Remington Steele
COMPLETE! 13 Novemeber 2001
Season Four

 Try this for a deep, dark secret. The great detective Remington Steele? He doesn't exist. I invented him. Follow: I always loved excitement, so I studied and apprenticed, and put my name on an office. But absolutely nobody knocked down my door. A female private investigator seemed so . . . feminine. So I invented a superior. A decidedly masculine superior. Suddenly, there were cases around the block. It was working like a charm. Until the day he walked in, with his blue eyes and mysterious past. And before I knew it, he assumed Remington Steele's identity. Now I do the work and he takes the bows. It's a dangerous way to live, but as long as people buy it, I can get the job done. We never mix business with pleasure. Well, almost never. I don't even know his real name.
Regular Cast:
Stephanie Zimbalist . . Laura Holt
Pierce Brosnan . . Remington Steele
Doris Roberts . . . . Mildred Krebbs
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 Steele Searching Part 1 09/24/85 Written by: Michael Gleason
 Guest Stars: Felicia:Cassandra Harris || Inspector Lombard:Julian Glover || Earl of Claridge:Simon Oates || Bradford Galt:Jeff Rowie || Bowler:Emlyn Price
A fourth season opens in London, where both Laura and Scotland Yard want to find Steele, but for different reasons. Meanwhile, Steele is hot on the trail of a man who holds a clue to his past.
Steele Searching Part 2 10/01/85 Written by: Michael Gleason
Guest Stars: Daniel Chalmers:Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. | Felicia:Cassandra Harris | Inspector Lombard:Julia Glover | Earl of Claridge:Simon Oates | Armstrong:Linal Haft
Radical miners mistake Steele for the assassin Daniel Chalmers hired to kill the Earl of Claridge.
Steele Blushing 10/22/85 Written by: John Wirth and Alexander Singer
Guest Stars: Douglas Veenhoff:Kenneth Mars | Colby:Richard McGonagle | Ford Stevens:Kenneth Kimmins | Rhodes:Chris Mulkey | Michael Fitzgerald:Scott Jaeck | Eileen Fitzgerald:Nana Visitor
After Laura's doctored likeness appears in a porno magazine, Steele can't understand why she's protecting the photographer from clients who want the man's files---and from the FBI.
Grappling Steele 10/29/85 Written by: Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars: Crunch Kramer:Gary Kasper | Whitney Chambers:Lim Ulrich | Al Molinski:Lawrence Tierney | Todd Myerson:Boyd Gaines | Dangerous Darryl:Tim Rossovich
Laura and Steele protect a popular pro wrestler who's been receiving death threats and has had a series of ``accidents''.
Forged Steele 11/12/85 Written by: Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars: Norman Keyes:James Tolkan | Reuben Saltzman:Richard Minchenberg | Harry Cranston:Ron Masak | Christy McCall:Stephanie Blackmore | Detective:John Corey | B. J. Sinclair: Monica Lewis
During a 36-hour period that Steele can't remember, it seems that he gambled away the agency in a high-stakes poker game.
Corn Fed Steele 11/19/85 Written by: Pamela Norris
Guest Stars: Preston Hayes:Harry Groener | Sheriff Clifford:Joe Dorsey | Frank Willard:William Frankfather | Jessica:Joan McMurty | Mary Shepherd:Mary McCusker | Mel Brundage:Dennis A. Pratt | Buck Shepherd:Bruce Fairbairn
Laura and Steele get caught up in a feud between corporate and family farmers when they try to find the swine who stole $2 million worth of prize breeding porkers that Mildred invested Agency funds in.
Premium Steele 12/03/85 Written by: Gerald Sanoff
Guest Stars: Lester Shane:James Staley | Monroe Henderson:Richard Lawson | Maxwell:Mark Withers | Philip Lydon:Dennis Howard | Rossfeld:Dierk Torsek | Rob O'Connell:Vaughn Armstrong
``The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated'', or so claims garlic farmer Lester Shane when a phony obituary threatens to ruin his life.
Coffee, Tea, or Steele 12/10/85 Written by: Robin Bernheim
Guest Stars: Marvin T. Slottman, Jr: John Zarchen || Chuck McBride: Terry O'Quinn || Ace: George Coe || Wanda: Patricia Alice Albrecht || Biff: Michael Francis Clarke || Barry Holden: Will Jeffries || Lorraine: Julie Montgomery || Sally: Robyn Peterson
The body of a hired killer pops up on the baggage carousel of a luxury airline. Meanwhile, Mildred doesn't see eye-to-eye with an intern Steele wants to hire.
Dancer, Prancer, Donner and Steele 12/17/85 Written by: Elliot Lewis, Michael                                                                                         Gleason and Christopher Hibler
Guest Stars: Dr. S. Wilson Scabbard:Larry Gelman || Greene:Alexandra Borrie || Jack Dendra:Peter Jurasik || Donner:John Del Regno  || Prancer:Tom Everett || Eva Wilson:Jennifer Tilly
Three menacing Santas crash the agency's office party, take Laura, Steele and the guests hostage, and threaten to blow up the building if they're not given $2 million.
Steele On The Air 01/07/86 Written by: Kerry Lenhart and John J. Sakmar
Guest Stars: Bud Tyler:George Pentecost || Norman Austin:John McCook || Jack Lyman:Sanford Jensen || Rick Badham:Jere Burns || Marcia West:Pamela Roylance
Two disc jockeys are the prime suspects in the death of a traffic reporter, but they
have an alibi: they were on the air at the time of the murder.
Steele, Inc. 01/14/86 Written by: Brad Kern
Guest Stars: George Mulch:Michael Constantine || Reverend Rawlinson:John Considine || Mrs. Underwood:Anne Seymour || Vickie Underwood:Marnie Mosiman || Brother Nick:Kenneth Gray || Dallas:Ernie Lively
George E. Mulch strikes again when he opens a branch office of Remington Steele Investigations without anyone's knowledge, and botches a case so badly that the angry clients want to kill Steele.
Steele Spawning 01/25/86 Written by: John Wirth
Guest Stars: Bing:Louie Anderson || Ivan Strelnikov:Allan Kolman || Martin Rome:Peter Jason || Dallas:John Shearin || Vladimir Denisovich:Vachik Mangassaria
A spoiled roly-poly importer must locate a missing shipment of Russian caviar before the president of the company---his father---returns from abroad.
Suburban Steele 02/11/86 Written by: Robin Bernheim
Guest Stars:Frances Piper:Maryedith Burrell || Donald Piper:Michael Durrell || Terry Goldblume:Laurie Burton || Ted Warner :Tom Callaway || Harrison Bumpers:Noble Willingham
Laura's sister, who's prone to exaggeration, can't convince anyone that there was a dead man on her kitchen floor---until Steele finds a body in the trash.
Santa Claus Is Coming To Steele 02/18/86 Written by: Michael Gleason
Guest Stars:Dancer:Don Gordon || Wally:Michael Horton || Lieutenant Benjamin:Ray Girardin
One of the fake Santas who held the sleuths and their partygoers hostage on
Christmas Eve is out on bail and eager to ``persuade'' witnesses not to testify.
Steele Blue Yonder 02/22/86 Written by: Brad Kern
Guest Stars:Johnny Cooper:Andrew Duggan || Duncan Harlow :Dennis Patrick || Miss Cooper:Susan Strasberg || Geoffrey Whittlesey:Mike Preston
A woman hires Laura and Steele to investigate her father's increasingly eccentric behavior, but the sleuths discover there's a method to his madness.
Sensitive Steele 03/01/86 Written by: Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars: Gerald Steinmetz:Stewart Moss || Sonia Steinmetz:Dorothy Fielding || Ursula:Yuliis Ruval || Maxine:Susan Scannel || Brimsley:Steve Vinovitch
A self-improvement spa will lose its license if ``accidents'' don't stop.
Steele In The Spotlight 03/08/86 Written by:Kerry Lenhart and John J. Sakmar
Guest Stars:Billie Young:Rose Marie || Jake Slater:George D. Wallace || Windsor Thomas:Rebecca Holden || Lou Mackler:Charles Woolf
Laura and Steele are hired by a TV-magazine show to find a singer who vanished 30 years ago.
Steele At Your Service 03/15/86 Written by: Lee H. Grant
Guest Stars:Charles Wellington:Dan O'Herlihy || Katherine Wellington:Neva Patterson || Harold Wellington:Granville Ames || Cindy Wellington:Cindy Fischer || Albert Wellington:Arye Gross
Steele becomes a butler to the soap opera-ish Wellingtons, one of whom is suspected of murdering the previous manservant who was threatening to sell his memoirs and expose the family skeletons.
Steele In The Running 03/22/86 Written by: Susan Woolen
Guest Stars:Joan Grey:Alison LaPlaca || Allan Kendall:John Driver || Sandra Jenkins:Deborah Wakeham || Thomas Ivory:Rif Hutton || Gullickson:Frederic Coffin
Laura is accosted in a triathlon after another woman surreptitiously switched numbers with her before the race.
Beg, Borrow, or Steele 03/29/86 Written by: Brad Kern
Guest Stars:Detective James Jarvis:Gary Frank || Pittsburgh Phil:Antony Ponzini || Sister Natalie:Mary Kate McGeehan || Harrigan:Ken Swofford || Candy:Nancy Lane
Laura and Steele return from New York to find police barricades around their apartments, and grisly accounts of their murders on TV.
Steele Alive And Kicking 05/03/86 Written by: John Wirth
Guest Stars:Vincent Dowd:Donovan Scott || Zweigenhoff:Arthur Taxier || Tony Petz:Daniel Greene || Nedra:Pippa Pearthtree
Once thought to be terminally ill, an escaped felon claims to have framed himself for murder so that his wife could collect the reward, but now that he's cured, he wants
Laura and Steele to clear him.
Bonds Of Steele 05/10/86 Written by: Jeff Melvoin
Guest Stars:Alessandra: Rebecca Street || Clarissa: Nancy Everhard || Norman Keyes: James Tolkan || Lyle Andrews: Daniel Ziskie
Laura has her hands full with a case, while Steele is making plans to marry---a call girl?
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