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James Bond, Agent 007, of HMSS.

"The name's Bond ---James Bond"
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I've always loved James Bond.  When I was growing up, I always thought that Sean Connery was the quintessential Bond.  Then I saw a British made television series and thought that - if Connery ever decided to stop being Bond, the star of this show would be a perfect replacement.  After all, he was playing a similar character on the show.  That show was entitled "The Saint", and that actor was, of course, Roger Moore, who did indeed become 007.

Then, as time wore on, I found someone else who would make an excellent replacement for Moore should he decide to hang up 007's mantle.

In 1983, "Remington Steele" premeired on NBC. The classy series about a female private eye, portrayed by Stephanie Zimbalist, and her imaginary boss, portrayed by Pierce Brosnan, captured my attention with the first episode I saw. I loved the show, and felt that Brosnan would be a perfect Bond. Evidently others agreed, because when the series ended after the fourth season, Brosnan was ready to step into the role.

Fans of 007 and Brosnan know how he lost the role to Timothy Dalton, so I won't go into it here. But when Brosnan did finally assume that role - it was as if he'd been born to play the charming secret agent with a license to kill.

There's not much on this page as yet- it's mostly my tribute to the Bond series- and to Pierce Brosnan, of course.

Since EON decided to replace PB with Daniel Craig as Bond, I won't be updating this page any longer.


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