Season 3 Haiku

By Elise


Steele At It

Is tonight the night?

Stealing the Hapsburg Dagger

Has dampened the mood


Lofty Steele

Secrets in the loft

Laura locked in loony bin

Neighbors in uproar


Maltese Steele

Evening grave robbing

Maltese falcon and a cross

Map to the treasure?


Second Base Steele

Is that Mr. Steele

Shirtless in the locker room?

Gotta love baseball!!


Blue Blooded Steele

Daniel and a scheme

Steele to be the newest Duke

Pookie bear is here!


Steele Your Heart Away

There’s deadly danger

Long, complicated stories

Head clonk solves it all


A Pocketful of Steele

Little pickpocket

Reminds him of someone else

Can he be reformed?


Puzzled Steele

Contest in Malta

Who’s the better detective?

Advantage, speargun


Cast In Steele

Virginia Mayo

Dorothy Lamour, Lloyd Nolan

Mulch’s idea


Breath of Steele

Mr. Steele’s birthday

“42nd Street” tickets

Fresh breath anyone?


Let's Steele a Plot

Kiss Me to a Pulp

One of Butch Beemis’ best

One of Laura’s worst


Gourmet Steele

Dick L’Orange reviews

Instigate restaurant wars

Want to double-date?


Stronger Than Steele

Childhood heros

Secret rings and talking code

Saved by commercial


Have I Got a Steele for You

Mulch at it again!

The beginnings of a thaw

Moving forward now


Springtime for Steele

Rocky Sullivan

The worst musical ever

We’re all sorry now!!


Steele in the Family

Who is Clarissa?

Latin tutor? Love broker?

Only Bernard knows


Diced Steele

A trip to Vegas

Norman Keyes on the trail

Laura gambles big


Now You Steele It, Now You Don't

Answers and questions

Sometimes better left unsaid



Illustrated Steele

Dashing and Dollface

Plan for an Aspen weekend

Will they or won’t they?


Steele in the Chips

Zero cal cookies

Spark a mad, mad, mad, mad chase

Aired out of order?


Steele Trying

A weekend retreat

Cable cars and some romance

Who is The Trapman?


Steele of Approval

Relationship woes

Much more than license at risk

Empty apartment

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