Nerves of Steele, Will of Iron and Dreams of Gold
by SteeleChic 1999
Updated 12 Jan 2000
Posted Part 12

Author's note - I have taken many liberties with this story but as it is a work of fiction, poetic license and all that jazz, I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. I have probably borrowed ideas from other sources and if this applies to you I am very, very sorry but it was unintentional, let's just say your work had an impact on me, OK? One place I know I borrowed an idea from is Party of Five, I won't tell you how, that would spoil it, but I figured since I'm borrowing the characters of Laura Holt and Remington Steele anyway, does it really matter that much? Without giving too much away, this story takes place some time after Remington and Laura get married and part of it is a rewrite of "Bonds of Steele"(kind of). I think we can also safely say that you should assume the unfortunate fifth season never happened. Apart from all that, (finally, I hear you say), I have no medical knowledge of any kind so please forgive any transgressions on that score, you'll know what I mean when you get there. Thanks and Enjoy!
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