Remington Steele
Season One

 Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement, so I studied and apprenticed, and put my name on an office. But absolutely nobody knocked down my door. A female private investigator seemed so . . . feminine. So I invented a superior. A decidedly masculine superior. Suddenly, there were cases around the block. It was working like a charm. Until the day he walked in, with his blue eyes and mysterious past. And before I knew it, he assumed Remington Steele's identity. Now I do the work and he takes the bows. It's a dangerous way to live, but as long as people buy it, I can get the job done. We never mix business with pleasure. Well, almost never. I don't even know his real name.
Regular Cast:
Stephanie Zimbalist . . Laura Holt
Pierce Brosnan . . Remington Steele
James Read. . Murphy Michaels
Janet DeMay . . Bernice Fox
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 License to Steele- 10.01.82 Written by:  Michael Gleason   
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 Guest stars: Gordon Hunter . . Joseph Hacker || Ben Pearson . . . . Phil Casnoff ||
Raymond Kessler . Robert Darnell || Leo Neff . . . . . John Francis
Private Eye Laura Holt invents a male boss to lure clients reluctant to hire a woman. The ruse works until a mysterious chap interferes with her job of protecting a $2 million jewel shipment.
The opening sequence is, of course, different for this episode. It starts out the same, but then concludes: ``Suddenly, there were cases around the block. Having an imaginary boss is a dangerous way to live . . . but so far, it's working.''
Tempered Steele 10.08.82 Written by: Michael Gleason   
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Guest Stars: Jim Meecham . Arlen Dean Snyder || Roger Dillon . . David Hayward ||
Mrs. Dillon . . . Diana Douglas
Laura and Remington become involved with industrial espionage in an electronics
firm, where an alarm-system failure results in the disappearance of trade secrets---and in murder.
 Steele Waters Run Deep 10.22.82 Written by: Lee Zlotoff
SteeleWatcher rating: (out of a possible 5 passports)
 Guest Stars:Albee Fervitz . . Peter Scolari || Emery Arnok . . George D. Wallace || Cynthia . . Betty Kennedy || Sheila Fervitz . . Roxanne Hart
Laura and Remington have 24 hours to find a video-game genius who vanished on the eve of a successful merger, along with $5 million and his company's latest video game plans.
 Signed, Steeled & Delivered 10.29.82 Written by: Glenn Caron
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 Guest stars: Sheldon Quarry . . Thom Bray||John Seward . .Philip Sterling||Lucille Seward . . Alexandra Johnson||Blonde . . Marta Kristen
A CIA researcher, terrified by attempts on his life, is convinced that his own agency is trying to kill him, so he turns to ex-CIA man Steele for help.
 Thou Shalt Not Steele 11.05.82 Written by: Lee Zlotoff
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Guest Stars:Katherine Simone . Cassandra Harris||Abigail Holt . . Beverly Garland|| Gutman . . James Blendick||Kalil . . Kurt Christian||Coxworth . . . . . . Peter Maclean
Laura dragoons Steele into protecting a museum painting that carries a curse, and he's soon a believer: a woman from his shadowy past wants him to help her steal it.
The painting is called ``The Five Nudes of Cairo'', which Steele had stolen once before.
 Steele Belted 11.12.82 Written by: Michael Gleason
Guest Stars:Buddy Shapiro . . Andrew Bloch||Creighton Phillips . Barry Van Dyke|| Waldo Church . . . . Raymond Singer || Ivy Shapiro . . . . . Ilene Graff
The agency takes on a client charged with murder who simply can't win: the man's alibi---the crime's only witness---is found murdered in Remington's apartment, and the man's lawyer seems more interested in Laura than in the case, which leads Steele and Murphy into joining forces out of jealousy.
 Etched In Steele 11.19.82 Written by: Glenn Caron
Guest Stars:Charlotte Knight . Shannon Wilcox|| Russell Forsyth . . . Lyman Ward|| Tony Dinaldo . . . . Richard Cox|| Mitchell Knight . Joel Colodner
Laura thinks a best-selling sexy-book author killed her own husband, until she discovers it was the woman's insipid spouse who really wrote the books.
 Your Steele the One For Me 11.26.82 Written by: Lee Zlotoff
Guest Stars:Tenake . . . Keye Luke|| Craddock . Reid Shelton|| Mike . . . Marc Hayashi|| Kenji . . Sab Shimono
Laura ponders two suspicious deaths, a run-in with Army Intelligence and cryptic clues about a "Palace of Heaven'', and concludes that Remington was right in the first place: the death of a visiting Japanese was not caused by jaywalking.
 In the Steele of the Night 12.03.82 Written by: Joel Steigler
 Guest Stars: Alan Grievey . . Jeff Pomerantz || Carl . Philip Charles MacKenzie || Sandy . . Carlene Watkins|| Donald . . Arthur Rosenberg || Butler . . Monty O'Grady
Whodunit? As the only outsider at a house party, Remington is asked to identify the killer in a group of Laura's former colleagues after one of them is found dead.
 Steele Trap 12.10.82 Written by: Michael Gleason
New Dialogue Added 11 August 2000
Guest Stars:Randi . Lynne Randall || Feldman . . Paul Hecht || Dominick . Bruce Kirby || Madeline . Brandis Kemp || Cindi . Diane Stilwell
Guests are murdered one by one at a house party crashed by Laura and Remington after their client declines his invitation by committing suicide.
 Steeling the Show 1.07.83 Written by: Peter Lefcourt
 Guest Stars:Veronica Kirk . . Bibi Osterwald || Jennifer Kirk . Frances Lee McCain|| Mickey Prentice . . . Duncan Ross|| Phil Haver . . Peter Jurasik|| Eddie Howell . . . Richard Backus|| Resident . . . Michael Cornelison|| Dudworth . . Than Wyenn
A long-buried Hollywood scandal is unearthed when one of its has-beens, who thinks someone's trying to kill her, convinces Laura and Remington she may be right.
 Steele Flying High 1.14.83 Written by: Richard Collins
New dialogue added 6.2.2000
Guest Stars:Grace Stanton . . Francine Lembi|| Harry Swan . . Michael McGuire|| Congressman Bishop . Michael Goodwin|| Millicent . . Martine Bartlett|| Fred. . Blake Clark|| Friendly Fritz . . . . Paul Brennan
Steele wonders why he's being asked to join a committee to save the bald eagle. Then he learns about the murder of a member who supposedly sent him a controversial report on land proposed as a sanctuary.
 A Good Night's Steele 1.21.83 Written by: Lee Zlotoff and R. J. Stewart
 Guest Stars:Ivan Turbell . . . Paul Reiser|| Nurse Blackwell . Nancy Parsons|| Dr. Lindstrom . . David Haskell|| Bickerman . . . William Larsen|| Dr. Wicker . . John Mansfield
Laura and Steele go undercover as a doctor and patient at a sleep disorder clinic that's missing morphine---and a physician.
 Hearts of Steele 1.28.83 Written by: Charles Rosin
 Guest Stars:Malcolm Marcall . Mark Hutter|| Janet . . . . Susan Kellerman|| Angela . . . . Linda Carlson|| Loretta . . Alexandra Borrie|| Megan . . . . . . Caren Kaye
Laura and Remington have an intoxicating romp posing as a man and wife whose marriage is on the rocks while they try to determine which of four angry and tippling ex-spouses is trying to knock off their husbands' divorce lawyer.
 To Stop A Steele 2.11.83 Written by: Glenn Caron
Guest Stars: Morrie . . Cliff Norton|| Considine . Michael C. Gwynne|| Harrod . . Donald Bishop|| Desk Clerk . Douglas Warhit
Laura and Remington don't know it, but they're working on the same case---Laura and Murphy for the jeweler robbed of a $2 million diamond and Steele for a frightened
thief who has to explain to the syndicatethat someone beat him to it.
 Steele Crazy After All These Years 2.18.83 Written by: Peggy Goldman, R. J.                                                                                            Stewart, and Andrew Laskos
 Guest Stars:Annie Carpenter . Annie Potts|| Nat Shavers . . . Todd Susman ||Lynette Mercer . Allyce Beasley ||Dean Winfield . John C. Becher|| Hector . . . Tony Plana
Murphy's college homecoming is shattered by the murder of a class radical that
harks back to a campus bombing incident involving students now among the graduates---and murder suspects.
 Steele Among The Living 2.25.83 Written by: Andrew Laskos
Guest Stars:Leo Blitzman . . Phil Rubenstein|| Marion Travis . . Marilyn Jones|| Teddy . Reid Smith|| Noah Devereaux . . . Peter Vogt|| Nicholas Spriggs . Hansford Rowe|| Giovanni . . . . . . David Byrd
The paintings of a vanished artist begin to soar in value as Laura and Steele search for the body, amid mounting evidence that the painter's demise may profit her estranged husband, and the gallery about to open her one-woman show.
 Steele In The News 3.04.83 Written by: Fred Lyle and Duncan Smith
 Guest Stars:Elliot Walsh . J. D. Cannon|| Hoop Tracy . Maggie Roswell|| Russel Stewart . John Reilly|| Amy . . . . . Jenny O'Hara|| Ed Greene . . . Ron Frazier
A saboteur in a TV studio makes the news team look like bumbling fools on the air. But no one's laughing when the weatherman tumbles from the rafters, dead.
 Vintage Steele 3.15.83 Written by: Susan Baskin
 Guest Stars:Wilson Jeffries . . . . David Huffman|| Claude Vandermeer . . . James Widdoes|| Alexis Vandermeer . Beverlee McKinsey|| Brother Bartholomew . Michael O'Guinne
A vintage caper involves Laura and Steele with a corpse that bobbed to the surface of a wine vat and keeps resurfacing in apparently unrelated places.
 Steele's Gold 3.22.83 Written by: R.J. Stewart
Guest Stars:Emmett . . . . . James Callahan|| Sylvia Kilbride. . . . . Lois de Banzie|| Kitty Curtain . . Barbara Stock|| Chance McCormick . William Russ|| Felix Murieta. . . Ellis Ren
At an ``Old California'' party, where the sleuths are working security, a legendary prospector's journal is stolen and a guest is stabbed to death, whose dying words spark a fevered gold rush---led by Laura, Steele, and Murphy.
 Sting Of Steele 4.05.83 Written by: Gary Kott
Guest Stars:Daniel Chalmers . Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.|| Abigail Holt . . Beverly Garland|| Hoskins. . . John Orchard|| Major . . . Peter Bromilow|| Salesman . . Robert Denison
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and daughter Stephanie make droll antagonists as con man extraordinaire Daniel Chalmers and his pursuer Laura Holt, who is astonished to find him working a stylish sting with Steele, his one-time protege---all the while making an equally polished play for her mother.
 Steele In Circulation 4.12.83 Written by: Lee Zlotoff
 Guest Stars:Alfred . . John Doolittle|| Angelica. . Gina Gallego|| Horace Erskin . Richard Kuss
It's touch and go as Laura and Remington try to thwart repeated attempts by a bank employee to end it all because he "borrowed'' $50,000 for a few days to help a
damsel in distress, only to have both the dough and the damsel disappear.
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