RS Short Stories
UPDATED: 6 December 2009
Added "Steele Jumping"
From reading my other stories, you might think I'm incapable of writing anything with less than two parts. These will prove that idea wrong. Enjoy!

Steele In E Minor -Did Laura ever thank Mr. Steele for his gift at the end of "Red Holt Steele"? This is my version of what might have happened after the episode ended.
Resolved Steele -Laura receives a letter.
Roses and Lilacs and Steele - A jump off of Pat's wonderful story. Thanks for letting me borrow it, Pat!
Moment of Steele - Steele tells Laura about his first meeting with Daniel
Clarified Steele - Soon after their return from Ireland, Remington and Laura get some things straightened out with help from Abigail Holt.
Steele Here - Laura and Remy have had another argument. Now, they get to make up.
Young Steele - A glimpse into an important moment in the life of a young man who would someday become the famous detective, Remington Steele.
"License To Steele"- an addition- Ever wondered exactly what happened after Laura found Mr. Steele in that morning? This is my version of that fateful meeting between Laura Holt and her mysterious Mr. Steele.
You're Steele In My Dreams - From an idea submitted by Gabriela Monteiro . (Thanks!)  After a grueling week at the agency, Laura and Remington share a wonderful evening- but it doesn't end there.  WARNING:  Rated NC-17 for adult situations.
Scorched Steele -Laura and Remington's evening doesn't go exactly as they each planned.
Steele In The Know - Remington has a talk with Donald Piper about Laura's father. I got the idea for this story from fellow SteeleWatcher Gypsy. Thanks for letting me borrow it!
Steele In The Know2-Sequel to Steele In The Know. Now it's time for Laura and Remington to have a talk. Rated R
Steele Jumping -Set early in Season 2 Laura follows Steele to see what he's up to. Rated Everyone

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