Remington Steele
Season Two

 Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement, so I studied and apprenticed, and put my name on an office. But absolutely nobody knocked down my door. A female private investigator seemed so . . . feminine. So I invented a superior. A decidedly masculine superior. Suddenly, there were cases around the block. It was working like a charm. Until the day he walked in, with his blue eyes and mysterious past. And before I knew it, he assumed Remington Steele's identity. Now I do the work and he takes the bows. It's a dangerous way to live, but as long as people buy it, I can get the job done. We never mix business with pleasure. Well, almost never. I don't even know his real name.
Regular Cast:
Stephanie Zimbalist . . Laura Holt
Pierce Brosnan . . Remington Steele
Doris Roberts . . . . Mildred Krebbs
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 Steele Away With Me 9.20.83 Written by: Michael Gleason
 Guest Stars:Paul Dominick . . Vincent Baggetta|| Alexander Sebastien . David Warner|| Captain Rios . Pedro Armendariz, Jr.|| Jack Merkle . . . . . Ray Girardin|| George Plummer . . . . Jack Blessing|| Hector Figueroa . . . . . . . . Fausto Bara
The second-season opener finds Laura and Remington in Mexico, after a tuna
stuffed with diamonds and wrapped in an Acapulco newspaper is dropped on her doorstep by a dying man. As a deadly smuggling conspiracy emerges, they're abetted by Mildred Krebs, an IRS auditor dogging Steele.
 Red Holt Steele 09.27.83 Written by: Lee Zlotoff
Added new dialogue 25 May 2000
Guest Stars:R. J. Stonewell . . Barbara Cason|| Keever . . Thomas Randall Oglesby|| Frannie Kuchelski . Audrey J. Neenan|| Stuart Thorpe . . Lewis Arquette|| Eldon Veckmer. . Joel Polis
Laura's house is blown sky high during her investigation into the corporate skullduggery that's undermining a widow's battle to keep her husband's aircraft company aloft.
 Altared Steele 10.11.83 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
 Guest Stars:Frank Dannon . Fred McCarren|| Mary . . Monique Van De Ven|| Nancy . . Delta Burke|| Barbara . . Jane Kaczmarek
A terrified client doesn't know his own name, much less why someone is trying to kill him, but a fake funeral arranged by Laura and Remington produces five suspects---each claiming to be the man's widow.
 Steele Framed 10.18.83 Written by: Brian Alan Lane
 Guest Stars:Spellman/Major Descoine . Guy Boyd|| Detective Jimmy Jarvis . Gary Frank|| Salesman . . . . . . . Archie Hahn|| Carlos . . . . . . . . . Rod Corbin
Speeding to a rendezvous, Remington hits a man. An accident? The evidence tells Laura that Remington was being blackmailed by the victim.
 A Steele At Any Price 11.01.83 Written by: Mitch Paradise
Added New Scene 2 September 2000
 Guest Stars:Richard Wilker . Michael Cornelison|| Clifford Conant . . Jeffrey Jones|| Joanne Pitkin . . Susan Bay|| Schneiderman . . . Stefan Gierasch|| Lady Monica Haddon . Gillian Eaton|| Koji Asuda . . . . . Ernest Harada
Remington tries to penetrate a ring of international art thieves, who may be responsible for a reporter's disappearance.
 Love Among The Steele 11.08.83 Written by: Lee Zlotoff
 Guest Stars:Doctor Harvey . Clive Revill|| Clarissa . . . Susan French|| Sam Fischer . . Peter Hobbs|| Berkholtzer . . . Al Ruscio|| John McCallum . . Ed Penney
Tracking the driverless vintage car that almost ran them down leads Laura and
Remington to several romances (a la ``The Yellow Rolls-Royce''), one previously undetected murder, and a lost treasure.
 Scene Steelers 11.15.83 Written by: Joyce Armour and Judie Neer
 Guest Stars:Derek Vivyan . . Richard Anderson|| Doris Waggenbacker. . Bibi Besch|| Heather Saint-Germaine . Gwen Humble|| Mady. . Faith Price|| Stan . . Paul Kreppel
An actor's pet parrot is poisoned pecking at the beef bourguignon during the filming of a commercial. The question is, who was the intended victim?
Steele Knuckles and Glass Jaws 11/29/83 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
 Guest Stars:Barney Kiernan . Bert Remsen ||  Joseph Barber Paul Steward || Herschel ``The Hammer'' Sinclair . .Ken Foree || Gina Barber . Julie Carmen
A boxing manager's discovery of a dead bookie and an abandoned baby in a locker room prompt him to call one of his former fighters: the Kilkenny kid---Pride of the Pampas, another of Steele's former identities.
My Fair Steele 12/06/83  Written by: Brian Alan Lane
 Guest Stars:Tracy Crockett/Roxie . Ann Dusenberry || Norman . . Stephen Elliot || Claudette . . Joanna Barnes || Ross Crockett, Sr. . Thomas Hill || Markham . . Ian Wolfe || Samantha . . Judith Chapman
Laura and Steele take part in a dying man's scheme to enable his kidnapped adopted daughter to inherit his estate, a plan that involves her secret twin sister.
Steele Threads 12/13/83 Written by: George Lee Marshall
 Guest Stars:Bulletz Bloustein/Joshua Shelley || Julian Barron / Dean Santoro || Lila Colbert/Lara Parker || Francois Periot /John van Dreelen
Laura and Steele slip into the seamier side of the high-fashion world on a case involving stolen trade secrets and a vicious sibling rivalry.
Steele Eligible 01/10/84 Written by: Larry Konner
 Guest Stars:Moriah Taylor -Mimi Kuzyk || Victor Janoff-Roy Dotrice || Millicent Fairbush-D. D. Howard || Arnold Baskin - Franc Luz  ||Chip Carstairs- Richard Backus || Butch Moran-Michael Lemon
Someone is killing off ``the five most eligible bachelors in Los Angeles''---and one of those remaining is Remington.
High Flying Steele 01/17/84  Written by: George Lee Marshall
 Guest Stars:Christy Cordaro . Lisa Pelikan || Guy Nickerson . . . A. Martinez || Max . Jessie Lawrence Ferguson || Fresco Zapata . Michael McGuire
A name spoken to Mildred at an innocuous seance draws Laura and Steele to a sleazy circus where they pose as a high-flying trapeze act to catch a murderer.
Blood is Thicker Than Steele 01/31/84  Written by: Richard DeRoy
 Guest Stars:Walter Gallen . . Jack Betts || Angel Gallen . Bridgette Andersen || Chris Gallen . . Eric Brown
Laura and Steele must protect two precocious children from the kidnappers who want to keep their father from testifying in a federal investigation.
Steele Sweet on You 02/07/84 Written by: Susan Baskin
Guest Stars:Donald Piper . Michael Durrell || Frances Piper . . Maryedith Burrell || Wendell Whittaker . Patrick Collins || Howie . . James O'Sullivan || Cookie . . Terese Brown
A murderer attends a dental convention to steal a speaker's prop, which could expose him as the perpetrator, not the victim, of an arson death.
Elegy in Steele 02/21/84 Written by: Brian Alan Lane
 Guest Stars:Major Descoine. . Guy Boyd || Minor Descoine . Quinn Cummings || Cop . . Michael Fairman || Cab driver . . Ed Hooks
Archenemy Major Descoine appears out of nowhere and promises Laura and Steele that they'll be dead within the hour.
Small Town Steele 02/28/84 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
 Guest Stars:Prof. Arthur Thickett . Jacques Aubuchdon || Sheriff Nebbins. . Paul Gleason || Mayor MacKenzie . . Carolyn Coates || Winslow Avery . . Ben Slack  Rachel . . Jennifer Parsons
Laura and Steele investigate the disappearance of a historian who stumbled onto a small town's well-guarded secret.
Molten Steele 03/06/84 Written by:   Richard Collins 
 Guest Stars:Mrs. Dumont/Pippa Scott || Charles Dumont/Bill Morey ||  Montague/John Bedford-Lloyd ||  Walter Muller/John Furey ||  Anne Montague/Ellen Regan ||  Betsy Lindner/Ellen Tobie
A woman hires Laura and Steele to find out who had her name and number printed in a sex-magazine ad.
Dreams of Steele 03/20/84  Written by:Brian Alan Lane
 Guest Stars:Clarissa Custer . Judith Light || Archie Doke . Woodrow Parfrey || Todd Doke . . . Robert Harper
The reputation of the agency is at stake when Laura and Steelet are hired to transport the same rare gems which brought them together.
Woman of Steele 03/27/84 Written by: Susan Baskin
 Guest Stars: Anna Simpson . Cassandra Harris || Raymond Merleau . James Laurenson || Caroline Welles . . . Eve Roberts || Herbert Welles . . . John Devlin || Waiter . . . . . . Peter Lempert
With the agency guarding an art collection, Steele is distracted by a woman from his past, and Laura intends to learn the woman's intentions regarding the collection---and Steele.
Hounded Steele 05/15/84Written by: Jeff Melvoin  
 Guest Stars:Kenneth Masters . . . J. D. Cannon || Anatole Blaylock . . . Tom Baker || Shirley Mellish . . . Nita Talbot || Susan Claireborne . Sarah Marshall
Mildred's moonlighting as a detective turns up a dead Interpol agent and puts Laura and Steele on the trail of an international master thief.
Elementary Steele 05/22/84 Written by: Michael Gleason
 Guest Stars: Rocky Sullivan . Lynne Randall || Sherlock Holmes . Peter Evans || Mr. Moto . . . . . Keone Young || Eddie Lucas . . Barry Jenner  
Mystery buffs have signed up for a make-believe case that's actually a scheme to locate a murderous embezzler.
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