I don't know about anyone else, but I fell in love with this movie. It had everything, romance, danger, plus one heck of a love scene!
I had thought to turn my hand to writing a TCA sequel, as I did with Pierce's movie "Dante's Peak" But time never allowed, so that happy duty fell to another writer. So here is Jan's sequel to "The Thomas Crown Affair"- "Crowning Achievement"

This story picks up where TCA ended- with Catherine and Thomas on the airplane flying away from New York. Can two such similar people find love and happiness?
I did not write this story - and it has apparently been abandoned by the author. I'm leaving it up here just in case Jan ever comes back and finds it and decides to finish it. At some point, I *might* decide to try my hand at a sequel of my own.
UPDATED! 6 February 2001
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