Part Five
Translated by Eva

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Part V
: In the end, the party begins. Laura can give her present to Remington, and he surprises her with a gift, too.

Everyone turned his head when the door opened and Laura and Remington entered. They all had a look between inquiring and worried.

Mildred approached Remington and Laura. "Everything fine, kids?"

"Yes, yes, Mildred, everything's all right," said Laura stepping forward. "Well, I think there is something pendant, right?" she said increasing her tone of voice so that everyone could hear her.

They all nodded in silence. Mildred came a little bit closer to Remington and whispered: "Boss, I thought you would like to have this, wouldn't you?" she said while she put the small green box with the rings into his pocket.

"OH, Mildred ... really, you're our Fairy Godmother," he said kissing her on her forehead.

"GOOD, before the interruption, I was going to give my pre-... but what ARE THOSE FACES? Please, could you change your expressions, nobody died here!"

"I think that up to now everyone knows what is Laura's gift to me, don't you? That's why you have those faces!!"

They all, except some of them, looked at one another not understanding what they were talking about. Was it really true they didn't know what was happening?

"It seems they don't know, Remington, so here it goes. I inform you all that since three months ago Remington and I are committed!"

* * * * *


"Come on, Fran, don't shout at your sister that way, she's giving us good news, what we all were really expecting." Donald approached Laura and embraced her. "Congratulations, Laura, you took the best choice! All the best wishes, my friend, I hope you'll be ALL my dearest sister-in-law deserves!"

Frances, still crying, ran to embrace her sister, while the rest celebrated it and Abigail cried sadly in Daniel's arms.

"Mother, aren't you going to congratulate us?"

"Yes, yes, darling, but have you forgiven me for the disaster we caused?"

"WHAT are you talking about, mother? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW to Laura?"

"Nothing, nothing Frances, I'll explain it later" and she embraced Laura, "Be very happy, my child!"

"Attention, attention please, it's necessary to toast to this beautiful pair," said Daniel knocking on a glass of champagne.

"All right, Daniel, but before the toast, I would like to say some words, I think it's my turn because of my birthday, right? Well, you all have been witnesses of the magnificent gifts that Laura has given me today, this birthday party in the family as I never had before, and making public our commitment. Now it's my turn to offer her something in return. Please, Laura, come hear and you, Abigail, Frances and Donald, come to her side. You, Daniel, here at my side."

"But what is all this, Remington?"

"You'll se, my love," said Remington with a smile that illuminated his entire face. "George and Max, please prepare the champagne for the toast."

"Abigail, Frances, Donald, the day I met Laura, I was born again. She made me again and I owe her ALL what I am. I want her family and our friends to know the wonderful person Laura is. But, I want you all also to know that Laura, with her great capacity, taught me everything about this profession and that I love her to madness since the first moment I came into her life."

Lauras' cheeks were blushing and her look down.

"Well, Mr. Steele, I hope that all this ..."

"Wait, Abigail, I haven't finished yet. We have both taken too much time to express our love to each other, because of our past stories. But finally we did it and in San Francisco with witnesses. So now, time has come to do the same in front of our family, that are you all." Remington put the hand in his pocket and took the small green box out.

"What is this?" asked Laura.

"This is to ask your family for your hand in marriage! And with the support of my only family, which is Daniel."


"Yes, Laura, this are Irish wedding rings to seal our commitment for the whole life. What do you say, Laura? Do you accept marrying me?"

"OH Remington!" said Laura throwing herself into his arms and embracing his neck. "YES, YEEES, of course I accept" and she kissed him.

"One moment, Laura. Mr. Steele has asked us and we haven't accepted yet."

Laura turned around as to strangle her mother and saw Abigail's smile.

"OF COURSE we accept, don't we, Frances, Donald?"

"Yes, yes, ..." said Frances sobbing.

"But I have to ask you something, my son. PLEASE, take care of this mad daughter of mine, who has always lived on the tightrope," said Abigail crying and hugging Laura.

Laura embraced her mother and Frances while Donald gave Remington a strong hug. "Welcome on board, friend!"

Remington turned in the direction of Daniel. "What do you thing about your pupil, eh? Did you ever thought that the day would come you'll see me settling down to marry?"

"YES, Harry. I KNEW IT since the first day I saw you with Laura," said Daniel flat.

"But, then? All these ...?"

"These were challenges to make you fight for her, and make you finally understand that Laura was your path. And now, stop talking; let's uncork the champagne, we have to celebrate it."

Remington took the rings from the box and with them on his hand's palm, took Laura's hand and said: Laura, my love, this ring expresses everything I wanted to say since the first moment I saw you, and which is I want to seal our love engagement for the whole life." He put the ring in Laura's ring finger.

Laura took the second ring. "Remington, my love, with this ring I'm giving you all my heart for the rest of our lives."

They kissed and everyone clapped hands while George and Max poured the champagne. Daniel rose the glass.

"Well, let us toast to Remington's and Laura's happiness."

"Yes, yes," said Abigail still somewhat tearful. "Let us put the wedding date!"


"No, Laura, it's right what your mother says; let us fix the date. I'm looking forward to marrying you!"

"Remington? Is it you?"

"Yes, it's me, and I never felt AS myself as I'm feeling now! Let us toast and then we settle the date with your mother, agreed?"

They all raised their glasses and greeted Laura and Remington, each one expressing the joy they felt seeing that finally they had stopped the nonsenses.

* * * * *

The children started pulling on Remingtons' trousers. "Uncle Remington, uncle, when are you going to blow out the candles?"

Remington gave his glass to Laura and took the youngest girl in his arms. "Now, darling, right now, I haven't seen the cake."

"It's over there, uncle Remington, look how big it is!"

"Mummmm, yes, I see, and I suppose it's made of chocolate, isn't it?"

"Yes, yes, and cream and it has a lot of little candles. Will you let me help you to blow them out?"

"Of course, with so many candles I'll need help; you all are going to help me, yes?"


* * * * *

The party went lively on. Laura was talking a while with Jenny, the new girlfriend of Lieutenant Jarvis, an old friend of Laura inside the Police Department and who Laura had encouraged to go out with Jimmy. Laura was her confidante, and both were good friends and they trusted their doubts and happiness of their love affairs. Lucile approached them and the three talked about the family and the children.

Mildred and Max, apart from great friends, shared the role of adoptive fathers of Remington and Laura, and were always there to advise them and to avoid them getting into troubles.

George, on his side, although he was always involved in some crazy project, worked really well when controlled by Mildred and appreciated Laura and Remington very much, especially him who was always willing to listen to his madness.

Abigail, despite of having avoid the disaster, didn't feel completely sure, she was worrying about all the trouble having in some way damaged her daughter's relation. She tried to talk to Laura, but Frances tried to calm her and see that nothing could damage Laura and Remington, after all they had gone through together the past four years.

Daniel was buried telling old stories to Monroe, Sheldom and Jarvis, leaving the last two very puzzled about what kind of job Daniel did and with Remington's past life.

Finally, Remington had to blow out three times the small candles on the cake, as each one of the kids wanted to do it together with him. Remington's happiness could be seen in his eyes, the blue shine in his look seemed more brilliant than ever. It was obvious that he felt the happiest man in the world, with a family around him, as he had never had before and with Laura's love.

* * * * *

For a moment, Remington succeeded in moving apart and from one corner of the loft he could observe everything as watching a movie. Laura approached somewhat worried as she saw his lost gaze.

"Remy, love, what happens? Are you all right?"

Remington took her by her shoulders. "Look, Laura, watch what you've done. I'll never be able to thank you enough for what you did for me. You gave me an honest life, a family, beloved friends and YOUR LOVE! Oh Laura, WHAT A WONDERFUL gift you gave me! How could I reward you for all this?"

Laura, relieved and with a very sensual gaze, answered: "Well, I have some ideas, but I don't think this is the right place for suggesting them!"

"OH, my God, Laura, we're in front of children!" said Remington taking her by her waist and bringing her closer to him. "Mmmm, you know I don't like having debts. Don't you think it's time to leave, to try payment conditions?"

"Mmmm, sounds very interesting. How will the great Remington Steele pay his debts? Now, we have to join our guests, don't we?"

* * * * *

The guests began to say good-bye, leaving the family finally alone. Laura, Frances and Abigail talked in a lively way. Remington used Laura's distraction to talk with Fred and Mildred and to make a phone call.

Suddenly, Remington approached Laura and took her by her waist. She looked at him and said: "Well, the conversation is really entertaining but Remington and I have ..."

"One moment! Where do you think you two are going?"

"Well, mother, you know. It's his birthday and I'm not leaving Remington alone tonight, am I? Mother, I'm not longer a child!"

"YOU, keep quiet! Remington, tell me, the wedding is real, isn't it?"

"Of course, Mrs. Holt, how do you think I could be joking about this matter?"

"Nooo, but it's just that we haven't fixed the date and I see that it's a couple of months you two ... well ... you know ..."

"Mother, what's this? WE ARE NO children!"

"Yes, yes, I know that nowadays things are different, but I wouldn't worry if we had a date for the wedding."

"There is no problem. Let's put it right now. Is it right today in a month?"

"What? One month is to short to prepare everything, invitations, the dress, the party, newspapers, ...," said Abigail desperately.

"Mother, we don't pretend this to be the wedding of lady Diana and the prince of Whales; we want something intimate and reserved, with the family and our friends."

"But, Laura!"

"No, no please, don't discuss this now. Is it all right with a dinner tomorrow in my apartment, right?"

"Well," Abigail said with certain disappointment.

"Tomorrow we cannot, but I think it's necessary that you discuss it with Abigail, we are ready to collaborate in everything, right Frances?"

"Yes, yes, of course," said Frances, crying again.

"You, Daniel and Mildred, could you come tomorrow night?"

"Yes, Harry, it's all right. But you have to take into account the case we were talking about, this will take you at least three months."

"WHAT? Three months?" said Laura surprised. "But, wasn't it all a plan?"

"No, no Laura, this part is true, the other part was an addition, I will explain it later. Now go and enjoy it and don't worry about anything. I stay here to help Abi and Mildred. Come on, come on, night has already started." Daniel smiled and Laura couldn't avoid noticing similarity between his smile and Remington's, and though: It's obvious how Daniel had left his mark in Remington.

"Well, it's better for us to leave and talk tomorrow about it; I don't want my first birthday in the family to be ruined. Tomorrow at 8PM, is it right? And you, Mildred, we also await you. AH and don't do anything with that matter about -" and he passed his finger across his throat (making a gesture of cutting the throat) looking towards Daniel. "Right?"

"No, Chief, stay calm, first I need some information."

"Good, good."

"What is this conversation between you two about?"

"I will explain it later, darling. Now, let's go, yes?"

"Yes, yes. You two always with your secret codes, eh?"

* * * * *

Once inside the limo, Remington took Laura by her shoulders and with a finger on Laura's chin he made her look him straight into his eyes. "Love, thank you. This has been the best gift I have ever had in my life. Thank you." He kissed her with all his heart.

"Mummmm, it seems that you have really the intention to pay you debt, haven't you?" said Laura with a sly smile, foreseeing the night they will spend together.

"OH, for sure, Miss Holt, of course," he said kissing her deeply.

"But, Mr. Steele, we are not heading toward your apartment. What is this? Where are you taking me?"

"Mmmmm, you'll see it when we arrive there!"

"Are you kidnapping me?"

"Mmmmm, something similar one could say."

"Something similar?"

"Oh, my love. I want to enjoy this night, without interruptions. I missed you too much last night. It's true what I said this morning, I can't stand anymore sleeping alone, without you by my side."

"Oh, Remy, how much I love you!"

Fred looked through the driving mirror smiling as he saw Laura and Remington kissing in the back of the limo.

"Could you explain something to me?"

"Yes, love, of course. I can explain everything you want to know!"

"You were really so jealous?"

Remington knew that Laura was going to ask that. "Well, really, you know I'm not the jealous kind. But, YES, YES, THAT ... I would have wanted to strangulate him when I saw him taking your hands, and Daniel telling me you were all right and hiding something, and on top of this, everybody was lying. Well, I think it was my right to be a little bit jealous, wasn't it?"

"A little bit? I think that too much. Well, if it serves you as relief, when Mr. Hancook ..."

"Mr. Hancook?"

"Yes, Mr. William Hancook, Junior. Why?"

"Then he is related with one of our clients. How could Daniel and your mother arrange this all? OH, I think they will have to give us a lot of explanations tomorrow."

"So do I. Daniel is dangerous, but together with my mother ... they are a frightening duo, don't you think?"

"Oh, yes, definitely!"

"On the other hand, both have surprise me, trying to join us together. Isn't it strange, how both agreed in this? I have always thought that Daniel hated me for carrying you through the right way and for tearing you apart from him."

"And I thought your mother wanted a rich and stable husband for you, someone who took you out of this life of risks and madness we both live."

"Well, obviously we don't know them very well. On the other hand, it's true what Mildred told us always!"

"What thing?"

"That you and I have never been able to hide what we feel for each other, despite of trying to repress it for four years. It was obvious for everybody, except for us."

"Good, that's no longer so; you and I express now our feelings in front of anyone. And talking about ... expressing, how about stopping the talk for a while and ..." he said pulling her closer and kissing her passionately.

"But, Remy, what is Fred going to say?" said Laura taking a breath after the kiss.

"Fred, do you mind if Miss Holt and I stop talking for a while?"

"NO, Mr. Steele, absolutely not. You both can do whatever you like, this is your car and I would say your home; you spend most part of your time here," answered Fred with a smile.

"You see? Fred doesn't mind and he's right, we spend more time in this car than in our apartments. It's time to bless it, don't you think?"

"OH, Remy, you're a demon! Where do we go, could you tell me?"

"You will se when we arrive. Now how about ..."

"As I don't know where we are going, I'm not sure if we would have enough time for ..."

"Yes, it's true ... we don't have enough time for an appropriate bless, but it remains pendant, doesn't it?"

"Oh, yes, for sure! Now, tell me where we go," said Laura climbing on Remington's lap and caressing him beneath the jacket, his chest, his shoulders and his rips, something Laura knew that excited Remington extremely.

"Oh, my God, Laura, aren't you letting me surprise you?"

"Why, Remington," she said kissing his chin and approaching his lips. "What would make you tell me?"

"Mmmmm, ... this ... exactly, you know I cannot resist it. ... Mmmmm."

Laura started nibbling at his lips, while Remington pulled her towards him to embrace her and kiss her, so to prevented Laura from exciting him that way. Just when he was right for giving up to Lauras' caresses, Fred announced they had arrived.

To Be Continued ...

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