Steele Missing a Link

Part One

by Adriana

Disclaimers: I don't own the characters of Laura Holt and Remington Steele, not Mildred Krebs, by the way…. Or any of the characters that appeared on Remington Steele, the series, by MTM. (The rest I made them up). I'm just borrowing them for a while. Any Infringement of copyright property is unintentional, so don't sue me! The rating of this story is PG-13 (for the time being, that is) Also, this is the first time I've attempted to write fan fic, and I'm doing it in English, which is not my first tongue. So please, be kind. All feedback is well received. (Just e-mail me privately if you want to This is supposed to be a multipart, multi-author piece of fan fic. SO let's see who wants to write part two, ok?

This story takes place at the end of Season Three. So, for the purposes of this story neither season 4 or 5 ever happened.

Los Angeles. 1987

Laura Holt sighed deeply. Her throat felt so tight that she didn't even think she was breathing.

"Please, miss… Move aside"

Laura stepped aside as the movers carried the last piece of furniture out of the former office of Remington Steele Investigations. Her eyes were hot, but she refused to let the tears she had been holding to flow. Then, she felt a reassuring pat on her arm. Mildred.

"It'll be alright, hon, you'll see… It'll be alright."

Laura nodded and somehow managed to smile. But Mildred too had sounded scared. Hell. She was terrified, and she was still young… She'd find a job somewhere. "Stop, Laura," she told herself. "Stop thinking like that." She shook her head in denial… Where would Mildred find another job at her age?

The Older woman took Laura's arm again and led the way outside. A tear fell down her cheek as the glass-paneled doors closed for the last time.


Laura turned once more in her bed. 4:50 am... Boy was Sleep being elusive these past nights. She thought. And she was just tired of crying as well. Her mind was racing as she tried to figure out what she would do next. She must find a way out. She just had to. It was then that the phone started ringing. "Who the hell would be calling at five in the morning?" She let the phone ring a couple of times before she finally got up and picked it up.

"Hello?" her voice sounded tired.

"Laura?" It was a male voice. A voice she hadn't heard in a long time. "Laura are you there?"

Laura swallowed. It seemed tears were fighting their way back to her once again.


"Yeah, It's me… I… I heard…," his voice trailed into silence, he knew Laura would probably hate him for feeling sorry for her.

"Yeah. Well…. ". She was being strong. She had to be strong.

"Listen Laura. I have to be in L.A. tomorrow. I'm on a case… Let me come and see you, ok?"

"Murph, I'm alright. You don't need to…"

"Yeah, I know," yeah right, he thought, "So…Where can we meet?


"Come on, eat up," Murphy said, "and that's an order."

Laura could tell he was worried, and she hated that. But right now, she didn't care. At least Murphy was here. She took a bite of her burger, and a small smile appeared on her face.

"What? Was that a smile?" he teased. "Did I just see a smile there Laura?" The smile grew broader.

"I just realized that I hadn't eaten a burger in… I don't know how long…. Not since about the time you left really…"

Oops. Laura, why did you do that? She could have kicked herself. Murphy saw a glimpse of regret in her eyes. But he wasn't going to let her withdraw now….

"I think that, between those years at Havenhurst and then the years at the agency, we made those burger places quite a fortune."

They both laughed. Good old memories do that to you, Laura thought. But then again, somehow her taste in food had somehow… well… evolved. Murphy looked at her. She looked so tired, so pale. He knew she wasn't ill, but she was thinner, and there were dark shadows under her eyes. He couldn't even begin to imagine what she would be feeling like. To have her whole world shattered to pieces. Well, maybe he could… But his wounds had healed a long time ago, and now he knew he had to be there for her. Still, what he had in mind was easier to think that it was to say.

"What?" she asked. He looked uncertain.

"Laura… Do you," he needed to breath before pushing ahead. "Do you know what you're going to do now?" Ok. It was out now. No going back. Either she'll open to him, or she'll have his head. Laura lowered her chin to her chest. She had been afraid of this the whoole night. But it was all right. She could trust Murphy. He was just concerned.

"I…," she began, her voice barely audible. Her eyes fixed on the checkered tablecloth. "I don't know…."

Murphy's heart felt heavy. But he needed to know. He had to know if he wanted to help her.

"Laura, what happened?" She looked at him with weary eyes, but there was more, there was still the harder part. "Where is he?" he finally asked. Now her eyes where begging him to stop. Laura closed her eyes tight. Damn tears again! Finally she looked up, and into his eyes. He saw her fear, her despair, and her vulnerability.

"I don't know…" Her voice was nothing but a whisper. "I haven't known for two years…" She held his gaze and saw his mouth open in patent disbelief.

"What do you mean, two years?"

It was time for her to breathe deeply now. Murphy was going to get really mad at her now.

"He's been gone for two years. He's never called back. I don't know where he is…"

Murph had to smile. If only to keep him from yelling with rage. How could she not have told him? Two years, for gods sake! The bastard had abandoned her, and she hadn't even say a word to him.

"Why didn't you say anything?" She heard the pain in his voice.

"I'm sorry," she replied.

"I would have been here for you… You know that don't you….."

"I know, Murph. It's just that…."

"You didn't want me there," he finally realized.

"No. It's not that. It wasn't that at all " She reached out to him and touched his arm. He was looking at the table now. "Murph, look at me." He raised his eyes. He was hurting.

"Why then?"

"I didn't want you to find him…. "

He raised his eyebrows. That he hadn't expected at all… " What? "

"I didn't want you to find him, because if you did I knew you'd probably have broken his neck, or something…" Oh. That's more like it, He thought. He had dumped her, but she was still trying to cover up for him. God, how he hated that guy! If he ever found him, Murphy was thinking… he'd certainly do a lot more than just breaking his neck… he'd rip out the guy's heart with his bare hands!

"I thought I could find him myself… But I couldn't…He just…vanished"

"Sorry," he found himself saying.

"I'm ok now… "

"I wish you had called me Laura. It must have been really tough…. "

"Yes, It was…. But I still had the agency to think about. I couldn't have him missing… Nor could I have him found, or dead…. Anyway, Mildred was there. And we kind of slogged along together."

"Mildred, yeah. She must really be something else, that woman."

Laura smiled fondly as she thought of the older woman. She remembered how crushed she had been when Mr. Steele had left. She had been like a mother to him for almost two years. And well, why denying it… she had also been a mother to her as well. Mildred had been digging through files, and pulling more favors that she could even recall when they were trying to find him. And it had been her that finally made Laura realize they both needed to move on.

"She's just wonderful... I don't know what would I have done all these years without her, really"

Murphy smiled. It hadn't been that bad after all. Laura seemed a little bit more relaxed now.

"After he left", she continued, " Mildred And I devoted more than half a year trying to find him…. We declined new clients… And then, we were back where we had been at the beginning…. Stuck with a fictional boss that didn't exist, but only now... People had a face to go with the name...a face everyone wanted to meet… and well…. I guess it kind of went downhill from there…"

"I'm sorry."

"Yeah. The toughest part was, though, not that we were going out of business, which was no picnic either, but to realize that nothing had changed after all… That people still wouldn't believe I was a good detective."

"Well, they're all jerks!" he said. And she smiled. A sad smile of gratitude.

"To all of them I'm just Remington Steele's secretary, you know."

"I'm sorry…"

"Stop saying that Murphy. It's not your fault."

He had to laugh. "Yeah. God knows I didn't believe he was a good detective!"

"Well, as a matter of fact. He did learn a thing or two…."

"Oh, Come on!"

"Well. He did!"

"Could we stop talking about him, please? Just the fact that you mention his "name" makes me sick to my stomach." Oops, he'd gone too far. He could sense she was going back into her shell. They both fell silent.

Laura shifted uncomfortably in her chair. Enough was enough. No more talking about her now. The problems would take care of themselves in due time… she hoped.

"Murph, Why are you here?"

"What do you mean, you know why I'm here?" he said with a smile.

"Not here with me…. Here in LA."

"Oh, the case…."

"Yeah, tell me about it, and don't leave anything out." Murphy smiled, professional Laura was back in full force.


Laura opened the door to her loft to allow entrance to a very exited Mildred Krebs. The portly woman came in with an anxious look all over her face. She didn't even look inside as she marched right in.

"Ok hon, what's all this about a new case? Are we back…?"

Her speech was suddenly interrupted when Mildred caught the young man's eyes staring at her with a mixed look of bewilderment and amusement. Murphy stood up from the couch and went over to her. Mildred quickly assessed him. Tall, handsome, looking smart enough. Laura stood aside as Murphy smiled and greeted the newcomer.

"Hi. You must be Mildred, right?" Mildred glimpsed at Laura, who was still smiling.

"Yeah, and you are…?"

Laura came forward and took Murphy by the arm. "Mildred", she announced," Meet our new boss…."

Mildred thought her jaw must have dropped to the floor. She had to be kidding.

"Oh, come on Laura, don't," Murphy started to protest only to be cut off by a very put out Mildred Krebs"

"What do you mean, our new boss?" she was practically yelled, "you don't expect this guy to be….", She looked at Murphy before going on, "I don't mean any offense, but, I don't think he looks like Remington Steele at all!" She finished her sentence with a stern look on her face. Laura and Murphy looked at each other in amazement. It was finally Murphy who cracked up in laughter.

"Oh, God", he said between laughs,"She thinks I…. Oh god, that's really something!"

Laura couldn't answer, as she was also laughing so hard, leaving poor Mildred to wonder what were those two up to.

"Would one of you tell me what the hell is going on here?" Mildred demanded.

"Sorry Mildred " Laura began, as she tried to compose herself "But just the thought of Murph as Remington Steele was too much for me."

"Hey! I did it once, remember…. And I as wasn't bad as all that…."

Mildred turned towards Murphy with a questioning look in her eye. "Murphy? Then…. You're Murphy Michaels, aren't you?"

"Yes, he is." Laura answered, " Murph, meet Mildred. Mildred… Murphy"

They shook hands, and Laura suggested they all sat down to fill Mildred in.

"First of all", Murphy said, "I want to settle this "Boss" business, Laura…. I won't be playing boss around you, I couldn't do it, really"

"But Murphy," she replied, only half seriously "This is your case, and your agency…"

"That's where you're wrong, you see. I had already referred Mr. Hawkes to the Remington Steele Agency when the case got out of hand… "

"Wait a minute, here," Mildred almost begged, "Would one of you explain to me WHAT the case is?"

As both Laura and Murphy were going to start speaking at the same time, Mildred raised her hand as to stop them. "Go on hon", she told Laura "You take it…" Murphy grinned, nodding his permission.

"From what Murphy's files say, Mr. Freddy Hawkes is a very wealthy man from Texas. He's the sole heir to the estate and fortune of, Frederic Hawkes Sr., from Hawkes Oil Inc., when the old man dies. Unlike his father, who is a self-made man, young Frederic attended some of the finest schools in Europe and received a privileged education. He majored in Art History in Oxford, but never got his Ph.D. He speaks more than five languages, loves expensive cars. Loves gambling, and has a special weakness for first editions of classic literature."

"Wow, That's an impressive record Miss Holt, but… What's he done?"

"Oh, Nothing much, Mildred… He just took ten million dollars from his dad's bank account and fled to Europe…. His father thinks he's about to spend this ah,- petty cash, and wants to find him to prevent that from happening."

Mildred looked at Murphy Michaels and then again at Laura. She was a bit puzzled.

"So, let me get this straight…. Rich kid takes off with dad's money to Europe, wants to spend money, father wants money and junior back. He hired Murphy to do just that…." She looked at Murphy and made a
disapproving face. "How did that exactly get out of your hands?"

Now it was Murphy's turn to feel uncomfortable. He didn't feel much like explaining his failure to the older woman, especially not when Laura had that amused look in her face as well.

"Hey, first of all, I'd like to think that I didn't lose the case, as much as I let it get lost. As I said, I referred the man to the Remington Steele Agency. That's how I found out, by the way… Mr. Hawkes made a few phone calls and was told the agency had closed, so he came back to me." He was looking at Laura.

"Go on," she said.

"Anyway, I like to think that my business was more, you know, locally based. I thought you and Steele could find your way around the Old World better than I could. Plus, I had lost track of young Fred after he switched a couple of aliases. "

"So, what makes you think we could find him now…. How long has it been since the last time you heard from him…." Mildred wanted to know.

"Two months ago, I think… He was in Madrid, in Spain. He called himself Diego Aragon Luna. After that, the trail gets cold... He could be anywhere."

Laura rose. "Well, I for one, am feeling quite tired… What do you say if we call this meeting off for today? I think we'll be needing all our strength…"

Murphy also stood up. His face beaming with joy. "Laura, do you mean…," he started.

"Miss Holt, are we…" Mildred began to rise as well.

"I don't think we have anything to lose… What do you say Mildred?"

"I say I'm right behind you, hon."

"Well then," Laura said as she removed a bottle of champagne from the fridge and started pouring the sparkling liquid into some glasses, "I think we'll be needing to pack… We're going to Spain!" And on that final line, they all toasted to success.


Museo del Prado. Madrid, Spain. Two weeks later.

The main exhibit room was crowded with the finest of the finest of the European jet set. Bankers, Aristocrats, politicians, and artists. All gathered to celebrate one unusual event. The unveiling of on the long lost First Edition of Cervante's Don Quixote. If Freddy Hawkes were to be anywhere in the world right now, that place would be here.

After the main event, to which neither of them had had access to, they managed to be invited to the exclusive party that was taking place in one of the museum's greater halls. The celebrations had started, as they usually did in Spain, well too late into the night for Laura's liking. Murphy and she had arrived at nearly twelve o'clock, when they relieved Mildred of her duty, since the older woman was more than tired from an entire day's watch.

"He's nowhere to be seen Laura. I guess he didn't come after all… "

Murphy looked tired, and felt a little bit out of place. He took another glass of white wine from a waiter's tray. He couldn't say the same thing about Laura, though. She looked stunning. She was wearing a beautiful light blue satin dress that clung to her slim body just perfectly. She had her hair up and a light make up on. That was just like her, Murphy thought. Simple, and yet, perfect.

"Of course he'll come. I bet he was at the unveiling too. Maybe he went home for a while and will show up again later…"

Murphy loosened his bow tie a bit, and took a sip of wine " Later? Would you look at the time?"

Laura smiled at him, and lifted her own glass in a mock toast. "What are you talking about Murph? The night's still young…, and we…" Her voice trailed off, as her eyes fixed in something behind Murphy's back. Laura's mouth opened just a bit, as if in shock…

"What?" asked Murphy as he began to turn around. Laura pointed her head to the left corner of the room. A couple was chatting rather intimately. Murphy gave them a good look. The man certainly resembled the picture of Freddy Hawkes his father had given them. Only that this man seemed older, and had grown a beard. " Is that him?" he asked

Laura didn't answer. She wasn't even hearing what Murphy was saying. All her attention was focused on the woman. She was dressed in the most exquisite outfit Laura had ever seen. A white evening gown that made her look like an angel. Only Laura knew full well that she was nothing like an angel. "Why did she had to be here?" she wondered as she stared at the tall, gorgeous looking blonde she had once known as Felicia.

"Laura," Murphy had to shake her arm in order to get her attention, "Laura, don't stare like that, he might get suspicious."


"What the hell are you looking at… You look as if you've seen a ghost or something…."

"No. No… It's just that I…"

"Is that him?"

"Yeah, I think so…" she knew she should tell Murphy about Felicia, But somehow she didn't think it was the right thing to do. If she mentioned anything even remotely related to HIM, Murphy'd drag her out of Spain in a flash, case solved or not. And she couldn't allow that to happen. She wouldn't let her personal problems cause trouble for Murphy's agency as well. Felicia, she'd have to handle on her own.

"So what do we do…" Murphy mused. "Do we grab him by the shoulder and say: hey boy, your Daddy wants you home tonight, or what?"

"I think we'd better wait and see what he's up to. Just lets make sure he doesn't see us ok?"

"It doesn't matter Laura. He doesn't know who we are, remember?"

But Felicia would know me, Laura thought. "I know. But… Just in case… Let's pretend we're an ordinary couple, Let's dance a while and keep an eye on him when he leaves."

She took Murphy by the arm and led the way to the opposite side of the huge hall.

"Ok," he said. He could definitely go along with that plan.


Back at the hotel. Laura and Murphy said goodnight, and each went to their rooms. Laura entered her room quietly, trying not to wake Mildred, who was peacefully sleeping in her own bed. If her instincts were right, as they usually were, Felicia and Freddy would try something on that museum that night. And she had to be there, if not to stop them, at least to provide the police with fool proof evidence of the crime. Laura was now clad in black, she packed a few ropes, and other stuff in her backpack. She also packed her camera.

Laura was hidden behind a statue. She had gained access to the museum quite easily. But more than and hour had gone by, and there was no sign of Freddy, or Felicia, or anybody else for that matter. She began to ask herself what the hell was she doing inside that place. It was bad enough that she couldn't tell Murphy or Mildred about this, but what would they say if they had to bail her out of a Spanish prison for breaking and entry and attempted robbery? To make matters worse, a lack of sleep was rapidly catching up to her. If she didn't do something soon she was sure she would doze off. Suddenly she thought she heard a noise. Far away, a shrill, piercing sound, in another hall of the museum. All her nerves were on alert. She lifted her head to try and see what was going on…. Nothing…. Not a peep. Fifteen minutes later Laura knew something was indeed going on. Where were the guards? Two of them should have been there five minutes ago. She began to stand up. She needed to find out. She walked away from the statue, but close to the walls, and headed towards the main hall, where the book had been unveiled. She thought she saw a light. Laura peeked around the corner and there they were… two figures bent over the case that contained the book, carefully working on the security system. She didn't know what to do. "Great Laura," she thought "Just tell them, Smile please, and take the picture…. " She was beginning to move when a strong hand grabbed her arm, and then another hand covered her mouth.

"Shh. Don't talk. It's me," he whispered. Laura turned and saw the man with a ski mask on his head. He still was holding her tight. "Here, put this on," he said, as he released her and handed her another ski mask. He pulled her behind the statue again.

"Murph! What are you doing here? "

"Same thing you're doing I guess…. Sticking my neck out for that old man's money, that's what."

"But, how did you know I was here?"

"I didn't. I guess we both suspected Freddy might try something… Why didn't you tell me?" He sounded worried

"Why didn't you?"

"I asked first." He replied calmly

"I don't know. I guess I was just trying to make a point," she lied.

"Yeah, well… Now were screwed…. They've got guns. They're holding the guards hostage in the other room… If they see us, we're dead."

"Oh, god. How many of them?" Now she was scared. What were they doing here? What would Mildred say when they returned… or rather… If they returned.

"Those two, plus another two with the guards. Maybe there are more… I don't know."

They sat beside one another. "Oh God, what have I got us into? I should have stayed in Denver.. Domestic affairs… I'm sorry Laura." She took his hand in hers.

"It's not your fault, Murph. I came here on my own accord, remember." Her words didn't convince him. She could tell he was feeling guilty.

"I'll go take a look. Be right back." She tightened her grip on his hand, as not to let him go. He stopped, then tenderly caressed her wool covered face "Don't worry," he said… and then he was gone. Five minutes later Laura saw the two figures coming out of the main hall, the taller one was carrying the book. The other one was a woman's figure.

"Felicia", Laura thought. She had to follow them. Where the hell was Murphy? Suddenly the to figures stopped walking. "What now" Laura wondered. Her question was quickly answered when she saw the guards entering the room, escorted by two other figures in black. These two were carrying shotguns. All of them were wearing ski masks as well.

"Deja de joder, hombre," said one of the guards. The guy behind him didn't move, but the other one knocked the guard over using the butt of his gun.

"Callate, imbecil," the thief said in Spanish, kicking the fallen guard in his stomach.

"Stop it!" Felicia said. "Try to keep calm. It's almost over."

The other guards were also getting restless, started babbling something Laura couldn't understand. The thief who acted as translator was getting more violent by the minute. Where was Murphy?

"Freddy Stop that!" Felicia said.

So it was Hawkes after all. She knew she had been right all along. Laura didn't dare to move a muscle, but she had to know Murphy was ok. Slowly she stretched on the floor, as low as she could and started crawling. She took a peek around the corner. Nobody… Murphy must be hidden behind some statue as well, she thought. She heard one of the guards cry out in pain, as he was beaten again in his ribcage.

"Freddy!" Felicia cried out again.

But now it seemed he had had enough. He took his shotgun and aimed it right below Felicia's chin. "Stop calling my name, dear…. Or I'll have to blow your brains out." One of the other guys aimed his gun at Freddy. "Cool it, mate". English accent, Laura thought, Figures. An international bunch this one."

"You cool it, buddy," Freddy returned. "Or I shoot her, and then I'll kill you." Felicia took the end of Freddy's gun with her hand and removed it from under her chin, as naturally and calmly as if she were removing a lock of hair that was out of place.

"We'll all stay calm, alright. We got the book. And this is almost over," Felicia repeated calmly. Laura could tell Freddy was loosing it.

"Where is he anyway?" Freddy shouted.

"God," Laura thought, "How many of them are there?"

Her line of thought was interrupted when Freddy shouted again. " Well I'm tired of waiting!" and kicked the guard on the floor. But now one of the other guards decided he had had enough and aimed a punch at Freddy, hitting him squarely on the jaw. Things were really beginning to go out of hand, when a fifth person entered the room. He said nothing, just gave one of his men a sign and the man left. Felicia went after him, and then the other. Only he, Freddy and the guards remained in the hall.

"They know too much," he told the silent man. "She said my name," Freddy said. He sounded frightened.

Oh, oh, Laura thought. The fifth guy just held out his hand in a silent request for Freddy to hand him his gun. He appeared to be relaxed, but there was a tension in him that belied that outward appearance. Freddy faltered a bit. The man took a step towards him. He was tall and lean, moving like a panther, stalking his prey. He reminded Laura of…. "Oh God!" She thought, "Please don't let it be him!" She was nervous, and a sudden false movement caused her to drop her backpack. The noise and been barely audible, but everybody in that room had heard it. Freddy turned in panic towards the statue and Laura froze. It was then that one of the guards, the one that had previously hit him, threw himself towards Freddy, but he wasn't fast enough, as Freddy turned to him and fired his gun. Before Laura knew what was going on, she heard three more shots. She saw the guards falling to the floor one by one… The tall figure in black stood still, in the middle of the fire.

"Laura, look out!" Murphy cried out.

She saw him running towards the hall, but before she could say anything Freddy aimed and shot one more time. Murphy fell to the ground, as Freddy kept pulling the trigger of his now empty shotgun.

"Murphy, No!" Laura ran toward him, not caring about anything that was going on around her. Freddy stood there in shock, the bodies of the guards at his feet. Murphy was still alive. Finally Freddy woke from his trance, he looked around with fear, and he looked at his other companion, then ran away in the direction that Felicia and the others had gone.

Laura finally reached Murphy's side. He was badly hurt on his upper thigh. And he was desperately trying to reach for something.

"Gun," he managed to say.

The remaining thief had heard him too. With catlike movements he threw himself by Murphy's side, pushing Laura away. He turned Murphy over and took his gun. But before he could stand up again, Laura jumped on him trying to get hold of the gun. They both rolled and struggled on the floor for a few seconds, but he was stronger. He held the gun securely and straddled Laura's waist, preventing her any movement. For a moment she thought that was it. He was going to shoot. But then their eyes met. It was only for a brief second, because he pulled Laura's ski mask over her eyes, revealing her face to him.

His heart missed a few beats. He had dreamed about her face for more years than he could remember. "Come on. Let's go!" Felicia shouted.

He finally removed the mask from Laura's face. He just had to see her. Their eyes, hers brown, his deep blue, locked for a few seconds, which seemed like years. Then he swiftly rose and ran away.


"Mildred. Mildred, get up" Laura shook the woman's arm.

"Miss Holt! What happened, are you alright?" she asked, noticing Laura's appearance, and began to stand up.

"I'm ok. But Murphy was shot," she answered in a calm voice that was ill match to the excited light in her eyes. "He's in the hospital. It wasn't serious."

"Oh god!" Mildred cried, " What happened?"

To her surprise, Laura turned away, her back to her. "Mildred," she said quietly, "Mildred. I saw him…"

"Of course, hon," Mildred replied, a bit confused. "You said he was in the Hospital…"

"No," Laura said, turning to face her friend. Her face was somber and her eyes where shining with a strange light in them " I saw Mr. Steele tonight--"


He banged the door shut with more force than he needed to. He was confused, and tired, and all he wanted to do was hide… for even a longer time that he had before. But he knew he couldn't do that. Not now. Not anymore.

"Start packing, Felicia….. We have to go…." He said in a quiet, controlled voice.

Felicia looked at him with a mixed look of worry and fear. "Not so soon, darling. It'll look suspicious if we run away now… There is no way they can trace that to us-"

"Felicia, please don't argue with me and do as I say ok? We'll go to Daniel's for awhile--"

"What about Freddy?"

"Let him take care of himself…. He doesn't know who we are or where to find us…. None of them do…. And we need to keep it that way…We need to get out of this city, of this country…. And fast."

Felicia looked into her husband's handsome features, and immediately knew something was really wrong. A cold chill went down her spine. It had been two years since she'd seen that look in those eyes. "Michael, what happened?"

He looked away, not wanting to face her. But she cupped his face and stared into his deep blue eyes. She saw the clouds beginning to form there, the clouds that came before the storm. He raised his hands and took her face in them, then brought his lips to hers. He wanted to reassure her…. And himself as well. He needed to be certain. He was with his wife… This was the woman he had married, had planned to spend the rest of his life with. His mind told him he was doing what was right for them, but he found his heart was in doubt. The doubt that welled there had been placed by seeing that cursed lovely face once again. They kissed for a long time, before he finally let her go.

"What's wrong Michael?"

"Laura Holt was at the Museum tonight," he said quietly, " I think she might have recognized me… " He looked up and met Felicia's eyes. He saw her reaction even before she fastened her arms tightly around him and buried her head against his chest as if silently vowing that she would never let him go.

"I'm sorry, luv," he said. And then fell silent. There was really nothing else for him to say right now. When would he have peace, he wondered. Would Laura Holt's memory ever stop torturing him? But then again--Did he really want her to stop?

End Part 1

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