Remington Steele
Season Three
25 May 2001

 Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement, so I studied and apprenticed, and put my name on an office. But absolutely nobody knocked down my door. A female private investigator seemed so . . . feminine. So I invented a superior. A decidedly masculine superior. Suddenly, there were cases around the block. It was working like a charm. Until the day he walked in, with his blue eyes and mysterious past. And before I knew it, he assumed Remington Steele's identity. Now I do the work and he takes the bows. It's a dangerous way to live, but as long as people buy it, I can get the job done. We never mix business with pleasure. Well, almost never. I don't even know his real name.
Regular Cast:
Stephanie Zimbalist . . Laura Holt
Pierce Brosnan . . Remington Steele
Doris Roberts . . . . Mildred Krebbs
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Steele At It Sept. 25, 1984 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Guest Stars: Inspector Vouray: Andre Moranne || Joelle Lebret: Marianne Lawrence || Freddie Smith: Mark Burns
Laura is ready for romance as the third season opens on the French Riviera. Steele, however is linked to a Frenchwoman and a theft, and to Laura, these are situations both equally compromising.
Lofty Steele Oct. 2, 1984  Written by: Brad Kern
Guest Stars: Charly Thomas: Gregg Henry || Burt Dixon: Joe Lambie || Putnam: Ron O'Neal || Nester Bartholomew: Armin Shimerman || Matthews: James David Hinton
When Laura refuses to believe a ruse to get her out of her apartment for a while, she's drugged and kidnapped so her loft can be searched for something hidden in the walls.
Maltese Steele Oct. 16, 1984 Written by:John Wirth
Guest Stars:Margaret: Susan Penhaligon || Edvard Jensen: Frederick Jaeger || Newton Borg-Ward: John Malcom || Benjamin Carlisle: Ian Tyler || Wallace Carlisle: Bruce Boa
While searching for a missing body on the island of Malta, Laura and Steele acquire
a seemingly insignificant piece of brass that could be the key to a legendary treasure---or it could get them killed.
Second Base Steele Oct. 23, 1984 Written by: Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars:Jake Crowley: Louis Giambalvo || Ralph Kelsey: Michael McManus || Doc Gridley: Marco St. John || Slats Kittridge: Lionel Smith
Steele and Laura go undercover at an adult baseball camp when a reunion of high-school athletes is plagued by a series of ``accidents''.
Blue Blooded Steele Oct. 30, 1984 Written by:John Pashdag and Brady Westwater
Guest Stars:Daniel Chalmers: Efrem Zimbalist, Jr || Gwen: Merete Van Kamp || Penhaligon: David Byrd || Nanny Perkins: Irene Tidrow || Archie: David Fox-Brenton
Laura doesn't know it, but Steele stands to inherit an English title and its fortune---and lose his life---thanks to Daniel Chalmers.
Steele Your Heart Away Nov. 13, 1984 Written by: Brian Clemens
Guest Stars:Mrs. Armdale: Marie Conmee || Flanagan: Chris O'Neill || Skeggs: Frank Kelly || Dr. Tulliver: Tom Jordan || Carter: Seamus Fords
Laura is summoned to Ireland to help an amnesiac Steele remember who he is, what
brought him to Ireland, and why somebody wants to kill him. Filmed on location.
A Pocketful of Steele Nov. 20, 1984 Written by: Brad Kern
Guest Stars:Jackie Crawford: Meeno Peluce || Schwimme: Ray Wise || Lowell McKenzie: Jerry Hardin || Larry: Jack Murdock || Leroy: Rony Clanton
Steele's pockets are picked by a streetwise lad who unknowingly grabs evidence in a loan-sharking case, putting his life in danger.
Puzzled Steele Nov. 27, 1984 Written by: Brian Clemens, Dennis Spooner,                                                                                     Jeff Melvoin
Guest Stars:G. W. Wainright:Benjamin Applegate: Jack Hedley || Richard Moreland: Tom Adams || Michael Banks:Tony Vogel || Shepherd: Brian Gwaspari
What begins as a harmless competition between Laura and Steele to find a missing journalist becomes a deadly game of double identities. Filmed in the Mediterranean.
Cast of Steele Dec. 4, 1984 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Guest Stars:George Edward Mulch: Michael Constantine || Chandler: Ron Harper || Morris Getz: Gerald Hiken || Ernest Templeton: Calvin Bartlett || Julian: Rex Ryon
Dorothy Lamour, Virginia Mayo, and Lloyd Nolan hire Laura and Steele to find out who's behind the curious fan mail they received, not to mention the attempts on their lives that followed.
Breath of Steele Dec. 11, 1984 Written by: John Wirth
Guest Stars:Toni . . Alice Cadogan || Teri . . Kathy Maisnik || Nathan Fitts . . John Larroquette || Chip . . Tom Byrd || Marjorie Flowers . Rosemary Forsyth || Brenda . . Mariana Hill
Two singing-telegram girls witness a shooting and move in with Laura for protection while she and Steele track down the gunman.
Let's Steele a Plot Dec. 18, 1984 Written by: Richard DeRoy and Joe Gores
Guest Stars: Alf Nussman . . Joe Santos || Butch Bemis . . Gary Graham || Laidlow . . James Ray || Columbine . . Suzanne Lederer || Grimm . . Patrick Cronin || Pamela Johns . Kristine Sutherland
Laura and Steele are plagued with a plethora of advice when they investigate the embezzlement of a mystery writers guild's treasury.
Gourmet Steele Jan. 8, 1985 Written by: Bob Shayne
Guest Stars:Ana Dix . . . Billie Bird || Eliose . . . . Barbra Horan || Pierre Fumar . Daniel Davis || Michael . . Dakin Matthews || Bill . . . . Michael Young
Steele is mistaken for the restaurant critic he's trying to find, and he's targeted for
murder by unsavory types steamed up over bad reviews.
 Stronger Than Steele Jan. 15, 1985 Written by:Kerry Lenhart and John J. Sakmar
Guest Stars:Atomic Man . . Conrad Janis || James Jarvis . . Gary Frank || Jennifer Davenport . Nancy Stafford || Steven Spooner . . Tom Harrison
The TV superhero Laura idolized as a child is accused of killing the producer of a movie version of the show starring another actor.
Have I Got a Steele for You Jan. 22, 1985 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Guest Stars:George Edward Mulch: Michael Constantine || James Ryan: John Lehne || Peter Gillespie: Charles Rocket || Buckner: Seth Jaffe || Martha Ryan: K. Callan || Juan Castro: Danny Mora || Tommy Mulch: Gene Freedman
``Idea man'' George E. Mulch is back with a new business venture that's being used by a partner to swindle an investor.
Springtime for Steele Jan. 29, 1985 Written by: John Wirth, Christopher Hibler
Guest Stars:Rocky Sullivan / Lynne Randall || Brian Hunter / Robert Desiderio || Buddy Brokaw / Jack Kruschen || Clint Overton / Tony Frank || Betty Overton / Elizabeth Huddle || Arthur McKinley Reynolds, III . Timothy Stack || Vincent Nash . . Don Gordon
The crooked managers of singer Rocky Sullivan decide to kill their rising star when her success threatens their investment scheme.
Steele in the Family Feb. 5, 1985 Written by: Brad Kern
Guest Stars:Bernard: Albert Macklin || Silver: Jack Bannon || Clarissa: Nancy Everhard || Myrtle: Doris Belack || Morty: Bob Hastings || Harold Delanian: Ryan MacDonald
Mildred's enterprising straight-arrow nephew has a little problem: he needs to hide a body from a hit man who needs the corpse to confirm the kill for his employers.
Diced Steele Feb. 12, 1985 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Guest Stars:Norman Keyes . . James Tolkan || Eddie Grogan . . Murphy Dunne || Bradford Murdock . Alan Feinstein || Everett Blaisdale . Wortham Krimmer || Mrs. Murdock . . Victoria Bass || Seymour Smith . . Charles Cooper
After the agency loses an insurance company's front money in a scheme to recover stolen jewels, the company's investigator digs into Steele's past and tells Laura he was in on the scam.
Now You Steele It Now You Don't March 03, 1985 Written by: John Wirth,
                                                                                                                John Tracey
Guest Stars:Kathryn Sterling . . Savannah Smith Boucher || Frank Bigelow . . Michael Shannon || Grace Kelton . . Claudia Cron || Whit Sterling . . Philip Abbot || Chester . . J. E. Freeman || Leopold Majak . . Byron Webster
Laura delivers a message that triggers an importer's apparent suicide, then discovers she was used in a blackmailing scheme.
Illustrated Steele March 12, 1985 Written by: John J. Sakmar and Kerry Lenhart
Guest Stars:Arthur (Artie) Wayne . Dennis Drake || Raymond Kelly. . Biff McGuire ||  Sid Rothman. . Keith Charles || Cindy Dirks. . Mary Beth Evans
A cartoonist's life seems to be imitating art when attempts to kill him parallel the adventures of his comic-strip character lookalike.
Steele in the Chips March 19, 1985 Written by: Robin Bernheim, Stephanie                                                                  Zimbalist, Sheldon Larry, and Howard Baldwin
Guest Stars:Sandy Dalrymple . . Geena Davis || Maynard Stockman. . G. W. Bailey ||   Gloria Blyer . . Jean Smart || Bill Miles . . Michael Bell || Clay Platt . . James Carroll Jordan || Shirley Tannenbaum . Camille Saviola
The inventor of a no-calorie cookie disappears along with the only samples, worth millions. Laura and Steele are hired by different clients to locate Munzinger, who dies in the office lobby. Meanwhile, Steele is trying to provide security service for an
attractive tennis player (Miss Dalrymple) who unwittingly gets caught up in the cookie madness.
 Steele Trying May 7, 1985 Written by: Micheal Gleason and Rocky Lang
Guest Stars: Seymour Glass/Fred Melnick . Herb Vigran || Rita del Rio . . Teresa Ganzel || George Broder . . Howard Witt || Bertha Melnik. . Ruth Manning || Judy Fishbane. . Gretchen Wyler
Steele invents a bogus case to spirit Laura away to San Francisco for a little romance, but the plan backfires when the phony suspect gets involved in a real murder. Tony Bennett recorded the soundtrack.
Steele of Approval May 14, 1985 Written by: Brad Kern and Seymour Robbie
Guest Stars:William Westfield . James Houghton || Horton Erhart . . William Prince ||    J. W. Kendall . . David White || Oscar Bergman . . Ken Olfson || Jack Prince . . Rod Arrants || Philip Dunford . Nicholas Hormann || Scott Jefferson . . Richard Frank || Mitchell . . Don Stewart
The third season winds up with Laura finding a possible romance in Mexico---and Steele dodging a state investigator to revoke the agency's license.
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