Steele Crazy After All These Years- An Addition
by Andrea
UPDATED 3 Nov 1999
Posted Part 3
Consider yourself warned.

Author's note: This is a work of fiction and is intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement on characters and situations owned by MTM Productions is intended. This story is rated NC17 in some places, so if you are too young to read this, or offended by this type of material, click on "BACK" now!

This addition takes place at the very end of the episode and presupposes that Laura might accept Remington's compromise deal of six months of his life for one night of hers. During the episode a reference is made to an ancestral ghost in Remington's family, who re-appears at the end. A reminder that this episode was only the 16th episode aired, and so many other characters, situations and events familiar to RS fans have not been introduced into the ongoing plot. I owe thanks to Jax, Nancy, Fodor travel guides and `Wine For Dummies' for their research assistance.

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