Who Steeles a New Life?
By Nan
Part 3

Author's note: Because some of you want me to continue my story, I decided to do that. So this is part two of `Steele's problems'. And again I THANK Nancy for her patience. I want to thank my beta reader Lisa, she is an angel to me. This one is for you Jasio!
I'm sorry it took me this long to send this part but it is now and I hope you will like it!
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"Michael, what a surprise," Felicia purred. Felicia attempted to smile but could only frown

"Why are you wearing Laura's wedding gown?" Remington yelled. "What the hell is going on?"

He grabbed Felicia and pushed her inside Laura's loft.

Three Holt women sat in silence on the couch. Laura heard Remington and turned to see his handsome face. How she loved him, now more than ever . . . Calm down Laura Her inner voice chided. He's come to rescue you.

"I asked you what are you're doing here Felicia?" Remington ground out.

"I came to Los Angeles to see you," Felicia said using her most beautiful smile

"I know that, we met this morning and I told you to leave remember?" Remington replied with menace. Remington wanted throttle his ex-lover.

"Darling, I knew you couldn't have meant that. You were just too shy to tell me you wanted me." Felicia said seductively. Felicia was the happiest woman on earth when Remington smiled at her. She silently begged him to now.

"Maybe I was shy when you first knew me but that isn't the case now Felicia," Remington warned. "Stop this nonsense Felicia and let my future wife go. Our wedding is at 4 o' clock and I have every intention of things going along as planned." Remington replied calmly looking at Laura in her old terry cloth robe.

"Not so fast Darling," Felicia warned raising her gun. "I love you and I can't lose you!"

"You LOVE me?" Remington laughed harshly. "You love me? Really Felicia you can't be serious, not with a gun pointed at me."

"It's true, I always loved you," Felicia cried out.

"I don't believe you," Remington said seriously.

"You never loved me, but Laura does and you can't stand knowing that I can be happy with another woman," Remington accused..

"You can't! You LOVE ME and only me," Felicia repeated in a shrill voice.

"I never loved you Felicia., I can see that clearly now," Remington said calmly.

"It's not true," Felicia cried weakly. "We had a wonderful time together."

"Maybe it was wonderful but right now I want to get married to woman I love," Remington said looking at Laura sitting calmly on the couch.

"Here I am Michael, I'm ready, let's go," Felicia said moving to the door.

Remington knew now that Felicia had lost her grasp on reality and that made her even more dangerous.

"Not with you." He looked at her with surprise. "With Laura."

"But . . . Michael . . . you said you wanted to marry me," Felicia replied.

"No, I want to marry Laura." Remington went to stand by Laura's side

"But why?" Felicia didn't understand now.

"Because I love her," Remington replied slowly as if she were child.

Remington took Laura's hand and squeezed hard. She looked him and smiled for the first time.

"I love you too," she squeeze his hand in return "Always."

"No, it's not possible!" Felicia spat running towards them her hand raised to slap Laura's face.

"Stop it Felicia," The cold voice behind her made her freeze.

Everyone turned to see Daniel calmly walked through the door.

"Enough of your games," Daniel said grabbing her by the shoulder and wrenching the gun from her hand. "It's time you left Felicia,"

"Oh, you defend your little protégé," Felicia snarled. "Or should I say son?"

Daniel froze. Remington looked at Felicia than at Daniel

"What?" He whispered.

"Oh, you didn't know that your friend is your real father?" She laughed triumphantly.

Felicia walked closer to Remington but he didn't look at her he looked at Daniel

"I want to know, Daniel," Remington's face was white as a wall. "Is she telling the truth?"

Laura sat down. She didn't know what else to do. First she wanted kill Felicia on the other hand she was grateful for this mess. Remington would finally know the truth. She looked at Daniel, he looked at the floor. She felt pity for him but knew he should have told Remington the truth sooner.

"Daniel, I'm waiting," Remington turned to face his friend.

"Yes…it's true," Daniel said softly.

Abigail and Frances didn't move they just watched Remington, Daniel and Laura who now stood by Remington's side and trying to calm him down.

"Twenty years and you didn't tell me?" He roared..

"Harry I . . . " Daniel tried explaining but failed.

"Spare me Daniel," Remington yelled. "I'm not a little boy anymore."

"I know," Daniel whispered.

"Harry, he just wanted . . ." Laura began.

"Don't," Remington turned to face her. "Don't you dare try to defend his actions," Remington said angrily.

Laura had never seen him like this. He wasn't her Harry anymore she saw another man, cold and far away from her.

"I'm waiting Daniel," Remington said harshly.. "I was looking for my father for so long and he was here, and he didn't say a word to me just pretended nothing happened," Remington couldn't believe it. It is a dream, It's just a dream he told himself. "You lied to me all this time," Remington breathed raggedly.

"Harry, listen to me," Daniel began..

"You left my mother when she needed you most and then you left me," Remington said hoarsely. Remington wanted cry but he had to tell this- man how he felt then and how he felt now. "You didn't want me," Remington said quietly.

"That's not true!" Daniel denied. "I loved Meg, and I love you" Daniel tried hug his son but Remington moved away form him.

"Meg?" Remington questioned.

"It's your mother name," Daniel explained. "I tried to find you for 14 years," Daniel said looking at him. "I lost hope of ever finding you until one day a pickpocket stole my wallet and when I looked into his eyes, I saw . . . Meg." Daniel smiled sadly. "Of course I wanted be sure. I got the chance the day you'd come in and you had a cut. I took a towel with your blood on it and went to have it analyzed."

Remington looked at him with surprise.

"The blood test results confirmed my suspicions. It was a positive match. I knew for sure who you were then."

"But you didn't want to tell me who I was, right?" Remington looked now as a little boy in need of a hug.

"Bravo!" Felicia laughed hysterically. "A Family tragedy," She started clapping her hands.

"Shut up Felicia," Laura said grabbing her by the hair.

"Let me go, little mouse" Felicia said trying to free herself.

Laura had taken all the bullying she was going to take from Felicia. She pulled her arm back and struck Felicia across the face. Felicia fell to the floor in a surprised heap. Laura hauled her up and pulled Felicia close.
"Listen up Felicia, I don't want to ever see your face again. If I do, I won't be held responsible." Laura said pushing Felicia out the apartment.

When she turned around Remington was sitting on the couch staring out the window. Daniel stood opposite him trying to decide what to do.

"Daniel I'm glad the truth finally came out. Will you please stay for the wedding?" she asked.

Everyone looked at her.

"Laura it's almost 8.00 p.m." Abigail said with worry in her voice "We're too late darling, and besides you haven't got your wedding gown."

Laura looked down. Abigail was right, she was wearing her robe.

Remington still didn't move. Laura sat beside him. "Harry are you all right?"

"No, I'm not." Remington stood up and headed for the door.

"Where are you going?" Laura asked in surprise.

Laura was running after him when Daniel stopped her.

"Leave him Laura," Daniel said quietly. "He needs time to think."

"I know," Laura said sadly "I thought it was too beautiful to be true."

"What?" Daniel asked

"I don't have a wedding gown and my husband just walked out" she sighed.

"He'll come back," Daniel tried to comfort her. "And we will find you a gown."

Laura smiled to him "You are his father."

"What?" Daniel asked

"You have the same charm as he does," Laura sat down heavily. "Like father, like son."

"Thank you." Daniel hugged her "I'm sure he will be back soon."

"Yeah, I'm not going anywhere." Laura said in a lost attempt at humor..

"You'd better not," Daniel said "You are my son's future wife!"

Remington Steele Agency
8.30 p.m.

Remington sat in his office chair staring out the window. It was dark. He looked at the stars. What am I going to do now. He didn't know what to do. He was so happy, he was going to marry Laura and live with her and now he was sitting in at this chair feeling sorry for himself. But why had Daniel lied to him. Daniel knew that he wanted to find his father. Why didn't he tell me about his secret. You know why. His inner voice said. Because he was afraid of losing you, again.

The end part 4

Author's note: Ok, I must confess something...I didn't want Harry search for his father, looking for him and finally know the true like in the fifth session (I hate the fifth session....one good think in this session is that Remington and Laura are married) I always thought that Harry find his father by accident...I tried to just do that in this story. I hope everybody will like my idea of my ending.
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