Who Steeles a New Life?
By Nan
Part 5

Author's note: Because some of you want me to continue my story, I decided to do that. So this is part two of `Steele's problems'. And again I THANK Nancy for her patience. I want to thank my beta reader Lisa, she is an angel to me. This one is for you Jasio!

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Remington Steele Investigation
9.25 p.m.

"Harry" a soft voice beckoned him back to reality. Remington turn from the window and looked at Daniel.
"What do you want?" Remington tried to be angry, but failed.
"I'm worried about..."
"About who? Maybe about me?" he said harshly.
Harry wasn't prepared for this talk. Not yet.
"Yes, about you." Daniel answered softly "because you're my son."
"Now you remember." Remington replied sarcastically. "After all these years of searching for my father, to find him, my family, my roots." Harry croaked in anguish. "Can you imagine how that feels?"
"Yes, I know something about it." came Daniel's sad reply.
"Oh really?" Harry couldn't keep the disbelief out of his voice.
"Yes, I should tell you the whole story now." Daniel looked a little pale. "About you, Megan, and our relationship."
"What for, eh?" Harry said stiffly. "She's dead, and you...you never wanted me!" Harry accused. .
"That's not true." Daniel whispered. "I searched for you for 14 years, I..."
"You what?" Harry cut him off. "You wanted to wait until I'd grown up? I guess a baby didn't fit into your plans?" he spat.
"No, I wanted to find you t after I'd been relished from a jail." Daniel's face looked older and racked with guilt.
"OK, you wanted to tell me the whole story, you have your chance ." Harry replied and took a seat.
"I was your age when I went to Ireland." Daniel sat down on a couch and looked at the table as he tried to recall his past. "I had been working for the World Museum of Art in London." Daniel saw smirk on Harry's face "Not that you think I was an expert of old masterpieces."
When he saw Remington's hint of a smile he continued.
" My boss sent me there to look at Monet's Camille, currently owned by the Earl of Wexford. He also has a fabulous collection of Celtic Art. John Lavery's St. Anna portrait, Paul Henry's landscape of the west coast of Ireland and most of all a few paintings of Jack Butler Yeats"
"Yeats?" Harry forgot about his anger and listened with growing interest. " Like W.B Yeats, the writer?"
"Yes, he was his brother, anyway I was there because Sir Leonard O'Corr wanted to sell his wonderful collection. I went to his 'Land of Barlow' to catalogue his art. I was there for three weeks when his only daughter came back home from vacationing in France. She was a tall, blue-eyed beauty with long, black hair. She was just 20 years old but I fell in love with her the first day I met her. She had the most beautiful smile I ever saw." Daniel said sadly.
Harry saw pain in Daniel eyes when he spoke about his mother. He felt something too; something painful, that burning deep inside his heart . He wasn't content knowing a few things about his mother. He wanted to know everything! Who she was, what she looked like, why she was alone, pregnant with no friends and no family. Thousands of questions ran through his mind. God, it was scary opening up his deep, dark past. Harry thought .
"Daniel…please tell me everything." Remington implored.
Daniel nodded, took a deep breath and began.
"Megan O'Corr charmed her way into my heart the first minute she spoke to me." Daniel smiled remembering how lovely she was.
"What did she said to you?" Harry asked.
"That I was too old for her." Daniel laughed and remembered how vivid Megan's eyes were. Like the stormy sea and Remington had those eyes, his mother's eyes. Daniel felt his heart tighten in his chest. "Did she really say that to you?" Harry laughed. His mother obviously had a sense of humor.
"Indeed she did," Daniel looked at the window as he recalled days long gone. "The next time I saw her she was with her ladyfriend Kathy."
"Kathy?! Kathy Jassen? The same Kathy that took me from the awful family I was with and cared for me?" Remington said in disbelief.
"Yes, she loved Meg and was only person who was happy about our marriage." Daniel replied chewing on his thumb like Remington did when he was deep in thought. "Marriage?!" You and my mother were..."Harry didn't finish because Daniel was nodding
"Yes, but I want tell you this story in order." Daniel took a breath and continued. " She was with Kathy, they were embroidering and talking; I was standing behind them so they didn't know I was there. I come closer and heard what they were talking about."
What were they saying?" Harry asked.
"About me." Daniel turned his head away but Harry could swear that he was blushing.
"What about you?"
"Actually I don't remember." Daniel said clearing his throat.
"Oh come on Daniel, I'm grown up remember?!"
"Well your mother was a sassy thing." Daniel gave up when he met his son's curious gaze. "She said that I had a cute bottom."
"She said what?!" Harry laughed.
" It's true my boy. She also how I'd be between the sheets." Harry looked shocked. "She hadn't known you a day yet and she wanted to know that?"
"As I said, she was brazen.".
"We started seeing each other but her father didn't know it at the time. One day her father found us in one of the pubs in Loch Garman near Wexford. He yelled that he would kill me if I didn't leave his only child alone. Meg told him that she loved me and she would never leave me. Then her father told her that he didn't have a daughter anymore and he didn't want to see her again. I remember her mother crying and Meg packing her bags. We went to Dublin and got married. I immediately started looking for a flat. We found a two room flat and moved in two weeks later. I found a job at a local bank but it wasn't enough to live on. It's then I became a thief and con man. Megan didn't know about my "other job". She worked at a café and I knew she was exhausted when she came home, but she would always smile and never complained. Sometime later she told me that we were going to have a baby." Daniel sighed. "She was so happy and so was I."
Harry looked at Daniel with doubt.
" It's true Harry and believe me, I loved her more that anything in this world."
"I know what you mean," Harry confessed. "I feel the same about Laura."
"Yes, Megan was like your Laura. Strong, independent and beautiful." Daniel saw Harry's surprise.
"I know what I told her. I wanted you for myself and told her you'd never love her. She told me she wouldn't give up and that she'd fight for you."
"When was that?" Harry said with surprise "Neither of you ever mentioned it."
"At the beginning, when you came to L.A. and became Remington Steele." When Remington remained silent Daniel continued his story.
"I knew Meg was raised in luxury, I wanted to give her something more than 10 hours work days in a cafe and myself. I knew that she missed her mother and friends and though she denied it, her lifestyle. When my buddy told me about this job, I thought it would be easy with a detailed plan and maps. I was wrong, everything went wrong that night and when dawn came, I was in jail. Meg had been coming to visit me, but sometime later her visits stopped. Than Kathy came to visit and told me that I had a beautiful baby boy and that Megan was dead. She lived only two hours after you were born. She took you in her arms and sang to you, she knew she was dying so she made Kathy promise her that she'd take care of you till I was released." Harry saw the same pain he had seen before. The pain of losing someone you loved. "But again it went all wrong. Meg didn't sign the papers and Kathy couldn't take you with her. You had been given back to your grandparents. But that son of..." Daniel calmed down before he spoke again. "He didn't want you, so he gave you to an adoption agency.. When Kathy came to me after Meg's death she gave me a letter from Megan telling me you'd be with Kathy. Kathy didn't know you'd been given to your grandparents when she visited me. When they released me I came back to her looking for you but she told me you were adopted and she looked everyone but couldn't find you."

"You mean, I went through hell and back because my maternal grandfather didn't want me?" Harry tried to sound like he didn't care but his voice broke and gave him away.
"And what about his wife?"
"She begged him not to do it, that she would take care of you but he didn't listen." Daniel turned his face to window.
" I was searching for you almost 14 years until a little pickpocket tried but wasn't successful in stealing my wallet." Daniel concluded.
"I knew that I had finally found my son when I look into your eyes and saw Megan in them." Daniel turned around and looked at his son lovingly.
"Why you didn't tell me? Harry whispered
"Would you have believe me? Would you have stayed if I told you?" Daniel asked
"No, probably not." Harry admitted."
Laura's Loft
10.45 p.m.

"Where are they?" Laura said nervously. She was still dressed in her robe and pacing around her loft. "What's taking them so long?"
"Calm down Laura." Abigail soothed. "They have to talk, they've finally found each other after all these years. Give them time."
Laura nodded in understanding. "Thanks mom."
"No problem darling." Abigail smile back to her. " What about your wedding Laura?"
" I don't know mother. Thanks to Felecia, I don't even have wedding gown." Laura replied. "I guess we'll have to set another date."
After a few more minutes Laura stood up. "I can't take all this waiting around. I have to find Remington." Laura said impatiently and went to get dressed. Shortly after she was driving her Rabbit to her office.
Remington Steele Investigations
11.20 p.m.

"Hello, anybody here?" Laura saw a hint of light under Remington's office door and felt immediate relief. She had already gone to his apartment and the beach where he went when he was sad.

"I think your lovely fiancée is looking for you. " Daniel concluded .
"You know Laura, always the detective." Harry said with mirth.
In truth Remington was glad that Laura had come looking for him. When the door opened and Laura entered the office he looked from Daniel to her.
"Ah, Laura" He smiled warmly. "Nice to see you."
"Are you sure?" Laura said seriously. "Are you two all right?"
"Yes." Daniel and Harry answered in unison.
Now Laura smiled. "I hoped you would be."
"What happened Laura. Did Felecia come back again?" Harry said with concern.
"No, she didn't come back and lucky for her. She's ruined our wedding day not to mention my gown. I "Now we will have to buy new gown and set a new date if..."Laura looked with fear at Harry "If you still want this...I mean if you want to marry me. "Laura, of course I want this." Harry went to her and hugged her. "We will find another dress and we will have our wedding day." Remington promised.
"I'm sorry." Daniel spoke for the first time since Laura entered the office.
Remington and Laura looked up in surprise. "Yes, Daniel?" Harry asked
"I didn't want to interrupt, but I have something to do so please excuse me." Daniel said and abruptly left the office.
The end part 5
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