Who Steeles a New Life?
By Nan
Part 3

Author's note: Because some of you want me to continue my story, I decided to do that. So this is part two of `Steele's problems'. And again I THANK Nancy for her patience. And I want to thank my beta reader Lisa, she is an angel to me. This one is for you Jasio!
Oh! Some of you ask me about the wedding,. Well it WILL BE Catholic wedding because I'm Catholic girl.
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"What are you doing here?" Laura asked her `guest.'
"I came to see you in your pretty wedding gown." Felicia smiled a cold smile.
Abigail entered the living room with Frances. "Who is that?" she asked her daughter.
"Hello, you must be Lisa's mother." Felicia turned to look at Abigail.
"Lisa? My daughter's name is Laura." Abigail said frowning.
"Oh yes of course! Laura." Felicia corrected.
Felicia held up a gun. "Everybody sit down please."
"But" Frances tried to speak. But Felicia stopped her.
"SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!" she told her with angry tone.
"No talks do you understand?" Felicia came closer to the couch where Laura, Frances and Abigail sat.
"Take off that dress." she told Laura.
Laura started undo her gown, she looked at the clock. It was 3.29.
She tried to hold her tears but they started falling. She hated her tears;
she hated the stupid bimbo standing before her. She and Remington finally get together and Felicia once again interferes.
Felicia was watching Laura's cry.
"You know I was in Remington's apartment earlier, he told me that he would miss me. Just after we..."she smiled coldly.
"I don't believe you! You're lying Felicia! Remington would NEVER do anything like that." Laura screamed.
She was angry with herself for giving Felicia the satisfaction of seeing her lose her composure.
"Are you sure Lisa? I mean for four years you didn't make love with him." Felicia corrected her self. "YOU didn't want to make love with him."
Laura's face was red now.
"How do you know that?" Laura was too surprised to say anything else.
"Why from Michael of course." Felicia informed her cooly.
She looked at Abigail and Frances.
"Don't bother looking at the clock." she told them.
"Michael will thank me later, trust me. He didn't want this wedding anyway Lisa." Felicia smiled with confidence.
Laura stood up and glared at Felicia. "You are the most despicable person I've ever..."
"I know darling." Felicia said sweetly. Felicia sat down on the table and pointed the gun at Laura.
"Now sit down and keep quiet while we wait."
"Wait? For what?" Frances asked.
"Why for my true love, who will be coming to me very soon." Felicia smiled.


"It is 3.55 p.m. Where is Laura, Abigail and Frances?" Remington asked Donald.
"I don't know Remington. I tried to call but no one is answering at Laura's loft." Donald was starting to get a little nervous.
"I'm going to Laura loft." Remington said turning to go to his car.
"Maybe we should call first and let her know that we are coming to get her." Donald said stopping him.
"We tried calling remember? No one picked up the bloody phone!" Remington said tersely.
"Let's try once more before we go running over there." Donald reasoned.
"Fine." Remington said abruptly.
He went to use the telephone. He dialed Laura's home number again and listened with growing annoyance and the endless ringing.
"Come on Laura, pick up the phone."


Laura's loft
4.00 p.m.

The phone rang again. Felicia looked at Laura.
"Pick it up." She instructed.
Laura ran and grabbed the phone.
"Hello?" She breathed in to the phone.
"Laura! Sweetheart what are you doing at your loft now? Are you aware of the time?" Remington replied.
He was happy that she was unharmed but was curious about her delay.
Felicia came closer to Laura's side to listen to her comments.
"Tell him that you don't love him anymore and that you are running away with you old friend." She set gun to Laura's head.
"Do it or you will die." She said coldly.
Laura couldn't contain the tears that were falling down her face. She knew this would devastate him and she was helpless to stop it. If her mother and sister weren't there too she may have tried to wrestle the gun from Felicia's hand but she couldn't risk any harm coming to her family. She gritted her teeth and spoke.
"Remington, II don't love you anymore and I am leaving you for my old friend."
Laura's mind screamed in protest. NO! Please don't believe me! I love you very much and I want to be with you!
Remington was dumbfounded.
"Laura, what the hell are you saying? You don't LOVE ME!?"
Remington couldn't believe what he had just heard. It was in the realm of impossible! Remington's brain began working for logical explanations for Laura's drastic behavior. Maybe someone was with Laura and she...OH MY GOD FELICIA!!!
"Laura are you with Felicia? Has she tried harmed you?" Remington asked holding his breath.
Laura looked at Felicia, who was standing nearby. She was close but not within earshot anymore. She was apparently confident that Laura would do as she told her. Laura looked at a photo of her and Remington in San Francisco. It was then that she knew what she had to do.
"YES; he is one of my old friends and no Remington, you don't know him." Laura said loudly as she prayed to herself. Believe me! Please believe me!

"SHE IS with you right now." Remington didn't believe what he was hearing
"YES" Laura answered to him
"Dammit! I warned her not to try anything. I didn't think she'd do something this desperate or this ill conceived. If she harms you or your family Laura I promise you she won't live to see another day!" He vowed.
Remington was beyond furious now but he forced himself to concentrate on the matter at hand. Once calm he immediately began devising a plan.
As each second ticked by she loved him more and more.
"GOOD BYE, Remington." Laura said with finality.
"Laura, I will be as soon as possible love, just trust me." Remington said to her.
"THANK YOU for understand and respecting my wishes." Laura said calmly.
Felicia was suspicious now. It was too easy; she wouldn't let him go that quickly. Neither would he.
As soon as Laura hung up the phone Felicia grilled her.
"What did he say? What did he ask you?" She said
"He asked me what had happened. Was this what I wanted." Laura lied.
"You best believe it's what you want Lisa!" Felicia laughed. "Good. All is going according to my plan. You've finally lost your Remington Steele and very soon I will have my Michael back, for good!" Felicia said as she toyed with the barrel of her hand gun.


Remington drove like the devil was closing in behind him. He didn't want to lose Laura. Not now.
He parked at Laura's loft and raced up those dreaded three flights of stairs. Once at the top he knocked on the steel door.
Felicia eyed Laura. "Are you expecting someone Lisa?" She asked.
"Yes. It's probably Fred the Limo driver. He's probably wondering what's happened to us since we're so late." Laura replied.
"Who is it?" Felicia asked as she opened the door and froze.
A very enraged Remington stood at Laura's front door coldly eyeing the woman that had dared to threaten what he loved most in the world. It was obvious by the look on Felicia's face that she hadn't expected him. He couldn't fathom her being that daft but he used it to his advantage. Without a word Remington grabbed Felicia, disarmed her and put her in a chokehold.
"This wasn't wise Felicia. Not wise at all."

The end part 3

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