Part Six
Translated by Eva

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Author's Note: Well, my dearest friends, we have come to the last part of this story; it's the most romantic and hot. I tell you that for my inspiration I used two songs of Luis Miguel from which I made a simple translation, because it is very difficult to translate poetry, but I wanted you to share these romantic lyrics. I used some verses of these songs to describe Laura's and Remington's feelings. I have also used some poetic verses from a Spanish minstrel as Joan Manuel Serrat is, but these lyrics are impossible to translate as they're really pure poetry. I also tell you that the description of the places is based in my direct knowledge of each place, which I was lucky to visit with my husband in 1998. I give you the INTERNET links where you can see the Georgian Hotel and the Getty Center. I hope you enjoy this last part.

Part VI
: Remington takes Laura to a romantic place where he will be able to enjoy, without interruptions, his true birthday present, his adored Laura!

"Mr. Steele, we have arrived at the Georgian Hotel of Santa Monica," Fred announced suffering for interrupting them.

"Good, good, thank you, Fred," said Remington trying to recover. They got off the car while Fred opened the trunk and took out the suitcase.

"What's this? Where did this bag come from?"

"I asked Mildred to put some clothes of yours and some of mine for tomorrow, OK?"

"Mmm, I see. It was this what you, he and she where up to when you talked secretly during the party, wasn't it?"

"Oh, you never miss anything, don't you Miss Holt?"

"Oh, no, I suspected that you were after something when you turned apart to phone, and afterwards your conversation with Mild and Fred. You three together are always planning something."

"Well, in any case I hope that our plan will be pleasant for you. Fred, we'll call you tomorrow to pick us up. Thanks for everything; sleep well."

"At your command, Mr. Steele, Miss Holt, good night."

When they entered the big hall in art deco style, they headed directly towards the reception area.

"Good afternoon, Monsieur, Madame. Welcome to the Georgian Hotel."

"Oh yes, thank you. I have a reservation for Remington Steele."

"OH, yes, of course, Mr. Steele, your suite Clark Gable is ready. Could you be so kind as to sign in our book of famous guests? Oh, and you as well Miss Holt. We are proud to have the two most well known P.I. of LA."

"OH, yes, of course, it's a pleasure." Laura couldn't believe that she was asked to sign in a book where many famous Hollywood stars had done it before.

"George will guide you to your suite. Enjoy your stay in our hotel; I hope that everything will be prepared at your satisfaction, Mr. Steele."

"Thank you, it surely will."

"Remington, did I understand right? We have the suite Clark Gable?"

"So it is, my love. Legendary persons of Hollywood have spent the night in this hotel, especially those of the 20' and 30', Lombard and Clark Gable have their own suites. You know how much I like that film It Happened one night, remember? Claudette Colbert and Gable, Columbia 1934, that you played so fine when we caught these damned that blew up your house, you remember? The decision was easy."

"OH Remy, you're incorrigible!!"

"I think so, although you have tamed me a lot, haven't you?"

The Bell Captain escorted them to the suite, and put the bag inside the room.

"Mr. Steele, Miss Holt welcome to the suite Clark Gable, I hope that you enjoy your stay at the Georgian Hotel. Here is the champagne; anything you may wish, just call."

"Thank you very much, George, everything is perfect. You already have my indications for tomorrow, and please put the 'Do not disturb' shield when leaving. Thanks."

"All right, Mr. Steele, good night."

* * * * *
Laura was silent watching the gorgeous room, decorated in pastel tones following the art deco style, and with a splendid view to the beach of Santa Monica.

"Oh Remy, how beautiful this place is. How is it possible that you always find the right place?"

"it pleases me that you like it, Laura, because that was my purpose, please you the same way you have done it with that marvelous birthday party you gave me."

"But Remy, it was a simple family party with friends."

"NO, my love, I know you put all your heart to delight me and give me something I never had before. NO, NO, it wasn't just a plain party", he said while opening the champagne. "What if we make a toast?"

"To what?"

"Mmm, to us, to our wedding and to my birthday, what do you think?"

"I find it great!"

They clinked their glasses, interlaced their arms and drank with happiness watching one another.

"Mmm Laura, you really know what I like, don't you?" he said taking Laura's glass and placing it on the table.

"What do you mean?" asked Laura with a mischievous brightness in her eyes.

"This beautiful blue dress you're wearing. Mmm, I would like to see it closer," he said taking her by the waist and pulling her closer to him, and kissing her on the neck. "Mmm and your hair pinned that way!"

"It's a hairdo my mother did", said Laura shaken by the kisses in her neck and by the closeness of Remington's body.

"Then I will have to thank Abigail tomorrow for this hairstyle that drives me crazy."

"So it drives you crazy, eh? I don't see you so crazy, but I saw you this afternoon!"

"You will never stop reminding me how jealous I was, right?" while he was slowly lowering the zipper of Laura's dress.

She, totally excited, tried to keep calm. "It's very flattering that you get jealous from time to time, because it shows how much you love me" she said trembling when she felt Remington's caresses on her back.

"AH, if you really want to see how much I love you ..." he said pulling her even closer to him to let her feel his excitement.

"OH, my God, Remy, I see how things are. OH ... my love!"

Remington continued kissing her neck and giving small bites on her shoulders while he let her dress fall to the floor, showing she was wearing a dazzling set of lace bra and panties, and tights with suspender belt everything in blue. She had thought about all the details to please Remington and he could see it through the mirror where both were reflected and where he could observe Laura's back and his hands caressing her.

"OH Laura, how can you be SO BEAUTIFUL!!"

Laura, trying to keep calm and sliding Remington's jacket from his shoulders to the floor, asked: "Whom should I thank that you look SO attractive with this shirt and this tie, that you know what they make me feel?" She started unfastening the tie.

"I'm afraid to Mildred ... OH LAURA!" he exclaimed when he felt Laura's fingers unbuttoning his shirt.

"Yes, but without this, even with Mildred's help, nothing would be the same", she said applying small kisses on his chest as she was opening the shirt.

"OH my love, I love you so much!" said Remington closing his eyes when he felt Laura's hands removing his shirt and caressing his chest and shoulders.

"So do I, my love, I love you to madness; all I want is to be with you all the time and love you without stopping", and they kissed deeply showing each other all the love they couldn't tell with words. They kissed for a long time, going through their mouths with their tongues, enjoying the possibility to express the depth of their feelings and with all the senses skin-deep.

When they stopped the kiss, Remington, looking Laura straight into her eyes, raised her in his arms and went directly to the bedroom.

* * * * *
Inside the room there was an enormous bed already prepared with silk sheets in sky-blue color. Remington carefully seated Laura on the edge of the bed. He wanted to enjoy this gorgeous and provocative vision that Laura was in this underclothes, and he wanted her to feel as much pleasure as possible that night. He knelt down in front of her between her legs, watching her absolutely astonished at the natural beauty of Laura.

"What is it, love?" asked Laura somehow confused at his looks.

"I was just wondering how it can be possible that a marvelous woman like you had fallen in love with me, and more incredible, had accepted to be my wife?"

"Are you kidding? Who couldn't fall in love with a man like you?"

"No, Laura, I was not talking about my appearance, I'm talking about my dark and winding inside, blocked to any possibility of loving?"

Laura took Remington's face between her hands. "Because I didn't stop at the cover, I crossed the armor and I become immersed in your bright, sweet, tender, comprehensive and patient interior, something that I had never before found in a man." And she kissed him passionately. Remington returned the kiss with the same intensity, their mouths were fused in that passion they had repressed for so long and that now flowed as if they had known each other all their lives.

Remington started caressing and kissing Laura's busts over her brassiere. "Love, you're so beautiful that it's hard to unwrap my gift as it should be done in birthdays."

Laura blushed slightly. "Well, this present is all yours and you can do whatever you want, but if you don't take a decision soon I'm afraid that your gift is going to melt away."

"Mmm, love, we will not allow this to happen, the only place where I want you to melt is inside me," and with a fast movement of his agile fingers he untied her bra, sliding it down her shoulders. Laura bent her back; she was deeply excited feeling the movement of Remington's fingers over her busts.

He began to kiss, to lick with his tongue and to suck Laura's busts, making them quickly to harden. She moaned with the pleasure of these caresses and bowed her back pushing her breast towards Remington. He began his path downwards, tweaking Laura's stomach with his lips, applying ardent kisses in his way and being delighted to find Laura's navel, through which he went deeply with his tongue.

Laura collapsed on the bed, completely excited, when Remington arrived at the center of her pleasure and applied kisses over her panties. Feeling how wet she was, he stopped and got up. Laura, getting up on her forearms, leaned on her elbows and looking very sexy at Remington, stretched her left leg and began to caress with her foot his trousers over his already increasing erection. He pushed his pelvis against her foot to make her feel how excited he was. Laura bent her back and her leg, sighing in pleasure. Remington took Laura's foot and began to caress the instep against him.

"Well, I think the moment for the Madelaine Carrol routine has arrived," said Laura smiling mischievously, which provoked a big smile on Remington's face.

"OH Miss Holt, you always surprise me with your knowledge about movies!"

"So you want me to surprise you? Come here!" She made him sit on the edge of the bed; she stood up and stopped in front of him putting one foot on Remington's leg. Then she started unfastening the garter and very very slowly began to slide the blue tight down her leg. When she reached the ankle she curved her foot inviting Remington to remove the tight. He removed it quickly, and kissed her instep. Laura immediately lowered her leg and repeated it with the other leg; finally she unfastened the suspender belt letting it fall to the floor. With her foot she caressed Remington, who was at that moment absolutely excited.

"OH ... my love ... you're great ... mmm ... better than Madelaine Carrol."

Laura made Remington lay on the bed. "Yes? Well, now I want to watch what the Madelaine Caroll routine produces on men," and began slowly to unfasten Remington's belt and to lower his pants' zipper, sliding her hand inside to feel the hardness and softness that surprised and delighted her.

"Humm Laura," Remington moaned feeling the pleasure of her caresses.

She removed his trousers completely leaving him just with the blue silk boxers, which arose in her a feeling of excitement and craziness. "Well Mr. Steele, now you have to finish unwrapping your present," she said pointing to the two bows she carried at each side of her panties.

"OH MY GOD, Laura!" said Remington once again surprised by all the details Laura had taken care of to please him.

He made Laura lean over her left side with her back turned to him as he saw her figure outlined in the half lighted room throwing a luminosity that seemed to lighten the place. Very slowly he slid her hand along Laura's side and when he reached the bow he began to unfasten it. Then he applied small kisses on Laura's hip, making her emit moans of pleasure. Then he made her turn around, applying kisses on her stomach, until Laura was in front of him and without stopping the kisses on her other hip, he unfastened the second bow and removed her panties. Laura bent totally leaving her body at Remington's kisses.

He went upwards kissing every inch of her body like someone tasting a delicious sweet that doesn't want to lose the pleasure of tasting it entirely. Finally, he reached Laura's neck, he kissed it and whispered in her ear: "Love, you're the most delicious present I've ever had."

Laura kissed his ear and whispered: "Love, today I'm everything you want me to be, I'm yours, absolutely yours. My only wish is give you full pleasure."

Remington knew that this statement of Laura was unusual, that she didn't lose control for anything. She was offering herself to him, letting him posses her in the way he wanted, even if this was the most selfish way of love. This led Remington's excitement to his climax just to think about that unique moment when Laura became his in a dimension yet unknown for him.

Remington said nothing; he just started kissing Laura madly, until he reached her mouth and they melt in a kiss to show her how much he wanted to offer himself in the same way. Their tongues interlaced in a duel to show all the love that overcame them.

While they were kissing passionately, Laura removed Remington's boxers, felling how he was now ready for her. Not stopping the kisses in this whirl of passion, Remington placed himself over Laura, she opened her legs and put them round his waist; he penetrated Laura with all his energy, if all his life depended on it. Remington pulled her towards him; Laura sat up putting her legs around his waist and bending to let Remington kiss her breast. Both wanted to give everything. They increased the rhythm because they were reaching a complete ecstasy. They merged in a passionate kiss just at the moment they reached together the most intense orgasm, and feeling absolute pleasure for the total giving in one another.

They remained embraced, melt in each, in the middle of the bed, exhausted, almost breathless, Laura's head on Remington's left shoulder and he had his head leaned on Laura's right shoulder. There was an absolute silence; one could only hear their agitated breaths and the beats of their hearts, none of them wanted to move, it was as they would like to keep that magic moment forever.

* * * * *
emington tried to recover his breath and spoke with flattering voice: "Oh ... my love, this has been wonderful! I've never ... thought ... that two persons ... could reach ... this state of pleasure ... of complete devotion!"

"Remy, I love you SO MUCH," said Laura sobbing.

"My love, what happens ... have I hurt you?" asked Remington worried and looking for Laura's face when he noticed she was sobbing over his shoulder.

Laura looking straight into his deep blue eyes, said: "How do you think you could have hurt me, love? It's just that it has been so much happiness you have made me feel that I needed to let it out."

"Crying, love? I was scared", he said drying her tears and kissing softly her cheeks. "I could never forgive myself if I'd hurt you, but today you have given yourself to me in such a way that I was completely uncontrolled. Forgive me."

"It's this, my love, just this uncontrolled moment we have lived that I was so excited I had to cry, this sensation of being uncontrolled in each other ..."

Remington kissed her sweetly understanding Laura, because he also felt this way. "What do you think if we rest, my love?"

"Mmm ... I don't want to be apart from you, love!" she said hugging him strongly.

"No, no way, I'm not going to move away from you at anything, you agree?"

"Mmm, yes."

"Come here," Remington turned slowly to the left having Laura embracing with her legs and leaned on his back with Laura on top of him. She stretched her legs over Remington's and they remained there one on top of the other.

"OH love, how sweet it is to sense you inside me!"

"You will always sense me that way, forever, there is no better place in the world than this."

Laura kissed him, and he embraced her feeling the shiver of pleasure along Laura's body. Then he picked up the blanket and covered them both. "Are you tired, my dear?"

"Mmm, a bit!" And kissing each other tenderly, they felt asleep joined to one another.

* * * * *
round 7 AM Remington opened his eyes and found himself embraced to Laura; her back was leaning against him and both had their legs bowed up as they had remained after their last night love interlude. With his right hand he removed Laura's hair from her neck, began to kiss her, and noticed to his surprise that she wasn't asleep but with her eyes widely open observing her right hand.

"Good morning, darling. Have you slept well?"

"Mmm ... wonderfully!"

"And what is it that intrigues you so much in your hand? Has this kept you awake?"

"It's this ring, what does it mean? I have never seen such a ring."

"Well, if you look at me I can tell you the story." Laura turned slowly to look Remington into his eyes.

"Oh, God, my love, how beautiful you look!"

"Don't be a liar, I must look terrible."

"You could never look terrible, darling", and kissed her passionately.

"Mmm, it's delicious to awake this way! Well, don't change matters, you were going to tell me the story of these rings, right?"

"Yes love, let me think ... hum ... where to start with? AH yes ... of course ... the hands!!" he said with a playful smile, and started caressing Laura's right bust with his left hand while he caressed her temple with the right.

"Mmm ... what a wonderful story this will be ... mmm!!"

"I hope so, my love! Well, the "Claddagh Rings", Irish rings made during the XVI century by a craftsman, have three symbols that mean together that I hold you heart between my hands and crown it with my love, and ..."

They made love mixing the story of these rings with the sweet and peaceful awakening of the morning, enjoying their caresses and kisses with tenderness.

Afterward they took a comforting bath. While Remington helped Laura dry her hair, she asked: "Did you already order breakfast?"

"No love, we're not going to have breakfast here," he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

"No? And where are we going to have breakfast? It's already 9 and I'm starving!"

"Mmm ... You're really insatiable. Didn't you have enough breakfast for today?"

"Hunnn ... more than enough it was delicious, warm and plentiful! But I was talking about a different kind of breakfast, more in the line of coffee and toast ..."

"Ah ... that! Oh yes ... sure ... but you cannot imagine where we're going to have breakfast?"

"Let me think ... mmm ... if my instincts are right I suppose that we're going to the Getty Center, right?"

"So it is, my love, your instincts never fail. To tell you the truth, we have to go there any evening to watch the sunset. I can imagine it must be wonderful from out there. I thought about it yesterday when I arrived at that place."

"You did? I thought the same as soon as I arrived there: that we both have to go the sunset from there."

Remington embraced her from behind and watched them in the mirror. "Mmm, seems our senses are in complete harmony, no?" Both laughed feeling joined together even in their sensations and desires. Remington took advantage and kissed her neck.

"Mmm Mr. Steele, don't start again because we're not going to arrive 'til lunch time." Both laughed again thinking about falling again in each other's arms.

* * * * *
A car from the hotel was waiting to take them to the Getty Center. It was a beautiful morning with a beautiful spring sun. Santa Monica's beach looked wonderful with the people jogging, rolling and enjoying all kind of activities.

"We should come here several days for your training for the triathlon, right?" said Laura with a playful smile.

"OH, for sure, I think that this hotel would be the ideal place for my training," answered Remington also smiling playfully.

"AH Mr. Steele, you're always the same, aren't you? Is that the only training you know?"

Remington pulled her closer to him, and replied: "I think I already told you that my best training are you, my love," and he kissed her intensely.

"Mmm, That sounds lovely." They took advantage of the trip to the Getty Center to caress and kiss each other.

* * * * *
The sun enlightened the building made of travertine marble; the blue colors of the sky mixed with the green of the mountains and made the pink color of the stone stand out against it. There was a fountain in the middle of the big patio with its water sparkling under the sun. They went through the patio in each other's arms heading towards the cafeteria, and without a word they went straight to the table where Laura had been seated the day before. When they stopped in front of the table, both laughed in complicity.

"It seems that we both want to get rid of our past ghosts, isn't it?"

"Yes, love, you'll never know how much I wished yesterday to come here and bring you far from it!"

"Oh my sweet and jealous Mr. Steele!" Laura said giving him a tender kiss on the cheek.

From the big window they could observe the wonderful gardens of the Getty Center. They ordered their breakfast and prepared to enjoy the sights and the moment of being together in the place they had dreamt to be.

"Mmm ... I was starving, Remy!"

"And what do you think it comes from, my love? Could it be because of the slight morning training that according to your we put into practice this morning in the hotel?"

"Oh NO, it's because of the night training!" They both laughed. "Remy do you really think that this case of Daniel will take us so long?"

"I'm afraid yes, darling, but don't talk about business now. I think this place will become our workplace during the next days, it's better to enjoy it now as tourists, yes?"

"Oh yes, and on top of it, it's so beautiful! You know, while I was yesterday sitting here I couldn't stop imagining you and me as we're right now. I love you Remy!"

"So do I, my love, I love you so much that I would take you right now far away and marry you. I don't know how to show you my complete and entire love for you."

"Remy, I don't need you to show me nor to tell me anything, neither you getting married to me. Only with looking into your eyes and feeling you inside me, I already know everything I need to know. The only thing that bothers me is not to have noticed it before, or better said, not wanting to notice our feelings to each other before, to accept how much you love me!"

They kissed, and then they remained one next to the other watching the beautiful morning and enjoying their breakfast.

"Remy, speaking of marriage, what should we tell my mother and Daniel tonight? You know that my mother will run us crazy with that, right?"

"Don't worry, my love, we will let them know exactly what we want and what our guest list will be, then we'll leave the details to her, so she'll have something to do."

"Mmm, and you think that we will be able to entertain her?"

"We'll see; if not we'll ask Daniel for help. It seems that he knows how to entertain Abigail." Both laughed thinking about the adventures of Abigail and Daniel in Europe.

"Yes, yes, and regarding this," said Laura between laughter. "They will have a lot to tell us tonight, don't they?"

"But hasn't your mother told you anything?" asked Remington surprised.

"NOP, not a single word, she was very busy telling stories to me about you that Daniel had told her, and trying to convince me about how inappropriate you were for me."

"Really? That Daniel, I'm going to ...?"

"Love, remember that it was all a plan to put us together."

"Oh yes, but I would like to know what kind of stories had Daniel told your mother to involve her in this mess."

"Look, she's not an innocent part in this play!"

"Good, let's go better to the important things."

"And what are these IMPORTANT things?"

"Mmm," said Remington coming closer to Laura; pulling his arm over the back of the armchair and taking her by the shoulder, he pulled her towards him. "This is the IMPORTANT thing!" And he kissed her.

* * * * *
Afterwards, they walked through the gardens of the Getty Center taken by the hand, feeling free from the pressures of work. They played hide-and-seek inside the wonderful maze of bushes. Finally around noon they headed back towards the hotel, first they went to Santa Monica's dock, which was full of people; the sea was emerald green. They walked over the dock, took a round on the Merry-go-round and ate crab in a small bar watching the sea. Finally, walking through the beach they returned to the hotel.

Once in his room, they went to the balcony. Remington had Laura embraced from behind and Laura had her head leaned on his shoulder.

"Oh love, this place is really special, thanks for this wonderful day and the night! Were it not for the dinner tonight, we could have stayed all the weekend, right?"

"Yes, my love, but you forget that in addition to today's supper we have to work tomorrow in that case."

"OH Mr. Steele, you surprise me from day to day with your devotion to work!"

"It's just that my teacher has been always very demanding with me and has taught me not to mix work with pleasure."

"Well, but I think that your teacher has lately changed her lessons and has become quite flexible, don't you think?"

"Mmm, definitely my love, but you know how meticulous the norms of our agency are." He took advantage to turn her in his arms and kissed her.

"OH yes, I see how thorough they are!"

Remington began to caress Laura's back, feeling how she shook. "But I'm considering that since so much work is awaiting us, we would have to rest a little before going back home, don't you agree Miss Holt?" He said it with his sexy smile.

"Oh yes, Mr. Steele, definitely we need to rest before all that work that awaits us," and she stepped away from Remington very determined and went towards the great bed. "Are you following me to take a rest Mr. Steele?"

"Always to please you, Miss Holt!"

Both lay on the bed, dressed, Remington on his back and Laura embracing him.

"Love," said with a very serious tone Remington kissing Laura's forehead.

"What?" answered Laura as she opened Remington's shirt and caressed his chest feeling how his breathe got agitated.

"I must confess something and beg your pardon."

"What is it, Remy? I like it when you confess things!"

Remington, with his fingers under Laura's chin, raised her head to look him into his eyes. "Last night, love ... that moment ... at that magnificent moment, I felt you SO SO DEEPLY MINE ... I think I've been too selfish. That's why I want to ask you to pardon me, I know you're a free spirit and my attitude ...", he kissed her softly on her lips, "could you forgive me, love?"

"But Remy, how do you think of being sorry for the most wonderful moment; you have given EVERYTHING from you to me, my love! Don't you think that I've also been pretty egotistical for having you completely for me? Well, and as we're talking about free spirits, yours and mine run parallel, don't you think?"

"Oh Laura, to love you is such an immense pleasure! I love you, darling!" And both joined in a deep kiss.

They enjoyed making love tenderly to each other until around 4PM Fred was awaiting them at the hotel door to brink them to Remington's apartment. They wave goodbye to the kind hotel staff, with the promise of coming again soon and staying several days to enjoy the beach and the sun. They began to plan that night's dinner.


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