Season 4 Haiku

By Elise


Steele Searching: Part 1

Pocketwatch myst’ry

Could the Earl be his father?

Laura searching too


Steele Searching: Part 2

Eyes the wrong color

Mildred learns the whole story

A brand new passport!!


Steele Blushing

Alumni Journal

Plus boudoir photog……graphy

Equals Bedside Babe?


Grappling Steele

Wrestling’s dark side lit

Hatpin Millie saves the day!

Ohhh wow,” says Harley


Forged Steele

Why did Mr. Steele

Sign away the agency?

Being framed again


Corn Fed Steele

Podunk Iowa

Pickup trucks and stolen pigs

Sailing is better


Premium Steele

False obits printed

Insurance scam uncovered

Gone With the Wind plays


Coffee, Tea or Steele

Fly the “friendly” skies

Smuggle macadamias

Exchange for corned beef


Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele

Santas gone crazy

At annual Christmas fete

Feliz Navidad


Steele on the Air

14 KROT gold

Dr. Krebs is taking calls

Who needs a jingle?


Steele, Inc.

A San Diego

Franchise opportunity

Goes horribly wrong


Steele Spawning

King of Caviar

Wreaks havoc at RSI

Put it on his bill


Suburban Steele

Auntie Laura cooks

Remington takes out the trash

A dry run perhaps?


Santa Claus Is Coming to Steele

Donner on parole

A secret admirer

Sends Laura a watch


Steele Blue Yonder

Old fighter pilot

Crazy, or sly like a fox

Gives Steele the slip


Sensitive Steele

Words and deeds discussed

Through primal scream therapy

And Bataka swings


Steele in the Spotlight

Entertainment news

Tries to find missing Billie

The camera loves her


Steele at Your Service

A servant murdered

Tell them the butler did it

Then shut the barn door


Steele in the Running

Mix-up at the race

Laura runs triathlon

Running shoes for Steele


Beg, Borrow or Steele

A Pick-Six ticket

Laura & Remington dead?

Has to be mistake


Steele Alive and Kicking

Agent Zweigenhoff

After Vinnie the convict

Laura helps pet-sit


Bonds of Steele

Duke of Deception

Has immigration problem

Nuptials ensue


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