Jewel of Steele
A Remington Steele Round Robin
copyright 1998 by the Remington Steele Chatboard
Part Sixteen posted 25 Oct 2000
 Part One- by Lisa Richardson
Part Two - by Claudia Crepeault
Part Three- by Susan Boyle
Part Four- by Dixie-Ann Belle
Part Five- by Jenny Hagman
Part Six- by Nancy Eddy
Part Seven- by Lisa Ann Richardson
Part Eight- by Claudia Crepeault
Part Nine- by Dixie-Ann Belle
Part Ten- by Susan Boyle
Part Eleven- by Lisa Y.
Part Twelve- by Nancy Eddy
Part Thirteen - by Lisa Ann Richardson
Part Fourteen- by Thoin
Part Fifteen -by Nan
Part Sixteen- by Laura S.
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