Who Wants to Steele You?
Part Five
Written by Ulrike Gubelt, 1998, 1999, and 2000

When they were inside the car, Laura said, "That's illogical, Tony. You want to be with me, so you won't kill me!" Tony pointed the gun at Danielle. "Maybe you're right. But you don't really think I would mind hurting this little brat, now do you?"

Laura begged, "Please, Tony, think twice. You don't really think this would change my mind?"

"Shut up, and go!" he shouted. Laura felt panic! This wasn't her first kidnapping. Normally she would wait for a good moment and jump out of the car. But she couldn't this time since Danny was in the back seat and she was pregnant! There was no other way but to do what he told her.


Remington woke up. He felt much better now. When he looked at his watch he realized that he slept almost all day. <So Laura's return wasn't so far away any longer,> he thought. <But why hadn't she called? She promised.> He got up and went to the bathroom.

After the shower he went to the phone in the living-room and dialed Abigail's number.

"Hi Abigail, it's me, Remington. I just wanted to know if Laura and Danny. Pardon me? Called you? No... no they're not here... Dr. Burnett... I don't understand. Oh, no... Abigail, don't worry. I go and look for them... Yes, you will see... nothing happened. Okay, bye."

He hung up the phone and just stood for one moment. <What happened?> he wondered. Then from one second to another he stormed out of the house.


Remington rushed through the hospital corridors until he met Dr. Burnett in front of his office.


"Oh, Mr. Steele," the doctor greeted, surprised to see Mr. Steele.

"Where's Laura? What's the matter with her?" Remington wanted to know, while catching his breath.

"I don't understand? She didn't tell you?" Both men looked questioningly at each other.

"Your wife was here, this morning. Oh, she was so happy, Mr. Steele, when I told her that she's pregnant again."

"She's... Laura is pregnant?" for one second his fears were gone and he smiled. "But she's not here?"

"No, of course not. She wanted to go home to you as soon as possible and tell you -"
"But she never arrived ."

"That's weird. The nurse told me that you took her home from here."

"Me? No, I haven't been here this morning. How I wish I were."

The doctor turned around and called a nurse. "Judy, you told me that Mr. Steele was waiting here to meet his wife, right?"

"Yes. Poor boy. He almost collapsed when I told him that he'll soon be a father once again."

Dr. Burnett and Remington looked at each other.

"Judy, this is Mr. Steele."

"But, but..." Judy stammered as she looked at Remington. "I don't understand. I saw them leave together!"

"Judy, can you tell me what he looked like?" Remington asked.

Judy thought one moment than answered. "He was tall, brown curly hair, brown eyes... quite good looking. " Remington thought. <This description doesn't fit Major Descoine...brown curly hair...oh, no!>

"Mr. Steele do you know someone who fits to this description?"

"Maybe." he whispered and than suddenly he turned around and ran out of the hospital.

Dr. Burnett and the nurse stood and looked at each other. "I'm sorry, Dr. Burnett." "It's okay, Judy. Just pray Laura is not in danger...."


Near Ventura, in the afternoon of the 1stof September

Nervously Laura watched Tony in the mirror. Danielle had been crying for ten minutes now.
"Tony, please..." she begged " Danielle is hungry... and she needs a fresh diaper, too."

"Oh, no, not again!"

Laura looked at him angrily. "Tony, she's a baby."

Tony sighed. "Okay, okay. Look, there is a gas station over there. We'll refuel the car and you can feed her."

Laura sighed and drove her car next to the gas station and parked the car. Then she turned around and asked, "Tony, where are we going? I mean we've been traveling round LA. nearly all day now..."

"Don't worry about my problems, will you?" was his harsh response. "Now feed her, I can't stand this noise any longer!"
She caressed Danny's cheek and started feeding her. Laura was aware of Tony's eyes following everything she did.

Then he asked, "You know what we're doing afterwards?" She shook her head as she looked at him questioningly. "We're calling your husband!"


"We're calling your husband. I'm looking forward to hearing you say to him that you've left him. That you're finally with the man you really love... Me!"

Laura closed her eyes but then she opened her eyes again and said as vehemently as possible: "No, Tony. I'm not going to do that."

Tony laughed and pointed his gun at Danny's chest. "Don't be stupid, darling! And now continue your work. We need to hurry."

What was his plan? Where did he want to go? Laura didn't know.


Remington entered the agency and was surprised to find Mildred behind her desk. "Mildred, what are you doing here on Saturday?"

"Hello boss, I just had to finish my work from yesterday. But what are you doing here? I thought you were supposed to stay in bed all weekend. You look terrible."

"I feel horrible. But it's not my flu... it's Laura!"

"Laura? What's the matter with her?"

"She's not here, by any chance, Mildred?" Mildred shook her head and destroyed his last hopes. He sighed, sat down on the couch next to Mildred's desk and covered his face in his hands. Mildred didn't understand.

"No, of course she's not here. I thought she's visiting her mother this weekend." Remington looked up again, and Mildred could see tears in his eyes. Mildred sat next to him. "Now tell me... What happened?"

"I'll tell you, I promise. But first I need to call Jarvis. He has to be here as soon as possible." With those words he stood and went to his office


"Can't you hurry up a bit?" Tony said impatiently.

Laura didn't respond but closed the second sticky tape of the diaper and said, "Finished."

"Finally!" Tony moaned.

Tony took Danny on his arm and left the car. "Where are you going?" Laura wanted to know.
"I'm waiting here with your daughter while you fuel the car!" Laura gave him a mistrusting glance.

"Oh, Laura, don't worry, I'm a good babysitter. Go now... and remember I see everything you do over there. So don't do anything foolish, otherwise...." He pointed the gun once more at Danny and smiled a crazy smile. That smile frightened Laura the most. This wasn't the man she'd met in Mexico.

She blinked once more at them and then drove the car to the gas station. What could she do? Sure, she could drive off with the car now, but Danny.... If she returned with the police he'd probably kill her. He was mad and he wouldn't hesitate to harm Harry's child, Laura assumed. She refueled the car and went to the attendant.

"Hello," he greeted her, but Laura was still thinking about how to manage this situation. She just tried to smile a little bit.

"Cash or credit, Lady?"

<That's it!> Laura thought. Maybe that was the idea to get out of this mess. Starting to hope she smiled at the man.

"I... I'll pay with a credit card!"


"And you think that little Italian gigolo... He kidnapped Laura?" Mildred asked shocked.

"I've nothing to proof that until now. Only the description the nurse gave me..."

"What did Laura do at Dr. Burnett's office? She's not..." Remington smiled. "She is? Oh, boss that's fantastic!"

"Yes, Mildred, it is. And if this situation weren't so scary I surely would be in heaven."

"So tell me about your scary situation, Steele." A male voice asked.

"Jarvis. You're here already?" Mildred asked.

"Steele sounded really worried, so here I am. What's the matter?"


Laura returned to the car. Danny had fallen asleep again, but Tony was still pointing his gun at her small chest. "What took you so long?" he wanted to know.

"I had to pay with a credit card," Laura explained when she took her seat again. She wanted to start the engine, but Tony said, "Stop, we're not ready yet. We need to call your husband, remember?"

Laura sighed. Tony jumped out of the car and grabbed Laura by her arm, pointing the gun into her back. "So come on, darling, and don't forget your text."

Jarvis looked at Remington. "That's not very much, Steele. Maybe she just went shopping , or to her mother's."

"No, Jarvis. The doctor told me she wanted to go home to me directly, to tell me the news."

"I just wanted to say that you don't have to worry so soon. There might be a simple explanation. Maybe she's at home already, waiting for you."

"No, Jarvis, I feel it. Something happened -" The phone rang, and Remington picked up the receiver. "Laura?" His eyes widened, and Mildred and Jarvis looked at each other. "Where are you? What? I." Mildred watched her boss getting more pale by the second.

"Laura, please... that can't be true. You... Laura? LAURA?" he yelled, but then the line was dead. He sank onto his chair and starred at nothing. No, he didn't believe one single word Laura just said. She swore this morning that she'd be back tomorrow night. She and Tony... well, he knew she was attracted to him, but after she found out about Tony and Murphy, he thought.... No, Laura was lying... maybe she was forced by someone to do this. And he knew quite well who this someone was.

"That bastard!" Until now he hadn't recognized Mildred's hand on his shoulder. Worried she looked at him. "What did she say, boss?"

"That she left me."

Mildred hold her breathe. "What?"

Jarvis looked down at his feet.< Just another couple that seemed to be so happy destroyed! It's a pity> he thought.

"But, boss... I can't believe it. Say that it's not true. She would never... no!" Mildred said shocked.

"Don't worry Mildred. I don't believe it, either. But that's what she said: I'm tired of you. I'm going to live with Tony. He's the one."

"The one who kidnapped her!" Mildred ended the sentence.

"I'm more and more sure about it that he's the one. Yes."

Both looked to Jarvis, who cleared his throat and said "I guess there's no need for me anymore, is there?"

Remington went to him. "Of course there's something for you to do. My wife and my daughter have been kidnapped!"

"But that's not my..."

"I thought you were a friend of Laura and me. If kidnapping is your business or not doesn't matter. With your connections you can help us locate Laura and Tony."

"Ehm, Steele. I meant... Are you sure... well, Laura might have left you for this Tony character without any kidnapping at all. What makes you so sure?"

Remington looked angrily in Jarvis eyes. "We're in love, Jarvis. She told me this morning. She's my wife, we've got a wonderful daughter, and we'll be parents once again very soon. We're a happy family. That's what makes me sure! Tony kidnapped her. Okay? Now will you help us?" he screamed losing his temper.

"Even if it's like you said... I can't. Where would we start looking? Los Angeles is so big, maybe they left LA...."

Harry sighed and tried to talk in a softer voice, "Jarvis, Laura and Danielle are all I have on this earth and I'll look for them all over the world if necessary. Do you get me?"

The phone started ringing again and Mildred answered it.

"Remington Steele Investigations yes.... In Ventura? Okay, we're coming." Jarvis and Remington watched her curiously.

"Boss, that was a man from a gas station in Ventura. He met Laura and a man five minutes ago...." Remington looked back at Jarvis, who went to the telephone and said, "I'll call my colleagues in Ventura. They'll look for your wife and the car. We'll put up street barricades. Don't worry, we'll get them!"

"Thank you, Jarvis." Remington answered already heading for the door.

To be continued..

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