Part One
Translated by Eva

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Part I
: 1987, 16th may. It's Remington's birthday and Laura wants to surprise him with a familiar party and a special gift.

Remington awoke searching the warmth of Laura's body at his side, but he just had her pillow embraced. He sighed deeply and remembered that Laura had gone to her loft the night before because her mother arrived today, and she had to pick her up at the airport early in the morning.

Nobody in Laura's family knew yet that they both were engaged. This caused Laura a great tension.

Remington stared at the ceiling some minutes embracing the pillow with Laura's scent, thinking of her. Three months have already passed since they had consummated their relation, and from then on almost no night have they slept separated, just one or two in which they had been working, but he felt this night was different. Laura seemed really perturbed. Well, actually, Laura was always altered when her mother was near. He knew her well and he felt that there was something more that bothered her. Why not stay there with him? Did she need to be alone? What was it turning in her head?

He sighed deeply and decided to keep the bad thoughts apart. A long and difficult day awaits me at the office, without Laura by my side and with that boring case I have to take care of. Well stop, get up, is better to think of the night, a good dinner, music, candles, maybe a good movie and to fondle Laura to keep her away of mothers' claws, and then ... well, then we'll see, he thought while he went to the bathroom.

* * * * *

At the airport, Laura was quite tense waiting for her mother and Daniel. She could not believe what she had discovered just a few days ago. To be honest, four days have past since she had the idea of celebrating Remington's birthday, that date Mildred some time ago had discovered in the files and that she herself had invented for her Remington Steele: 16 may 1952.

Laura knew that nobody had ever prepared a surprise birthday party for him, as he didn't exactly know when he was born.

But now that they were engaged and thinking of forming a family some day, Laura wanted Remy to have his first birthday party in family, with all his beloved friends. Laura felt excited thinking of surprising her love with a party, but what excited her furthermore was the gift she was thinking to give him doing their commitment public in front of their family and friends. This made her also very nervous.

She had spoken with Remington several times about the best moment for doing public their commitment, she in front of her family and he in front of her only family: "Daniel". But these conversations had always ended in a discussion about if the best moment was this or that, and delaying finally the decision on a better moment. After these discussions, they ended making love passionately, sheltering in that way one in the other and escaping the decision.

Just thinking of making love with Remington caused in Laura a shudder that separated her from her thoughts.

Oh, my God!! HOW I MISSED HIM last night!! And he, how had he felt?? He knows me well and knows that I have been acting strange these days. I hope he doesn't suspect anything. Once these two ... mummmm ... these two ... arrive, I'll call him to check how he is. Yes, yes ... these two ... mummmm ...

Thinking of Abigail and Daniel brought her back to her first anguish. Four days had passed since her mother had called her from Europe, were she was on vacations, and Laura had invited her then to the celebration of Mr. Steele's birthday.

And then KABOOM!! Abigail had told her that she was in Daniel's Villa in Cannes, and that they could go together to the birthday party, that it would be a pretty surprise for Mr. Steele.

Without doubt, but the greater surprise had been for Laura, who from then on had butterflies in her stomach fluttering every time she thought about it.


Daniel had always slighted Laura, comparing her with all the magnificent women Mr. Steele had in his other life, trying to separate Mr. Steele from her, tempting him with all kind of fabulous adventures. How could it be that he got along with her mother?? What was behind all this??

AH, Laura!! Always thinking as a P.I.!! Couldn't it be possible, as Remington had said time ago, that Daniel simply liked Abigail, that someone who has lived on the other side of the street could also have feelings toward another person??

In fact, Mr. Steele was the best example. No, no Daniel is different, -he is after something, surely to separate her from Remington and to use her mother to do it. A shiver covered her body.

OH, my God, why does Daniel provoke these horrible feelings in me??

At the same time although, and being honest to herself, there is something in Daniel that causes in her the same sensations as looking Remington into his eyes. Oh my God, what am I thinking about???

Her thoughts were interrupted when the loudspeakers announced that the flight arriving from Paris and New York was delayed by bad weather approximately one hour in NY's terminal.

Laura startled hearing this. OH one hour more of anguish ... What will I do??? Yes ... I know, I call Remington, yes, yes, I want to speak with him, I need to hear his voice ... I missed him desperately last night and ... now this delay, no, no, I can't stand it no more.

She paid her breakfast and went quickly to the telephone booths.

* * * * *

"Daniel, I don't know if our plan will work out." Abigail told her escort with her usual expressivity. "Do you think that actually ...?"

"Don't worry, Abi, I know my boy very well and I think that also your daughter. Those two need us trying to put them apart so that for once they decide to join forever."

"Do you really think that Mr. Steele ... is in love with Laura???"

"Tell me, Abi, do you need me to answer this question??? You have told me that you have noticed how these both look at each other and how Laura speaks about him and ..."

"Yes, yes... but...what I say is, if Mr. Steele pretends something permanent or is this just another affair in his long list I'm sure he has??? Because Laura ..."

"Yes, Abi, I know your daughter's situation, but I can assure you that I know Harry as I know myself, and I know when someone like me falls in love and finds the appropriate person, I positively know that Harry wants to spend all his life with Laura and he is not thinking about any affair. Believe me, I know it."

"Yes, but trying to separate them, tempting him with something, couldn't it be dangerous???? And what if he decides to leave??? OH Laura would never forgive me!!!!"

"No Abi, since four years I have frecuently tried to tempt Harry to leave LA and return to Europe, but he has rejected it systematically; even when he was in London with possibilities of becoming a Lord and everything he has left just for Laura. I assure you that after this you will start the wedding arrangements. This kids need permanent challenges and a small push, nothing else, they have to many fears. I'm pretty sure that when they sense they're being separated, they join together as magnets, you'll see."

"So do I expect, Daniel because I could never forgive if I destroy Laura's possibility of being happy, and I know she'll be very happy with Mr. Steele, Harry or whoever he is."

"Let us drink to our plan and let's take advantage of the delay of our flight to finish off the details, what do you think??"

"It's OK with me." They toasted their glasses of champagne and smiled wishing everything to go as planned.

* * * * *

Laura nervously dialed Remington's number ... Come on, come on, answer it, I want to hear your voice ... please.

When hearing the phone ringing, Remington came quickly from the bathroom, still with shaving cream on his face and a white towel around his neck.

"Steele here."

"He- hello ... it's me," Laura said with a trembling voice.

"Oh, Miss Holt, how do you do?? I feel you a bit distant."

"I'm at the airport, don't joke, the flight is delayed ... and ... and ..."

"And what??"


"Love, what happens??" Remington asked worried about Laura's voice. "Do you want me to go over there?? At once ..."

"No, no, don't be frightened, it's just ... that... OH my God, HOW DIFFICULT this is..."

"My love, calm down, ... come on, listen, I know better than anybody how difficult it is to express it with words. You know that I'm not good at it, don't you??"

Laura smiled, knowing very well how difficult it was for him to speak instead of to act.

"Well," he said sitting down on the edge of the bed, "listen, maybe I understand what's happening, what do you think about this?? I CAN NOT sleep without you by my side, my love, I CAN NOT wake up without you between my arms. Last night was the darkest and longest night ever since ... well you know. I MISS YOU, Laura and I cannot wait to embrace and kiss you and to lose myself into your eyes. OH GOD, I think that were too many words, weren't they??"

Laura was absolutely fascinated listening to the sweet love declaration from Remy. "OH Remington, I love you so, I'll never be tired of listening to you. I have also spent a hell night, but you know how altered I am when my mother is near and ..."

"Yes, my love, I know, and I think its time to do something in that sense."

"Like what??" Laura asked surprised.

"Something like the one we have been delaying for months."

"What are you talking about??"

"Of showing our commitment before your family."

"Bu- but... we said it was better to wait for a better moment ..."

"And the best moment is now, Laura. My love, I would like to ask your family for your hand in marriage so that we are able to start our lives together, forever!!"

"You wa- you want to get marr-...??"

"Come on, love, I think I was pretty clear when we got engaged, wasn't I?? Is marrying not the most we both want, and being together all our life, isn't it, darling??"

"OH Remington, I wish I could embrace you, are you never stop surprising me?? YES, MY LOVE, so it is, all that I want in the world is spend my whole life with you, but telling my family so is something that scares me."

"Darling, listen to you, how could it be possible that Laura Holt, my brave Miss Holt, whom nothing or nobody scares, is afraid of her own family?? It's me the one who should be scared. If your family doesn't agree when asking for your hand in marriage, mm??"

"Nonsense, my family adores you ... surely not as much as I do."

"Oh, yes, Miss Holt?? And may I ask how much you love me??"

"Come on, don't you know it yet??"

"It's just to refresh my memory."

"OH, sure, therefore!! Being that way and just to remind you, I LO- ... oh ... the flight is being announced ..."

"Hell Laura, could it be possible that there is always something or someone interrupting in the best moment??"

"Oh I'm sorry, I was so concentrated that it startled me, but this isn't going to interrupt it. I LOVE YOU, Mr. Steele; I love you with all my soul. Tonight we'll be together and I will show you HOW MUCH!! Did this refresh you memory enough, Mr. Steele??"

"Oh, yes, Miss Holt, definitely!!! I can't wait to check it personally, he said in a very sensual tone. I love you, Laura and I'm going to miss you every minute of the day."

"Me too, Remy, me too. I love you, bye!!"

Remington hung slowly down looking in the mirror in front of his bed, thinking: OH my God, my love, how I wish I could be there with you and hold you tight ... Well, ENOUGH boy, you and I know that you are absolutely crazy for her. Stop worrying, you have to ask for her hand and marry her and NOW... he said pointing to the mirror.

Laura hung down the phone and said sighing deeply: OH love, I hope my plan goes well, I hope you can enjoy for the first time a birthday in family. Now I know that you will enjoy my gift tremendously. Se went quickly to gate 9 to wait her two guests to arrive.

* * * * *

"Hello, Laura, Oh my God, you're SO thin and too emaciated. You DON'T eat properly and this life you ..."

"Hello mother, ... Is this all you have to tell after two months without seeing each other??"

"I'm only caring for you, Laura and for your life. Have you lately seen your sister Frances??"

"STOP IT MOTHER, we'll talk about it later."

"Hello, Linda!!"

"LAURA, Daniel. LAURA. How lucky you could come."

"Nothing in the world could have made me lose a birthday party for Harry. But tell me, how did you manage that he'll tell you his birth date?? He never told me!!"

"Well, we could talk about it later, now I need you Daniel to keep Mr. Steele distracted so that he does not suspect anything and so that I could arrange the party."

"Ok Linda, don't worry, that I'll take care of Harry," he said with a smile.

Laura felt her body shuddering. OH God, what is he going to do with Remy?? Is he trying to separate him from me, like all the past times?? What was I thinking of when I asked him to take care of Mr. Steele?? Well, Laura ... what happens, don't you still trust in the love you both have, always with fears?? Didn't you listen what Remy had just told you by phone?? STOP IT NOW LAURA.

"Laura, Laura where are you, what happens??" Abigail got Laura out of her fix.

"No, no ... it's just that I remembered a problem with a case and I got lost in my thoughts for a moment."

"Yes, of course, a case," said Daniel with a mocking smile. He perfectly knew the fears he caused in Laura, especially when speaking of Harry.

"Well, now you two go in the limo and I take a taxi, here we separate our roads. Abi, we'll see tonight."

"Ok Daniel, good luck, see you tonight."

Abi, eh?? Laura said watching as her mother and Daniel said goodbye with a loving kiss on their cheeks.

"See you, Linda, stay calm."

"Yes, yes, see you later Daniel."

Laura took one of her mother's bags and both went toward the exit.

"What's this all about, mother?? How did you meet Daniel?? Where you in his Villa??"

"Do you remember, Laura, that he invited us all after that case in which we helped him, don't you??"

"Yes, I remember, but it seem that you did not only remember it but you took it literally, didn't you??"

"Of course, it was a nice invitation of Daniel and being in Europe it had been an unpoliteness not to accept it, but what kind of manners have I taught you, Laura??"

"Come on, mother, don't behave serious with me. Daniel is the closest friend of my ... Boss and a very special person ... how to say it??"

"Man of the world, don't worry Laura, Daniel had told me all his adventures, we have talked a lot these days and he has told me very interesting stories about him and Mr. Steele and I really think that Daniel is an enchanting man and that he has suffered a lot, that finally has found peace in his retirement in the Villa in Cannes. Furthermore Laura, I think I'm grown enough as to take my own decisions and to start friendship with whom I like."

Laura was embarrassed, she couldn't even speak. Daniel had confessed to her mother?? What stories would he have told her about Remington??

"On the other hand, Laura, your Mr. Steele doesn't seem to me somebody of the same moral quality as Daniel." Abigail started the plan she had prepared with Daniel. "By the things Daniel has told me, I cannot understand how this man has succeeded in being the P.I. he is nowadays. Honestly speaking, I don't like you working with him."

"But mother, what are you saying?? Mr. Steele is an extraordinary man, with endless virtues and very professional in his line of work."

"Yes, yes, but did you know that he has no family, and that Remington Steele is not his real name but one of the ones he got in his long life of adventures?? NO Laura definitely I don't have confidence in you Boss."

"How is it possible that Daniel, who says is Mr. Steele's great friend, had told you SUCH a story!!." Laura's whole defensive system stood on alert. That Daniel, how does he dare to do something like that?? What if Remy finds out about it?? He would never believe her. He obviously has something between fingers and I KNOW WHAT IT IS ABOUT, put me apart from Remy and using my mother for this.


"Laura, stop talking about Mr. Steele, the only thing I care is about your happiness and your future and at the moment I don't see any of these two things between your priorities. Let's take this party to celebrate Mr. Steele's birthday as an example. How does it come to make a celebration with our family; he does not belong to your family, he's you Boss."

"STOP IT, mother, Mr. Steele and I ... we have worked together for years, we are very good friends and he also is my family. I want to give him a familiar birthday party because he never had one, DO WE AGREE ON THAT??"

"Yes Laura, but there's no need to get angry such a way, this happens every time we talk about him. I perfectly understand that Mr. Steele is your Boss and that you share a lot of hours together, but THIS IS BUSINESS!! I'm talking about your PRIVATE LIFE!! Do you intend to keep on like this all your life, running, risking your life, don't you want a family of your own, a home, children?? The way you are now, running side by side with an adventurer, YOU'LL NEVER HAVE IT!!"

"MOTHER!! Stop trying to arrange my life as Frances has, I'M DIFFERENT. I beg you, PLEASE, don't make me regret having you invited and PLEASE LEAVE Mr. Steele ALONE!!!"

"All right Laura; let's talk about other things, do you agree?" Abigail smiled for herself thinking that she almost succeeded in making Laura confess her real feelings towards Mr. Steele.


"Miss Holt, we have arrived at your house," said Fred parking the car in front the entrance door to the loft and thinking that this way he might succeed that the both stopped arguing. "I'm bringing your mother's luggage upstairs, OK???"

"OK Fred, thank you."

"Well, well, here we are, at this place you call home."

"Mother, I thought that we agreed ..."

"Yes, yes, all right. By the way, in Europe, to be more exact in Paris, I met a very prominent family here in California. They are antiques importers and his son is in politics. He's preparing his candidature to Senator of the State ... The Hancooks?? You know them??"

Laura watched her mother, trying to find out were she wanted to carry this conversation. "Well, yes, they have a line of antiques stores and they are and they are benefactors of several museums."

"They were highly impressed when I told them my daughter was a P.I. and that she worked for the Remington Steele Agency. They knew it, very well!!"

"Oh, yes, my ... our Agency is well-known mother, I've told you so."

"Well, precisely, the Hancooks told me that they will call for your Agency services and that their son will get in contact with you for the details."

"WITH ME?? With Mr. Steele and with me, better said."

"NO, no, with you. The job requested is just for a woman, and furthermore, Mr. Steele is very popular and they need it to be really discreet."

"But mother, the Remington Steele Agency is well-known for the discreet treatment of his clients."

"Well, Laura, just talk to him, and I have ALREADY given him your telephone number."

"This number?? My private number??"

"Yes, and I thought we agreed not talking about Mr. Steele, didn't we?? Why can't you just speak one sentence without mentioning him?"

"Mother, Mr. Steele and I don't work that way, and coming to our agreement, I haven't brought up the matter."

"Well, I'm going to take a bath and then we can go shopping and visit your sister, all right??"

"OK mother ..." Laura sighed relieved by the minutes of rest she was going to have while her mother was in the bathtub. OH GOD, what was I thinking in when I invited her?? Her thoughts were interrupted when the phone rang. Laura shuddered thinking it could be Remy and ran to pick it up.

* * * * *

"Good morning, good morning Mildred." Remington came in with his usual smile and elegance.

"Good morning, Chief, what's new??" Remington's external appearance didn't fooled Mildred a minute, she just needed one look to know that something was happening to him.

"Nothing Mild. Did Miss Holt call?? Did Abigail arrive well??"

"Yes, Boss, everything is as usual when Miss Holt's mother is around," she answered with a smile of complicity.

"Ah good, then this means we'll have a looooooong day and maybe a complicated week," he said returning the smile from the door leading to his office.

Mildred brought tea for him and she saw him sitting at his desk, not as usual with the feet on it but leaned on his arms and concentrated in something he had in his hands. When Mildred approached he closed his hands and put what he had in his pocket.

"What's the matter, kid, what's the problem??" Mildred said with this tone of comprehensive mother.

"What are you talking about, Mild?? Thanks for the tea, I needed it."

"Come on, you cannot cheat me neither of you two, remember??"

"Yes Mildred, all right, you're right, it's not a secret and on top of this, I need to talk to someone about it and you're the right person for it." He took a little green box from his pocket, opened it and showed it to Mildred. There were two exquisite golden rings.

"What's this, Remington?? What kind of ring is this??" Mildred had never seen such rings, two fine rings made of gold but in the centre one could see two hands that took a heart that had a crown over it.

"These are "Claddagh Rings", Irish wedding rings, Mild."

"And what do they mean??"

"These wedding rings were designed by an artist during the XVI century at Claddagh village, near Galway in the west part of Ireland, and the three symbols together mean "I support your heart in my hands and crown it with my love". When you have given your heart to someone the ring is put with the heart looking to your heart."

"OH God, how beautiful, this means that ..."

"Yes Mildred, this means that I have decided it and that I'm going to ask Laura's hand to her family, I don't want to delay this situation furthermore."

"But, did you already talked to Laura??"

"Well, Mildred, yes, but you know Laura and how difficult it is for her to communicate with her family. Today we have been talking about this matter, she called me from the airport, she sounded so sad, we two had a horrible night, away one from another, we cannot stand it anymore. But she is always so scared, well I must admit that me too. But now I made my decision and I'm going to surprise Laura, gathering her family these days and asking her hand and fixing the wedding date ... What do you think?? Can I count on your help??"

Mildred said YES with a big smile and thinking for herself: AH my darling, if you knew that this night you'll be the one surprised, when Laura gives you your birthday present, her love confession in front of her family. Oh God, these two were ment to be one for the other!! "Of course, Chief, you can count on me, did I ever fail you??"

"Never Mildred," he embraced her making several tear drops appear in Mildred's eyes The phone rang and Mildred answered it from Remington's desk, while he took a sip of tea.

"Remington Steele Investigations, how may we help you? ... Oh yes, yes Mr. Parker, Mr. Steele will be with you within half an hour, in the gallery. Al right, goodbye Mr. Parker" she hung up the phone and said: "Chief, you have to leave now to meet Mr. Parker. I'm bringing the papers you will need with the information about the security systems for the gallery, OK?"

"Yes, Mildred, I'm leaving. Could you put this in the safe? I wouldn't want to lose them or something like that. Please, don't tell Laura anything about our conversation, OK?"

"I'm as silent as a grave; no word will come from this mouth."

Remington took the folder that Mildred had prepared and sent her a kiss through the air.

Mildred returned a smile, thinking about how lucky she had been meeting Remington and Laura, and especially him who she loved like her own son.

To Be Continued ...

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