Steele Hangin' in There - entre-acte
By: Phaedra Phelan
Summary: What happened Laura came back from her walk on the beach with Tony.
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Remington sat in his apartment seething-angry with Laura for going off with Tony, angry with himself for not being able to control Shannon Wayne. Why did she have to appear at this time when he and Laura were finally getting on some solid footing together? He poured a glass of single malt scotch and sat on the sofa, sipping it, totally frustrated.
He heard the door open and it was Laura.
"You're back,"
"Yes, I'm back. I . . . I wasn't trying to really go with Tony. I was just so angry at the moment. I shouldn't have gone with him." Laura spoke softly. She was well aware of the anxious moments she had caused him.
"Where did you go with him?" Remington said icily.
"We just walked on the beach for a while. Nothing happened while we walked. We just walked."
Laura came and sat down on the sofa facing Remington.
"I didn't want you to go with him. He has been wanting to screw you ever since you met him. I don't want him to touch you, Laura. I don't want him to touch you. You are the only woman I have ever been with that I wanted the way I want you. Jealousy is a new emotion for me, but it exists when it comes to Anthony."
"But I don't want to be with him. I was just . . . angry, frustrated by our situation at that moment."
"You are at the end of your ovulation and you were vulnerable, Laura. We are only human. Sometimes our hormones rule us."
"You know my body too well, better than I know myself," Laura said, dropping her head. "But I came back looking for my missing . . . periscope."
Her words struck Remington right in the gut and he reached for her, drawing her into his arms, kissing her over and over with kisses so powerful that he bruised her lips. He pushed the white dress she was wearing down off her freckled shoulders and then yanked it completely off and threw it on the floor as he continued to kiss her freckled shoulders and her breasts. He grabbed her lace panties and pulled them off unceremoniously and tossed them on the floor as well, before he realized what he was doing, how he was acting.
No woman had ever made him jealous like this. In fact in the past, he was glad when the women he used were otherwise occupied because then that meant that the casual sexual encounters were just that, no strings attached. It was only Laura that he had been jealous of from the beginning, before even he had the opportunity to touch her. He wanted no other man to be near her.
Laura swooned as he kissed and touched her so aggressively. This was a facet of him that she had never experienced and she was overwhelmed and strangely excited by him this way.
Remington suddenly let her go and sat back from her. He picked up her dress and covered her bare breasts with it. His hands were shaking.
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be rough with you. I . . . I just couldn't abide the thought of you with him. I behaved like an arse just then."
Laura tossed the dress away that had covered her nakedness.
"Would you please take your damned shirt off?"
Their eyes met in a gaze so hot that it stunned them both. They could not draw their eyes apart from one another.
Remington started to take off his shirt and Laura did not wait for him, but tore it open and pulled it off his shoulders, breaking a couple of buttons in the process.
"Oh, babe!"
Remington loosened his slacks and Laura fell upon his chest, caressing him, inhaling the scent of him and then pushing his slacks down and away so that she could touch him intimately.
"Good Lord, woman!" Remington groaned as his lips closed over hers again in a kiss so passionate that it could have only one resolution. He kicked his slacks completely off and caught Laura's hand and put it on his excited parts.
They were completely involved, kissing and moaning together and suddenly they slid off the sofa and Remington was on top of her and when Laura opened her thighs to him, they came together, trembling and groaning. The intercourse was wild and unrestrained with Remington thrusting powerfully again and again as he gripped Laura's hips and Laura receiving and meeting each thrust till they reached the crest and Laura began to babble incoherently. Remington cried out in ecstasy and ejaculated, spurting his semen deep into her as Laura went over the top and then surrendered completely to him.
"God help us! Oh, God!" he cried out as he felt her give in completely to him and go limp in his arms. "I care so for you. I need you, Laura. I need you, woman. Don't you know how badly I need you?"
He kissed her cheeks and lips over and over as the moment of intense passion gave way to tenderness.
"Remy . . . Remy . . . I'm sorry I went with Tony. I don't love him or care for him."
"I know . . . I know, but I know he is a real snake and I . . . I just couldn't abide the thought of you with him. Laura, I need you. I need you so badly."
"I am your wife. Take me to your bed, Remy."
Remington helped Laura to her feet and led her into the bedroom and picked her up and laid her on his bed. That is when he saw the bruises on her hips where he had gripped her during their passionate moments earlier. He touched her hips, the bruises and kissed them tenderly and then laid his cheek upon the chestnut softness that decorated her intimate parts.
"Forgive me for my tourbuillion, Laura. I was overcome . . . overwhelmed by my feelings for you."
He caressed her hips and thighs, and then kissed her belly and her breasts, cherishing her, and finally kissing her lips tenderly over and over.
"I need my wife to make love to me, Laura. Please make love to me again."
Laura got onto him and took all of him inside her as they both cried out in ecstasy. Her hair was like that of a wild woman, her color was bright, her eyes languid as she rocked to and fro on him. They were completely caught up in each other as they came together and they didn't pause for breath till the climax seized them. When the spasms of orgasm took them, they both gasped and clung to one another as the bright lights exploded in their brains.
"Oh, Remy . . . Remy," Laura sighed as she slid in total surrender and lay upon his chest, flooding him with the nectar that he now knew so well.
Remington kissed her all over her face, cherishing her in his arms, his pelvis jerking in spasm after spasm as he ejaculated.
"Oh, Lord!" he cried out as he gave the essence of his life force to Laura in spurt after powerful spurt.
Laura and Remington finally lay spent in each others arms, cooing and whispering to one another, unable to let go of the moments they had shared together.
"All the while we were in Mexico this is what I thought about, Laura, about us being together in our marriage bed like this. I've wanted this life almost from the first day I met you . . . even when I didn't realize that this was what I wanted, I wanted this. Do you believe me, love?"
"Yes . . . I believe you. I knew I wanted this. I couldn't bear to let you go. I should have married you when you asked me three months ago. I was so silly then to say 'no.' We could have avoided all this trouble."
Laura tightened her arms around Remington's waist and nuzzled her face in the hair of his chest, nipping his breasts gently and he groaned in ecstasy as he parts swelled inside her again.
"Oh, woman!" he cried as he tossed her onto her back and got on top of her and began to use her again, pushing and thrusting and groaning.
Laura gave herself completely to him, wrapping her legs around him and taking him for herself, sighing and swooning and lost in the connection they were sharing. The climax came again for both of them, washing over them and capturing them.
"Oh, God . . . woman . . . Laura," Remington cried out loud as he felt Laura's pelvis spasms again and heard her moans of ecstasy as her parts flooded with the sweet essence that was Laura.
"Yes . . . Yes . . . Remy," Laura let him know how helpless she was, how complete her surrender to him.
At the sound of her voice he gave up his semen again in a powerful ejaculation and they both saw the brilliant flashes and haloes of light at the same time.
"Oh, Remy, the midnight sun and the morning sun!"
"Like the song says 'an aurora borealis in an alabaster palace . . . silver rain,'" Remington sighed.
"I never knew what that song meant till we came together like this. Oh, Remy . . . Remy! Hold me tight . . . please!"
Laura was limp in his arms, and Remington held her, cherishing her, their sexual communion complete.
"I think I feel like the 'little woman' at moments like this. Don't ever let me go."
"Never fear, lassie, never fear," Remington whispered as they lay in each others arms.
Finally they drifted off to sleep the sleep of exhausted lovers and it was nearly dawn when Remington wakened. He cuddled with Laura, spooning, as it were, his arms completely encircling her, the warmth of his body giving her warmth and he was at peace. Laura murmured his name sleepily, enjoying the physical closeness but Remington was excited by it and he began to rotate against her hips.
"Um, yes," Laura said as they came together. They were gone again, lost in each other, their minds half asleep, but their flesh awake and alive as they found comfort in each other.
The climax came easily, Remington holding Laura tightly to maintain the deepest penetration as their pelvises jerked in spasm after spasm.
"Sweet Jesus!" Remington groaned in ecstasy with his wife.
They lay together till they drifted off to sleep again and it was mid-morning when Laura awakened to the aroma of bacon and fresh coffee. She turned in the bed, realizing that she was in Remington's bed and then she remembered the night they had shared and her body flooded with warmth.
Laura got up and went into the shower and just stood there letting the water course over her as she remembered the moments she had shared with her Remington. When she came out of the shower, there he was, holding a thick Turkish towel to wrap around her and then kiss her soundly on her mouth.
"You look beautiful in the morning like this. Your lips are still a little swollen from last night. Please forgive me and forgive these," he said, checking the bruise marks on her hips where he had held her so tightly. "I was overwhelmed, darling, overwhelmed."
He kissed her hands and then her cheeks.
"I forgive you for everything," Laura said.
"I think we should eat now. I have to replenish my . . . energy. I am only human, love." He winked at her mischievously and smacked her shapely hips.
They sat in their robes trying to concentrate on eating breakfast together. They were both ravenous after the night of passion they had shared, but they both knew that it was not over as they stared into one another's eyes across the breakfast table. Words were not necessary as Remington held out his hand to her and drew her across his lap to straddle him and pushed her robe away so that she was naked. He was completely ready for her and his cobalt blue eyes burned hot as he held her there. In the morning sunlight streaming through his window he was altogether beautiful, hair tousled, overnight's growth of beard evident. That was when Laura noticed the silver medallion that he always wore. There was an inscription on it now, her name.
"When did you do this?"
"Yesterday when we got back to LA . . . I know whose name I want there always. There's never been anyone in my life like you before you and there will never be anyone else in my life for me. I . . . I" the words 'I love you' caught in his throat. "I need you, Laura. I want you. Lord knows, I can't make it without you, lassie."
They kissed and kissed and came together as they kissed on that chair, Laura rocking to and fro on Remington as she took all of him then and there, till finally he picked her up and carried her off to bed again, with Laura protesting even the few moments of separation.
"I don't want you to stop, Remy. Please don't stop."
"It's all right love. I'm here. I'm not goin' anywhere," he said as he laid her on their bed and got onto her again.
When the climax came for them, Laura was so caught up in it that she couldn't let go, the spasms continuing to come deep in her belly.
"Remy, I can't stop . . . the spasms keep coming . . . help me, Remy!"
"Babe, babe, take all you need!"
Remington came into her again with thrusts so powerful that he took her breath away as he snorted and grunted like a wild horse upon her till she went limp in his arms, murmuring his name as the climax rolled over them again.
Finally Remington just smiled tenderly and kissed her over and over, her cheeks, her lips, her forehead, her neck, her breasts, the inside of her forearms, as they lay joined together in the afterglow.

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