Part Three
Translated by Eva

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Part III
: Things get complicated, Laura and Remington spend the day troubled and absorbed in their thoughts. It seems that Laura's plan collapses.

Laura was really upset in her car while she headed quickly toward her loft. Mr. Hancook had been very kind, but at the same time she had detected some kind love hint, and that persistence of taking her hands and caressing them. Oh God, how bad did I feel! She sensed as Remington would be watching her, but she had noticed that by the time she couldn't stand any man, except for Remington, caressing her in no way.

She was angry with her mother for putting her in this situation. What did she tell Mr. Hancook to make him act that way? She must have described me as a desperate and lonely woman. OH MOTHER, I'm going to strangulate you!! Well, you don't even know that your daughter is engaged with the most wonderful man in the world and that both love each other beyond the reason. BUT TODAY, YOU'LL KNOW, and so we will finish with this horrible theme!! Now I have to focus in the party, I want everything to be perfect.

* * * * *

Once at the loft, she found her mother wasn't there, for sure still shopping. She picked up the phone and called the office.

"Hello, Mildred, I'm Laura."

"Hello, Miss Holt, how do things go with your mother?"

"Good Mildred, thank you; you can imagine."

"Well honey, I understand. I have a message. Mr. Steele has phoned asking for you, he sounded preoccupied, he also called Fred and then your sister. I think he suspects something."

"Yes, Mildred, it's logical that he suspects something, but I'm not going to talk to him for the moment. If he comes back or calls, tell him what we agreed, OK? And tell him that I'm going crazy with my mother and Frances, and I can't talk to him."

"Yes, yes, Miss Holt, but you know how the boss is. Stay calm that I'll take care of everything."

"Well, Mildred, thank you."

"OH, of course, it could only be Mildred. All the time hanging around pendant on that office, Laura. Don't you have your own life?" said Abigail entering in the loft agitated and full of packages followed by Fred carrying an enormous box of champagne.

"OH God, you have bought the hole supermarket!! Let me help you," Laura ran to help her mother.

"Dear, you cannot imagine how much you have spent in that man, you're completely mad. You cannot put you on the same level as him, and offer him SUCH an expensive party."

"Don't worry, mother, I earn very well in the agency and I can allow myself the pleasures I want."

"OH, YES, OF COURSE, that's why you live in this ... this ... place!!"

"I like this place, which is my home, I feel comfortable here. Can you understand it? I don't need to live in an luxurious place, this is my home."

"Good, we agreed not to discuss, and now I'm interested in another matter. Fred, thank you for your help."

"My pleasure, Mrs. Holt ... Miss Holt I wait for you. Ah Mr. Steele called and I told him what we agreed."

"Good Fred, thank you, come back in an hour, if there are changes in the plans I'll call the limo. And for anything in the world should you tell Mr. Steele where to find me, OK?"

"Yes, Miss Holt, at your command, you can count on me."

"Well, now that we're alone, tell me how it went with William? Good looking, isn't he?"

Laura felt that her inside was boiling; for an instant she had forgotten that her mother had put her in this situation and that she wanted to strangle her for it. She tried to calm down, breathed deeply and said: "Well, mother, I'll study the case and I'll se if the agency takes it or not."

"What, that's all? Are you mad? You're not going to tell me that you ignored that eligible man?"


"No, no definitely you're insane. Well, I imagine that you'll meet him tomorrow and you'll take his case and overall YOU'RE NOT GOING TO INTRODUCE your Mr. Steele in this, aren't you?"

"Yes, mother, of course," Laura said trying to keep Abigail satisfied and trying so to look definitely after the party.

"Good, good, you should once and for all start to organize your life, Laura."

"All right, mother, let us prepare the sandwiches and snacks to go later to pick Frances up and arrive on time. Re-... Mr. Steele will be here at 7PM, Mildred will take care of this, and everything must be ready, OK?"

"Well, Laura, well," Abigail said resigned.

* * * * *

Remington arrived at the office around 4 PM, he was tired and annoyed, he couldn't stop thinking about Laura and her hands interlaced with tha ones of that stranger. While the elevator took him to the 11th floor, he was recalling the scene once and again in his head. There had to be an explanation, it's not possible that this happens after our conversation of this morning. But why the lies, why didn't she call me or left a message to Mildred, if it were a case? But, Steele, HOW is it possible that you don't trust Laura, she who trusted you despite your past? IT'S NOT POSSIBLE THAT YOU'RE JEALOUS, ISN'T IT?? YES ... YES... I'M TERRIBLY JEALOUS, I CAN'T STAND ANOTHER MAN TOUCHING LAURA!! But after all, it's logical that they try to win her heart, because Laura is the most marvelous woman, and how aren't they suppose to try it? But Laura seemed not annoyed in this case. OH GOD, STOP IT NOW, it has been a long day and there are still several hours to go until I can talk to Laura and clear it.

"Hello, Mildred ..."

"Hello, Chief, what's wrong?"

"Why do you assume that something is wrong?" said Remington increasing a little his voice.

"BECAUSE OF THIS, just this," said Mildred pointing to Remington's mouth and face.

"WHAT, WHAT does this has?" answered Remington taking his face between both hands.

"THIS cannot cheat me, specially when you talk with this tone!!"

"Yes, Mildred, you're right, I'm sorry, I had a very difficult day today," he said lowering the tone of his voice and passing his hand over his forehead to soften the stress. "Tell me, did Miss Holt call?"

"Yes, Chief, she called and ..."

"And you know where to get her, I need ..."

"Calm, Boss. Miss Holt told me that her mother and Frances are driving her mad, and it wouldn't be possible for her to get in touch with you."


"NO, she told me she expects you at the loft at 7PM."

"OH NO, and with Abigail. LORD, NO!!"

"Noooo Boss, Mrs. Holt is staying with Frances tonight, and the loft is yours."

"OH but ... I wanted ... Well, all right, I'll try to go to my apartment to change."

"Chief, do you remember that you have here your blue suit and that shirt that Miss Holt likes so much, you left it here to be brought to the cleaner? They are ready, so you don't need to go to your apartment."

"OH yes, thank you, Mildred, always thinking in everything? Lucky, because I have a lot of work to do here and I don't think I would have done it on time," he said while spreading all the papers and plans over his desk.

"What's this all, Boss?"

"Oh, Mildred, this all is a BIG, BIG PROBLEM, I don't know how I'm getting out of it!!"

"What are you talking about? Once again your strange business?"

"No, Mildred, I'm completely innocent here, they are Daniel's matters, not mine and I can assure you that they are worse."

"DANIEL CHALMERS?? WHAT THE HELL has he got to do here? Please, Boss, don't let him come to destroy what you and Laura have now, please I beg you!"

"No, Mildred, calm down, it has nothing to do with Laura nor me, but with the case we're working in, I'll explain you later. Now, I need you to work with the computer. And to the data you're searching with the names I gave you, you add what business these persons have in Buenos Aires, London and Dublin, companies, properties, etc, ok?"

"Got it, Chief, I'm starting right ahead." As she headed toward the reception area, she turned around and said: "Boss, would you take tonight what I put in the safe, wouldn't you?"

"What ...ah that? No, no Mildred, this has to wait for the moment, first I have to clear several points with Miss Holt."

"But, Chief ... this morning ..."

"Yes, yes, Mildred, I know, but things have changed since this morning," Remington said with a bitter tone that didn't go unnoticed to Mildred.

"I don't understand, but if Daniel has something to do with it, I swear I'll kill him with my bare hands."

"No, Mildred, Daniel has nothing to do with my affairs with Laura, and please, is it possible to leave this matter for the moment?"

"Yes, Boss, all right ... only for the moment; I have work to do, but relax a little, will you?"

"Yes, thank you, Mildred, I will."

Remington took his jacket, untied his tie, opened the top button and sat on his chair in front of all the papers he had spread over the table, he sighed deeply and thought: well, I'll better focus my mind in this case so I can distract my mind.

He was locked in his office over an hour and a half, while Mildred was also buried in the work he had asked her for.

* * * * *

Mildred made a break and decided to call Laura to check if everything was right.

"Hello, hon, how do things go over there?" with a very low voice so that Remington couldn't hear her.

"Good, Mildred, everything is ready. How is Mr. Steele, does he suspect" something?

"Ay, honey, I think so, not the party but there is something related to you that keeps him very worried."

"Well, there is little time left until everything clears out, don't worry." Also with a low voice so that her mother couldn't listen, she said: "I cannot wait longer to give him my present and to bring out everything, Milly."

"Yes, darling, I can imagine you had a hell's day, hadn't you?"

"You can't imagine, it has been ... Well, Mildred, tell Mr. Steele that Fred would wait for him at 6:30PM to bring him to the loft, OK?"

"OK hon, don't worry, he'll be there at 7PM o'clock."

"Thanks, Mildred, what would we do without you."

"Laura, please, finish talking, I have to speak with your sister!"

"Yes, mother, all right. See you later, Mildred."

"Don't you have anything better to do than calling the office? Why don't you try to study Mr. Hancook's case instead of loosing time with Mr. Steele. You haven't spend even one minute with this matter, Just the whole day lost with a party for your boss."

"Mother, we agreed in no discussing. Tomorrow I'll take care of this matter, today I want to be occupied in giving Mr. Steele the party he never had in his life, can you understand mother, even just for once?" said Laura with her eyes filled with tears and a big lump in her throat.

"Well, yes, Laura, it's all right, don't get upset." Abigail came closer and taking her daughter by her shoulders, she tried to comfort her, understanding that maybe she was pressing Laura too much and that maybe her plan could end bad. "Don't be like that! It's only another birthday party, it's not the last in Mr. Steele's life."

"No, mother, it's not the last one IT'S THE FIRST ONE," Laura said crying and feeling for the first time during the day that she had touched her mother's heart. Could it be good to tell her now and stop Abigail's pressure? On the other hand, if I tell her now while we're alone, my mother would drive me crazy with questions and it wouldn't be a big surprise later. No, no, it's not the moment, she thought while she let her tears relieve the anguish. "Mother, let me enjoy the rest of the day, it's not to much I'm asking for?"

"No, darling, all right, calm down, I didn't want to upset you; I see this is very important for you, I understand."

"Good, then I'm taking a shower and preparing for the party. Talk with Frances and tell her that Fred will pick them up at 6PM."

"Yes, yes, Laura, go, a bath will be good and will relax you."

"Thanks, mother." Laura went to the bath relieved.

* * * * *

Abigail took the phone, checked that Laura had entered the bathroom and that she couldn't listen with the water flowing; she dialed Daniel's number quickly.

"Hello, yes, yes, it's me ... listen to me, I think we are pressing too much, I don't want this to run off our hands. How did it go with you?"

"Good, Abi, calm down, you'll see we'll get our goal. Harry was mad when he saw Laura with another man, he tried to talk by phone but everyone lied to him; and this is something that Harry can't stand. I can assure you that the plan runs perfectly."

"I hope so, Daniel, because here Laura is worn out and crying. I don't like doing this to her; she has suffer a lot and I don't like seeing her so. On the other hand, there is something strange."

"In our plan?"

"No, with Laura, I don't know how to explain it, there is something strange, mother's instinct, you understand? Laura hides something."

"How curious, I had the same feeling with Harry, as he was hiding something to me. Well, let's continue with the plan. Tonight with the two together and without having spoken during the whole day, we will have a better view to evaluate how things go."

"Good, Daniel, I hope it will be so, because I don't want Laura to suffer more. It must end soon, OK?"

"Yes, yes, Abi, see you later. I'll better go and pick up Harry, to be sure he will be there tonight, otherwise your daughter will kill me."

"Good, see you later."

Abigail sighed deeply and dialed Frances' number, thinking that this night the game would be over.

"Hello, Frances, yes mum, how are you? Yes, yes, I see. Your sister asked me to tell you that Fred is going to pick you up at 6PM, because he also has to pick up Mr. Steele, OK? Yes, yes, I know that the children need time, but please don't upset you sister, you know how she is, and today she's worse ...What? No, she's taking a bath, relaxing ... yes, yes, stay calm, ... Tell me, have you noticed something different in your sister these past days? No, no, I was only asking because I see she's really worked up and ... well, yes ..."

"Oh, you're still talking to Frances. Finally you met someone who talks more than you do," said Laura coming from the bathroom, from her bedroom and opening her wardrobe to take her blue crêpe dress, which she had bought specially for this occasion. She wanted to please Remington in all and she knew that blue was his favorite color, specially when it was related to Laura.

Abigail made a resignation sign, while she nodded to everything Frances was telling. "Good, good, darling, we'll talk later about my trip; now hurry up, we are waiting for you. Bye."

"Well, Laura, I did my best to make your sister and family hurry up, I hope that Fred hasn't to wait too long for them."

"Yes, mother, don't worry, I count on my allied, Donald, who will make them arrive on time. Could you button my dress?"

"Yes, of course," said Abigail standing behind Laura, while she rose her hair.

"OH Laura, don't you know you seem different? There is a certain glance in your eyes that ..."

"I'm happy, mother!!"

"Because of Mr. Steele's party?"

"Yes, because of it and other things I'll tell you later."

"Other things. What about? Is there someone in your life, is that what your hiding all day?"

"No, mother, I will tell you later, be patient!!" said Laura with a wonderful sparkle in her eyes caused by the thought of the moment she'll tell that Remington and she were engaged, and everyone find out how MUCH they loved each other!!

"All right Laura, do you want me to pinned your hair as in your graduation?"

"OH yes, mother, that will be perfect!!"

"Come here, sit down here, darling, your mother takes care of everything."

* * * * *

"Chief, this man, Chan, is someone terrific. Unidac belongs indeed to him, but as in the most companies around the world, he has front men. He's very powerful. Why would he steal some pictures?"

"Ah Mildred, it would surprise you the things people do just to posses something that cannot be bought. And these pieces are not sold, they are State arts of the different galleries and countries."

"So it is, my boy, well said. That's the truth, and that's why Chan would do anything; and when I say "anything" I mean he will be killing anyone interfering with his plans."

"MR. CHALMERS?? What a surprise," said Mildred somehow annoyed as she saw Daniel coming in.

"DANIEL, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Well, Harry, I was a bit worried about you this morning, you know with ..."

"I'm fine, Daniel, it was not necessary for you to come over, a phone call would have been enough."

"But, what happens here? Mr. Chalmers, you have caused all the problems Mr. Steele has, so please do not come here to confuse the things more!!" Mildred said really altered, seeing a menace for her kids. She was ready to defend them like a hen her chicks.

"All right, Mildred, I'll take care of Daniel, don't worry. Go and prepare my cloths, so I can leave early and tomorrow will be another day, OK?" said Remington with a little smile, trying to calm Mildred. He knew very well what she was worried about.

"Right, Chief, ... but if ... this ... if ... Mr. Chalmers bores you, call me and I'll take him out with my own hands."

"It won't be necessary, Mildred, if I'm right I think that Daniel was leaving right now, weren't you?"

"To be honest, Harry, I wanted to talk to you a little bit, I thought that we could go and have a drink and ..."

"Daniel, I don't think it's possible. I have an appointment, a very important one, you see, I don't have even time to go to my apartment, I have to go directly. So, it won't be possible. On the other hand, I think we spoke enough for today."

I would like to talk to you alone, Harry, I could escort you wherever you go, then I'll leave."

Mildred observed the scene from the door; without saying anything she headed toward her desk thinking how to free Remington from this situation.

"Well, all right, Daniel, but WITHOUT TRICKS, RIGHT??"

"But, Harry, how do you think I could do anything to harm you?"

"Come on, Daniel, we're old friends and you always have something in mind, maybe not to harm me, certainly, but to move away from here. I hope you understand that I HAVE NO INTENTION to go anywhere. THIS IS MY PLACE, IS IT CLEAR??"

"Of course, Harry. It surely will be with Linda, no?"

"Yes, IT'S WITH LAURA and I don't want any comments. I go changing, wait here!!"

"Good, my boy."

As soon as Remington closed the bathroom door to change, Mildred came in the office as a thunder, and stopping in front of Daniel with her arms on her hips, she said in a low voice but with energy: "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING NOW??"

"Nothing, Mildred, I only want to escort Harry to the birthday party."

"WHAT?? YOU WANT WHAT??" She was completely surprised by Daniel worried about Mr. Steele going to the party she had organized, knowing how he hated Laura, whom he never called by her name. NO, NO, this man had something else in mind.

"Just this, Mildred, escorting Harry and then participating in the party to which Linda has invited me."

"I don't believe a single word, and I'm not letting you ruin it, OK?"

"OK, Mildred, all right."

"What is all right? Nothing is all right today," said Remington coming from the bathroom and adjusting the tie.

"Nothing, Boss, I was telling Mr. Chalmers that we're gonna be a bit squeezed in the limo, because you have promised to lend me Fred to take me to my championship tonight, remember?"

"Oh yes, Mildred," said Remington, relieved as he saw she was going to control Daniel not to try anything. "Well, you're ready? So we can go, because I don't want to be late today."

"Go ahead, I have to put some papers here away."

"Good, but don't be late. Come on, Daniel," said Remington taking him by his shoulders.

"Yes, Harry, yes."

When Mildred was alone, she headed to the safe and took the small green box that her boss had given her that morning. He's going to need it, SURE, although he does not know.

To Be Continued ...

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