Who Steeles a New Life?
By Nan
Part 2

Author's note: Because some of you want me to continue my story, I decided to do that. So this is part two of `Steele's problems'. And again I THANK Nancy for her patience. This one is for you Jasio!
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The wedding day.

8.00 a.m

Remington Steele’s office

"Good mornig boss" Mildred smiled to Remington "I see you are early today"

"I hate get up early" Remington told her angrly.

"But" Mildred knew that he is doing this for Laura

"but I promise Laura that I take care of her meeting this moring" Remington open his office door and close it immidiatly.

"what happen boss?" Mildred stood up and give him her ‘I know someting wrong’ look.

He open the door once again "What are you doing here Felicia?" he asked tall bolnde woman who was sitting on his desk.

"Hello darling, did you miss me very much?" She was smiling seductively.

"What do you want?" He tried calm hisself Remember Ice calm he thought

"Oh Michael I came to take you from that funny little mouse Lisa" she came closer to him and tried to hug him but he withdraw to the door again.

" I told you that I LOVE Laura and I never, ever leave her" He smile "We get married today and if you tray do something to stop our wedding I kill you," he showed her door " I hope you understand my ask" she turned to him "Of couse I understand that she charm you and now you are blind to see that you don’t love her and she is just a little funny thing no important to anyone"

"Don’t you dare talk abaut my wife like that" he was angry now, No angry MAD.

"She ISN’T your wife" she chew her lip.

"But she will be today" He tried be calm once again "Don’t forget abaut that"

"Someday you will regred that you are with your Lisa" she leave him with his own thougths. He leave his office and come back to Mildred.

"Did that person who I saw was that Blonde Bimbo Felecia" She ask him

"Yes, I think we are have trouble Mildred" He open the glass door "Don’t tell Laura that she was here, I don’t want to see her upset"he turned to door.

"Ok. Boss I won’t" She smile He is very nervous he think all the time about her and the wedding.

Laura’s loft

8.30 a.m

"Please Mother, I don’t want this" Laura was sitting on the couch and looking of blue suspender. She was tired and the BIG DAY is just stared. Abigail come closer to her

" But Laurie is tradition to wear something blue, borrow and new one" Abigail she preper everything to her douther wedding and Remington didn’t protest when she want to invite all LA. She has Wonderful humor now and she hope Laura will be happy with Remington. They are in love now. She saw them in the beach a week ago when they thougth no one was watching. But she saw they kissed and huged and smiled to each other.

"But......."Laura tried to say someting to protest but her mother stoped her

" No buts Laura Oh you will be beatyful in this gown" Abigal looking at Laura’s dress.

"thank you mother" Laura smiled. Remington didn’t see her in that gown yet. What he say? Will he liked her her gown? Well she find out soon.

"Ok. mother give me that" she pull her hand to grab the suspender.

"Be careful Laura" Frances look at her baby sister "Remington might fallen in love with that"

Laura lougth. She tried image that scene. Yes wedding night, she was waiting with impatience. Today she and Remington finaly cross that line and consumate their relationship. She and Frances was doing shopping all day yesterday. She bought slik nightgown and the most seductive lingerie. Well Remington doesn’t know the wild Laura and this will change by now.

"You maybe right"Laura smile to her older sister

"Ok. enough this silly talk, you must be ready to 16.00 but I see we may be late" Abigail look at her two little girls. No they aren’t her little girls now Frances is married with Donald 15 years and Laura will be Mrs. Steele from now on. No Laura Holt her little girl she will be Laura Steele grown up woman. She tried hold her tears but she couldn’t.

"Mother are you ok.?" Laura turned to Abigail she wore her wedding gown now and she was beatyful.

"Oh Laura I’m so happy" Abigail smile and brushed the tears from her face.

" Me too mother but why you cring?" Laura ask her.

"I because I will lose my little girl" Abigail answer and smile to her.

"Oh mom you never lose me." Laura sat up and she tried wore her shoes but her gown disturb her.

"You called me that first time since you were 13" Abigail knew that if she tell Laura abaut her father now Laura will be sad because that no Edward give her to Remington but Donald.

"Yes I know but I tried to tell you that I always be your Laura" Laura hold her mother hand.

"True but you never be Laura Holt anymore" Abigail squeezed Laura’s hand

"But I will be Laura Holt-Steele and like always your daughter" Laura smiled to her mother and stood up "Well do you want to be late to my own wedding"

"No!" Abigail stood up immidiatly and helped her girls.

Remington’s apartment

2.30 p.m

"Ok. where have you been?" Donald asked Remington who just entered to his apartment.

"I was in office, I’m sorry for late" Remington sat on the couch and started unbutton his shirt "I take a shower and start preper to my wedding"

"Yes good idea" Donald smiled Remington was very nervous like him almost 16 years ago when he was prepering himself to the wedding with Frances.

"Are you tired?" Donald knew abaut Remington’s strag party he was on it.

Remington looked at his future brother- in-law "A little bit, But I’m nervous abaut my life with Laura I don’t know if I’m good enough to be her husband"

"I know what you mean" donald handed Remington his handkerchief "I had the same thought, but"

"But you still are married to Freance" Remington undrestood Donald’s meaning

"Yes and we have three wondreful kids" Donald said to him "Are you and Laura want to have children?"

"Well we didn’t talk abaut new members of our family yet" Remington can image his children now. One boy with Laura’s eyes and hair and one girl with his blue eyes and black hair but he want they have their mother’s charakter.

"But you want children," Donald looked at his friend and knew that he image their children now.

"Yes, I never have family on my own and I want to making up for lost time" he stood up when someone knock on the door. Remington open the door and smile in supriese what he was seeing

"Daniel?" Remington didn’t belive "What are you doing here?"

"Harry, my boy you get married today and I must see it" Daniel entered inside

"Yes, but you said you came to church" Remington looked at his friend "Oh where my maniers Daniel this is Donald my future brother-in-law Donald this my old friend Daniel" The men shaked hands

" Brather-in-law?" Daniel asked

"Yes I’m Frances’s husband" Donald said but when he saw question look he said "Laura’s sister"

"Oh you are LAURA’S brother – in-law" Daniel smile "Nice to meet you"

" Daniel?Laura told me abaut you, yeah nice meet you too" Daniel sat.

"Laura told you abaut me?" Daniel looked at Remington but he was also suprised.

"Yes when Franne and she wrote invitations, Franne ask abaut you and she told us" Donald looked at clock "Ok. Remington it’s time to started preper you"

"Yeah you are right" Remington open the bathroom door "I must take shower"

Laura’s loft

2.55 p.m

"Laura someone knocking on the door" Abigail screamed

"Coming" Laura open steel door and freezed "Felicia"

"Hello darling" Felicia smiled

End part 2

I borrowed Laura’s father name from Nancy’s story Family of Steele- Nan
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