Who Steeles a New Life?
By Nan
Part 1

Author's note: Because some of you want me to continue my story, I decided to do that. So this is part two of `Steele's problems'. And again I THANK Nancy for her patience. This one is for you Jasio!
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The wedding. Mmm, a wonderful feeling. Two months. Two months they were engaged. The last two months had been the most wonderful in her life. They had spent almost every moment together, no cases, just the two of them. They had gone for long walks and had talked, really talked no lies just honesty, they had finally shared a bed....

Well no, not exactly. Her mother had told Remington that `bed will be after the wedding.' Laura was really mad, but Remington told Abigail that was okay with him. That night after their engagement, it was Mildred who had disturbed them in the elevator. But tomorrow will be different....Yes tomorrow will be the `big day,' her `BIG DAY' and only hers and Remington's, and after tomorrow's ceremony will be....

"Laura" someone called her.

"Hmmm?" she was in her dreamland.

"Laura, your dress!" Abigail was discouraged.

"What dress?" Laura stood up.

"Your Wedding gown! You know, tomorrow you will marry Mr. Ste... Remington!" Abigail was behind her now.

"Oh, yes! My wedding!" Laura was very enthusiastic now. "MY WEDDING" she started to dance and sing, "Tomorrow is my wedding."

"Yes darling, I know, but now you need to try on your gown, okay?" Her mother took the gown.

"Yes, I will be good now, please we must hurry because I have to meet someone at one." Laura started dressing herself.

"Meet? With who?" Abigail asked suspiciously.

"With Remington, and we..." Laura told her but she didn't finish.

"With Remington? Oh NO! You know that you musn't see each other, not until the wedding!" Abigail almost screamed.

"But.." Laura tried explain

"NO Buts." Abigail was mad now. "You will see Remington tomorrow and that's final!" Abigail took her wedding veil.

Laura sat down. She must be patient. I love you, my love, she thought.
Remington knew that Abigail wouldn't let Laura go. He missed her very much. He missed her touch, her smile, her hands next to his, her body, her....

"Oh God!" Remington stood next to the window. "I will go crazy if I think that much about her now." He hadn't seen Laura in a few days because Abigail and Mildred hadn't allowed it.

"But how I can I not think about her?" Remington said to himself, as the phone rang.

"Hello," he answered the phone.

"I love you," he heard.

"Laura?" He didn't believe it. "Is that you, love?"

"No my ghost, of course it's me," Laura said sarcastically.

"Oh Li you have no idea how I miss you right now," Remington answered her.

"I miss you too.... What did you call me?" she asked.

"What?" Remington sat up. He was so tired he didn't remember what he said a minute ago.

"What did you call me?" Laura smiled. Poor Harry, he is tired he doesn't remember.

"I...I called you Li," Remington held his breath "I'm sorry love, I'm very tired because you are not here and Mildred and I have a lot to do," he finished.

"I like it" she said. "Call me that once again."

"Honey I really want to but we haven't much time" he said as Mildred entered the office.

"Who are you talking to?"Mlidred asked with suspicion in her voice.

"No one important Mildred." Remington give her his best smile. Please believe me.

"No one or maybe Miss Holt?" Mildred came closer to him.

"Mildred please, 5 minutes," Remington begged her.

"No, you will see Miss Holt tomorrow." Mildred tried to take the phone but he was quicker.

"Li, my love Mildred wants to take you away from me!" Remington screamed into the phone.

"Ask her for 2 minutes," Laura told him.

Remington turned to Mildred. "Please Mildred, 2 more minutes. I haven't seen her in three days, I love her and I miss her, PLEASE!" He almost went to his knees.

"One minute, ONE you hear me boss?" Mildred closed the door.

"I love you" Remington told Laura.

"I love you too" she answered.

"I miss you" he said again. "Tommorow you will be mine, only mine."

"Yes love and you will be mine,only mine," she said seductively.

"Tomorrow we will be together for the rest our lives." He sat up again.

"I will wait, bye my love," Laura said with her all love.

"Bye My Li," Remington answered her with his own and put down the phone.

I will wait,
they said to each other.
The plane landed at three LA time. A tall blonde got off and went to the taxi stand.

"Twin Century Office Plaza, please," she told the driver.

The end part 1

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