The Manions of America
Story background
Book written by
RoseMary Anne Sisson
Story by
Agnes Nixon
Irish Patriot Rory O'Manion falls in love with his landlord's daughter, Rachel, against his will. After the killing of the landlord's agent, and the accidental death of Rory's twin, Padriac, Rory is forced to leave his beloved Ireland for a new life in America.
In Philadelphia, he turns his hand to any work he can find in order to bring his remaining brothers and sisters to America. He finds a job at the Kent Powder Mill, and is reunited with Rachel once more, since she is now living there with her aunt and uncle. His sister, Deidre, arrives- alone. The other brother has remained in Ireland, and the youngest O'Manion, Sean, is missing.
Deirdre is heartbroken to discover that Rachel's brother David, to whom she pledged herself in Ireland, has died in India, and she reluctantly accepts the marriage proposal of her friend, Caleb Staunton. The two couples are united in wedlock at a double ceremony.
But the return of David, and the revelation that Rachel knew that he was still alive before Deirdre married Caleb, nearly destroys both marriages. David and Rory take a load of powder West, while Rachel faces impending motherhood alone. David decides to remain in the West to seek his fortune, and Rory returns home to discover that Rachel has lost their son.
Rory and Caleb both enlist in the Union Army duing the War Between the States, serving well. Rachel has three more still born sons, and is told by the family physician and friend that another child will be her death. Rory's return from the War is difficult on them both, and the strain begins to show in their marriage.
David Clement returns, still in love with Deidre, and he brings a surprise: a young man that bears a striking resemblane to Padriac- and who he believes is the missing Manion, Sean. But Sean, who calls himself John, isn't as sure that he's Rory and Deirdre's brother.
Rory makes plans to transport a load of powder back to Ireland and start a "rising", further causing problems. Rachel is hurt that he insists on taking such a risk, and Sean/John refuses to help him. On the eve of his departure, he is seduced by Maureen O'Brien, the daughter of an old friend. Sean is injured in the struggle between an enraged O'Brien and Rory, and when Rachel hears of Rory's transgression she's furious. She and Rory make love once again.
Rory returns to Ireland, but he's still a wanted man, and his younger brother Brian sends him back to America, saying that Rory is too much of a liability to them at the moment. So a defeated and homeless Rory returns to Philadelphia, only to discover that Sean has left, after admitting that he might possibly be Sean Manion, and that Rachel is having another child.
He arrives home in time to see Rachel for the last time, and to hold his newborn son, Shane, as Rachel takes her last breath...
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