Part Two
Translated by Eva

Author's note: For this part I take a license including Getty Center in the story. Because, when we were in LA and we visited that place, we fall in love with the Getty Center and I can't stop the temptation to include it in my story. I suggest, if you live near LA or visit LA, you must go to Getty Center.

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Part II
: Remington meets a past known person and thinks he's trying to lead him to a trap. Laura meets somebody without knowing she's being driven to a trap.

Laura picked up the phone. "Yes? Yes, I'm Laura Holt, Mr. Hancook, nice to meet you. Yes, my mother told me you would call, but she didn't mentioned that so soon. Oh, yes, of course I'm interested in hearing your case; we could arrange a meeting at the office with Mr. Steele."

"No, no, don't be upset Mr. Hancook, it's only that Mr. Steele and I are associates and we work together in all our cases. Yes, yes I understand your problem; all right, I'll make an exception with this case: I'll listen to what you have to tell me, I'll evaluate it and then I'll see what to do. Is this OK for you? Good, we'll meet within an hour at the cafeteria in the Getty Center. OK. Yes, yes I'll be there."

Abigail came out of the bathroom drying up her hair and asked Laura: "quot;Who was it, darling?"

"Mr. Hancook. You didn't mentioned he would call so soon, and precisely today," said Laura upset seeing that her plans had to be modified.

"Well, I told you he had serious problems and he needed your help."

"Good, but now I have to meet him within an hour and this interferes with my plans for today," she said a little bit upset.

"Don't worry, Laura, I can arrange that party for Mr. Steele, take care of the young man, it's more important."

"All right, mother, I agreed in no discussing anymore with you today. Could you possibly arrange the shopping? I have here a list. Frances will bring the cake and the sweets. Fred can help you with everything. Please, do not pick up the car phone or the phone at the loft under no circumstances; I don't want Mr. Steele to find about anything, I really want to surprise him."

"Yes, yes Laura, come on, hurry up and go to meet this young man. Don't worry, I take care of everything. I suppose that you will make up yourself, this boy is very promising, I don't think its correct that he sees you so."

"Mother, he's a customer, not a date."

"One never knows were you can find the appropriate person, but if you're wearing this negative attitude you'll surely never find out."

"Mother, I'm not ... well, stop discussing." Laura preferred to remain silent, she needed to end soon with this interview to come back and prepare Remy's party, and if she kept on arguing with her mother, this would become more difficult. There are only a few hours left until all comes out and then there will be no discussions anymore. Oh my God, Remington HOW I MISS YOU!!

"What were you going to say, Laura? Come on, hurry up and change up. Ah, and fix your hair up."

"Good, mother, all right," she said going to her room looking for a little rest.

* * * * *

Remington parked the Auburn in the esplanade for special guests on the hill of the Getty Center. Staring at the wheel, he sighed and thought: Well, Mr. Steele, with a bit of luck this will be short and I'll be free to go shopping all the necessary for a magnificent romantic dinner with for Laura. OH MY LOVE, how much I MISS YOU!! With this thought, he got off the car and went to one of the Center's halls.

A group of three persons was in the middle of the gallery watching a painting from Monet with their back toward him that turned when they heard his footsteps.

"Oh, good morning, you have to be Mr. Steele, right??" The man in the center of the trio said, handing his hand to Remington.

Remington lost his breath when he saw the man's face. Could he be Mr. Parker?? No, it couldn't be possible.

"Go- ... good morning Mr.??"

"Parker, Mr. Richard Parker, Mr. Steele."

"Nice to meet you," Remington handed his hand glancing strongly to Mr. Parker.

"Let me please introduce you Mr. Hancook and Mr. Giggings, both are benefactors of this show of impressionist painters."

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Well, I think we need to talk about the security in the exhibition, right?"

"Yes, Mr. Steele, I see you like it straight to the point. Yes, we must talk about the security of the exhibition and of the places were it is going to be showed."

"Ah, I haven't been told that this exhibition would be moved to different places."

"Well, it is something that we didn't want to be known before we were sure that we could count on your Agency to grant the surveillance in each country."

"Country?? Are you saying that it will move outside the U.S.??"

"So it is, Mr. Steele, we have thought of three countries: Argentina in South America, London in England and Dublin in Ireland; and we expect your Agency to take care of all the details, the insurance company asked it."

"Mr. Parker, you should have informed us earlier about this so that I could have studied the possibilities and risks of such an operation."

"Mr. Steele, you're not saying that the GREAT Remington Steele needs to check this cases with somebody?"

"Well, Mr. Parker ... to tell the truth ..."

"No, no, don't explain anything. Let us go to the bar and there we can talk."

"Yes, yes Richard, you have to clear that matter as son as possible. We'll leave you. Please, take care of all the arrangements; the insurance company is pressing us to present a plan. See you, Mr. Steele, it was a pleasure to meet you. We count on your Agency to solve this; money is no problem. Good morning."

Remington remained alone with Mr. Parker. "So you're Mr. Richard Parker, mmm? I think that Edward O'Maley fits better. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS ALL ABOUT??"

"Come on, Harry, I will explain, don't be upset. Come with me and let's talk. You have also surprised me, boy. You, the GREAT SUPER P.I. Remington Steele, no less; sounds also strange," he said while they headed toward the cafeteria.

* * * * *

The wide cafeteria with big windows with view onto the hills of Santa Monica was completely illuminated by the morning light, which was by the way a very beautiful morning. Remington, although being disturbed by meeting an old acquaintance, could not refrain from thinking of Laura, as he saw this lovely sight. OH my love, how beautiful this place is, we should come for breakfast one morning or maybe to watch the dusk from here. OH, yes, yes, definitely, the dusk must be wonderful. This short moment of mental relax was quickly darkened with the thought of this man he knew so well, and was passing as another person and INSIDE A MUSEUM. OH GOD, what is all this about??

"Come on, Harry, here we can talk with calm," said Edward, pointing to a place apart at the back of the lounge from where one could see all the lounge without being observed by others.

"Well, well, ... because you have al lot to explain."

"Ay, Harry, Daniel has told me that you have become an honest and inquisitive P.I., but I couldn't believe it. Tell me the truth, you've made a good position, haven't you??" He said with a smile and a tone that Remington understood well, suggesting that he was using his position for his benefit as thief.

"Look, Eddy, we're not here to talk about my life. I'm only going to tell you the following and I want you to get it: I'M NOT GOING TO ENTER IN ANY GAME that you or Daniel had planed, NO. If this is about a robbery or something similar, the Remington Steele Agency is not going to participate, IN NO WAY, IS THIS CLEAR??"

"Yes, Harry, of course, and this is no strange business, this is very honorable."

"My name is Remington Steele, IT'S NOT HARRY!!"

"Yes, Ha- ... Remington."

"Well, now that all is cleared, tell me WHAT THE HELL is someone like you doing as museum adviser."

"All right, Ha- ... Remington, the name sounds strange. I own you an explanation. Do you remember the last job that Daniel and I did?"

"Yes, how is it possible to forget about the robbery of that collection of paintings from that mad that had them stored in that over-guarded vault in an island in Greece, just for the only pleasure of him and no-one else watching them. How was his name?"

"Joseph MacCormack, Scottish, do you remember? Well, this was too much risky and we had a lot of trouble, but we were hired by an insurance company that had lost millions with those robberies in different museums, and also by the Greek government from which one of their greatest masterpieces was robbed. Everything was too risky and you weren't there to help us; I think you were in South America by that time and we couldn't reach you."

"Yes, yes, I remember it well. What is this all about?"

"Well, the truth is that Daniel and I swore that if we came right out of that job, we both would leave this life, as we were no longer so young. Well, in short, things went out relatively good, although Daniel and I were injured, not while we were doing the job but later. The guy we robbed the paintings ordered to kill us both. The matter is that we kept our promise. And the insurance company was so pleased with our work that they hired us as advisers in case they had to assure works of art and to train a recovering team, they covered our track and gave us new names. Furthermore, the Greek government gave each of us a villa on an island."

"Well, this means that the job you're proposing is for an assurance? And what do I have to do with this matter?"

"Well, look, the man who we robbed the paintings and who ordered to kill us, disappeared in the black night, he was powerful and rich man. He swore he'll never forgive us; but he had to hide as the whole European police was looking for him. Approximately one month ago, the insurance company informed me that they have to protect this exhibition of impressionist painters in different art galleries, I noticed that almost ten paintings were the once we had recovered and then I started to worry. Daniel and I thought we never would cross with these paintings together again, as they were carried to different galleries. But it seems that a great collector, an expert in impressionist art, who lives in Malaysia and who owns big enterprises and galleries around the world, joined several antique dealers and gallery benefactors and he convinced them to put these pieces together in one itinerant exhibition through three countries. Guess who he is?"

"The Scottish that vanished in the dark night?"

"Exactly, nowadays his name is Mr. Shio Chan Hoo. Money makes also possible for one to buy an exotic name."

"All right, Eddy, but I still do not understand what I or my agency have to do with this."

"Harry ... Daniel said you were the right person for this job."

"Steele, Eddy, Remington Steele ... nevermore Harry or Michael or whatever I might have been in the past. Here and now I'M REMINGTON STEELE and I do not want to be anyone else, IS THIS CLEAR??"

"Yes, Ha- ... oh I'm sorry, Remington. Daniel and I do really need your help, because we are in great danger."

"I will settle this with Daniel as soon as I see him ... He has NO ..."

"What is it I DON'T have to do, my boy?" Daniel said approaching from behind Remington.

"DANIEL!! Bu- ... but what are you doing here?"

"Well, you were not thinking I was going to mix you up in this dangerous business without helping you, being by your side and next to my dearest friend Eddy, were you?"

"To tell the truth, that idea crossed my mind. Why have you involved the agency in this mess?"

"Come on, Harry, you are the best, we need someone with your experience and the support of a prestigious agency Chan would never doubt about. And he won't do it because he already hired the services of your agency to protect one of his companies of technology."

"What? What company?"

"UNIDAC I think is the name, isn't it Eddy?"

"Yes, yes ... and he was satisfied with the job."

"But we never met him."

"No of course, Chan has front men all around the world; you'll never see his face, but he controls everything."

"But you know very well that Laura is not going to like this."

"Exactly, my boy, Linda has to be kept away from this job, because it's too dangerous and she hasn't got our experience in such kind of business."

"WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, DANIEL?? ARE YOU CRAZY?? HOW DO YOU THINK OF ... Laura and I do not work that way and you know it."

"You were right, Daniel, this boy is tied apron strings, and has hit him strong. This happens with difficult women, they're a challenge that attracts men like us and left us with no perspectives."

"WHAT IS THIS?? You both do not understand anything. The thing is that Laura and I ..." Remington suddenly remained silent and with his mouth open as he saw Laura entering with a smart young man.

"What happens, my boy, what were you saying, Linda and you what?"

"I ... I ... don't ... don't ... understand."

"What don't you understand? Oh, I see," Daniel said as he saw Laura with another man sitting at a table on the opposite side of the lounge. He laughed innerly, seeing how the plan he had drawn with Abigail, had this impact on Harry. "It seems that Linda has her own matters, and you were creating problems for not taking our business," said Daniel sarcastically.

Remington shook his head trying to get rid of the shock he had suffered. "No ... it's not that, ... it's just ... would you excuse me one moment?"

"But, boy, where are you going?"

"I have to do a phone call; come back right away."

"Good, Harry, hurry up; we have a lot of work in front of us."

"Daniel, I haven't yet accepted the job, is that clear? Excuse me," and he went quickly to the hall where the telephones were.

* * * * *

He dialed the agency's number.

"Hello Mildred, it's me, Steele. Tell me, did any unexpected client call ... No, no, OK, I just wanted to confirm something; no, I'm not mysterious. Tell me, did Laura call? Oh, sure, I can imagine she must be totally absorbed by Abigail. YES, SURE, he thought for himself, REALLY BUSY!! No Mildred, nothing happens. Please, check these two names: Joseph MacCormack and Shian Chan Hoo, everything you might find out. Last place of residence: Malaysia. Yes, yes, thank you. AH, and please, do not comment this information with Laura, only with me, is that clear? Yes, Mildred I'm fine, don't worry, my tone is as usual. Ok see you later."

Remington dialed the number of the limo.

"Hello Fred, Mr. Steele here, tell me Fred, is Miss Holt there? OH no?? Where is she? AH, yes, with Abigail doing things for Frances. Oh yes I see!! All right, Fred, tell her I've called, when .... no, don't tell her anything. Thanks. Ok Fred, see you later."

When he was going to dial Frances' number, he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"What happens, Harry, what are you doing here phoning, when you have so many things to solve?"

"I have to do one more call and then I'll join you, OK DANIEL?"

"Well, my boy, I only care for you, it seems that Linda's appearance has disturbed you."

"NOW, DANIEL, stop it, I don't understand why you cannot call Laura by her name. AND I'M NOT UPSETED BY THAT, but because you are getting me into trouble, so stop playing the role of the over-protective father, OK?"

"Well, my boy, up to you. But it's obvious that this lady succeeds in upsetting you to the point of loosing your objectivity. I wait at the table, don't be late."

"GOOD, I'll be there in a minute. ... Hello Frances, how do you do?? Mr. Steele talking. Well, well, Frances, I wanted ... Oh yes, yes, tell the children I'll see them soon. Bu- .... bu- .... Ah ... yes .... Sure, give my regards to Donald. Well, Frances I'm in a hurry and I need to talk to Laura, is she there? OH, sure, I see. She went to pick up the boys from school? Yes, yes, I see, well thanks and bye, Ok Frances."

Remington hung the phone up furious. WHAT THE HELL WAS THIS ALL ABOUT?? Mildred, Fred, Frances, there was something strange in this. Why were they hiding Laura, anybody said anything about work. Mmmm, I don't like this. Laura working alone without telling me. How is it possible after what we talked today and what she said. WELL, boy, stop it, there must be a good explanation for all this, you better concentrate to find out clearly where Daniel y Eddy want to get you in, he thought while he headed toward the desk.

* * * * *

Laura was very nervous, thinking how her plan for celebrating Remington's birthday had been ruined and in addition she had to pay attention to this case and that boring man her mother had impose her. She was thinking about all while she listened to William Hancook and looked through the large window. OH Remy, my love, how I miss you. This place is wonderful, you should be here with me, we could come here to have breakfast or better at dawn. Yes, yes, definitely at dusk.

"Miss Holt, where are you?"

"Here, Mr. Hancook, here, listening to your case."

"William, please ... Laura?"

"Mr. Hancook, we're not accustomed to call our clients by the name, it's not professional treating us like friends."

"Well, but I expected that we became friends, especially because I have to tell you so many private things of my life so that you can help me."

"Let us go step by step, Mr. Hancook, for the moment I haven't accepted your case, so now you're only a POTENTIAL client."

"Good, Miss Holt we will step forward, I hope."

Mr. Hancook explained to Laura that since he was proposed as senator, they had tried to bring him into discredit, which was natural; he had passed all this, but things just turned complicate when they tried to incriminate him in a love affair.

He met a beautiful woman in Europe, apparently very refined and coming from a noble family, with who he had an affair. This was before becoming an applicant. The matter was that he had returned to LA and had agreed to meet again in Europe. The party had decided to put forward his candidature complicating the possibilities of returning to Europe in a short time.

The problem was that she suddenly appeared here in LA, surprising Mr. Hancook and telling him that a business opportunity had arisen here, so she decided instantly to come over to meet him.

"What was her business about?" asked Laura.

"She is an art dealer for several very demanding English collectors. At that moment I was not able to dedicate time to her; you can understand that my various occupations and political responsibilities absorbed all my time. To be honest with you, Miss Holt, I have really lost all interest in her. Her appearance far from making me happy, put me in a very uncomfortable situation. The fact is that she insisted in being completely in love and didn't understand my attitude and coldness. On the other hand, I didn't feel well with the situation, that I had encouraged in Europe and I couldn't tell her the truth. That's why we went out several times, trying to find the best moment to tell her that our relation was over, but something came always in the way and it was impossible to tell her the truth."

"Well, Mr. Hancook, up to the moment I don't see what is the serious problem or political implication in this matter. I only see love disputes that every politician has when they are in campaign," said Laura a bit uncomfortable.

AH Miss Holt!! You don't know how twisted the politics may be. Of course, my adversaries had investigated everything about me and each person I cross; they also took photos. You have to take into consideration that I'm a young person, a bachelor with a well-known name in the society, and with a clear political line. The truth is that they took a little bit compromising photos with this lady; but this wouldn't have been bad if the investigation made on my escort hadn't brought to light something more complicate. They discovered that she was not what she pretended to be."

"What was this woman exactly?" asked Laura somehow worried.

"She was an international con-woman, who deals with pieces of art. Of course, she was not after me, but after my father's activity, which is double as serious, as all this has spread over my father because they say that our relation was a cover for the traffic of art pieces in the benefit of my father. Can you imagine, Miss Holt, my father, who has been the most honorable person I ever met, and who has passed this sense of honesty to me, mixed with all this."

"Exactly what is it you want the agency Remington Steele to do and why has this work be done only by a woman?"

"I'll explain, Miss Holt. I need you Agency to do the necessary investigation to demonstrate that there was no commercial transaction between that woman and my father's companies. The reputation of your agency is impeccable in that sense, and even in Europe consider that your agency has great experience in matters of robbed pieces of art. The other theme is a little bit more delicate and private."

"What do you mean with delicate and private, Mr. Hancook?"

"Well," he cleared his throat, "to tell the truth, your mother suggested that you could help me to change my public image. My romance with that woman has not only complicated my father's life, but my popularity has decreased within the feminine sector and ..."


"No, no don't be upset, Miss Holt," he said while he took Laura's hands, that were tense on the table while Laura was thinking about what her mother was up to. When she felt Mr. Hancook caressing her hands, her body shuddered and her alert system made her feel uncomfortable with that situation. She didn't want any man taking and caressing her hands; she felt that only with Remington this was right. But she couldn't be impolite with Mr. Hancook, who has behaved like a gentleman until that moment, so she controlled herself, relaxed her hands and took them softly back at the same time as her body, leaning her back on the chair, and finally managing to free her hands.

"Please Mr. Hancook, try to explain what you mean."

"Good, Miss Holt, all this situation has put me in a private position somehow delicate toward the press. Next week they will make public the photos they took of both, and although I've said that this relation has ended, the media, as I'm a bachelor and have no known escort, will publish this as the great romance and will demonstrate that all is part of a big con. That's why I need to show that I have established a relation with another person."

"And you ... pretend.... the alternative pair ... to be ME??"

"Well, you're a young woman, brilliant, independent, with no known love life; nothing better that being related with whom is carrying the investigation of this unfortunate incident ahead, and who is going to clean the name of my father and mine!!"

"Mr. Hancook, you do not understand ..."

"Laura, I'm desperate." Once again, he took her hands between his.

"Bu-... but the Remington Steele Agency does not work so ... as ... as ... escorts!"

"No, Laura, you cannot really think that I'm hiring you as an escort? I'm hiring your agency to investigate and I'm asking for an extra covering. How many times have you had to cover a client in a similar situation or you have to pass for someone to investigate? I'm only asking you to be my cover in this case, and maybe this ends up being reality or transformed in something serious, why not?"

"Yes, but Mr. Steele and I work together in such kind of covers," she said taking back her hands from his.

"This is another problem. Mr. Steele."

"Why should Mr. Steele be a problem?"

"Because Clare told me she knew Mr. Steele when I told her that my father was thinking in hiring the agency to protect the art exhibition."

Laura's nerves were going to explode. Another blonde bitch from Remington's harem stuck in this matter. My God, are these women never stopping appearing and staying between us?

"Laura ... Laura ... what happens?" A worried Mr. Hancook asked when he saw how tense she was and how a red tone had covered Laura's cheeks.

"No, Mr. Hancook, nothing happens, it's just that ... nothing, nothing, I remembered something ... All right, Mr. Hancook, let me think about it and within 24 hours I'll give you an answer." Adopting a professional posture, Laura asked: "How was the name of this lady in question?"

"Miss Clare Finiggans, she's English. I'm sorry, Miss Holt, I didn't want to disturb you in this way, I beg your pardon, but you must understand that my father's name and my political career are in play and I cannot allow this stupid love affair to destroy all this. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Mr. Hancook, I understand perfectly, give me time until tomorrow to think about it and to do some investigations and I'll give you my answer."

"All right, I have confidence in you, my life and my father's are in your hands. I ask you one more favor. Do not comment our interview with Mr. Steele until you have talk to me, please?"

"OK, Mr. Hancook, I'll promise. No, if you excuse me, I have a complicate day and I must go."

"Well, Miss Holt," he said while he stood up to move Laura's chair. May I take you somewhere?"

"No, thank you, I came in my car."

"Oh yes, sure, otherwise how could you have come?" he said almost over Laura's shoulder while he helped her to put over her jacket.

"Very kind of you, Mr. Hancook, wait for my call."

"I'll wait impatiently, Miss Holt," he said kissing Laura's hand. "It was really a pleasure to meet you. Your mother didn't tell me how truly pretty and professional you are."

"Well, Mr. Hancook, good morning." Laura left and William remained at the table, sitting down with a sigh and a big smile.

* * * * *

Remington had observed each gesture of this conversation. Who was this man, who had taken Lauras' hands, HIS LAURA, and was now sitting with a smile as had he reached his goal? Why had she lied to him? Why had she been so strange in the past days? OH MY GOOD, HOW IS THIS ALL ABOUT??

"Boy, are you with us?"

"Yes, Daniel, unfortunately I'm with you-"

"But Harry, how do you say this, we are offering you a big business for your agency and to win prestige, and you are fooling around and losing time, worried about Lindas' matters who obviously has better things to do than you. I do not understand you, Harry, I don't know you!!"

"Stop it, Daniel, Laura and I repeat, LAURA knows very well what she does and doesn't have to explain her actions to me."

"However, it seems that the other way round yes ..."

"What are you trying to say?"

"That in your case you HAVE TO explain all your movements to Miss Holt, and if I'm wrong here is the sample. We are offering you a job for your Agency and you have to check it with Linda. My God, boy, it's time for you to untie your bonds and mind your own business."

"Laura and I are ASSOCIATES. ASSOCIATES, do you understand this or is this word not clear? The Agency is hers and mine, and I'M NOT TIED TO ANYONE'S STRINGS. We both share EVERYTHING and DON'T WORK WITHOUT ASKING EACH OTHER."

"Well, all right, if you say so, all right. But it seems that that today YOUR ASSOCIATE has her own business without asking you, hasn't she?"

"Stop it, Daniel, our agency's business are between Laura and me and nobody else, IS IT CLEAR?? There had to be a good explanation to all this afterwards, there are many times that unexpected things come up," Remington said, but inside he was completely shocked by the whole scene with Laura and that man he had watched, and for the lies of Fred and Frances ... why? "Well, Daniel, let's stop talking about my private life and let us see what this is all about, because I already explained to Eddy that I'm NOT going to introduce the agency in anything strange, is it clear?"

"Yes, Harry, yes, it's all right, Did Eddy explained already our problem to you? We need you, boy; this is going to be very dangerous, we are facing a very powerful mad person who is not going to stop by anything, you get it? It's like old times!!"

"Yes, Daniel, but this is not funny, we could end all dead. Good, show me about this exhibition, the plans and the places where it will go, and which security systems have been foreseen, so that I can analyze it deeply and see the possibilities of ending good and without any of us three being killed."

"Good, that's my boy!! Now Harry, this is you!"

"No, no, no, don't think this means I have accepted this case; I'm simply doing a professional evaluation previously to see if the agency is willing to accept this case, IS IT CLEAR??"

"Yeeees, Harry, of course!!"

"Sure, sure ... well, let's go to the big exhibition hall so that you see the show."

The three went out of the cafeteria and headed toward the big hall. Remington wished everything to end quickly to join Laura and talk with her ... All this has to have an explanation, he repeated himself. The warm sun of midday escorted them while they crossed the terrace with the fountain. OH LORD, how beautiful this place is, and I'm in this terrible situation and with Laura ... Oh my God...!!

To Be Continued ...

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