Steele Crazy After All These Years-an addition
Part Three
by Andrea

Author's note: This is a work of fiction and is intended for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement on characters and situations owned by MTM Productions is intended. This story is rated NC17 in some places, so if you are too young to read this, or offended by this type of material, click on "BACK" now!

This addition takes place at the very end of the episode and presupposes that Laura might accept Remington's compromise deal of six months of his life for one night of hers. During the episode a reference is made to an ancestral ghost in Remington's family, who re-appears at the end. A reminder that this episode was only the 16th episode aired, and so many other characters, situations and events familiar to RS fans have not been introduced into the ongoing plot. I owe thanks to Jax, Nancy, Fodor travel guides and `Wine For Dummies' for their research assistance.
This part rated NC-17!!!!!
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The music ended and the stereo quietly clicked off. Remington waited a few seconds to see what Laura would do next, which turned out to be nothing. Needing to get something going, he guided Laura to the couch and they sat down, his arm around her shoulders.

Laura's head swam with the torrent of emotions that she tried to sort out. She had to admit that Remington had been honest, if not entertaining, with his six months' story. The positive effects of the Colonel's teachings were evident in everything about him, and now she had to decide whether her future could handle a new, intimate element.

"Laura, under most circumstances I'm a very patient man, but when are you going to tell me where we stand now?"

"I'm sorry. I think the champagne has really slowed down my synapses."

Remington smiled. "But aren't you accustomed to deciding something promptly once the facts are in place? You can't tell me that you've lasted this long in this business without making quick judgements?"

"That's true enough."

"As I recall, you certainly made a decision, and ran with it, I might say, about that calculus professor, hmm?"

Laura smiled at him. Did he remember everything she told him?

Remington's expression became serious. "Laura, I know we haven't known each other very long. I know very little about your past, about how you grew up, or about any of the men in your life. You've told me bits and pieces here and there, and I'd be interested to know all these things someday, but they wouldn't change the way I feel about you."

Laura swallowed hard as he continued. "I think perhaps there is one thing that you know about me, and that is that once I've made my mind up about something, there's very little that can change it. Many times in my life I've had to make a snap decision based on whatever information I had at hand, sometimes in order to save my skin. I've learned not to ruminate too long on any decision, and once I've decided I don't look back." He drilled Laura with his gaze. "May I tell you what I've decided about you?"

Laura nodded slowly, certain that she knew what he was leading up to.

"I want you, Laura. I've wanted you since the day that stuffed shirt Ben Pearson walked into your office. The moment I laid eyes on you, my decision was made. Even if I had followed the Royal Lavulite to San Francisco, I would have been back eventually. But as soon as Hunter was in custody, my fate was sealed."
He smiled to himself as a thought struck him. "Do you know what Felicia told me when I didn't give her the warm reception she expected when she snuck in here?"

Laura unconsciously gritted her teeth at the mention of the conniving blonde. "She said there was something different about me, that I seemed `smitten'."

Laura was not sure how to interpret that statement, so she said nothing.

Remington took one of her hands in his. "I don't want to pressure you, Laura, I just want you to know how I feel. My word is my bond and I've upheld my end of the bargain; I hope that you will honor yours. But if you won't, or can't, I won't make you stay. If you decide that you want to go home now, and remain my impossible challenge, I won't stop you."

Laura still could not find the words to express herself. She did not want to admit the fears that kept rising to the surface.

"So, is this good night, or will you stay?"

"I'm not ready to leave yet."

"Good, good. I'm glad, because I'm still not sure whether you believed my story. What do your detective's instincts tell you?"

"I think everything you told me did happen."

"I hoped that eventually you would decide that. Don't deny those instincts, Laura. They've taken you a long way."

"My instincts weren't so good concerning Gordon Hunter."

Well, now, who would have ever thought that he would become so desperate as to try to take the jewels himself? And perhaps my presence was a bit distracting." He grinned wickedly and Laura gave him a playful shove. "From what I've seen so far your instincts are quite remarkable, Laura. Your track record for solving cases reinforces that. You shouldn't ignore them under any circumstances. So what is your gut feeling right now?"

Laura made herself look steadily into his eyes and saw only complete openness there. She finally shed her inhibitions like a heavy coat. She knew what her gut feeling had always been, and she wasn't going to fight it anymore. "This," she whispered, as she grasped his head with both hands and pulled his lips to hers.

Remington was not going to give Laura a chance to hesitate anymore and gently eased her down onto the couch. Laura swung her legs up onto the couch and Remington stretched himself alongside her, his hands tangling in her soft hair. He moved his lips over Laura's, gently coaxing her teeth apart with his tongue, and was pleasantly surprised to meet hers halfway.

Laura clawed at Remington's sweater, breaking their kiss long enough to get it over his head, and on to the carpet. She yanked at his shirt buttons in a building frenzy.

Remington got up on his knees, straddled Laura's thighs and grasped her wrists firmly. "Whoa, Laura, slow down," he chuckled. "We have all the time in the world." His expression softened. "Let's savor the moment, shall we?"

Laura smiled sheepishly. Remington bent over her again, pushing her arms over her head and gently pinning her wrists to the couch. He kissed her hair, her forehead, her nose and worked his way over to her earlobe. Laura's whole body tingled, even as she realized that she still had all her clothes on. Her self control was ebbing and her arousal rising with each kiss.

Still holding her wrists in place, Remington placed a knee between Laura's. Her legs spread apart of their own volition to accommodate him, and Laura groaned inwardly as Remington's growing erection brushed her leg. It simultaneously astounded her and pleased her that she could arouse him this much.

Remington released his grip on Laura's wrists, lightly running his hands down her arms and then her sides. Laura squirmed under his touch. Her hands now free, she went to work on his shirt buttons, as efficiently as her shaking hands could manage. A glimpse here and there of Mr. Steele in his bathrobe had made Laura anxious to see more.

Remington bent to kiss her again and Laura took the opportunity to slide the shirt off his shoulders. He shook one arm and then the other out of the sleeves. Laura's hands immediately went to his chest, cautiously and then more boldly exploring his matted dark hair. She ran her hands up to his shoulders and then slowly up and down his long arms, finally reaching around to his smooth back. She closed her eyes to enable her sense of touch to be heightened. Laura recalled those times when she had had her arms around him and had gotten just a brief touch of his muscular back through his clothes. Now her hands satisfied their curiosity as they tactilely studied him.

Remington broke their kiss to watch Laura's face, her eyes still closed in concentration as her hands wandered.

"Perhaps you'd like to move somewhere a little more comfortable, Laura?"

Laura's eyes opened halfway, almost trance-like. Remington gestured toward the bedroom door with his head when he had her attention. Laura's hands did not leave his back as she vigorously shook her head. She did not want anything to break her resolve to make the most of these moments, and that resolve might crumble if she were interrupted to move to the other room.

Remington grinned at her determination. "Very well. We'll stay right here. I imagine there's enough room."

Laura did not have the nerve to admit that previously she had mentally calculated the available space here. And the size of his office couch, for that matter.

"If we're staying put then two things have got to go." Without taking his eyes off of Laura, Remington pushed the glass coffee table out the way with a couple of well-placed shoves of his foot.

Laura watched his face and finally found her voice. "And the other?" she asked.

"Your sweater," he whispered, as he pressed his lips to hers. His hands found the edge of her sweater and Laura's nerve endings jumped to attention as his fingers grazed her warm sides, heading north.

Laura looped her arms around his neck, emphasizing her need to give him unrestricted access. It was now her turn to explore his mouth with her tongue, as he readily opened his to hers.

Remington slid one finger under the edge of Laura's bra and her body lifted to his, begging for more. He teased her mercilessly by lightly tracing a line around the silky edges. As Laura gave up a moan she could no longer suppress, Remington pressed his left hand over her breast and released the bra clasp with his right. Laura pulled herself up off the couch slightly and Remington pulled the sweater and everything else over her head.

Laura settled back against the pillows, her arms again over her head as she lay before him. Remington paused, awestruck for a moment, at the site of Laura opening herself to him. Without conscious thought his hands went to her breasts, thumbs urging her nipples to dark pink hardness.

Laura tried to levitate herself off the couch in the ecstasy of his touch. She grasped his head and directed his mouth to her aching breasts. Obligingly he gently licked one nipple and then the other as Laura writhed beneath him. He sucked hard on one as his hand kneaded the just-right handful of the other breast. Laura could not stand much more of this incredible arousal, and she was going to need fulfillment soon.

Desperate to move in that direction, Laura reached for her own pants button and undid it and the zipper.

Remington stopped what he doing and looked at Laura. "Really now, are we in that great a hurry?" he joked, but when he recognized the burning in Laura's eyes, he paused. "Please, allow me."

He moved to kneel on the floor beside the couch and swung Laura's legs toward him. He removed her shoes and socks and then ran his hands up her legs. The faint muskiness of her arousal tickled his nostrils.

Remington put Laura's feet on the carpet on either side of him and moved toward her waistband. Laura raised up her hips as he slid her slacks and panties down to the carpet. Laura made herself relax as well as she could against the pillows.

Remington lightly ran one hand up Laura's right leg, lightly stroking the inside of her thigh. He placed hot kisses on the inside of her left leg, moving slowly toward the center of Laura's arousal.

Laura was quickly going mad with desire as Remington seemed to be taking entirely too long to touch her where she needed him most. Just when she thought she might need to show him what she wanted, he put her legs over either of his shoulders and sat back on his heels.

His hands slid under Laura to knead her backside, his fingers gradually working their way around to her vagina. He gently stroked her swollen lips, and Laura jerked involuntarily at the sensations that flooded her.

Suddenly Remington's tongue replaced his fingers as he spread Laura's legs apart. He leaned into the couch, probing deeper with his tongue, sliding over her clitoris and sucking it lightly.

Laura thrashed against the pillows, her thighs squeezing Remington in an erotic headlock. Before she could realize what was happening, the first wave of her orgasm crashed over her and she screamed unintelligibly. Remington did not let up, and Laura vainly tried to cling to the couch fabric as wave after wave of ecstasy carried her off.

After she returned to consciousness, Laura lay back in the corner of the couch, physically and emotionally drained. Her mind was incapable of processing what had just happened, and so it wandered and swirled out of control.

Eventually Laura was dimly aware of the feel of Remington's hot kisses moving up her body, through the valley between her breasts, until she tasted her own wetness when his lips met hers.

When Laura had the strength to open her eyes, Remington's intensely blue gaze filled her field of vision. She smiled weakly and he grinned at her, obviously pleased with her reactions.

Still kneeling on the floor, Remington straightened up and pulled Laura up with him. He pressed her body against his and reveled in the sensation of her breasts against his chest, his lips to hers. Laura's hand went to Remington's front, gently rubbing up and down his erection. Remington groaned into her mouth, coming close to losing what control he had left. She quickly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his trousers, reaching around to enjoy the sensation of his backside wrapped in black silk.

Remington stood up as Laura pushed his pants and boxers to the floor. She helped out of his shoes as he yanked his feet free.

Laura leaned back on the couch, admiring the sight of her Mr. Steele in all his nakedness, his erection beckoning her and his eyes filled with desire. Laura tentatively wrapped one hand around his hardness, and he moaned low in his throat. Emboldened, Laura cupped his balls with the other hand and bent forward to lick the tip. Remington moaned louder and Laura took the tip in her mouth, lightly grazing it with her teeth.

Remington grasped Laura's hair with both hands, willing himself to hold on just a bit longer. This felt so good that he didn't want Laura to stop, but his control was slipping fast.

Laura took more of him in her mouth, running her tongue along the underside and squeezing the remaining shaft she could not manage.

"Laura, please."

She looked up at him, still holding him with two hands.

"I can't hold out any longer. You're driving me mad. I've got to have you, now."

Laura straightened up as Remington dropped to his knees again. He again picked up Laura's legs, this time wrapping them around his hips. With his last ounce of control Remington willed himself to slowly enter Laura, wanting to bring her to orgasm with him, if at all possible.

Laura tried to relax her muscles as she anxiously anticipated his penetration. She clung to his shoulders as Remington slid in farther, doing everything he could to prolong their pleasure.

"More," Laura whispered hoarsely, pushing her hips forward to pull him in deeper. Remington moaned again with the sensation of Laura's muscles gripping him. She tightened her hold around his shaft rhythmically, causing the last of Remington's control to evaporate.

He rubbed Laura's bud with a thumb as his thrusts increased in tempo. Laura dug into his shoulders and squeezed her legs around his backside, holding him close and forcing him to move in quick, hard thrusts.

"Oh, god,," he grunted, his body stiffening suddenly as he exploded into her. He went rigid for a few seconds, then renewed his fast tempo as he tried to bring her with him.

The look on Remington's face when he came sent Laura over the edge, and her orgasm burst before her as she arched her back, and then collapsed against him.

Panting, his head bowed, Remington leaned against Laura and they fell back against the couch. Laura held his head against her chest as their bodies recovered.

Several minutes later Remington heaved himself up on his elbows, his features exhausted. Laura tenderly brushed the damp hair away from his face.

"Laura, that was fantastic, beyond what mere words can describe." He grimaced. "But I believe my knees have carpet burns."

Laura laughed and kissed him hungrily. She studied his face for a long moment, and kissed him again.

"I think I came out ahead in this arrangement tonight," she said.

Remington looked puzzled. "How do you figure that?"

"Well, not only have I learned a small bit of your mysterious past, but I've also made love with a wonderful man with incredible abilities. I don't suppose the Colonel had anything to do with that, or did he?"

Remington grinned. "Oh, no, no, that's another chapter all together."

"Perhaps I should take advantage of your candid mood this evening," she teased.

"I could reveal some more interesting information, perhaps if I were properly persuaded." He reached for Laura's breast and fondled it gently. "But I'm not saying another word until I get up off this floor and move to some place more comfortable," he said with mock severity.

Laura helped him up and he offered his hand to pull her up off the couch. She started to move away but Remington pulled her to him. He held her naked body against his and looked deep into her eyes. Laura felt that now familiar floating sensation as he bent his head to kiss her deeply. Laura's arms went around his neck, not wanting to release him, ever.

When they finally separated, Remington smiled. "Now can we move into the other room?"

Laura took his hand and led him to the bedroom. Tomorrow she would face the music, but for tonight, this was the only place she wanted to be.
The End

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