Other People's RS FanFic
If you've written an RS FanFic, and don't have anywhere else to post it, you're welcome to contact me about it and I'll try to post it here. The more the merrier!

Galvanized Steele - By Nicola Simpson! NC-17. A "what if?" scenario that asks the question: "What if he COULD have asked" the night Laura's house was destroyed.
A Model Steele - By Nicola Simpson. An "add on" to "Steele Blushing".
Roses and Lilacs and Love -By Pat Christensen. Highly recommended.
People In Steele Houses . . . - by Pat Christensen. Laura and Remington go househunting.
But The Memory Steele Lingers -by Pat Christensen and Kelly Rourke- a Christmas gift to the Steele Watchers! THANKS!
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? - By Leire Gomez. Mrs. Steele's having a birthday, but everyone has something else to do.
Sensitive Steele Redux -By Kristen McNeil. An alternate version of one of our favorite episodes.
Steele Only a Dream- By Ulrike Gubert. What happened when that darn phone started to ring?
Promises of Steele- "Myrtle Groggins". A Mr and Mrs Steele story. Very good.
Nerves of Steele, Will of Iron and Dreams of Gold -"SteeleChic". Another Mr and Mrs Steele story. Check it out!
Steele Facing the Past- Leire Gomez. Fourteen years after his marriage to Laura, Steele reminicses about an important event.
Regrets of Steele-Janice Skyers. A continuation of "Dreams Of Steele"

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