Forged Steele - An Addition
By: Phaedra Phelan
Summary: What happened with Remington and Laura as they confront the matter of Langston Druze once again. The case was closed and Remington came into
Laura's office at the end of the day.
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Remington knocked on the door of Laura's office and looked inside and then stepped inside.
"Laura, may we talk a bit?"
"Yes, you know I want to talk to you."
She dropped her head and her shame was obvious to Remington.
He took both her hands in his and knelt in front of her.
"Don't feel embarrassed about what happened this week. I just want to talk with you."
"I know I failed you when it was important to believe in you."
"Laura, I think we need to take some time to see where we stand in our relationship. I needed you when things were going so badly. I needed you to believe in me, Laura. When I was in jail, all I could think of was you. I needed to know that you believed in me. No one else really mattered."
"I know. I wanted to believe, but I was so afraid that you were going to leave me."
"You are the first true reality in my whole life, lassie. If you can't believe in me, I have nothing . . . nothing at all. This 'Remington Steele' thing means nothing if I don't have you."
Laura looked at him, her eyes full of tears and he took her into his arms.
"I want to be with you tonight, Laura. I belong to you. Please come home with me."
"I need to think, Mr. Steele. Please give me time to myself to think."
Remington nodded and left her office.
They did not speak for the rest of the day and Laura stayed hidden away in her office till she was sure that everyone else had left for the day. Then she put her head down on her desk and cried and cried till it seemed there were no tears left and then finally left the office and went home.
I might as well go home. I have ruined everything. He was hurt. I wounded him when I didn't go to him and now I don't know what to do. We had come so far. I don't want to backtrack or I may lose him. He was as close to tears as I have ever seen him this morning and even then I couldn't make him know all that I am feeling for him.
Remington went home and paced and paced in his apartment. He wanted to be with Laura in the worst sort of way and knew that they would have to resolve the trust issues between them. It was a Friday evening and the weekend loomed before him as a time of intense loneliness and need. He tried to prepare a simple salad, but suddenly silent tears began to roll down his cheeks and he threw the knife down and put the food away. The pain he felt in his belly was real and the agony in his spirit was real as well as he sat down at his table and sobbed into his hands.
Dear God, I have never cried over a woman before. What is happening to me? I needed her to believe in me and she found me lacking. What else can I do? My heart is literally hurting. My belly is hurting. I feel as if I am going out of my mind with need and I don't know what to do. I see her and she is everything that I want in a woman. I don't care how complicated she is. I need her and I know that I love her with all that I am.
Laura was just dozing off when she heard the door slide open and close to her apartment.
"It is I, Laura. I got home and realized that I needed to be here . . . no matter what. I want to be with you. We don't know what tomorrow might bring."
Remington was incredibly handsome this evening, his shirt unbuttoned and giving just a tantalizing glimpse of his manly chest and the silver medallion he wore there, but when he removed his dark glasses, his blue eyes were red-rimmed, revealing the weariness and melancholy in his heart as he tried to prove himself to his complicated woman.
Laura held out her hands to him and he slipped out of his jacket and came to her. Laura was wearing a simple tee shirt and a long skirt. Remington stood close and kissed Laura tenderly, passionately embracing her as Laura slipped her hands under his shirt to touch his flesh.
"You were crying, lassie," Remington said, brushing the wetness on her cheek and then kissing her gently on that same cheek.
"I cried all afternoon. I couldn't stop crying."
Laura broke down in tears, clinging to him and he just picked her up and laying her down, took her into his arms, kissed her over and over, his nostrils flaring wide as desire for her surged in the pit of his belly.
"Darling, I just have to know that you want me, that I have not failed the ultimate test of faithfulness."
"I want you, Remington Steele. I wanted you then. And I will want you tomorrow and for the rest of my life. And I was afraid that it wouldn't happen. I don't think I deserve you if I can't have faith in you, believe in you."
"I'm here because I understand. I am not pressuring you but I need to be close to you tonight, Laura. The last few days have been harrowing with the agency being taken over, and then my landing in jail, and then, on top of everything else, you doubting my faithfulness, my commitment. I just need to be reassured of what we have together. I need your arms around me, Laura. We were becoming so close after returning from London. It seemed as if we were ready to truly come together as man and woman since we have been back, but we keep putting it off. I feel so lonely tonight and you are the only one that can take that loneliness away. Take me to your bed and just let me lie there with you."
Laura led him up to where her bed was in the loft and they lay down together and Laura kissed him in a kiss so tender, opening up his mouth and gently tasting him and then yielding completely as Remington took control of the kiss practically inhaling Laura, as they held each other and cried together, hugging each other tightly as they kissed.
"I am so excited by you, Laura. My need . . . is almost painful."
Laura touched the rigid fullness in his crotch.
"Yes, darling, yes," he sighed, as Laura pushed his slacks and silk shorts down to reveal his excitement.
She had touched his parts so many times that she had no fear of his parts. She knew this all belonged to her.
Remington face flushed darkly and he kissed Laura again passionately, deeply as she melted in his embrace. His hands found their way under her tee shirt to caress her bare breasts. He kissed her breasts again and again and then he pushed down her long skirt and tossed it on the floor so that he could kiss her belly. Laura's thighs fell open for him and he touched and rubbed her slender thighs.
Laura gasped as her flesh responded to his masterful touch. Suddenly they were frantically kissing each other, and she was receiving Remington's most intimate caresses.
"Rem . . . Rem . . . I . . ."
"It's all right, love. It's all right. Just let me touch you. Help me, woman. I feel like I can't endure another lonely night. I dream of you constantly, of us finally coming all the way. I need to be close to you tonight. I need to hold you in my arms and for you to hold me. It has been hell this week knowing that you had doubts about us, about me, knowing that you have only my word."
"Remington . . . Mr. Steele, yes . . . yes," Laura moaned as he fondled her tenderly.
"I care so for you, woman. I care for you. I'm not goin' anywhere. I can't go anywhere. Oh, God, Laura, where are we going like this? I want to be your lover."
Laura closed her thighs, capturing his hand and then reached to comfort him.
"Laura, yes . . . yes. Help me, Laura."
Laura put her arms around him and hugged him with all her might, stroking his face, running her fingers through his dark hair.
They kissed and fondled one another till the ecstasy was so intense that Remington ejaculated, spurting his semen onto her. And Laura just took her fingers to her mouth and tasted him and they kissed again and again.
Finally Remington lay exhausted on her breasts and they just clung to each other till they fell asleep together in Laura's bed.
When Remington wakened early in the morning, he lay in Laura's bed contemplating their unusual situation. His flesh was still in dire need of Laura but he was able to think about where they were in their relationship.
I don't know what to do. I thought we were so close in matter of trust and now I sense such anxiety in her. I felt it in her. I have to prove myself and I don't know how to do it except to put my arms around her and make love to her and she isn't ready to go all the way with me. We were so close that night after the Crunch Kramer case was solved. We should have made love that night and she would have no further questions about my commitment to her. It tears me apart to see her so conflicted. And she is so passionate. She needs me to make love to her and release all that fire inside her. Dear Lord, I need this woman so.
Laura stirred next to him and Remington caught her hand in his and kissed it as she slept. Laura wasn't sleeping well. She was moaning and crying as she tossed and turned. Remington finally took her in his arms and held her and she cried his name.
"I love you . . . love you," she murmured in her sleep.
Remington was stunned to hear the words from her and tears welled up in his eyes.
"Me too," he whispered softly, smoothing her hair and comforting her as she slept in his arms.
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