Who Wants to Steele You?
Part Eight
Written by Ulrike Gubelt, 1998, 1999, and 2000

Author's note: I've never been to Ireland. That's why I don't really know Westport or Connemara. I got my information about Connemara from television. I liked the landscape, and thought that's the right place for my story. Maybe it's not, but I hope an Irish reader or others who know Ireland and Connemara doesn't mind! And I don't know much about pregnancy, either. I'm no mother. If there are things you think are wrong, let me know!

Part eight

20 miles south of Westport, Connemara county, Ireland, 2nd of September 1988, late evening

"Here we are!" Felicia announced happily. She stopped the car and looked back over her shoulder. Tony, Laura, and Danny had fallen asleep.

"Hey there. Wake up everybody... we're at the house!" Laura and Tony opened their eyes and stretched. It looked quite funny and Felicia smiled.

"Oh you're such a perfect couple!" Tony smiled and looked to Laura "I know..." Then he looked out of the window. "Did I get it right, we've arrived?" Felicia nodded.

"Finally! I didn't know Ireland is that big! We traveled for almost five hours!"

"Six, to be precise... Yeah, that's one of the reasons I decided to go here. Come on, let's go in!"

Laura didn't move; she was tired and sick, but when Tony got out of the car she had to get out, too, because of the handcuffs. She saw Felicia opening the door to the old house. It was a beautiful old farm, maybe a little bit shabby but with a few restorations it would look beautiful, Laura thought.

Felicia noticed Laura's look and smiled. "It's really beautiful, this old house, isn't it?
Daniel always knew what looked good."

"Daniel?" Tony and Laura asked at the same time.

Tony was shocked. "You... you brought us to a place his father owned? You're mad. He'll find us..."

Felicia smiled. She took Danielle from Laura's arm and entered the house.

Laura couldn't fight at the moment. She felt so sick.

"Felicia, tell me, what's your plan?" Tony wanted to know. "Do you want him to find us?"

"Calm down, Tony. I don't think Michael will remember this house. He'd been here in his youth with Daniel but never since that time..."

"And if he does remember this place?"

"No, we're safe, Tony, believe me. He doesn't know that I know Daniel's last refuge."

"Last refuge?" Laura wanted to know.
"Yeah, he always came here when the police were after him. There's no police around for 30 miles. The doctor and the post office are 10 miles away. That's the second reason I chose this place. Connemara is the loneliest place in Europe. Don't worry."

"How did you get the keys?" Laura asked.

"Well, Daniel took me here several times... You know, he always thought of me as his daughter-in-law!" she smiled at Laura provoking.

"You knew Daniel was his father and never..." Laura asked, overlooking her smile.

"I thought it wasn't important..."

"Not important?" Laura laughed. "You never really cared about his feelings, Felicia. You never loved him." When she saw Felicia's smile she added "Maybe you loved his body but never his soul! You're always just thinking of yourself."

"Oh, shut up, Lisa! Maybe I'm selfish, but Michael was like that, too, when I met him. You changed him."

"No, Felicia. Harry has always been as he is now. I just helped him see it, and I'm proud of him!"

"You're proud of a man who killed his own child just because it was mine and not yours?"

This was to much. Before Tony could react Laura stormed to Felicia and grabbed her neck once again.

"Stop it! Harry would have helped you... he just didn't because you're lying!"

Tony tried to separate the two women. He grabbed Laura's arm and turned her around.

At that moment Laura felt as if her stomach would explode. Her hands grabbed after her belly and she screamed "No!" but in the next moment everything around her went dark. Laura collapsed onto the floor.

Tony and Felicia looked at each other. Tony kneeled down at her side and felt her pulse. "Oh, god, the child!"

"Oh, come on, Tony. Just be happy! On thing less to worry about!" Tony glanced at her angrily. Seeing Laura like this made him feeling horrible. <Maybe this happened because he tried to... God, what had he done? He told her he loved her and in the next moment he tried to rape her.>

"Call the doctor, Felicia! Hurry!"

"Okay, okay..." Felicia dialed the number while Tony lifted Laura and carried her upstairs.


Dublin, 3rd of September 1988, afternoon

When Harry and Mildred landed in Dublin they went directly to the airport police. Jarvis had informed them, but they couldn't help Remington. Nobody had seen them. They asked almost everyone at the airport, but didn't achieve anything. They rented a car and drove to the local police station Jarvis had informed, but they couldn't help them either.

"What are we going to do now, boss?" Mildred wanted to know when they stood outside of the building frustrated.

Remington sighed. "First we'll find a hotel and try to sleep. You look tired. Tomorrow morning we start searching."

"But where?"

"I don't know, I don't know... I just know that I have to find my family. And if I have to turn every bloody stone in this country, I'll find them."

"And what if they left Ireland again?"

"No, I don't think so. The police knew about them before they could leave by another plane. And the border police at the ferry station know about them too. They're still here, I feel it, Mildred. Trust me!"

"I do, Mr. Steele, I do." She sighed. " I know we'll find them."

Remington put his arm around her shoulder and said, "That sounds much better to me."

They looked at each other and Mildred smiled. "Now, let's go."


When Laura awoke she didn't know where she was. She felt so sick, so tired... too tired to open her eyes. There were two male voices next to her. She knew one of the voices... Suddenly she remembered again. <My children... this horrible pain...> Laura stayed calm and tried to concentrated on the two voices.

"So the child is alright?" Tony asked.

"Yes. The children just showed her that she had to take it slow," the other sympathetic voice said with an Irish accent. Laura's fears subsided.


"Yes, didn't you know...?"

"No, I... well, of course I know... she's my wife." After a pause Tony asked "And Laura?"

"Your wife will be okay, too, when she has rested for a few days. Sometimes after breakdowns there can be a little amnesia about the last few weeks, but it needn't be that bad, Mr. Roselli."

"Amnesia?" Tony asked, shocked. Laura smiled inwardly. <That's a wonderful idea, doctor.> she thought.

"How long must she stay in bed?" Tony asked.

"That depends. If there are no more complications only a few days, but if she still feels pain she might have to stay in bed until the birth of the twins."

"But that's almost six months!"

<Six months? Oh no! With Harry time would pass by fast, but under those circumstances. On the other hand maybe it wasn't a bad idea to hold Tony away from me!!>

"Now I'll give her an injection," Laura heard the doctor say and than she felt the needle at her arm.

She was sleepy again.


In Laura's bedroom, 6th of September

Laura woke up slowly. She felt so much better. No pain, no sick feeling... When she opened her eyes she wished she could close them again. But it was too late. Tony looked down at her and smiled. Laura thought one moment if she should scratch his face, but then she remembered her plan. She smiled shyly at Tony. He stroked her hairs out of her face and smiled back.

"Hi, darling." He whispered. Laura didn't react. "Finally, you're awake."

"Finally? What...what happened?" Laura wanted to know.

"You slept almost three days."

"Three days? Why? And where am I?" Laura looked confused at Tony.

"We're in Ireland, at this old farm. You remember, don't you?" Laura shook her head, making Tony really worried. He sighed. "You collapsed shortly after we had arrived here. But you don't need to worry, your children are okay."

"Children?" Tony looked even more concerned, while Laura tried to look as naive as possible.

"You don't remember that you're pregnant?" Laura shook her head again. Tony thought one moment <Maybe this amnesia wasn't that bad for his plans!>

"I'm pregnant with twins?" Tony nodded. "And you, you are the father?" she watched Tony curiously. <Would he use my "amnesia"?>

Tony caressed Laura's cheek and whispered "Yes." Laura had to fight against her wish to bite him once again when she heard this.

She looked at him. "But... but I don't remember you!" Tony looked hurt and stopped caressing her cheek.

At that moment the door opened, and Laura watched a little old man coming inside. When he saw that Laura was awake he smiled at her and Laura smiled back. She knew exactly who this man was. He had not only a sympathetic voice, but he looked sympathetic and friendly, too.
She wished she could thank him for his help in rescuing her children, but as long as Tony was here she had to play the role.

"Finally decided to wake up, my girl?" Laura smiled and nodded. They shook hands.

"I'm Henry O'Talley. Your doctor."

" Hi. I'm..." Laura stopped and looked at Tony. " I'm... Damn. I don't remember my name."

The doctor and Tony exchanged looks.

"You're Laura. Laura Roselli, my wife!" Tony told her, excited.

Laura looked at him confused. "Laura Roselli?"

The doctor took Laura's hands. "You don't remember that name, my dear?"

"NO! I can't remember anything." The doctor looked at her worried, then to Tony. <This was definitely not a good sign. He had heard of amnesia after a breakdown that affected a short period of time but never that intense that the patient can't remember his name. Something was wrong with her, no, the whole situation here was mysterious...>

"Your husband told you about your children?" Laura nodded. "You had some bleeding, but I was able to stop it. Your twins will be alright. Don't worry, Mrs. Roselli." He looked at her seriously. "But you have to take it slow for the next few days. As long as you have labor-pains you have to stay strictly in your bed. It's in your hands, Mrs. Roselli. I'm just an old country doctor, my equipment here is definitely different from what you're used to in Los Angeles. Will you be a good patient?"

"I hope I will, doctor." Laura sighed looking at Tony.


same day, Dublin

Remington and Mildred returned to their hotel after another unsuccessful day. Remington had brought Mildred to places she never could have imagined. She had felt how much her boss had to struggle to go to those places. She had asked him about them and Harry had told her about some of his experiences in those places.

"It's painful to return to my past, Mildred," he had said, "but I met Felicia here for the first time, and it's possible that she would return."

Now as they were standing in the elevator, tired and frustrated, Harry said, "I was wrong. Felicia wouldn't return to our old places. She hates them as much as I do. And she's clever enough to choose a place I don't know."

"And what does that mean for our search?" Mildred asked in a tired voice.

"That we need to look in all those places I don't know in this country."

"What do you mean, we should travel all through Ireland?"

"Yes. I fear we have to." Mildred sighed, but when Harry gave her a sad glance she tried to smile.

"I'm coming with you, boss. Don't worry!"
To be continued...

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