"Edited Steele"
DVD Music Cuts and Replacements
Since the release of the DVDs for Remington Steele, fans of the show have discovered - to their collective horror - that whole chunks of episodes have been changed or cut because of music licensing problems. Below is a list of the ones we know about so far - please contact me if you know of any others.

Season One:
"Hearts of Steele" - Laura's wonderful rendition of "Satisfaction" is missing. While we see her enter the office after her first girls' night out with the ex-wives club, the sound of her singing is cut - we only see the reaction of Steele, Bernice and Murphy.
"Steele Belted" - The music Steele plays in his apartment with Miss Taplinger isn't the same. The background music is missing when Remington and Murphy break into Creighton's gated apt complex at night. The music is also missing when  Remington breaks into Creighton's apt.after that.
Season Two:
"Steele Away With Me" - Michael Jackson's "Beat It" has been replaced by a generic disco tune.
"Woman of Steele" - The original song that has such a profound effect on Steele has been changed. The new one is more generic than anything else. (Does anyone know what the original was and what the song is that it was replaced with?)
Season Three:
"Breath of Steele" - Lots missing here. "Happy Birthday" (I still don't see how anyone could have a copyright on that song), and all of the songs that Terri and Toni sing are clipped. As a result of losing that first song in the office, the end of the episode where they're talking about "42nd Street" doesn't make sense.
"Steele Trying" - This is the *biggie*. The one that many fans were worried about, since Tony Bennett's wonderful voice helped to *make* the episode a classic. But Fox (in its infinate stupidity) chose not to pay Mr. Bennett's people for the rights to the songs and substituted someone else singing different songs.
"Steele Your Heart Away" - The song that the pocketwatch that Steele is given plays a generic watch chime, not "When Irish Eyes are Smiling".
"Springtime for Steele" - In the opening scene, we hear "Hooray for Hollywood".  But it's only "Rocky Sullivan's" singing - not the music.
Season Four:
Season Five:

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