

By George, I think she’s got it

Can we pull it off?


Steele Threads

Bullet to the back

So many things to tell you…

Laura, you’re alive!


Steele Eligible

Fighting ficus with

Broken legs and a wheelchair

Off the market now


Flying High Steele

The Great Savini

Practices trapeze in the loft

The circus is here!


Blood Is Thicker Than Steele

Dangerous combo

Winnebagos and children

When does the test end?


Steele Sweet On You

Dental conventions

A case of Tic Douloureux

Chocolate, the Holt Curse


Elegy In Steele

Round 2 with Descoine

This time with the Minor D

Don’t lick that letter!


Small Town Steele

Armored car robb’ry

Statute of limitations

Where’d they hide the plane?


Molten Steele

Lord Marchmaine’s Memoirs

Relationships gone askew

Heart and feet in sync?


Dreams of Steele

Almost cremated,

Swam with snakes, fell in bushes

All for Lavulite


Woman of Steele

A ghost from the past

Am I losing him to her?

What is she up to?


Hounded Steele

The Dragon Ladies

Le Renard and Doolittle

Romance for Mildred?


Elementary Steele

The game is afoot

Murder, mayhem, messages

Who sent the flowers?

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